Abe Restaurant Menu Prices

As well as more obscure regional specialties like Bicol Express, Bacalao, and Tidtad, the menu at Abe Restaurant offers a wide selection of traditional Filipino dishes like Kare-Kare, Adobo, and Sinigang. The dishes are authentic and burst with flavor because they are made with locally sourced ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Abe Restaurant provides a wonderful dining experience for those who want to experience the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Abe Restaurant menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Small Dishes

Gambas al Ajillo395
Sinuteng Baby Squid290
Spicy Sisig Pampanga275
Kinilaw na Tanigue325
Lumpiang Ubod195
Squid Tactics335
Chicharon Bulaklak325
Arobung Kamaru285

Salads and Relishes

Paco Fern225
Atsarang Papaya155
Balo Balo155
Green Mango and Bagoong Salad185
Burong Mangga230
Aligue ng Talangka290

Hearty soup Dishes

Sinigang na Boneless Bangus Fillet with Ripe Guava530
Pesang Dalang195
Suam of Fresh Corn175
Mungo Bean soup175
Sinigang na Ube555
Sinigang na Ulong Salmon sa Miso750

Our Spanish Heritage

Calamares en su Tinta435
Pastel de Lengua475
Abe's Morcon390

Fresh Harvest

Gising Gising330
Pinakbet Wen Manong335
Bicol Express335
Gule Magalang330
Adobung Puso ng Saging330
Laing with Tinapa330
Ginisang Mustasa310
Sinantol na Hipon310
Abe's Dinengdeng330
Klassik Tortang Talong275
Langka at Pusit sa Gata415

Abe's Specialties

Abe's Chicken Supreme1060
Mutton Adobo with Popped Garlic620

Artists and Writers Favorite Dishes

Klassik Kare kare725
Nanay's Puchero575
Lamb Adobo630
Crispy Tadyang D Original640
Guisadong Hipon Sa Kamias465
Rellenong alimasag390

More Abe Favorites

Sugpo sa Gata765
Sugpo sa Aligue ng Talangka765
Pork Sinigang in Sampaloc495
Crispy Pork Adobo ni Lola Ising530
Chicken Adobado460
Pininyahang Manok490
Pancit sa Talangka540

Stews and Fires

Pork Lengua Asado390
Klassik Kaldereta640
Manyamang Beef asado620
Bistek Filipino595
Lechon Cubano530
The Day After530
Knockout Kunckles835
Binukadkad na Pla Pla495
Pritong Baby Hito395
Pork Binagoongan415
Tuna Panga sa Bawang415

Old Chinatown

Shrimp Halabos380
Crispy Shrimp Binondo250
Bamboo Rice375
Baby Squid Rice435


Maja Blanca145
Ube Kalea210
Leche Flan145
Claude Dream180
Mango Jubilee225
Mango Crepes225
Sans Rival275

About Abe Restaurant

The Abe Restaurant in the Philippines is renowned for its authentic Filipino cuisine, inviting atmosphere, and top-notch service. The restaurant, which aims to highlight the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines, gets its name from the well-known Filipino artist, writer, and diplomat Emilio Aguinaldo, also known as Abe.

The restaurant’s interior is styled in a warm, rustic manner, with wooden furniture, cozy lighting, and old Filipino artifacts decorating the walls. There is a friendly staff, a buzz of conversation, and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

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Abe Restaurant Menu Best Seller

This menu is composed of Abe’s most popular dishes and the ones that are the most ordered by their regular customers.

Chicken Adobado – It is a chicken dish that is stewed in soy sauce, lemongrass, saba bananas, and shiitake mushrooms. Each serving is estimated to be good for two to three people.

Abe Restaurant's best seller menu is the Chicken Adobado Pin
Photo Credit: Abe Restaurant Facebook Page

Pininyahang ManokPininyahang Manok is literally translated as chicken with pineapples in English, this menu from the Abe Restaurant uses pineapple juice to marinate the chicken slices before they are stewed with pineapple chunks. The secret to the strong pineapple taste is to marinate them a bit longer than normal.

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Sugpo sa Gata – Large prawns are cooked in coconut milk after being sauteed with garlic, onions, and red pepper flakes in a traditional Filipino dish called Sugpo sa Gata. It is best paired with rice because of its strong flavor from the coconut and prawn juices.

prawns cooked in coconut milk dish menu served at Abe Restaurant Pin
Photo Credit: Abe Restaurant Facebook Page

Small Dishes

It is made up of small plates with a la carte orders for bite-sized portions of food. Since it can be consumed during any course of the meal, it is more versatile than appetizers.

Gambas al Ajillo – This is a Spanish dish given a Filipino twist. It is made of shrimp that were cooked in garlic-infused olive oil, which also has smoke paprika undertones and a hint of sweetness from the sherry.

Gambas al Ajilo added with Filipino twist! Pin
Photo Credit: Abe Restaurant Facebook Page

Spicy Sisig PampangaSisig is the most popular Kapampangan dish, which uses grilled pork belly as its main ingredient. Because of the large amount of vinegar that is infused in this dish, it was originally meant to have a sour and tangy flavor.

Lumpiang Ubod – This type of Filipino spring roll is given an extra special touch by using sauteed palm heart filling, homemade crepe wrappers, and a delectable peanut sauce. This Abe Restaurant menu makes a hearty and filling lunchtime snack or main dish.

Fresh Harvest

The dishes on this menu are made with ingredients that have just been harvested, giving them a fresher flavor.

Bicol Express – The traditional Bicol Express recipe’s sparknotes of chili pepper and bagoong are delighted by the coconut milk’s subtle sweetness. This contrast has long given the dish a bewitching richness in flavor.

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Langka at Pusit sa Gata – It is a simple and delectable squid dish that is prepared Filipino style and is best enjoyed with pippin’ hot rice!

Laing with TinapaLaing is a Filipino dish made with dried taro leaves and coconut milk. This dish originated in Bicol and has become popular in the entirety of the Philippines. It is given a slight twist by including tinapa in the cooking process.

Laing with Tinapa Pin
Photo Credit: Abe Restaurant Facebook Page

Stew and Fries

There are many different Filipino dishes available on this menu from the Abe Restaurant, including options for pork, beef, fish, and seafood. The menu offers traditional Filipino dishes that are typically eaten with steamed rice, like Humba, Klassik Kaldereta, and Bistek Filipino.

A special and inventive dish on the menu is Knockout Knuckles, which is a deep-fried pork knuckle covered in a savory hot sauce. Another dish that will knock you out is The Day After, which features a fiery stir-fry of pork and seafood.

The Day After dish Pin
Photo Credit: Abe Restaurant Facebook Page

This menu features a selection of creative and traditional dishes that are sure to appeal to a variety of palates.

Abe Restaurant Specialties

The classic Filipino dishes on the Abe Specialties menu at Abe Restaurant have all received a distinctive and contemporary twist. A wide variety of expertly prepared and flavorful Filipino comfort food is available on the Abe Specialties menu. The fusion dishes on the menu give traditional Filipino dishes a distinctive and imaginative twist, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Salad and Relishes

For those seeking a healthier option or a side dish to go with their main course, Abe Restaurant’s Salad and Relishes menu offers a variety of light and refreshing dishes. The salad and relish menu at Abe Restaurant has a great selection of energizing and light dishes that are ideal as flavorful side dishes for a main course or for those seeking a healthier option.

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paco fern salad Pin
Photo Credit: Abe Restaurant Facebook Page

Hearty Soup Dishes

For those seeking a warm and filling meal, Abe Restaurant’s Hearty Soup Dishes menu offers a variety of warm and comforting soups. For those seeking a filling and satisfying meal, the Hearty Soup Dishes menu at Abe Restaurant has a great selection of warm and comforting soups. The dishes are authentic and burst with flavor thanks to the use of regional ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

Abe Restaurant Menu Delivery

Every dish on Abe’s menu is now available for delivery. When their regular customers are hungry, this offers convenience and saves them time from going out and ordering by themselves. With the aid of applications like FoodPanda and GrabFood, placing an order is now simpler. Customers can browse the online store of Abe by simply downloading one of these applications on their mobile devices.

Abe Restaurant Social Media Pages

Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay informed about Abe Restaurant’s latest promotions, newly introduced food menus, and discounts. You can follow their social media pages by clicking on the links provided below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbePhilippines/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abephilippines

Email: [email protected]


The Filipino-style dishes served on Abe’s menu are delicious and irresistible, and you won’t ever get tired of them. Abe’s positive attributes both include both the restaurant itself and the caliber and flavor of the food they serve. The dining area is top-notch, the staff is competent, and the interior design is excellent!

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