Baliwag Grill and Restaurant Menu Prices

The Baliwag Grill and Restaurant menu consists of traditional Filipino cuisines. It offers appetizers, grilled, sizzlers, meat, vegetables, seafood, kambing delicacies, merienda, soup, desserts, and beverages. There are also pansit sa bilao and con lechon that are available in small, medium, and large sizes. It provides dine-in, pick-up, and delivery services to make it more convenient for diners to enjoy their favorite food. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Baliwag Grill and Restaurant menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Baliwag Greats

Lechon Manok 355
Liempo 295
Crispy Bagnet 430
Crispy Pata 650
Crispy Ulo 760
Pork BBQ 135
Pork Sisig 255


Baked Mussels 170
Calamares 230
Cheese Sticks 170
Chicharon Special 40
Chicharon Laman 110
Chicharon Bulaklak240
Chicken Lollipop 210
Crispy Hipon 220
Crispy Kangkong 125
Crispy Onion Rings 150
Crispy Tenga 230
Cucumber Salad 130
Ensaladang Manga 150
French Fries 130
Garlic Peanuts 100
Kilawing Tanigue 265
Lumpiang Shanghai 180
Mangga't Bagoong 150
Tokwa't Baboy 200
Sinuglaw 510
Sizzling Hotdog 175


Boneless Bangus 200
Hito w/ Buro 220
Inihaw Festival 705
Inihaw na Tilapia 170
Stuffed Lumot 330
Tuna Belly 330
Inihaw na Pusit 290
Stuffed Bangus 250


Bangus ala Pobre 265
Bangus Sisig 240
Beef ala Pobre 340
Sizzling Bangus Belly 285
Chicken Sisig 255
Gambas 335
Garlic Mushroom 190
Sizzling Guising-Guising 250
Kangkong 125
Pusit ala Pobre 345
Sizzling Pusit 345
Sisig Sampler 345
Tanigue Steak 290
Tokwa 170
Tuna Sisig 315


Beef Caldereta 345
Beef w/ Mushroom 345
Bistek Tagalog 340
Bulalo Steak 350
Kare-Kare 435
Kare-Kare Laman450
Salpicao 340


Bicol Express295
Binangoongan Baboy 290
Dinakdakan 240
Dinuguan 220
Lechon Kawali 265
Paksiw na Lechon 280
Roast Pork w/ Mushroom280
Crispy Bagnet w/ Mushroom280


Buttered Chicken (Half)295
Buttered Chicken (whole)495
Chicken BBQ170
Fried Chicken (half)260
Fried Chicken (whole)435
Sizzling Baliwag Fried Chicken270
Spicy Buffalo Wings 240


Ensaladang Talong 125
Guising-Guising 220
Kangkong w/ Bagoong 125
Pinakbet 190
Stir Fried Vegetables 160
Tortang Talong 145
Vegetables Kare-Kare250
Laing con Hipon 350
Laing con Crispy Bagnet 380

Exotic Kambing Delicacies

Adobong Kambing 360
Kalderetang Kambing 360
Kinilaw na Kambing 240
Papaitang Kambing 240


Adobong Hito 220
Adobong Hito sa Gata 245
Crispy Hito w/ Buro 220
Halabos na Hipon 235
Nilasing na Hipon 220
Paksiw na Bangus Belly 285
Pinaputok na Tilapia 225
Prawns in Coconut Milk310
Prawns in Garlic 290
Rellenong Bangus315
Steamed Tilapia w/ Garlic Sauce 195


Batchoy Pinoy 250
Bulalo 345
Cream of Corn 165
Cream of Mushroom 165
Hototal 240
Nilagang Baka 350
Seafood Chowder 190
Sinampulakang Manok 265
Sinigang na Baboy 315
Sinigang na Bangus Belly 310
Sinigang na Baka 355
Sinigang na Buntot ng Tuna270
Sinigang na Hipon 310
Sinigang na Tanigue295
Sinigang na Maya-Maya 390
Sinigang na Salmon Belly 300
Sinigang na Crispy Bagnet 380
Tinolang Manok 265

Rice Meals

Caldereta w/ Plain Rice 195
Chicken BBQ w/ Java Rice190
Dinuguan w/ Plain Rice 175
Fried Chicken w/ Plain Rice 175
Fried Tilapia w/ Plain Rice 190
Kare-Kare w/ Plain Rice 225
Pork BBQ w/ Java Rice 165


Bihon Guisado 180
Chicken Arroz Caldo 120
Chicken Mami 135
Goto 120
Lomi 155
Lumpiang Sariwa 145
Miki Bihon 190
Palabok 160
Pancit Canton 180
Pancit Con Lechon 200
Bihon Con Lechon 200
Miki Bihon Con Lechon 210
Sotanghon Con Lechon 205
Sotanghon Guisado 185
Spaghetti Carbonara 160
Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce 160
Clubhouse Sandwich 180

Rice & Extras

Kimchi 85
Atsara (solo)28
Buro 28
Baliwag Rice (3-4 pax)165
Steamed Rice 28
Garlic Rice 35
Java Rice 40
Shanghai Rice150
Special Bagoong (bottled)95
Special Atsara (bottled)62
Kamatis w/ Bagoong 60


Banana Split 190
Buko Pandan 50
Fresh Banana 25
Fresh Mango 100
Fresh Pineapple 50
Fresh Watermelon 50
Fruit Salad 50
Halo-Halo Regular 100
Ice Cream (2 scoops)55
Leche Flan 50
Mais Con Yelo 60
Saba Con Yelo 50
Turon w/ Ice Cream 95
Additional Turon 30


Carrot Shake 90
Four Season 110
Fruit Shakes (Green Mango, Melon, Ripe Mango, Watermelon)100

Juices & Others

Black Gulaman 65
Coffee 50
Calamansi Juice 70
Fresh Bulalo 70
Guyabano Juice 70
Hot Choco65
Hot Tea 50
Iced Tea 45
Iced Tea Bottomless80
Iced Tea by the Pitcher 180
Mango Juice 70
Orange Juice 70
Pineapple Juice 65
Sago't Gulaman Pitcher 180
Mineral Water 35
Pepsi Products (in Can)60
1.5L Softdrinks 175


Red Horse 70
San Mig Light 60
San Mig Apple 70
SMB Pale Pilsen 60

Pansit sa Bilao

Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce (Small)445
Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce (Medium)685
Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce (Large)995
Spaghetti Carbonara (Small)445
Spaghetti Carbonara (Medium)685
Spaghetti Carbonara (Large)995
Bihon (Small)390
Bihon (Medium)610
Bihon (Large)810
Palabok (Small)445
Palabok (Medium)685
Palabok (Large)995
Canton (Small)425
Canton (Medium)620
Canton (Large)895
Sotanghon (Small)400
Sotanghon (Medium)690
Sotanghon (Large)995
Miki Bihon (Small)390
Miki Bihon (Medium)620
Miki Bihon (Large)910

Con Lechon

Bihon (Small)430
Bihon (Medium)690
Bihon (Large)920
Miki Bihon (Small)430
Miki Bihon (Medium)700
Miki Bihon (Large)1020
Canton (Small)465
Canton (Medium)700
Canton (Large)1005
Sotanghon (Small)440
Sotanghon (Medium)735
Sotanghon (Large)1040

About Baliwag Grill and Restaurant 

Baliwag Lechon Manok is founded by Dwight and Dolores Salcedo. The Lechon Manok craze on November 1985 inspired them to build a kiosk. Its name originates from Baliwag, a city in the province of Bulacan where Dolores grew up. They opened Baliwag Grill and Restaurant as part of its expansion to offer more dishes and cater to more customers. Today, it is one of the iconic restaurants known for offering lots of traditional Filipino cuisines. 

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Baliwag Grill and Restaurant Menu Best Seller 

These are the best sellers of Baliwag Grill and Restaurant that are known for their distinctive flavor and texture. 

Lechon Manok – It is a specialty dish of this restaurant that started it all. Chicken is marinated in the restaurant’s special marinade and roasted until it becomes crispy and juicy. 

Best seller menu in Baliwag Grill and Restaurant is the Lechon Manok. Pin
Photo Credit: Baliwag Lechon FB Page

Liempo – The delicious taste of this liempo never fails to delight the crowd. his is made with a well-seasoned pork belly that is grilled to perfection. 

Lechon Liempo's of Baliwag Grill and Restaurant will never let you down Pin
Photo Credit: Baliwag Lechon FB Page

Boneless Bangus – Bangus is one of the dishes that is well-loved by Filipinos as it has a delectable taste and provides a lot of health benefits. Its boneless feature makes it more convenient to eat. 

Buttered Chicken – This delectable menu of Baliwag Grill and Restaurant features crispy, deep-fried chicken enveloped in a rich, velvety butter sauce. Available in both half and whole portions, it caters to a variety of appetites and preferences.

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Chicken BBQ – Tender chicken is expertly marinated in a distinctive barbecue sauce, then skillfully grilled to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and succulence. 

Rice Meals

These rice meals consist of traditional Filipino dishes paired with plain or java rice and served with Iced Tea. 

Caldereta w/ Plain Rice – A Filipino dish that is famous for its rich and thick stew. The tender meat, tomato-based stew, fresh vegetables, and other ingredients go well together making it a delectable dish. 

Fried Chicken w/ Plain Rice – Fried Chicken is one of the most-loved viands of people from different walks of life. Chicken is coated with special breading and deep-fried until it achieves its golden-brown color, crispy skin, tender meat, and juicy taste. Spaghetti with meat sauce is the perfect merienda dish that goes well with it. 

Fried Chicken + Rice = perfect combination! Pin
Photo Credit: Baliwag Lechon FB Page

Fried Tilapia w/ Plain Rice – A simple yet flavorful and aromatic dish made with fried tilapia and served with rice. It can also be paired with atsara as the crunchiness and saltiness of tilapia match perfectly with it. 

Kare-Kare w/ Plain Rice – The Baliwag special bagoong is the ingredient that makes this dish flavorful. This hearty dish is made with tender tripe and fresh vegetables. It is also a famous dish served on special occasions as it always delights the crowd. Anyone seeking a Filipino classic food menu from Baliwag Grill and Restaurant should try this one. Also, I personally love their Kare-Kare.

Pork BBQ w/ Java Rice – This dish consists of marinated pork barbecue and java rice. It is one of the classic favorite dishes of Baliwag diners. The flavorful java rice matches well with the pork barbecue

Baliwag Greats

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Baliwag greats consist of the restaurant’s specialty dishes that are known for their unique and delicious taste. 

Crispy Bagnet – Its satisfying crackling sound in every bite, juicy texture, and enticing flavor make it one of the favorite Filipino dishes. This is one of the restaurant’s popular dishes that is made with deep-fried crispy pork belly. 

Crispy Bagnet for you! Pin
Photo Credit: Baliwag Lechon FB Page

Crispy Pata – The crispy skin of this dish creates a crunchy sound that makes it more satisfying to eat. It is made with deep-fried pork knuckles and served with the restaurant’s special sauce. 

Crispy Ulo – Indulge in a truly unique culinary experience with this dish crafted from succulent pork head, traditionally savored alongside your favorite alcoholic beverages. This distinctive creation offers a memorable taste sensation that elevates any social gathering.

Pork BBQ – Savor the irresistible flavors of tender pork slices, expertly marinated in a mouthwatering, homemade barbecue sauce. Each piece is skillfully skewered and grilled to perfection, delivering an unforgettable taste sensation that will leave you craving more. This exquisite menu captures the essence of culinary mastery and is a true testament to the art of grilling.

Get tasting and juicy pork barbecue only here in Baliwag Grill and Restaurant Pin
Photo Credit: Baliwag Lechon FB Page

Pork Sisig – It is made with chopped pig parts cooked with other special ingredients, topped with delicious gravy, and served on a sizzling plate. Its aroma, sizzling sound, crispy texture, and delicious taste make it surprisingly good. 

Soup Menu

Baliwag Grill and Restaurant offer different kinds of traditional Filipino soups menu such as Batchoy Pinoy, Bulalo, Cream of Corn, Cream of Mushroom, Hototal, Nilagang Baka, Seafood Chowder, Sinampalukang Manok, and Tinolang Manok. 

It also provides sinigang dishes such as baboy, bangus belly, baka, buntot ng tuna, hipon, tanigue, maya-maya, ulo ng maya-maya, salmon belly, and crispy bagnet. These comforting sinigang soups are loved for their tangy and savory flavor. 

Heat up your tummy with this Sinigang sa Miso offered in Baliwag Grill and Restaurant menu Pin
Photo Credit: Baliwag Lechon FB Page
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These soups are well-known as they are commonly prepared at home. Steamed rice is typically paired with them making meals more satisfying. These soups are great for sharing so you can enjoy them with your loved ones. 

Exotic Kambing Delicacies

Baliwag Grill and Restaurant is one of the rare places that offers Kambing or goat delicacies. It provides Adobong Kambing, Kalderetang Kambing, Kinilaw na Kambing, and Papaitang Kambing. These delicacies are considered as exotic because they are not usually seen in restaurants. Kambing dishes are known for their gamey smell that makes them distinctive. These dishes are worth trying if you want to try something exotic and delicious. 


The sizzlers that this restaurant offers consist of seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes. Some of the sizzlers that it provides are kangkong, bangus cuisines, sisig, gambas, and garlic mushrooms. These satisfying dishes engage multiple senses as it has a sizzling sound, appetizing presentation, and enticing aroma. 

Baliwag Grill and Restaurant Menu Delivery 

The menu of Baliwag Grill and Restaurant is available on GrabFood and FoodPanda. You can also send them a message on their official Facebook account if you don’t have an account on these delivery platforms.

Social Media Pages

If you want to stay in the loop on their latest menu offerings, discounts, or promotions, make sure to follow or like their social media pages and check out their website. I’ve provided the links for you below so you can easily access them. Happy browsing!






The Baliwag Grill and Restaurant menu offers a wide selection of local cuisines that makes people come back for more. It is a perfect place where you can find your favorite food and try exciting dishes. The best dishes that you should not miss out on when you visit this restaurant are lechon manok, liempo, and sinigang. Some of its branches also offer lutong pinoy which consists of ready-to-heat meals such as Beef Kaldereta, Laing, and Lengua

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