Kubo Menu Prices

Kubo Restaurant’s menu gives you a peek at Philippine history through the various dishes that they serve. Because almost every Filipino dish was inspired, if not directly copied, from a variety of colonizing countries. You can try dishes that have a hint of Chinese, Spanish, and American flavors on Kubo’s menu. Kubo Restaurant is aesthetically designed to please both foreigners and locals alike.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Kubo menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Ala Carte' Items

Soup of the Day80
Pork BBQ75
Sizzling Tofu120
Pork Sisig210
Tuna Sisig230
Inihaw na Pusit199
Fried Chicken210
Beef Steak250
Lechon Kawali250
Sweet and Sour Fish fillet210
Sinigang na Bangus250
Sinigang na Baboy260
Inihaw na Bangus220
Sinigang na Tanuige250
Sinigang na Hipon300

All-time Favorites

Chicken Pork Adobo230
Bistek Tagalog230
Crispy Pata399

In Can

Coke Zero65


Iced Tea32
Bottomless Iced Tea60
Iced Tea Pitcher180

Snacks (Good for 2 persons)

Pancit Canton120
Pancit Bihon120

Sandwicheswith Fries and Drinks

Ham Sandwich110
Chicken Sandwich110
Tuna Sandwich110

Kubo Salo-Salo Meals

SET A (Soup of the Day, Fried Chicken, Chopsuey, Rice Platter, Iced Tea)319
SET B (Soup of the Day, Sizzling Sisig, Pinakbet, Rice Platter, Iced Tea)319
SET C (Soup of the Day, Sinigang na Baboy, 3 pcs Pork BBQ, Rice Platter, Iced Tea) 319
SET D (Soup of the Day, Inihaw na Pusit, Ensaladang Talong, Rice Platter, Iced Tea)319

Kubo Sulit Meals

1 pc Chicken69
2 pcs BBQ69
Lumpiang Shanghai69
Fried Bangus69

New Rice Topping Selections

Beef Stir Fry99
Chicken Stir Fry99
Pork Stir Fry99
Bicol Express99
Sweet and Spicy Adobo99
Creamy tofu79

Kubo Silog Meals


Kubo Sizzlers Meals with Rice

Sizzling Sisig120
Tuna Sisig120
Sizzling Porkchop120
Sizzling Lechon Kawali120
Sizzling Chicken120

Kubo PR Chicken




Fruit Shake

Green Mango99

Hot Drinks

Small Cofee55
Big Coffee70
Lipton Tea45
Tarragon Tea45


Red Horse60
Pale Pilsen60
SMB Light60

Bucket of Beer

Red Horse310
SMB Light350


Fresh Fruits in Season115
Turon with Chocolate Drippings60


Half Rice15
Rice Platter25
Rice Platter150
French Fries70


Spaghetti Large900
Spaghetti Medium500
Carbonara Large900
Carbonara Medium500
Pancit Bihon Large950
Pancit Bihon Medium550
Pancit Canton Large950
Pancit Canton Medium550
Pancit Mixed Large950
Pancit Mixed Medium550

About Kubo Restaurant

A simple yet beautiful place in Olivarez Plaza, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City is the Kubo Restaurant. The place is a mixture of native and modern design that is well-suited for families to make memories and spend meaningful time together.

Kubo Restaurant’s menu introduces foreigners and locals alike to the best Filipino dishes. In addition to their tasty dishes, they also take pride in the kindness of their very accommodating staff, which perfectly represents the nature of us Filipinos.

Kubo Menu Best Seller

Pancit Bihon

It is a particular Filipino noodle dish consisting of rice noodles that are swiftly stir-fried with shrimp and chicken, sauteed garlic and onion, and simmered carrots, bell peppers, and cabbage.


Crispy Pata

Similar to lechon kawali, Crispy Pata will appear pink after cooking, but despite its appearance, the food is perfectly cooked. This deep fried pork shank is brined in bay leaves, lemongrass, salt, and ginger for an entire night before cooking. After brining, it will result in a much better flavor profile for the pork.

Sinigang na Baboy

A native Filipino dish that is characterized by its sourness and savory taste. The distinct sourness that you taste from this Kubo menu mostly comes from the tamarind and other souring agents that are mixed into the stew pot. This dish is best paired with rice.

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Sinigang na Isda

Another variation of the sinigang dish that uses fish as its base, mostly bangus or maya-maya, is cooked in a sour broth mixed with various vegetables. Sinigang na Isda is best served hot and pairs well with rice.


Sinigang na Hipon

It is a Filipino sour soup that uses shrimp as its base. The souring ingredients that are added to the stew pot depend on the preference of the cook. Artificial and natural souring ingredients like tamarind are often used when cooking sinigang na hipon.

A La Carte

Chop Suey

This is originally an American Chinese dish that is very famous and is treated as part of Filipino cuisine. It consists of quickly cooked vegetables such as beans, cabbage, and celery and meat that is mixed with a thick sauce.


Pakbet is a traditional Filipino dish from the northern regions of the Philippines. It is composed of mixed vegetables that are sauteed in fish or shrimp sauce. A highly recommended Kubo menu for those who want to eat a vegetable.

Pork Sisig

Another traditional Filipino dish that is made of chicken liver, pig’s skin and belly, calamansi, onions, and chili peppers.

Beef Steak

Also a popular Filipino dish that is famously known as bistek, is made of thinly sliced beefsteak cooked with calamansi juice, soy sauce, garlic, and black pepper, and topped with onion rings. This dish is also best paired with white rice.

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Lechon Kawali

It is a Filipino dish made of slabs of deep-fried pork belly cooked in a wok. Lechon Kawali mostly uses a full pork leg, seasoned, and deep fried. After becoming golden yellow, it is taken from the wok and served in cubes.

Kubo All-time Favorites Menu


This is a traditional Filipino dish that has a rich peanut flavor because of its sauce. This dish uses stewed oxtail, beef tripe, calves’ or pigs’ feet, beef stew meat, and offals as a base.

Chicken Pork Adobo

A Filipino Classic! This dish is one of the most famous in the Philippines, a chicken that is marinated in a sauce mix made from vinegar, salt, garlic, paprika, and oregano.


A beef dish that originated in the Philippines uses beef shanks as a base and is cooked until the collagen and fat are visibly melted into the broth.

Kubo Salo-Salo Menu

Set A

Is composed of the soup of the day, fried chicken, chop suey, a rice platter, and iced tea. This set of meals brings out the epitome of Filipino cuisine at a very affordable price.

Set B

Composed of the soup of the day, sizzling sisig, pinakbet, rice platter, and iced tea, this full meal was specially made for the guests that want to have a taste of the full experience of Filipino dishes.

Set C

Composed of soup of the day, sinigang na baboy, 3 pcs pork bbq, rice platter, and iced tea, this set is a heavy one that is very good for guests who want to have the experience of being completely full.

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Set D

Composed of soup of the day, inihaw na pusit, ensaladang talong, rice platter, and iced tea, this set was made to be soft for the guests who have difficulty chewing or swallowing due to dental problems or other weaknesses.

Sulit Meals


This is a rib portion of pork that is deep-fried until it becomes golden brown and is served as an individual portion.


Lumpiang Shanghai

It is an egg roll that is filled with ground pork, minced onions, carrots, and seasonings.

Fried Bangus

A straightforward dish that bursts with flavor. Before deep frying, the bangus is dipped into a specially made marinade to give it a sweet and spicy flavor that will complement the naturally rich taste that it has.

Talk to Kubo Philippines Staff

In case you want to ask the Kubo Staff for something or you want to send them your suggestions, you can talk with them via social media. In this way, you can ask them about the latest news, promotions, and events that Kubo Restaurant offers. Click these links to be redirected to their official social media accounts or website.

Website: https://www.tagaytaycountryhotel.com.ph/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/TagaytayCountryHotel

While you are also browsing their website, we recommend you like some of their posts and to subscribe them to show your support.


Every dish that Kubo Menu serves reflects the history of the Philippines. It is a place where you can try and experience Filipino dishes and figure out how different countries inspired them. It is a perfect place to host special occasions like birthday parties, weddings, and other family events or gatherings.

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