Tsujiri Menu Prices

The highest quality tea from Kyoto and Yame has traveled the world thanks to the Tsujiri menu, it is one of the first Japanese traditional tea brands to spread outside of Japan. By making fresh Japanese tea more widely available so that more people can taste it and fall in love with it, Tsujiri takes satisfaction in upholding the pioneering spirit of its founder. They won’t stop at anything just to preserve the integrity of tea culture and treat every client and every cup of tea with the utmost care in their quest to elevate their brand.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tsujiri menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Food Retail Items

Matcha Nama525
Ume no Shiro10510
Latte Bottles220
Soft Serve Tube315
Signature /drinks
Signature O-Matcha160
O-Matcha Cappuccino180
Yuzu O-Matcha180
O Matcha Americano175


Tsujiri Latte210
Hojicha Latte210
Kinako Kuromitsu220
Kuro Jelly Matcha220
Kuro Jelly Hojicha220
Strawberry Matcha Latte155

Japanese Tea

Yuzu Citron175
Yuzu Sencha175
Yuzu Hojicha175
Ice Blend
Tsujiri Ice Blend220
Tsujiri Milk Ice Blend235
Hojicha Ice Blend220
Hojicha Milk Blend235
Yuzu Citron Ice Blend220
Chocolate Ice Blend225


Tsujiri Float260
Tsujiri Milk Float270
Hojicha Float260
Hojicha Milk Float270
Yuzu Citron Float260
Chocolate Float260

Soft Serve



Tsujiri Sundae340
Shiratama Sundae320
Jelly Sundae340
Kuromitsu Parfait350

Traditional Dessert

Shiratama Kinako Kuromitsu180
Shiratama Azuki180
Matcha Zensai215

Whole Cakes

Matcha Citronne2400
Matcha Oreo Cheesecake2850
Yuzu Cheese Mousse2950
Matcha Blanc Chocolat2600

Tea Accessories

Porcelain Whisk Stand390
Ceremonial Tea Bowl1350
Matcha Flan230
Hojicha Flan230

Sliced Cakes and Pastries

Matcha Citronne260
Matcha Oreo Chessecake305
Matcha Blanc Chocolate280
Matcha Lava280
Choco Lava260
Soft Cookies150
Matcha Straberry Roll205
Matcha Azuki Roll205

About Tsujiri

The Japanese tea house, Tsujiri, was founded by Riemon Tsuji in 1860. Mr. Tsuji perfected the cultivation of the highest grade Japanese green tea, the Gyokuro, and the technique that he developed is still applied today. In order to continue the legacy of Tsujiri’s founder and provide their guests with the best and freshest tea from across the world, Chaho, which means Japanese for “tea shop,” opened its first location outside Japan in 2010.

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Tsujiri Menu Best Seller

This menu is made up of beverages that are the most ordered and bought by guests visiting the Tsujiri tea shop.

Matcha Float – Tsujiri’s matcha float is an iced matcha latte with a big scoop of the customer’s preferred ice cream on top. This matcha float is a tasty treat that’s simple, affordable, and delectable.

Tsujiri best seller menu is the matcha float Pin
Photo Credit: Tsujiri PH Facebook Page

Vanilla Float – Often known as an ice cream float, Tsujiri’s vanilla float is a concoction of flavored syrup and carbonated water with ice cream.

Shiratama SundaeThis beverage contains red beans in the middle to add a hint of sweetness and enhance its flavors, is topped with five chewy shiratama balls and drizzled with kuromitsu and kinako.

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Matcha Zensai – Matcha zensai is one of the best drinks at Tsujiri and can be consumed either hot or cold. It is served with red bean paste and soft mochi.

Signature Drinks Menu

The recipes for these delightful beverages were conceptualized and perfected. The founder of the Tsujiri is an expert in making tea and has a passion for creating exceptional beverages has resulted in a unique and flavorful menu that stands out from the rest. Savor the exquisite taste of Tsujiri’s signature drinks, crafted with unparalleled care and attention to detail.

Signature O-Matcha – One of Tsujiri’s tea shop signature drinks. Signature O-Matcha is created with pure ceremony-grade matcha and can be served either hot or iced.

Yuzu O-Matcha – Another matcha-flavored signature drink from Tsujiri is made from ceremony-grade matcha mixed with Japanese yuzu and is only served ice cold.

Your matcha drink added with yuzu is a match made in heaven. Pin
Photo Credit: Tsujiri PH Facebook Page

O-Matcha Americano – The lightest signature drink of Tsujiri’s tea shop, this drink was inspired by the famous Americano and was given a matcha flavor. O-Matcha Americano is only served cold.

Tsujiri Japanese Tea Menu

It can’t be denied that tea is already a big part of Japanese culture, and as Tsujiri is a tea shop that originated in Japan, they also serve a variety of Japanese teas.

Sencha – This Japanese tea is made from Camellia sinensis. It has a light flavor that has been compared to vegetables. Sencha comes in a variety of flavors that depend on the type and how it was brewed.

Houjicha – It is a green tea from Japan whose only difference from other Japanese green teas is that it is the only one that is brewed by being roasted over charcoal in a porcelain pot.

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Genmaicha – It is a variety of Japanese green tea that is made from brown rice that has been roasted and popped. Because of the sugars and scratches in the roasted rice, genmaicha has a toasted, nutty flavor that is comparable to barley tea.

Genmaicha tea offered in Tsujiri Pin
Photo Credit: Tsujiri PH Facebook Page

Ice Blend

This menu is composed of wonderful non-caffeinated drinks, which are non-fat milk combined with powders and ice, then topped with whipped cream.

Tsujiri Ice Blend – Tsujiri Ice Blend is a water-based drink that is matcha flavored. Perfect for matcha lovers, this drink is a simple ice blend that bursts with the flavor of matcha.

Perfect drink for matcha lovers is the Tsujiri Ice Blend Pin
Photo Credit: Tsujiri PH Facebook Page

Hojicha Ice Blend – Hojicha Ice Blend is a milk-based drink that was once only available in Japan. Thanks to Tsujiri, tea lovers can now taste this tasty treat even outside Japan.

Chocolate Ice Blend – Chocolate Ice Blend is a water-based drink that is matcha flavored. It is made with chocolate syrup, water, and ice cream.

Tsujiri Menu Cakes and Pastries

What else could be better paired with tea than cakes and pastries? Tsujiri also serves one of the best cakes and pastries you’ll ever taste.

Matcha LavaWhite chocolate and matcha green tea are combined to make this treat. It is a straightforward dessert that works best for a date night or dinner gathering.

A mouthwatering matcha dessert is Matcha Lava served in Tsujiri Cake menu Pin
Photo Credit: Tsujiri PH Facebook Page

Choco Lava – It consists of a chocolate cake that has creamy chocolate in the middle. Choco lava has the flavor of a delicious chocolate cake that has a melted chocolate truffle in the center.

Soft Cookies – To prevent cookies from spreading during baking, a solid fat with a higher melting point is utilized in the preparation process. This clever technique ensures that the cookies maintain their desired shape and texture, resulting in a perfectly baked treat.

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Matcha flavored soft cookies, why not? Pin


Cafe Latte, also known simply as “latte,” is a traditional Italian coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. Tsujiri’s version features a gentle and creamy flavor profile, achieved through expertly balancing the proportion of milk to espresso. Treat yourself to this time-honored beverage and appreciate the skillfully crafted flavors available at Tsujiri.

Iced matcha latte, matcha and espresso fusion drink Pin
Photo Credit: Tsujiri PH Facebook Page


This classic American dessert comprises of creamy vanilla ice cream adorned with syrup, whipped cream, marshmallows, or fresh fruits, making for a delightful indulgence. At Tsujiri, no matter which flavor you opt for, it’s bound to complement their delectable cakes and pastries.

Try a little bit different from the greens with these Houjicha Sundae Pin
Photo Credit: Tsujiri PH Facebook Page

Tsujiri Menu Delivery

Going out for tea would be tiring, especially if you started your day tired and lazy. Keeping it in mind, Tsujiri provides their regular customers with a menu delivery so that they can now conveniently fulfill their cravings. Ordering your favorite tea, sundae, cakes, and pastries are made simpler and easier by downloading delivery applications such as FoodPanda and GrabFood on your mobile devices. After downloading, simply search for Tsujiri’s online store, browse their menu, and order.

Social Media Pages

Following Tsujiri’s social media pages listed below is highly recommended to ensure you are aware of the latest updates on their menu, prices, and promotions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsujiri.ph

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tsujiri_ph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tsujiri_global


Given that Tsujiri’s menu is full of well-known sundaes, cakes, pastries, and especially their tea brand in Japan that uses premium matcha, customers can anticipate paying slightly more than they would for a typical matcha tea. But a little extra is worth paying for the new experience that you would get from the products they serve. Their pastries and cakes are not only delicious but are presented and designed attractively as well. For their tea, all that is left to say is that matcha lovers shouldn’t pass up this one.

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