Bag O’ Shrimps Menu Prices

Seafood dishes are the highlight of Bag O’ Shrimps’ menu. The aroma, flavor, texture, and vibrant color of these dishes make them scrumptious. Fresh and organic ingredients are used to serve people healthy and delicious meals. The non-seafood dishes that it offers are noodles, sausage, potato fries, salted egg French bean, marble potato, and desserts. These dishes will give you a fun dining experience as you can eat them with your hands. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Bag O’ Shrimps menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Specialty Seafood

Crabs (500 Grams)1250
Crabs (550 Grams)1400
Crabs (600 Grams)1500
Big Poppa 1249
Crawfish 999


Corn 80
Rice 45
Sausage 120


Crab Bomb Stick 215
Crispy Calamari 235
Sweet Potato Fries 135
Fish N' Chips 255
Baby Calamari 355
Shrimp Popcorn 275
Onion Rings 155
Clam Chowder185


Garlic Noodles 205
Truffle Pasta260
In-Store Menu

Seafood Specialty

Shrimps (per pound)635
Crabs (per 500 grams)1250
Clams (per 500 grams)365
Mussels 9per 500 grams)345


Imported Sausages 120
Marble Potato 80
Corn 60

Other Menu

Fish N' Chips 235
Crispy Calamari 215
Baby Calamari 320
Spicy Garlic Calamari 350
Lemon Pepper Calamari 350
Truffle Pasta 235
Aligue Pasta 235
Shrimp Popcorn 225
Salted Egg Shrimp Popcorn 285
Fried Oysters 165
Dynamite Stick 155
Crab Bomb Stick 195
Baked Mussels 195
Fried Asparagus 205
Garlic Noodles 175
Onion Rings 115
French Fries 115
Salted Egg French Bean 115
Sweet Potato Fries 115
Clam Chowder 165
Rice 40
Crawfish 999
Half Pounder Bag O Mamma Set349
Big Poppa1249


Bottled Water 40
Sodas 65
Iced Tea 60
Pineapple Juice 80
Cucumber Lemonade60
Becks 120
Bluemoon 170
Heineken 110
Hoegarden 180
Paulner 200
Stella Artois 160


Salted Caramel 130
Milk Chocolate 130
Madagascar Vanilla 130
Brazilian Coffee 130

About Bag O’ Shrimps

Bag O’ Shrimps was founded by a couple who wants to bring the flavors of the west to the Philippines. They opened this restaurant in 2014 after successfully creating their signature seafood dishes. The rich seafood resources of the Philippines inspire them to create mouthwatering and satisfying seafood dishes. It has a relaxing harbor theme that matches its delectable cuisines packed with fresh flavors of the sea. 

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Bag O’ Shrimps Menu Best Seller 

These best-selling dishes of Bag O’ Shrimps will spice up your meal as it is filled with flavors and perfect for sharing. 

Shrimps – This bag of shrimp is the most-sought dish in this restaurant. The goodness of shrimp and the sweetness of corn goes well together creating a stimulating dish. It comes in Bag O Mama, Lemon Pepper, Cajun, and Garlic Butter flavor variations. It is also available in mild, medium, hot, and very hot spice levels. This is good for 2 people. 

Freshly cooked shrimps are served at Bag O' Shrimps Pin
Photo Credit: Bag O’ Shrimps Facebook Page

Crab Bomb Stick – Flaunting a burst of fiery and creamy flavors, this menu stands out as truly sensational. Packed with crabsticks, jalapeño, and cheese, it shapes up into a pleasantly surprising appetizer. 

Crispy CalamariCalamari is hand-breaded and served with a special Honey Mustard Sauce. The delicious taste of this Bag O’ Shrimps menu makes it one of the well-known deep-fried appetizers. It provides a lot of health benefits as it is filled with nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

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Crispy Calamari as your appetizer. Pin
Photo Credit: Bag O’ Shrimps Facebook Page

Fish N’ Chips – The combination of flavors and textures of flaky white fish, potato chips, and homemade Tartar Sauce make this dish delightful. The national fish and chips day that is celebrated every June makes this dish popular. 

Dynamite Stick – Jumpstart your day with this flavorful dynamite stick. It is a great alternative to a crab bomb stick. The surprisingly delicious taste of this menu always pleases the crowd. 

Add this to your meal as your appetizer, the dynamite sticks to spice up your meal Pin
Photo Credit: Bag O’ Shrimps Facebook Page

Bag O’ Shrimps Seafood Specialty Menu

These are the seafood specialty dishes of Bag O’ Shrimps that are filled with goodness and nutrients. 

Big Poppa – It is a bag of shrimp with clams, mussels, corn, and sausage in homemade Bag O Momma Sauce. Mild, medium, hot, and very hot are the spiciness level of this dish. The festive color of this dish makes it more fun and appetizing. I highly recommend that you try this Bag O’ Shrimps menu.

Big Poppa at Bag O' Shrimps Pin
Photo Credit: Bag O’ Shrimps Facebook Page

Mussels – This bag of mussels is a nutritious meal that is rich in vitamins, protein, zinc, and Omega 3. Some of the health benefits of this dish are improving mood and concentration, promoting heart health, and facilitating healthy circulation. 

Crabs – This menu of Bag O’ Shrimps is known for its delectable goodness and health benefits. The tenderness of crab meat, sweet taste, savory sauce, vibrant orange color, and unique flavor of this dish makes it satisfying and delectable. It doesn’t have a fishy aftertaste that makes people from all walks of life love this dish. 

Clams – Enjoy the delectable ocean flavor with these clams that have a chewy texture and tasty flavor. It is packed with Vitamin B12 which will help you to be more active, boost your mood, and keep your blood and nerves healthy. 

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Crawfish – A healthy dish that is packed with nutrients such as protein and vitamins. The vibrant orange color of crawfish and the yellow color of sweet corn makes it an enticing dish. It is a mouthwatering dish filled with sweet, salty, and mineral flavors. 

Yummy Crawfish available in Bag O' Shrimps menu Pin
Photo Credit: Bag O’ Shrimps Facebook Page

Bag O’ Shrimps Menu Starters

Start your meal with these light and flavorful dishes that will delight your taste buds in every bite. Here’s the list of the best starter menus of Bag O’ Shrimps that you should definitely try.

Clam Chowder – A comfort food made with fresh and tender clams, smokey bacon, and creamy potatoes. It is an ideal food that will warm you up in cold weather. The rich and creamy flavor and its health benefits make this dish satisfying.  

Onion Rings – The crispy texture and golden-brown color of these lightly-breaded and deep-fried onion rings match the rich flavor of the honey mustard sauce that comes with it. It is one of the best starters perfectly paired with specialty seafood dishes. 

Onion Rings Pin
Photo Credit: Bag O’ Shrimps Facebook Page

Sweet Potato Fries – Sweet potatoes are sliced thinly and deep-fried to perfection. It is an extraordinary, healthy, and delicious appetizer made with organic sweet potatoes. 

Shrimp Popcorn – Tender shrimp are coated in a homemade special breading. It is a bite-size dish as it uses small popcorn. A tartar sauce also comes with this dish. 

Shrimp popcorn Pin
Photo Credit: Bag O’ Shrimps Facebook Page

Baby Calamari – Baby calamari is deep-fried to perfection. The delicious taste and crispy flavor of this dish make it appetizing and distinctive. 


For those craving a speedy, tasty, and effortless meal, the noodles menu at Bag O’ Shrimp is a great pick. I highly recommend them if you’re seeking an alternative to seafood at this eatery.

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Garlic Noodles – An addicting noodle dish that perfectly combines salty, sweet, and savory flavors. Its distinctive taste and chewy texture make it one of the crowds’ well-loved dishes. 

Garlic Noodles Pin
Photo Credit: Bag O’ Shrimps Facebook Page

Truffle Pasta – This creamy truffle pasta can be paired with the seafood specialty dishes that this restaurant offers. It is a tasty and fancy dish packed with delightful flavors and textures. 

Add Ons

Bag O’ Shrimps offers additional items such as corn, sausage, and rice that you can pair or add with other dishes such as seafood specialty. These dishes will complete your meal to satisfy your cravings. The rice and sausage combination are ideal for those who prefer meat over seafood dishes. Corn can also be added if you want to elevate your dining experience as its flavor complements well with seafood dishes. 

Bag O’ Shrimps Menu Delivery

The Bag O’ Shrimps foods is available for delivery through GrabFood and its official website at It also offers a gift card that you can send to your loved ones. You can also call their hotline at 287773538 for orders and inquiries. 

Chat with Bag O’ Shrimps PH Staff

You can find out about their deals and discounts by checking their social media pages. They have staff who will help answer your questions. Here are the links to their pages.





The Bag O’ Shrimps menu is perfect for those who love the fresh flavors of the sea. The dishes that it offers are good for sharing so you can enjoy them with your loved ones. It doesn’t have strict table etiquette so you can eat your favorite seafood dishes with your hands. It has a refreshing ambiance that makes the crowd feel the vibes of the sea. A deliciously messy good time with your loved ones is the experience that you can expect when you dine here. be

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