Tea-Cup Milktea Menu Prices

When it comes to milk tea we all love something irresistible and a sip that offers a burst of flavor. Well, today is your day because I got you covered for your favorite milk tea that is served in varieties of flavors along with their iconic collections of delightful snack fried and chips, siomai, and more. A step into the flavorful world is what we have here in the Tea-Cup Milktea menu price collection that you will find below.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Summer Halohalo

Regular Mango Grahams117

Coffee Based Beverages

Salted Caramel Frappuccino136
OJ Sunrise Express144
Dark Mocha Frappuccino196
Iced Americano184
Iced Caramel Macchiato204
Iced Coffee Mocha212
Coffee Jelly Frappuccino196

Siomai & Milktea Specials

6pcs Fried Siomai + Large Roasted Wintermelon Milktea159.2
12 Pcs Siomai & Large Roasted Wintermelon Milktea224
20 Pcs Fried Siomai148

Buy 2 Get 1 Promo

Buy 2 Large Taro + Get 1 Free Medium Classic200
2 Large Classic Milktea & 1 Free Classic Medium Milktea196
2 Large Roasted Wintermelon Milktea & 1 Free Classic Medium Milktea200
2 Large Dark Choco Milktea & 1 Free Classic Medium Milktea200

Classic Milktea Flavors

Roasted Wintermelon80
Classic Milk Tea80
Toffee Caramel80
Purple Taro80
Red Velvet80

Tea-Cup Signature Blend

Tiger Sugar Milk124
Blueberry Cheesecake124
Roasted Wintermelon Cream124
Chicken Wings144

Cheesecake Series

Taro Cheesecake120
Matcha Cheesecake120
Cheesecake Classic120
Strawberry Cheesecake120
Red Velvet Cheesecake120
Salty-Sweet Cheesecake120

Cream Cheese Series

Okinawa Cream88
Classic Cream88
Red Velvet Cream88

Frappe Series

Strawberries N Cream Frappe112
Red Velevet Frappe120
Green Tea Matcha Frappe136

Fruit Tea Series

Green Apple Fruit Tea104
Passion Fruit104
Wintermelon Fruit Tea104

Snacks Fries Chips and Corndog

Nacho Fries144
Nachos Overload168
Savory Barkada Fries160

About Tea-Cup Milktea

Tea-Cup Milk Tea offers a journey filled with exquisite tea and the creaminess of their delightful collections that are top-of-the-line quality and redefine your experience of every milk tea sip. Their collections are famous for offering a delightful and comforting flavor which mainly comes from the beautifully crafted drinks with a symphony of flavors in every cup. Aside from that they also offer a wide range of savory snacks such as their Snack Fried and Corndog which are known to be one of their popular snacks.


Tea-Cup Milktea Menu Best Seller

Savor the moment of refreshments and quality food here at Tea-Cup Milktea. This best-selling collection is perfect for people who want to appreciate the well-balanced flavor of velvety drinks and delightful goodies.

Nacho Fries – This delightful fusion is here to give you the crispy fries that are perfectly topped with a delightful medley of cheese and other savory sauces all of these in a nacho style. 

nacho fries Pin
Photo Credits: Tea-Cup Milktea Imus Avenida – Main Branch FB Page

Nachos Overload – Take your nacho experience to the finest with this ultimate nachos overload that is ready to give you the flavorful white sauce, pure beef meat, and tomato sauce.

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Savory Barkada Fries – These fries are perfect for your unforgettable barkada dining. It offers you a cheese sauce with their signature house mix sauces giving you a smoky aroma that is a sure hit.

Blueberry Cheesecake – This drink is found in their cheesecake series and offers a velvety and rich cheesecake flavoring your favorite drink that is ready to give you luscious blueberry fruit bits.

20 Pcs Fries Siomai – The classic take on this fried siomai is extra flavorful and delightful with this siomai that has an added crunch on every bite.

corndog Pin
Photo Credits: Tea-Cup Milktea Imus Avenida – Main Branch FB Page

Classic Milktea Flavors

Of course, your tea cup milk tea experience will never be complete without their recommended collection of Classic Milktea flavors. Let us savor the delightful sip that brings delightful comfort to your day.

Okinawa – This Okinawa milk tea menu of Tea-Cup Milktea offers a caramel note of Okinawa with rich flavors of cream and tea that bring a special hint of sweetness that warms your milk tea heart.

Roasted Wintermelon – Take the flavorful kick of this roasted wintermelon that offers a comforting and tasty experience with the roasted wintermelon with a flavorful fusion of creamy milk tea.

Classic Milktea – This classic milk tea has a timeless flavor that features a harmonious blend of tea with a delightful blend of milk that makes your drink simple but very satisfying.

belgian dark choco milktea Pin
Photo Credits: Tea-Cup Milktea Imus Avenida – Main Branch FB Page

Purple Caramel – This Purple caramel milk tea offers an enticing visual and sweet sensation. It has a delightful essence of rich and alluring caramel that is both captivating and well-blended with the milk tea flavor.

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Cheesecake Series 

An exciting adventure awaits you in the magnifying adventure these delightful cheesecake-based drinks offer. A well-behaved flavor that is both comforting and iconic.

Matcha Cheesecake – Start your experience with this Matcha Cheesecake milk tea that offers a delightful haven for every matcha lover out there. It has a creamy and elegant flavor that will surely tantalize your buds.

Strawberry Cheesecake – This fruity sensation has a lusciousness of strawberries that are fusion with the delightful charm of cheesecake. It has a very fruity flavor and creamy goodness.

strawberry cheesecake Pin
Photo Credits: Tea-Cup Milktea Imus Avenida – Main Branch FB Page

Taro Cheesecake – Next on the list is their unique and best-selling Taro Cheesecake. It has an earthy and nutty flavor of the Nutty essence of taro. It is a very innovative drink where richness and creaminess collide together to serve you this iconic drink.

Red Velvet Cheesecake – Now on your last spot but never on the least picks is this Red Velvet Cheesecake. It is also one of their famous drinks that offers a dessert-style treat featuring its red velvet cake and the creamy texture of cheesecakes in a cup.

Tea-Cup Milktea Menu Delivery

I am sure you are now craving for their delightful collections of Milktea and Cheesecake-based beverages. Well, As I am writing this article I am also craving for my favorite Blueberry Cheesecake. good thing you can now order your favorite Tea Cup Milktea collection through FoodPanda for an extra enticing and hassle-free transaction. Perfect every time you are on the go and do not have the luxury of time to get your drinks before you head your way to work.

Connect with Tea-Cup Milktea Online

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Follow Tea-Cup Milktea on social media today for your daily dose of milk tea goodness! Their pages are always updated with mouth-watering photos and videos of their delicious milk teas, as well as special offers and events.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teacupmilkteaimuscavite


What type of cuisine does Tea-Cup Milktea offer? 

Tea-Cup Milktea offers a delightful collection of milk tea and other savory delights that are perfect for an enticing adventure of creaminess and bold flavors of tea.

What is Tea-Cup Milktea known for?

Tea-Cup Milktea is known for its best-selling Blueberry cheesecake along with its iconic Nacho Fries and Nachos Overload.

What are the operating hours of Tea-Cup Milktea?

Tea-Cup Milktea operates from 12 AM until 10 PM every day.

Where is the Tea-Cup Milktea located in the Philippines?

There are other available branches of Tea-Cup in various areas of the city but you can also visit them here at Lot 1A Block 1 Phase 3 Camella Barcelona Homes Buhay Na Tubig Road Barangay Buhay Na Tubig 3rd District.


In conclusion, Tea Cup Milk Tea is not just a place where you grab your enticing drinks, it is a place of comfort and refined experience with its premium collections of creamy refreshments. Their menu options that highlight an array of innovative delights make a great point that this ship is indeed a haven for everyone who is looking for a place to sip, savor, and share delightful quality beverages and delicious snacks.

From their iconic Nachos Fries to my favorite Blueberry Cheesecake, this restaurant is indeed a home of various flavors and textures and I am sure you all love a shop that focuses on diversity and quality. So I am sure and confident that this recommended restaurant will truly hit the spot!

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