Tanay Highlands Menu Prices

Tanay Highlands menu serves Filipino cuisines that are artistically prepared. It offers starters, sandwiches, soup, salads, pasta, all-day breakfast, mains, desserts, coffee & espresso, refreshers, and other drinks. These dishes perfectly complemented the ambiance of the restaurant. It is an all-in-one getaway destination where you can enjoy delicious foods and drinks, a panoramic view, and high-quality service. It is a place that will give you a memorable dining and travel experience. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tanay Highlands menu prices.

Menu Items Price (PHP)


Mexican Pulled Pork Nachos 290
Pommes Frites 260


Verdure Sandwich290
Grilled 4-Cheese Sandwich 290


Highlands Goto 250
Almondigas 250
Bulalo with Torched Marrow (Solo)550
Bulalo with Torched Marrow (Sharing)850


Mango Kani Salad 290
Rocca Salad 290
Pomelo and Green Mango Salad 290
Caesar with Chicken Piccata 290


Truffle Cream 300
Sausage Marinara 300
Pesto w/ Chicken Piccata 300
Cereal Prawn Alfredo300
Aglio Olio w/ Spanish Sardines 300

All-Day Breakfast

Beef Tapa 300
Daing na Bangus 300
French Toast w/ Breakfast Sausage & Fresh Fruits 300
Hungarian Sausage 300
Native Garlic Longganisa 300


Beef Pares 320
Buffalo Fillet with Ranch Dip320
Chicken in Mushroom Sauce320
Classic Fried Chicken 320
Glazed Fried Chicken 320
Gambas Rice Bowl 320
Grilled Pork Chop with Mango Salsa 390
Lechon Macau 390
Tanigue Steak w/ Lemon Butter Sauce 320
Pork Ribs 390
Salisbury Steak 350
Tonkatsu Curry 350


Chocolate Chip Cookie 200
Carrot Walnut Cake 200
Custard Cake 200
Sansrival Cake 200
Chocolate Truffle Cake 200
Honeycomb Praline Cake 200
Passion Fruit Parfait200


Plain Rice 20
Chorizo Rice 40
Fried Egg20
Upgrade to Chorizo Rice 20

Coffee & Espresso

THC Signature Brown Sugar Latte 200
Chocnut Nostalgia 200
Honey Cinnamon Latte 200
S'mores Mocha 200
Ube Halaya Latte 200
Summer Breeze 200


Americano 150
Flat White (Hot Only) 180
Cappucino 180
Latte 180
Dirty Matcha Latte 200
Manila Vanilla 200
Oat Milk Latte 200
Sweet Oat Milk Latte 200
Salted Caramel 200
Spanish Latte 200

Single Origin Pour Over

Specialty 250


Double Espresso Shot 60
Oat Milk 40
Torched Marshmallows 20


Ovaltine Malted Milk 180
Cioccolato 160
Matcha Latte 180


House Blend Iced Tea 140
Hibiscus Honey Iced Tea 140
Pink Lemonade 140
Green Tea Lychee 140
Cinnamon Apple Refresher150

Infusion Coolers

Peach Lemon Soda 200
Peach Passion Fruit Soda 200
Strawberry Mango Infusion 200
Iced Four Red Fruit Tea 200

Hot Teas & Infusions

Pure Green Tea 200
Green Tea Jasmine 200
Pure Chamomile 200
Earl Grey Tea 200
Lemon Ginger Tea200
Pure Peppermint 200


Budweiser 200
Hoegaarden - Peach 250
Hoegaarden - Rosee250
San Miguel - Light 150
San Miguel - Pale Pilsen 150
Stella Artois 200


Hope Bottled Water 40
Evian Natural Spring Water 120
Perrier Sparkling Water 120
A&W Rootbeer 80
Canned Soda (Coke Regular, Coke Zero, Sprite, Royal, Mountain Dew)60

About Tanay Highlands

Tanay Highlands is a full-service restaurant located in Tanay, Rizal. It is one of the recommended places because it serves delicious cuisines, is pet-friendly, has perfect temperature, and scenic view. Its ambiance will make you feel like you’re in Baguio and Tagaytay. It has also a camping site and events place where you can celebrate special events with your loved ones. 

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Tanay Highlands Menu Best Seller

These are the best-selling comfort food menu of Tanay Highlands that are worth trying when you visit this amazing place. 

Grilled 4-Cheese Sandwich – It is a best-selling sandwich that is made up of 4 premium kinds of cheese stuffed in two buttery toasts. Fries and sriracha are also served with this dish. 

Grilled 4-Cheese Sandwich offered to us by Tanay Highlands Pin
Photo Credit: Tanay Highlands Official FB Page

Beef Pares – Beef pares is an aromatic dish where braised beef is cooked to perfection. It is paired with chorizo rice and chili garlic sauce. 

Classic Fried Chicken – Fried chicken is one of the famous dishes in every restaurant. This classic fried chicken dish of Tanay Highlands has a crispy texture and delectable taste. It comes with steamed rice, house slaw, and herbed gravy. 

Best-selling menu in Tanay Highlands is the Classic Fried Chicken Pin
Photo Credit: Tanay Highlands Official FB Page

Lechon Macau – Pork belly is expertly cooked to achieve its crispy and juicy texture. Steamed rice and two special sauces complete this dish. 

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Pork Ribs – These barbecue pork ribs are well-loved for their tenderness and savory taste. It is served with steamed rice and house slaw.


These main dishes of Tanay Highlands will give you a rewarding dining experience as it consists of food items that go well together. 

Glazed Fried Chicken – A perfect choice from Tanay Highlands menu for those who love to eat fried chicken with a twist. Its signature sauce sets it apart from other fried chicken dishes. Steamed rice and house slaw are served with it. 

Glazed Fried Chicken in Tanay Highlands Pin
Photo Credit: Tanay Highlands Official FB Page

Grilled Pork Chop with Mango Salsa – Pork chop is grilled to an ideal state and served with rice, orange vinaigrette, and mango salsa. 

Tonkatsu Curry – It is made up of lightly breaded and perfectly cooked pork cutlets. It also comes with rice and a curry sauce inspired by Japanese cuisine. The juiciness of pork cutlets and the creaminess of curry sauce creates a delectable and remarkable dish. 

Salisbury Steak – This steak has a unique taste because the beef patty is made of the restaurant’s special recipe. Rice, carrots, corn, and jalapeno aioli are paired with this dish. 

Tanigue Steak with Lemon Butter Sauce – Tanigue is grilled to perfection and topped with green onion. Its creamy and flavorful lemon butter sauce makes this dish extraordinary. 

Photo Credit: Tanay Highlands Official FB Page

Coffee & Espresso 

Its coffee and espresso are popular as they are served hot or iced which makes it perfect in every weather condition.

S’mores Mocha – S’mores is one of the most common snacks during camping. This drink is a perfect alternative if you don’t have time to create S’mores as it is made up of the restaurant’s homemade chocolate ganache, graham crumbs, and marshmallows. 

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S'mores Mocha Pin
Photo Credit: Tanay Highlands Official FB Page

Ube Halaya Latte – A must-try drink that has a rich and creamy flavor. It has the taste of Ube Halaya, one of the famous Filipino desserts

Summer Breeze – It is an orange, lemon, and honey-iced americano drink that will make you feel the breeze of summer. This is available in iced only. 

Chocnut Nostalgia – This menu from Tanay Highlands is one of the remarkable candies because of its distinctive taste. This drink is inspired by the famous peanut milk chocolate bar and it will make you reminisce your wonderful childhood memories. It is rich in the restaurant’s special chocnut sauce.

Your coffee added with chocnut candies is the Chocnut Nostalgia coffee Pin
Photo Credit: Tanay Highlands Official FB Page

THC Signature Brown Sugar Latte – This signature drink is commonly seen in the social media posts of those who visit this restaurant. The simplicity of this coffee and its homemade brown sugar syrup make it a reliable drink in any kind of weather. 


Tanay Highlands’ menu features a selection of hearty and delectable pasta dishes, each served with a freshly baked herbed focaccia bread. These dishes are a must-try for anyone looking to indulge in delicious and hearty Italian cuisine.

Truffle Cream – Pasta is cooked in ideal consistency and has a creamy taste. The special truffle oil and mushroom make it flavorful. 

Cereal Prawn Alfredo – It is one of the kitchen favorites made up of traditional alfredo pasta topped with cereal-crusted prawns inspired by Singapore. 

Cereal Prawn Alfredo pasta Pin
Photo Credit: Tanay Highlands Official FB Page

Sausage Marinara – Al dente pasta is cooked with homemade marinara sauce and smokey sausage. This is a must-try pasta dish that will make you crave more.

Sausage Marinara of Tanay Highlands Pin
Photo Credit: Tanay Highlands Official FB Page

Pesto w/ Chicken Piccata – It is made up of juicy chicken picatta topped with a bed of classic alfredo pasta. 

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Aglio Olio w/ Spanish Sardines – The classic olive oil-based pasta is cooked with Spanish sardines and special cherry tomatoes. 


Tanay Highlands offers two starter menus. The first one is the Mexican Pulled Pork Nachos made up of nachos, salsa, pulled pork, and cheese. The second one is Pommes Frites, an ideal dish for potato snack fanatics that is composed of deep-fried curly potato strips served with special sriracha dip. 

All Day Breakfast

The all-day breakfast that this restaurant offers is a combination of usual breakfast items that are well-liked by Filipinos such as Beef Tapa, Daing na Bangus, and Native Garlic Longganisa. It also provides breakfast dishes influenced by other cultures such as Hungarian Sausage and French Toast w/ Breakfast Sausage & Fresh Fruits. Undoubtedly, a delicious breakfast menu from Tanay Highlands will power up your day as it is rich in flavor and nutrients. 

French Toast with Breakfast Sausage and Fresh Fruits Pin
Photo Credit: Tanay Highlands Official FB Page

Tanay Higlands Menu Delivery

Tanay Highlands menu doesn’t have a delivery option and is only available in dine-in. You can visit this restaurant daily from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. You can also contact them through their social media pages or official number 0968-883-3866 for inquiries. 

Talk to Tanay Highlands PH Staff

Tanay Highlands had so much to offer not just its delicious food menu. You can easily get in touch with them through their social media pages if you have any concerns about their products or services. They have staff that will surely accommodate your concerns.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tanayhighlands

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tanayhighlands/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tanayhighlands

Email: [email protected]


Tanay Highlands menu and an amazing view are the special features of this restaurant that captures the interest of tourists. It’s a perfect place to unwind with your friends and family as you will enjoy the beauty of nature and can do many activities here like camping and celebrations. You will surely enjoy its instagrammable spots, relaxing ambiance, and scenic view of Laguna de Bay at Pililla Windmills.

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