Kumori Menu Prices

Are you curious about how Japanese bread tastes? Did you know that you can try Japanese bread here in our country without going to japan? Yes, I found a place where you could get Japanese bread that is delicious and affordable. Interesting right? The Kumori menu has a lot of Japanese bread to offer and the great news is for everyone to enjoy and taste the goodness of their bread they make it affordable. Let’s get to know them, the bread that they serve, and of course their price. Let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Kumori menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Apple cheese danish65
Red bean bun43
Almond danish54
Blueberry brioche 59
Peach brioche 53
Ohayo sunrise55
Custard butter bun48
Crab stick bun65
Cheesy ham and mushroom bun57
Melon pan40
Coffee pan45
Aloha king78
Mad sausage52
Matcha butter bun53
Pumpkin bun43
Cheese stick33
Maguro tuna pan 55
Sausage roll38
Cranberry cheese roll51
Green apple bun58
Pain au chocolat65
Kadawari cream bun45
Ciabatta 50
Kadawari choco bun45
Soft tuna bun57
Parmesan cheese bun46
Soft milk bun33
Mozzu chizu pan62
Croissant 56
Apple raisin bun60
Almond custard bun69
PB bun36
Cinnamon roll60
Bacon and bonito50
Cranberry cream cheese 53
Blueberry cream cheese 55
Premium cheese loaf160
Egg loaf79
Lion prince 58
Chee chee38
Teddy yums38
Tiger bun50
Sukiyaki bun88


Banana oreo yakigashi450
Marshmallow choco yakigashi492
Salted cheese yakigashi510
Nama choco sand chocolate 265
Light double cheesecake 550
Caramel crunch 780
Saku saku chocolate1100
Banana charlotte550

Best Sellers

Signature hanjuku cheese 294
Signature cheese tart620
Fuwari cheese cup355
Cottage cheese88
Toyohashi pudding 98


Lemon peach tea115
House iced tea85
Passion fruit coco115
Blueberry lemonade 125


Earl grey110
Chocolate 145
Mocha choco155
Matcha choco155

Hot Drinks

Cafe mocha125
Cafe amerikano110
Cafe latte 115
Cafe cappuccino 125
Green tea85
Camomile 85
Pepper mint 85
Lychee 85
Wild berry85

About Kumori

Started in 2015 Kumori is a Japanese bakery and cafe. Kumori the name of their establishment is a Japanese word that means cloudy. Instead of gloom, it represents positivity that comes after rain, as people say there’s a rainbow after the rain. Just like that Kumori creates pieces of bread that bring calm and comfort by serving authentic Japanese pastries and bread. Francisco Paez together with his business partners Fernando and Eduardo Paez are the owners of Kumori.

YouTube video

At first, everything was a challenge due to cultural differences but the great thing is they have loyal customers and that’s the reason why their budget succeeds. Kumori is actually popular in Japan already and now they are here in our country to serve delicious Japanese bread. Kumori also gives importance to their quality as they only use the finest ingredients straight from japan, giving their bread a unique texture and flavor that you can only find in Kumori. They are also open to franchising to expand their branches nationwide. 

Kumori Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of their best sellers according to their website. They have 10 products and everything is definitely delicious. 

Hanjuku Cheese – This is actually a Japanese-style cheesecake. It has delicious and creamy cream cheese in the center. This moist and fluffy but not too much Japanese-styled cheesecake is very delicious and can make you full easily. It tastes buttery creamy and sweet at the same time it literally tastes like custard cake, to be honest just way better because it is not too airy. This Kumori menu is a top-selling item and is also perfect for coffee.

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Signature Cheese Tart – This is my personal favorite since their signature cheese tart is really good, especially with a hot drink. This is made with a sweet-tart shell that is already delicious on its own, and creamy and delicious combinations of cheese. The taste is really delicious it has the sweetness from the tart shell and creaminess and a bit of saltiness from the combinations of cheese, just perfect. 

Signature Cheese Tart only in Kumori Pin
Photo Credit: Kumori PH Official Facebook Page

Hanjuku New York Cheesecake – This is a classic American cheesecake the only difference is it is made the Japanese way. This is one of their most popular food items as well, this half baked Japanese style cheesecake has a graham base which is crumbly but just right for the cheesecake, the base, and the cheesecake taste are just perfect its not too sweet as well, just right and perfect for their picky customers. 

Hanjuku New York Cheesecake Pin
Photo Credit: Kumori PH Official Facebook Page

Light Double Cheesecake – This is basically a combination of white chiffon and cream cheese mousse in a sponge cake. This delicious light double cheesecake is topped with Japanese cake crumbs and creamy white chocolate for a more delightful flavor. This is a bit airy but thick and heavy. I like how intact their light double cheesecake is and when it comes to the taste it is pleasant and delicious. 

Premium Cheese Loaf – This Kumori menu is a classic Japanese milk bread that is soft and fluffy but not too airy. It is also infused with cheese bits on top. Perfect for any spread that you have or as it is. Their premium cheese loaf is a bit heavy as well. 

Milky Cheese Roll – This is a soft bread coated in milk with cheddar cheese filling. This delicious milky cheese roll is not too sweet it has a combination of saltiness and creaminess because of the cheddar cheese and a bit of sweetness coming from the bread. This milky cheese roll is perfect as well for any hot drinks. 

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Japanese style of Milky Cheese Roll available in Kumori Pin
Photo Credit: Kumori PH Official Facebook Page

Melon Pan – Though it was named melon it doesn’t have the flavor of melon, am I making a point? This is actually a soft round bun with a thick layer of cookie dough on top. It is quite big as well and also perfect for any hot drinks. You will never go wrong with this one, their melon pan is delicious. 

Assorted Yakigashi – This is actually a toasted pound cake. The Kumori Assorted Yakigashi menu includes 5 flavors they have 1 banana oreo yakigashi, 1 salted cheese yakigashi, 1 carrot nut yakigashi, 1 butter rum yakigashi, and lastly 1 sweet date yakigashi. Everything in this assorted box of yakigashi is delicious. 

Summer Strawberry Cake Cup – Their summer strawberry cake cup has 4 layers, it has a soft sponge cake as a base, followed by strawberry jam then strawberry mousse and whipped cream, and topped with sliced fresh strawberry. They serve this in a box of four, and for sure this would be your new favorite. Delicious and great presentation as well. 

Photo Credit: Kumori PH Official Facebook Page

Bestseller Bundle – If you can’t decide which one to order maybe you should try their bestseller bundle. A box includes 1 pc melon pan, 1 pc Christmas cinnamon loaf, 1 summer strawberry cake cup, 1 pc milky cheese roll, and lastly 1 salted cheese yakigashi. 


Kumori offers a variety of choices when it comes to their bread. They actually have 32 items to choose from and everything on their menu of bread ate truly delicious, it’s not surprising that Kumori became quite popular with their customers because of their bread. They always make sure that their bread is freshly baked and only use premium ingredients straight from japan to maintain the quality of their products. From cinnamon loaf to Japanese rolls, buns, and brioche they have it. 

Kumori's Cinnamon Loaf Pin
Photo Credit: Kumori PH Official Facebook Page
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Kumori Menu Cakes

Since Kumori is a Japanese bakery they also include cakes on their menu. Their Japanese cakes are really good and not too sweet. They have coffee caramel chiffon, carrot cheesecake, light double cheesecake, mini mocha torte, big and mini banana charlotte, choco velvet cake, and simply the zest cheesecake. All cakes’ prices range from 595 PHP for the cheapest and 1125 PHP for the most expensive one which is the big banana charlotte cake. 

A not too sweet Carrot Cheesecake only in Kumori Pin
Photo Credit: Kumori PH Official Facebook Page

Hanjuku Cheese Menu

This is already included on our list of their best sellers. This half-baked Japanese-style cheesecake has rich and moist cream cheese as a filling. You can buy this in a box of 6 for only 348 PHP. Their Hanjuku cheese has the right texture and flavor that everyone will surely enjoy. 

Kumori's best-selling item is the Hanjuku Cheese Pin
Photo Credit: Kumori PH Official Facebook Page

Kumori Menu Delivery

If you want to order your favorite Kumori Japanese bakery food items no worries you can order in the comfort of your home by simply visiting their website. They have a cut-off time which is 1 PM onwards and if you ordered during that time, it will be delivered on the next day. Delivery would be from 12 NN until 6 PM from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Social Media Pages

Kumori is now active in posting news on food items, promos, and discounts that you will surely enjoy. Follow them through their social media accounts to get you notified.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kumoriph

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kumoriph/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kumoriph

Website: https://www.kumori.com.ph/pages/contact-us


The Kumori menu offers a lot of choices but I always go for their Hanjuku cheese since I am a cheese lover. Most of their bread is firm and not airy which is good. When it comes to the taste it is not too sweet, creamy, and heavy is the right word to describe their products. This Japanese bakery makes delicious bread. Service is also great, with polite crews and fast. I highly recommend this Japanese bakery for those who want to try different kinds of bread. 

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