Angel’s Burger Menu Prices

The Angel’s Burger menu is decent. You may treat yourself to any of their bestsellers whenever you choose because it is open around the clock. Because they are consistently provided at a buy one, take one promo, which is a great deal for hungry Filipinos searching for hot sandwiches, their hamburger and cheeseburger are unquestionably their most popular offerings.

Retailers employ discounts and free coupons as successful short-term tactics to draw in a growing number of customers. The offer of “buy one, get one free” is common. Customers obviously enjoy getting things for nothing. Even when compared to superior quality things at a discounted price, customers typically overvalue the advantages of free. It is an effective sales strategy with several variations. Customers are compelled to buy because of the sense of urgency it generates. On the other side, a flash sale keeps shoppers from becoming accustomed to making purchases at a discount. It is a terrific way to leverage a bargain to attract customers.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Angel’s Burger menu prices.

angels burger menu list Pin
Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Buy 1 Take 1 Burgers

Beef Burger Sandwich40
Cheeseburger Sandwich50

Hotdog Sandwiches

Buy 1 Take 1 Cheesy Hotdog Sandwich30
Jumbo Cheese Footlong Sandwich45
Cheesy Hungarian Sandwich55

Ham Sandwiches

Ham Sandwich18
Ham & Cheese Sandwich23
Ham & Egg Sandwich30
Ham, Cheese & Egg Sandwich35

Bacon Sandwiches

Bacon Sandwich25
Bacon & Cheese Sandwich30
Bacon & Egg Sandwich37
Bacon, Cheese & Egg Sandwich42
Egg Sandwich16

Add Ons

Extra Cheese5
Extra Egg12
Extra Ham14
Extra Bacon21


Lipton Iced Tea30
Bottled Water16

About Angel’s Burger

Angel’s Burger, founded by Vicky Mojica and her husband, started with a modest investment of around P20,000. Despite initial struggles, the couple’s determination led to the creation of Angel’s Burger in the 1990s. After facing setbacks, they rebranded with a fresh approach, better flavors, and the famous “buy 1 take 1” promotion, which gained widespread popularity. With over a thousand locations nationwide, the couple decided to venture to the United States, where luck struck as Vicky won $10,000 in a casino. This windfall prompted them to return to the Philippines, revitalize Angel’s Burger, and pursue their passion for food. Their story aims to inspire others to follow their dreams and achieve success in their chosen endeavors.

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Angels Burger Menu Best Seller

Hamburger – The patties in this Angel’s Burger menu are crispy and delicious when covered in bright crimson ketchup.

Cheeseburger – It’s the ideal light supper or snack for an upset stomach when paired with an ice-cold beverage.

Jumbo Cheesy Footlong – Is a lot more delicious, and just like the patties, CDO prepared them. A single dish, which costs Php 36.00, comes with mayo, banana catsup, and other fixings to satisfy the stomach of a person of average size. This is a recommended Angel’s Burger menu, especially on a tight budget.

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Angel’s Burger Menu Delivery

In case you don’t have time to go outside due to your busy schedules, no worries because you can now order the delicious meals of Angel’s Burger via GrabFood, Foodpanda, and MasapBuy. All you need to do is to visit any of the following and then place your order.

Talk to Angel’s Burger Staff About Menu

Do you want to ask them questions about the Angel’s Burger menu, or something else, you can reach them via these email addresses:

Social Media Pages

If you are looking for their social media pages or website, you can find them at the following:




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Who is the owner of Angel’s burger?

Joseph and Vicky Mojica. The duo is the owners of the well-known Angel’s Burger food truck, which has more than a thousand locations around the nation.

How much is the burger in Angel’s burger?

The burgers cost thirty pesos for a beef burger, while the cheeseburger costs forty pesos.

Is Angel’s pizza and Angel’s burger same owner?

No. Amazing Taiwanese-Filipino businessman Jerry Liu, who established Cirtek Holdings in 1984, is the current owner of Angel’s Pizza.


For two decades, Angel’s Burger has consistently refreshed its menu, introducing new items like crispy fries and ice cream cups at a special two-for-one price. With over a thousand locations nationwide, including company-owned and franchise outlets, the burger chain has seen remarkable growth. Burgers, though around for a century, gained popularity with urbanization, serving as quick, sustaining meals. Unfortunately, essential details about Angel’s Burger, such as its history and contact information, remain unknown. In the Philippines, meat extenders like farmed worms, banana peels, and soy protein have been used since the 1990s to cut hamburger costs. However, rest assured, the patties are sourced from CDO, a reputable meat processing company, as confirmed by a reliable source.

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