Alberto’s Pizza Menu Prices

Alberto’s Pizza menu includes a wide variety of pizza flavors as well as pasta dishes, chicken wings, and other side dishes to go with their pizzas. One of Alberto’s Pizza’s distinguishing features is its “buy one, take one” promotion, which allows customers to purchase one pizza and receive a free second one. Alberto’s is a popular choice for families and large groups looking for a low-cost meal. Alberto’s Pizza is well-known for its affordable prices and flavorful pizzas.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Alberto’s Pizza menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Cookies n Cheese90
Oreo Piña95
Yummy Hotdog105
Ham Delight110
Garden Express110
All Hungarian130
Beef Pepperoni130
Beef and Mushroom140
Pizza Burger140
Ham and Egg140
Chicken Garlic145
Bacon Mushroom145
Tuna Garlic150
Cheesy Krainer160
All Pepperoni160
Three of a Kind160
Buffalo Chicken160
Taco D' Albertos170
Beef Shawarma180
Meatlovers Deluxe180
Shrmp and Mushroom200
Sisig Twist220
Sausage Mania220
Spinach n Chicken Pizza220
Loaded Hawaiian220
Spanish Sardines230
Anchovy Pizza230
Meaty Royale240
Royal Rumble240
Luncheon Meat Pizza250
Salad Pizza260
Loaded Pepperoni260
Alberto's Full House260
Surf and Turf260
Pizza d Marina290

Breakfast Meals

Chicken Hotdog45
Tuna Garlic70
Chorizo de Cebu70
Ham and Sausage75
Corned Pork90
Corned Beef90
Luncheon Meat95
Cheese Krainer110
Hungarian Sausage110
Spanish Sardines130
Fruit Shakes50
Halo-Halo Espesyal68
Ice Cream Sundae98

About Alberto’s Pizza

Alberto’s Pizza is a pizza chain that originated in Cebu, Philippines. Alberto L. Bacani founded the company in 1984. And in present, it now has over 120 locations in the Philippines, including Metro Manila, Iloilo, Bacolod, Davao, and General Santos City. The restaurant is well-known for its reasonably priced and delicious pizzas, which come in a variety of sizes and toppings. Aside from pizza, Alberto’s serves a variety of other dishes, such as chicken wings, mojos, and pasta.

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Alberto’s Pizza Menu Best Seller

This menu is composed of best sellers that are popular for a reason, and they are all definitely worth trying.

Hawaiian – This pizza menu from Alberto’s is a classic ham and pineapple combination, which is a popular choice among pizza lovers who enjoy a sweet and savory flavor profile for pizza. The generous toppings and flavorful sauce on Alberto’s Pizza’s version of this pizza have been praised.

A best-seller menu is the Hawaiian Pizza added with ingredients to make it loaded! Pin
Photo Credit: Alberto’s Pizza Mabolo Branch FB Page

Vegetarian  – Vegetables such as bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and olives are used in this pizza. The vegetarian pizza at Alberto’s Pizza has been praised for its fresh ingredients and satisfying taste. Customers who prefer a meatless meal will enjoy this pizza.

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Bacon Mushroom – Crispy bacon and savory mushrooms combine to make a delicious pizza. The earthy taste of the mushrooms complements the smoky flavor of the bacon, making it a popular choice among meat lovers.

All Pepperoni – The all-pepperoni pizza from Alberto’s Pizza has been praised for its crispy crust and perfectly cooked toppings. It is topped with a generous amount of pepperoni, which gives the pizza a spicy and savory flavor. This pizza is a traditional favorite among pizza lovers.

All-Pepperoni Pizza is a best seller menu of Alberto's Pizza Pin
Photo Credit: Alberto’s Pizza Mabolo Branch FB Page

Burger Ham and Egg – This pizza is a creative spin on a traditional breakfast sandwich. It contains popular breakfast ingredients such as ground beef, ham, and eggs. The version of this pizza served at Alberto’s Pizza has been praised for its flavorful meat and perfectly cooked egg.

Pizza Menu

Alberto’s Pizza menu has a wide range of flavors and options to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Cookies n Cheese – With melted cheese and crumbled cookies on top, this pizza has a unique combination of sweet and wholesome flavors. It may have an unusual taste for some, but it is unquestionably delicious.

Oreo Piña – This pizza has crushed Oreos and pineapples on top of melted cheese and tomato sauce, making it a unique flavor combination. Although it may appear strange, many customers enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor.

Oreo Pina pizza perfect for kids and young at heart
Photo Credit: Alberto’s Pizza Mabolo Branch FB Page

Ham Delight – A classic ham and cheese pizza topped with juicy ham slices and melted mozzarella cheese. Overall, Ham Delight Pizza is a tasty and popular option on Alberto’s Pizza menu.

Aloha – A Hawaiian-inspired pizza with ham and pineapple, tomato sauce, and melted cheese. This pizza has a sweet and amazing taste that will not disappoint. It is worth noting that the toppings on the pizza are generously portioned, making it a filling and hearty meal.

Yummy and summer feels Aloha Pizza of Alberto's Pizza menu Pin
Photo Credit: Alberto’s Pizza Mabolo Branch FB Page
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All Hungarian – This pizza has spicy Hungarian sausage slices on top of tomato sauce and melted cheese. It’s a popular option among those who prefer spicy flavors on their pizzas.

Beef Pepperoni – A classic pepperoni pizza with beef pepperoni slices on top of tomato sauce and melted cheese. It is a pretty simple pizza, but it can be a satisfying option for people who like to keep it simple.

Beef and Mushroom Pizza – This pizza is made of tender slices of beef and sautéed mushrooms, combined with tomato sauce and melted cheese. It’s one of the many filling and flavorful options at Alberto’s Pizza.

Alberto's Pizza best-seller menu is the Beef and Mushroom Pizza Pin
Photo Credit: Alberto’s Pizza Mabolo Branch FB Page

Breakfast Meals

This menu consists of simple and straightforward dishes but can provide a satisfying option for those on the go looking for a quick breakfast.

Hotdog with Rice – “Hotdog with Rice” is a simple and straightforward menu of Alberto’s Pizza that consists of a grilled or fried hotdog served with white rice. It is usually served with tomato ketchup or other condiments on the side. It is a reliable and satisfying option for those looking for a simple and inexpensive meal.

Ham with Rice – Ham and rice is a simple and filling breakfast dish popular in the Philippines. This breakfast meal at Alberto’s Pizza is more likely to be a hearty and filling breakfast option for some customers.

Tuna Garlic with Rice – Tuna Garlic with Rice is a simple yet filling breakfast dish that is popular throughout the Philippines. It’s a tasty and nutritious breakfast option that’s simple to make and a great way to spice up your morning meals.

Halo Halo Espesyal

Alberto’s Halo-Halo Espesyal is a popular Filipino dessert made of shaved ice, sweetened beans, fruits, and jellies, and topped with many kinds of sweeteners. It’s a refreshing treat that’s ideal for hot summer days or whenever you’re craving a sweet, cool dessert. If you like Halo-Halo or are looking to try a new dessert, Alberto’s Halo-Halo Espesyal is a must-try.

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Fruit Shakes

Alberto’s Pizza also has a selection of fruit shakes on its menu. Their fruit shakes are delicious and refreshing, and the use of fresh fruits is a distinguishing feature that distinguishes them from other fruit shakes on the market.

Combination of fruit and chocolate shakes Pin
Photo Credit: Alberto’s Pizza Taytay FB Page

Ice Cream Sundae

Alberto’s Pizza has a variety of ice cream sundaes that are ideal for those seeking a sweet and refreshing treat. The sundaes are made with creamy vanilla ice cream and various flavors. Alberto’s Pizza has a wide selection of delectable ice cream sundaes that are ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth after a meal.

Ice cream sundae is a perfect desert for hot weather or just feeling hot Pin
Photo Credit: Alberto’s Pizza Mabolo Branch FB Page

Alberto’s Pizza Menu Delivery

Alberto’s Pizza can be ordered through food delivery applications like FoodPanda or GrabFood. For those who don’t have any of the applications mentioned, you can directly order from the chains near you with their hotline numbers.

Alberto’s Pizza Social Media Pages

You should definitely follow Alberto’s Pizza social media pages to keep up with their latest news and menu updates. I’ve included the links to their pages and website below for you to check out. Enjoy!





Alberto’s Pizza’s menu is praised for its flavorful and crispy thin-crust pizza, which is available with a variety of toppings, such as classic favorites like pepperoni and Hawaiian. Many customers also appreciate the generous portion sizes and low prices, which make it worth all the money you spend.  Alberto’s Pizza’s “buy one, take one” promotion makes it a popular choice for many Filipinos looking for a filling and affordable meal. Overall, if you’re looking for a low-cost pizza option in the Philippines, Alberto’s Pizza is a solid option that won’t let you down.

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