19 East Menu Prices

Filipino cuisine is starting to become popular in other countries, they started to appreciate the goodness of our food so it’s not questionable that many foreigners are trying our food. 19 East menu has a lot to offer, they have modernized Filipino cuisine to serve specially made for their customers. The innovation of Filipino cuisine is a good thing since our food ate started to be popular. 19 East is a fusion of Filipino food, Western food, and other pica foods that is great with beer. In this article, we are going to dive a little deeper into this restaurant, their whereabouts, prices, and best sellers so if you’re ready let us not delay things here, and let’s start. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of 19 East menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Roasted peanuts 105
Squid balls145
French fries200
Onion rings165
Chicharong bulaklak290
Sizzling corn185
Cheese sticks 230
Mushroom al ajillo 200
Gambas 330
Pork sisig265
Squid sisig280
Baked mussels 300
Grilling oysters 400
Squid heads200
Kilawing tanigue 260
Chicken wings245
Chicken liver wrapped in bacon210
Chorizo 320
Hungarian sausage350
Mixed appetizer platter 440
Dynamite 250
Chorizo wraps 380
Chicken fingers355
Spicy fried tofu185
Bicol express 310
Bangus sisig305
Sizzling balut300
Chicken lollipop 200
Adobo flakes200
Buffalo wings400
Spam musubi350


Cream of mushroom 105
Arroz caldo250
Chicken tinola245
Sinigang na ulo ng salmon sa miso345


Caesar salad250
Green mango salad210


Grilled liempo300
Lechon kawali325
Crispy pata600
Pork BBQ200
Salt and pepper spare ribs325


Beef tapa310
Adobong baka400
Kare kare350
Prime rib steak565

Sandwich, pizza, pasta

Clubhouse sandwich 300
Mini burgers 250
Special pepperoni pizza400
Spaghetti with garlic and olive oil280
Spaghetti in aligue sauce300
Spicy tuyo pasta340


Vegetable sticks 200
Sizzling vegetable with squid235
Adobong kangkong with lechon kawali210


Grilled tuna panga315
Grilled tuna belly 430
Grilled blue marlin500
Grilled pink salmon steak520
Grilled lumot410
Breaded cream dory fillet 350
Pinaputok na tilapia275
Fried boneless bangus 370
Tiger prawns in lemon butter 570


Fried chicken 290
Chicken inasal305


Garlic 60


Leche flan80
Ice cream80
Mango sago105
Fruit salad140
Wowee's delight120
Turon ala mode135
Mango peanut brittle 160
Suman with chocolate and mango135

About 19 East

19 East first started in 2003 as an alfresco dining-themed restaurant that evolves into an entertainment venue since manila’s music artists are performing in their place. Owned by Wowee Posadas which also attributes to proper acoustic. Since the owner observed how other artist music joints lacked quality he applied his knowledge to do great sound quality in his restaurant.

19 East music has a crisp sound allowing audiences and performers to enjoy the music, because of the great sound famous artists like true faith, urban dub, freestyle, and Up dharma down became regular in performing. Owners used to invite those artists that they admired to perform in their restaurant whether it’s RnB, pop, soul, or jazz.

Customers get to enjoy delicious food while listening to the performances of the artist, they served Filipino dishes that are not only good with rice but also great as beer matches.

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19 East Menu Best Seller

We tried all of the items that their crew recommended to us since these items are their best sellers. Here on the list of items is their most popular menu that is impossible to ignore since the platting and taste are really good. 

Nachos – An item that is quite popular these days is nachos, it’s great if you’re just chilling or having a chit-chat with friends. The 19 East menu nachos are as good as it sounds. The taste is not too salty since the nachos themselves are already flavored, saucy creamy, and has a little kick while munching on it, it’s quite instagramable too.

Photo Credit: 19east.com

Crispy Pata – One of the most popular among us Filipinos is this crispy pata. 19 east version of a crispy pata is tender and crispy but not dry. Their crispy pata is boiled with herbs and spices for hours before finally frying. They serve it with sauce which is I think a mixture of soy sauce-based and other flavoring agents. To be fair their crispy pata is already good with or without sauce. 

Pork Sisig – Who doesn’t know this dish? It can pass as the Philippines’ national dish in my personal opinion. 19 East version of pork sisig is crispy and delicious, has a little kick because of the green chilis, and has a very distinctive flavor that only sisig has. On their sisig I’m not quite sure if they use chicken liver or pigs brain but whatever it is it’s delicious. 

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Dynamite – This is just like lumpia with a twist, their dynamite version is cheesy and very flavorful. Great for those who love spicy food and also great with beer or just pica pica. 

Baked Mussels – One of my favorites that we order is their baked mussels. It’s creamy, cheesy, and very delicious. Their mussels are big compared to other baked mussels that I already tried. For seafood lovers, you have to try this 19 East menu.

Photo Credit: 19east.com

Spaghetti in Aligue Sauce – Made with pasta tossed in a creamy sauce of crab aligue. This dish is really good very delicious it could be your new favorite if we’re talking about pasta dishes. With a little tanginess from lemon juice, this pasta dish is a masterpiece. 

Beef Menu

19 east serves beef they have 6 dishes actually, they have beef tapa which is enjoyed a lot, adobong baka for a different approach to adobo because were used with pork or chicken adobo, their beef caldereta which is really good and tender, salpicao my favorite, kare kare, and prime rib steak. 

Photo Credit: 19 East FB Page

Pork Menu

On the 19 East menu for porks, they have grilled liempo, lechon kawali, crispy pata, pork adobo, and lastly their salt and pepper spare ribs. All of their pork menus are really delicious and surprisingly not too fat. This is another menu that you should really try for once.

Seafood Menu

If you’re looking for lighter meat and trying to avoid red meat then you must try the seafood on their menu. They have grilled tuna panga, grilled tuna belly, grilling blue marlin, grilled pink salmon steak, grilled lumot which I didn’t have the chance to try, breaded cream dory fillet, pinaputok na tilapia, fried boneless bangus, and lastly their special tiger prawns in lemon butter. 

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Photo Credit: 19 East FB Page

Soups Menu

Soups are commonly seen on any restaurant menu, 19 East has five soups to choose from, they have the cream of mushroom, arroz caldo, chicken tinola, sinigang na ulo ng salmon sa miso, and bulalo. 

19 East Menu Delivery

I tried asking their crews if they accept delivery orders but unfortunately they don’t offer delivery as of now since the lockdown is already lifted, but nothing to worry you can still order thru your favorite delivery service that is available at your location. You can use Pickaroo or Lalafood for example. No worries there are a lot of food delivery services available. 

Social Media Pages

19 East has social media pages available for you to follow and like to be updated on their latest gig and menu. Don’t forget to follow them so you won’t miss the important news. If you want to browse their website instead, you can simply go here.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/19east/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/19eastbar/


The 19 East is a great place to go to enjoy the great Filipino food menu while watching musicians that are performing at their place. It’s a place to go if you are looking for a place to relax and just chill. Delivery food great ambiance cozy atmosphere everything is here. The place is well-maintained, clean, comfortable, and well-ventilated. The crews are friendly and approachable. Highly recommend the place. 

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