Angels Pizza Menu Prices

Are you craving some delicious pizza nowadays but already fed up with the usual brands that you can find in the market these days? Or are you looking for the perfect place to go whenever you are craving some pizza? Great news since I found an interesting one that might catch your attention. A new breed of pizza chain that you can find in our country. Have you heard about Angels Pizza? If not then please have time to read this article, I’m pretty sure after this article maybe you will consider trying their food items. The Angels Pizza menu offers unique pizzas and a variety of pasta and desserts. This new pizza brand is exciting and interesting at the same time since they are still in process of innovation to make their pizza really good and to compete with the giant known brands, their food items are also affordable but without compromising the quality. Let’s take a quick look at their company and the food items that they can offer. How they started, some of the important facts about them to get to know them better. So much for a long introduction let’s start now.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Angels Pizza menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Medium 9" Pizza

Angels pepperoni pizza339
Garlic shrimp pizza339
Garden of eden pizza350
Pizza overload pizza350
Creamy garlic and five cheese pizza339
Angels supreme pizza339
All meat pizza339
Creamy spinach dip pizza350
Angels on fire pizza350
Buffalo chicken pizza339
Angels aloha pizza307
Chicken aloha pizza350
Cheesy burger pizza339

Family 12" Pizza

Angels pepperoni pizza479
Garlic shrimp pizza479
Garden of eden pizza490
Pizza overload pizza490
Creamy garlic and five cheese pizza479
Angels supreme pizza479
All meat pizza479
Creamy spinach dip pizza490
Angels on fire pizza490
Buffalo chicken pizza479
Angels aloha pizza436
Chicken aloha pizza490
Cheesy burger pizza479

Big Family 14" Pizza

Angels pepperoni pizza581
Garlic shrimp pizza581
Garden of eden pizza624
Pizza overload pizza624
Creamy garlic and five cheese pizza581
Angels supreme pizza581
All meat pizza581
Creamy spinach dip pizza624
Angels on fire pizza624
Buffalo chicken pizza581
Angels aloha pizza516
Chicken aloha pizza624
Cheesy burger pizza581



Double Deal

Angels aloha double deal750
Angels cheesy burger double deal750
Garlic shrimp double deal750
Garden of eden750
Angels chicken aloha double deal750
Angels all meat double deal750
Angels supreme double deal750
Angels on fire double deal750
Pizza overload double deal750
Angels pepperoni double deal750
Creamy garlic and five cheese double deal750
Creamy spinach dip double deal750
Buffalo chicken double deal750

Double Decker

Angels double cheesy melt672

Combo Meals

Chicken nuggets with holy seasoned fries165
1 pc chicken carbonara meal REGULAR149
Angels bucket of 6 (serve with 4 rice & 1.5L coke)699
Chicken bucket 6 pax559
1 pc chicken and rice meal115
2 pc chicken and rice meal189
1 pc chicken and classic spaghetti meal149
Breaded pork belly and rice meal157


Spaghetti platter with 8 pc bread sticks299
Asian chicken pasta109
Asian chicken pasta platter349
Carbonara regular99
Mac & cheese109
Carbonara platter with 8 pc bread sticks339
Classic spaghetti regular89
Mac & cheese platter339
Cheesy lasagna159

Side Items

Parmesan chicken wings229
Apple crumble turnover50
Buffalo chicken wings229
Extra rice15
Potato tots59
Bread stick 6 pcs25
Chicken Nuggets 6 pcs125
Honey glazed chicken wings229
Holy seasoned fries85


Ham beef and mushroom59


1.5L coke90
1.5L coke zero90
Coke in can50


APC Card

About Angels Pizza

Angel Pizza is a high-quality but affordable pizza. They started in 2009 by providing delicious pizza, a variety of pasta, desserts, and side dishes. Use fresh handmade dough and some pure tomato sauce. Unlike their competitors Angel Pizza win the hearts of Filipino customers thru their Buy one take one deal, they also have a lifetime membership card and that means you’re allowed to buy their buy one take one deal forever.

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YouTube video

Jerry Liu a Filipino Taiwanese businessman who founded Cirtek holdings is the current owner of Angels Pizza. He is also the owner of Figaro coffee and Tien Ma restaurant. As of today Angels Pizza has forty-plus branches in Luzon and Visayas and continuing its rapid growth amidst the pandemic. Angels pizza is actually one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

Angels Pizza Menu Best Sellers

Though to be fair most of their food items are insanely good their best seller is their creamy spinach dip pizza. The cheesiness and creaminess of this pizza made it so popular even other pizza fanatics tried it and love it.

Aside from their creamy spinach dip pizza, you can also try their other pizza products like creamy garlic and five cheese pizza, Garlic shrimp, Angels on fire, Angel’s aloha, and toppings so “bongga” which is an overloaded pizza with meaty goodness and vegetables.

Angels Pizza Promo

Angels Pizza is so generous that they have this double deal promo. This double deal promo is a permanent promo where you can order 2 big family-size pizzas sizes from 14 inches for only 750 pesos. That’s really sulit, right? They also have this promo (one time only) that when you buy their angels pizza lifetime card you will get a free medium pizza when you buy a family-size pizza. They also offer a lot of discounts like 20 percent or 30 percent depending on the season, to be updated with these promotions all you have to do is to follow them on their social media accounts to be updated.

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Photo Credit: Angels Pizza FB Page

Most Popular Angels Pizza Menu Flavors

Here is the list of Angels Pizza’s most popular menus that you can choose from. This can also serve as your guide on what to order if you are new to their menu items.

Photo Credit: Angels Pizza FB Page

Creamy Spinach – This Angels pizza menu was introduced in 2018, the crust for this pizza is thin or the other way around which is the hand-tossed which is slightly thicker but not too thick. Creamy, savory, delicious, and everything are nice. This pizza is a must-try.

Overload – The overload pizza of Angels Pizza speaks for itself already. And by naming overload angels pizza make sure that the pizza that you will be getting is the most full-packed pizza that you will have. Perfect for pizza lovers who appreciate toppings more.

Photo Credit: Angels Pizza FB Page

Creamy Garlic and Five Cheese – This creamy garlic and five cheese pizza has a little kick on the flavor because of the garlicky taste but is smooth and easy to appreciate. Perfect for cheese lovers out there who are still looking for a kick in every bite.

All Meat – The pizza for carnivores! I’m just kidding but this is the best Angels pizza menu for meat lovers, made special for their customers and loaded with a lot of meaty goodness, what’s not to love with this pizza right? Recommended for meat lovers who love pizza and meat at the same time. Actually, this one is my personal favorite among their pizza flavors.

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Chicken Aloha – Imagine pineapple in your pizza but Angels pizza way? That means delicious! For sure you will have a generous amount of ingredients and of course the barbecue flavor. It also has ham and bacon and mozzarella cheese. A masterpiece in a box of pizza. One of the must-try and recommend for people who love to see some pineapples on their pizza.

Social Media Pages

Do you want to reach out to their staff to tell your questions or suggestions? In that case, you can easily reach their team via social media pages:




Angels Pizza Menu Delivery

Having your Angels Pizza in the comfort of your home made it easy. Thanks to their delivery option you can now order your favorite pizza without going out. You can order online your favorite Angels Pizza simply by going to their website at or you can use third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods.


Honest review, at first I admit that whenever I hear or saw them (Angels Pizza) the first thing that comes into my mind is a cheap pizza not until I tried their pizza once. After that, I started ordering their pizza one by one and now I’m already hooked. The great value for money the quality the taste is all there. It is hard not to love them, to be honest. The Angels Pizza menu consists of great pizza with affordable prices and good quality of service. I highly recommend this pizza chain, thumbs up!

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