Dexter’s Pizza Menu Prices

Pizza is one of the most popular food when you and your friends and family are eating outside and Dexter’s Pizza menu has everything that you can ask for in a pizza, their pizzas are healthier, delicious, and affordable without compromising the quality of the food that they serve. Are you familiar already with Dexter’s Pizza? If not maybe you should read this article so next time you already have an idea about the products that they serve. In this article, we are going to get to know Dexter’s Pizza, its best sellers, and also its price per product. Let us get to know Dexter’s, a local pizza brand that is not just delicious but affordable. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Dexter’s Pizza menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

All Time Favorites (Medium/Large/Party/Superslims)

Yummy ham and cheese140/191/259/175
Hawaiian hula145/203/369/280
Beef delight140/205/NA/185
Pepperoni overload145/210/274/190

Healthy Cravings (Medium/Large/Party/Superslims)

Garden freshNA/203/259/178
Spanish sardinesNA/200/NA/185
Garlic and cheeseNA/197/NA/170
Hot and spicy tunaNA/203/265/192

Premium Flavors

German sausage overload large233
German sausage overload super slims202
Bacon cheeseburger large233
Bacon cheeseburger party295
Bacon cheeseburger superslims200
Monster meat special medium152
Monster meat special large253
Monster meat special party309
Monster meat special superslims204
Dexters supreme medium152
Dexters supreme large253
Dexters supreme party309
Dexters supreme superslim204

Gourmet Pizza

Quatro quezo medium140
Quatro quezo large227
Quatro quezo party289
Quatro quezo superslims195
Chicken pesto pizza large233
Chicken pesto superslims200
Pizza carbe norte large203
Pizza carbe norte party265
Pizza carbe norte superslims198
Beef shawarma medium147
Beef shawarma large239
Beef shawarma party299
Beef shawarma superslims202
Chicken shawarma medium152
Chicken shawarma large244
Chicken shawarma party304
Chicken shawarma superslims200
Taco pizza superslims213
Dexters primera medium155
Dexters primera large285
Dexters primera party339
Dexters primera superslims235

Side Dish

Wings and wedges 6125
Wings and wedges 10185
Wings and wedges 14240
Potato wedges65
Potato chips65
Potato slices70
Yummy spaghetti65

About Dexter’s Pizza 

Dexter’s Pizza is founded by Alvin Advincula in 2002, Advincula is a food specialist that is looking for an alternative to make the all-time favorite pizza healthier for their customers. The name of their pizza comes from Dexter’s Lab a cartoon program that his sons watch.

YouTube video

They are trying to experiment with making different pizza flavors that the Filipino people will surely love trying to catch Filipino tastebuds. As of today they already have 115 branches all over the country. The pizzas that they offer are overloaded with very affordable prices and that’s the reason why people started to notice them and fell in love with their pizza. 

Dexter’s Pizza Menu Best Seller

In the list are Dexter’s pizza menu best sellers that you should try. Items on the list are also the safest choice to order if you are new to their menu and don’t have any idea what to order. 

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Chicken Pesto – This pizza has a generous amount of marinated chicken, red bell peppers, pesto sauce, olives, and a lot I mean a lot of cheese which made this pizza even more delicious. Their pizza crust is baked perfectly just enough so that the flavors are not overpowering each other also the crust is a bit crunchy on the sides so you can also eat the crust, unlike other pizza stores. I like this chicken pesto pizza with hot sauce. 

Pizza Carne Norte – This innovative pizza is actually your all-time favorite breakfast item which is corn beef that turns into a pizza. Topped with freshly cut onions and your favorite shredded corned beef. They have a special crust for this one. This pizza is something that you might like if you’re a corned beef lover or if you just want a pizza for breakfast. Also great to eat with hot sauce for a bit of kick. 


Photo Credit: Dexter’s Pizza FB Page

Dexter’s Primera – Imagine your pizza loaded with authentic Italian flavors bursting in your mouth with every bite. Awesome right? Dexter’s Primera is made with Italian beef, salami, onions, spiced ham, olives, and lastly bell peppers. It has everything that you will ask for in a pizza, and this is actually my personal favorite among all of their pizzas. Don’t get me wrong I love all the flavors but this one hits differently. Very flavorful and delicious and the flavors are not too strong. 

Spanish Sardines – This Dexter’s Pizza menu is made with freshly cut onions topped with a lot of cheese and of course Spanish sardines. At first, I was honestly weirded out about this flavor but after tasting this one I can tell that their Spanish sardines pizza is something that you will like if you’re looking for a change. The crust of their Spanish sardines pizza is not too thick just right and a bit crunchy on the edges adding flavors to the toppings. 

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Wings and Wedges – If you’re not a fan of pizza or you are looking for something to eat with your pizza then their wings and wedges are the ones that you should order. Very crispy and delicious and you can also choose if you want the original flavor or spicy barbecue. This is as well popular, especially with their youngster customers who love fried chicken. Also served with mustard and ketchup. 


Photo Credit: Dexter’s Pizza FB Page

Shawarma Pizza – According to their staff this is the most ordered item on their menu. Made with a flavorful combination of fresh onions, well-seasoned, and marinated beef, and ripe tomatoes drizzled with their delicious shawarma sauce. If you are a fan of shawarma then you will surely love their shawarma pizza. The crust for their shawarma pizza is just right to highlight the flavor of their shawarma toppings. 

Dexter Pizza A La Carte Menu

Dexter’s Pizza offers ala carte items, menu includes their yummy ham and cheese pizza, Hawaiian hula pizza which I recommend for those who love pineapples on their pizza, beef delight pizza for meat lovers like me, pepperoni overlord pizza, garden fresh pizza if you’re looking for a healthier choice, bacon cheeseburger pizza, monster meat pizza that is made for carnivores kidding, dexters supreme pizza, dexters Primera which is one of their best sellers, Quatro queso pizza for cheese lovers and lastly their famous shawarma pizza. 

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Shawarma Menu

Upon checking on their menu I got one shawarma item aside from that shawarma pizza. Their B1T1 shawarma plus in any flavor is the only shawarma item that they offer and the price ranges from 595php. 

Dexter’s Pizza Menu Delivery

Upon check, not all of their branches are offering delivery services but some do, I will list some of their branches that offer delivery services. 

Dexters Pizza Imus, Cavite: 0949-1895355

Dexters Pizza Las Piñas: 02-85152731

Dexters Pizza Muntinlupa: 02-85457011

Dexters Pizza Santa Rosa: 049-5309849

You can also use any available food delivery service in your areas like Lalafood and food panda if you can’t find their phone number on the web. 

Social Media Pages

If you have a comment that you want to express on their team or you have any questions, you can contact them by sending a message thru their social media accounts such as Facebook, or Instagram. To contact them, simply refer to the following social media links:





Dexter’s Pizza menu impressed customers by creating innovative pizza items that are not just delicious and unique but also healthy and affordable. Their pizza is not the fanciest pizza but customers are sure that in every pizza that dexters will serve they made it special just for their customers. Their service is fast and reliable, actually, their staffs in our area are already my friends, they are nice. Servings are in big portions. I highly recommend this pizza shop for those who love to try different flavors of pizza without breaking the bank. 

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