Moonleaf Menu Prices

Moonleaf menu consists of tea drinks that are brewed perfectly and mixed with various ingredients. The drinks that it offers are Magnumize Your Life, Pearl Milk Tea, Wintermelon Series, Fruit Tea w/ Nata, Custard Milk Tea, Premium w/ Pearls, Salted Cream, Milkslush, Classic Tea, and Coffee. The ingredient that makes their drinks different from the other milk tea shops is the freshly brewed and finest tea leaves from Taiwan. It also offers food items such as Takoyaki, French Fries, Ramen, Pizza, Sulit Meals, and Solo Moon Pearl Milk Tea Cake. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Moonleaf menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Magnumize Your Life

Magnum Choco Hazelnut Torte160
Magnum Café Classico150
Magnum Winter Nutcracker160

Oreo Milkslush Series

Oreo Chocolate Milkslush (Regular)155
Oreo Chocolate Milkslush (Tall)165
Oreo Strawberry Milkslush (Regular)155
Oreo Strawberry Milkslush (Tall)165
Oreo Cookies & Cream (Regular)155
Oreo Cookies & Cream (Tall)165

Pearl Milk Tea

Wintermelon Milk Tea (Regular)95
Wintermelon Milk Tea (Large)105
Hakka Milk Tea (Regular)95
Hakka Milk Tea (Large)105
Jasmine Milk Tea (Regular)95
Jasmine Milk Tea (Large)105
Moonpearl Milk Tea (Regular)95
Moonpearl Milk Tea (Large)105
Okinawa Milk Tea (Regular)95
Okinawa Milk Tea (Large)105
Hokkaido Milk Tea (Regular)95
Hokkaido Milk Tea (Large)105

Wintermelon Series

Mango Black Tea w/ Wintermelon Cream (Large)125
Wintermelon Tea w/ Salted Cream (Large)125
Lychee Strawberry w/ Wintermelo Cream (Large)125
Wintermelon 2 Moons Milk Tea (Large)125

Fruit Tea w/ Nata

Honey (Regular)105
Honey (Large)115
Lychee w/ Yakult (Regular)105
Lychee w/ Yakult (Large)115
Lychee Nata (Regular)105
Lychee Nata (Large)115
Strawberry (Regular)105
Strawberry (Large)115
Passionfruit (Regular)105
Passionfruit (Large)115
Mango (Regular)105
Mango (Large)115

Custard Milk Tea

Banana Milk Tea (Regular)120
Banana Milk Tea (Large)130
Caramel Milk Tea (Regular)120
Caramel Milk Tea (Large)130
Ube Milk Tea (Regular)120
Ube Milk Tea (Large)130
Thai Milk Tea (Regular)120
Thai Milk Tea (lARGE)130

Premium w/ Pearls

Brown Sugar Milk (Regular)130
Brown Sugar Milk (Large)140
Peppermint (Regular)130
Peppermint (Large)140
Chocolate Banana (Regular)130
Chocolate Banana (Large)140
Chocolate Peppermint (Regular)130
Chocolate Peppermint (Large)140

Salted Cream

Chocolate (Regular)125
Chocolate (Large)135
Matcha (Regular)125
Matcha (Large)135
Strawberry (Regular)125
Strawberry (Large)135
Taro (Regular)125
Taro (Large)135


Chocolate w/ Moon Pearls (Regular)155
Chocolate w/ Moon Pearls (Large)165
Matcha Eggnog w/ Custard Pudding (Regular)155
Matcha Eggnog w/ Custard Pudding (Large)165
Wintermelon w/ Moon Pearls (Regular)155
Wintermelon w/ Moon Pearls (Large)165
Strawberry w/ Nata (Regular)155
Strawberry w/ Nata (Large)165
Ube w/ Custard Pudding (Regular)155
Ube w/ Custard Pudding (Large)165

Classic Tea

Jasmine Green Tea (Regular)65
Jasmine Green Tea (Large)75
Assam Black Tea (Regular)65
Assam Black Tea (Large)75


Café Latte (16 oz)95
Mocha Latte (16 oz)95
Hazelnut Latte (16 oz)95


Moon Pearls 15
Custard Pudding15
Nata De Coco15
Salted Cream30
Wintermelom Cream30
Chia Seeds25
Stevia 10


Takoyaki (4 pcs)69
Takoyaki (8 pcs)119
Takoyaki (12 pcs)169

French Fries

Cheese Fries 75
Barbeque Fries 75
Sour Cream75

Make at Home Ramen Kits

Shoyu Ramen Kit 144
Tantanmien Ramen Kit164
Spicy Miso Ramen Kit164
Tonkotsu Ramen Kit 144

Sulit Meals

Takoyaki + Milk Tea 135
French Fries + Milk Tea125

Solo Meals Pearl Milk Tea Cake

Moon Pearl Milk Tea Cake120


Tonkotsu 144
Tantanmien 164
Shoyu 144
Spicy Miso 164


Pepperoni 109
Bacon Mushroom 109
Hawaiian 109
Buffalo Chicken 124
Creamy Spinach 124
Taco 124

About Moonleaf

Moonleaf is a milk tea shop in the Philippines that is known for its delicious milk tea and other tea drinks. From its humble beginning in Diliman, Quezon City, it has now more than 60 branches making it the fastest-growing milk tea shop in the Philippines. Its rapid expansion started when its drinks become a hit among students and young professionals. 

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Moonleaf Menu Best Seller

These are the all-time favorite flavors that will give you a unique experience and make you love milk tea even more. 

Wintermelon Milk Tea – This Moonleaf menu is a sweet and milky drink made from premium milk, freshly brewed tea leaves, and chewy moon pearls. Its irresistible taste makes it one of the drinks that always delight the crowd. In fact, around 7 million cups of this milk tea were sold in 2019. 

Wintermelon Milktea Pin
Photo Credit: Moonleaf Facebook Page

Lychee Nata – A stimulating lychee drink that contains bits of chewy coconut jelly. It is an ideal drink in hot weather that will refresh you and boost your energy. 

Strawberry Milkslush with Nata – The fruity and chewy coconut jelly, ice-blended strawberries, and whipped cream topping are the ingredients that make it extra special. Its sweetness and creaminess make it an ideal treat for the whole family. 

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Strawberry Milkslush in Moonleaf Pin
Photo Credit: Moonleaf Facebook Page

Café Latte – Café Latte is an arabica coffee made of premium milk and freshly brewed tea leaves. It is one of the most popular variants of coffee and Moonleaf added a twist by adding tea leaves to make it more satisfying and unique. 

Matcha Milk Tea w/ Salted Cream – A delicious and healthy drink that is rich in antioxidants. Matcha gives this drink a vibrant green color and its fine salted cream on top makes it more flavorful. 

Matcha milktea with salted cream Pin
Photo Credit: Moonleaf Facebook Page

Pearl Milk Tea

Chewy moon pearl is the ingredient that makes this milk tea extra special as it adds a unique taste and texture. 

Hakka Milk Tea – This menu from Moonleaf is a pearl milk tea that is made up of freshly brewed tea leaves, premium milk, chewy moon pearls, and flavored with dark roasted sugar. 

Hakka Milk Tea with tapioca pearls Pin
Photo Credit: Moonleaf Facebook Page

Jasmine Milk TeaJasmine Milk Tea is a sweet and vibrant milk tea made up of jasmine flavor, chewy moon pearls, and fresh tea leaves. 

Moonpearl Milk Tea – This is Moonleaf’s special milk tea that is creamy and flavorful. It is inspired by a classic milk tea flavor made up of Moonleaf’s unique blend of ingredients. It is ideal for those who want a classic yet unique milk tea flavor. 

Okinawa Milk Tea – A milk tea that is inspired by Japan and made with black tea, milk, moon pearls, and Okinawa brown sugar. 

Hokkaido Milk Tea – Creamy Hokkaido milk blended with black tea and chewy moon pearls makes it a satisfying drink. 

Moonleaf Wintermelon Menu

Wintermelon is one of the flavors that truly delight customers so Moonleaf created wintermelon series and added delightful ingredients to level up this classic and best-selling drink. 

Mango Black Tea w/ Wintermelon Cream – It is made up of Assam Black Tea that will wake up your senses. The wintermelon cream on its top and the mango flavor of this milk tea will make you feel the radiance of summer. It also contains health benefits as it can boost your immunity and is rich in antioxidants.

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Wintermelon Tea w/ Salted Cream – A classic wintermelon milk tea topped with fine and smooth salted cream. 

Wintermelon with salted cream Pin
Photo Credit: Moonleaf Facebook Page

Wintermelon 2 Moons Milk Tea – It is a wintermelon milk tea that is rich in flavor and texture as it is made of freshly brewed tea, milk, moon pearls, and silky egg custard. 

Fruit Tea w/ Nata 

These refreshing and sweet drinks are flavored with various fruits and contain bits of fruity coconut jelly. 

Mango – Tropical mango is the flavor of this fruit tea blended with bits of nata de coco. 

Lychee with Yakult – This Moonleaf menu is a delectable drink that will tickle your taste buds. The flavors of lychee and Yakult are perfectly blended with chewy coconut jelly. 

Passionfruit – It is a fruit tea flavored with passionfruit and blended with nata de coco which makes it enticing. 

Passionfruit tea with nata Pin
Photo Credit: Moonleaf Facebook Page

Magnumize Your Life

Magnumize your life with Moonleaf drinks topped with magnum ice cream. One of these drinks is Magnum Choco Hazelnut Torte, a full-bodied tea that is rich in chocolate flavor as it is made up of roasted hazelnut and chocolate topped with salted cream and Magnum Almond. 

The other one is Magnum Café Classico, a café latte that has a robust aroma topped with Wintermelon Cream and Mangnum Classic. There is also a Magnum Winter Nutcracker, for those who want to magnumize the classic winter melon tea with Magnum Almond and Salted Cream. 

Magnumize your day with Magnum Winter Nutcracker Pin
Photo Credit: Moonleaf Facebook Page

These drinks are great for those who love ice cream and tea. Every cup of this delectable and luxurious drink will satisfy your cravings and boost your energy. 

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Custard Milk Tea

The silky egg custard is the special ingredient of this milk tea. It consists of fruity and soft Banana Milk Tea, buttery toffee Caramel Milk Tea, a classic and vibrant Ube Milk Tea, and a fragrant Thai Milk Tea.

Ube Milktea with Egg Custard under Custard Milk tea menu of Moonleaf Pin
Photo Credit: Moonleaf Facebook Page

These vibrant and delectable custard milk teas will brighten your day. It is a must-try milk tea variant if you are looking for a new taste and flavor of milk tea. 

Moonleaf Premium With Pearls Menu

Moonleaf's premium tea menu is Brown Sugar Milk Pin
Photo Credit: Moonleaf Facebook Page

Premium with pearls is a set of special drinks with chewy moon pearls. It consists of Brown Sugar Milk, a combination of fresh milk and dark brown sugar syrup. Chocolate Banana is a delectable drink where the taste of bittersweet dark chocolate and banana perfectly goes together.

Peppermint is an ideal drink for those who want a creamy and cool drink. And, Chocolate Peppermint is a drink with a dash of minty cool flavor and bittersweet dark chocolate. Its combination of ingredients creates a unique taste that will satisfy your cravings. 

Chocolate Peppermint tea for minty cool and chocolatey drink for you. Pin
Photo Credit: Moonleaf Facebook Page

Moonleaf Menu Delivery

Bring the good vibes of Moonleaf drinks and foods to your home through delivery. Its online delivery partners are Foodpanda, Grabfood, and Pick-A-Roo. You can also order through its website at

Social Media Pages

To stay up-to-date with the latest trends and menu offerings from Moonleaf, it’s highly recommended that you subscribe to their social media channels. By doing so, you’ll be among the first to receive updates whenever they release new menu items or post about current trends. The links to their social media pages are listed below:





Moonleaf Menu offers refreshing drinks and delightful food items that go perfectly together. Each cup is filled with goodness that will satisfy your cravings. Its affordable items, delicious and nutritious drinks, refreshing ambiance, wide space, and friendly staff make it a go-to place for tea lovers. It provides a wide range of milk tea flavors so you can easily find the one that will make your day better and brighter. 

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