Hap Chan Menu Prices

There are a lot of Chinese restaurants that are existing in our country nowadays but only a few of those restaurants made their name big and popular and one of those popular Chinese restaurants is our topic for this article. Have you heard about hap chan? If not let me introduce them to you. Hap chan is a Chinese restaurant that serves Dimsum, noodles, and other flavorful Chinese favorites. You can see this restaurant commonly in our major malls or other commercial hubs. Let’s get to know the Hap Chan menu and then let’s see if after this article you’ll be interested enough to try their products and services. Let’s not delay things, without further ado let’s start people.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Hap Chan menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Shrimp siomai135
Chicken feet175
Spareribs with tausi175
Sharks fin dumpling110
Pork and vegetable dumpling135
Machang (steamed or fried)190
Asado Siopao135
Bola bola Siopao135
Jumbo Siopao150
Radish cake90
Cua pao (steamed or fried)70
Quail egg Siomai110


Wanton noodles regular250
Wanton noodles small150
Beef brisket noodles regular299
Beef brisket noodles small165
Asado noodles regular275
Asado noodles small165
Plain noodles120
Wanton soup245
Any two kind combination280


Fish lip with shredded meat soup small260
Fish lip with shredded meat soup regular420
Hot and sour soup small300
Hot and sour soup regular500
Ho to tay soup small320
Ho to tay soup regular520
Nido with sweet corn soup small225
Nido with sweet corn soup regular380
Nido with quail egg soup small225
Nido with quail egg soup regular380
Polonchay seafood soup small350
Polonchay seafood soup regular600


Special congee190
Pork with century egg congee180
Meat ball congee180
Sliced beef congee180
Plain congee70
Century egg55
Fresh egg25


Fried wonton small230
Fried wonton regular335


Broccoli with garlic250
Kaylan with garlic220
Taiwan pechay with garlic220


Mango sago100
Chilled taho50
Chilled taho with sago65
Chilled taho with mango85
Chilled taho with mango and sago90
Almond jelly75
Black gulaman with sago80
Almond jelly with lychee95

Short Orders

Patatim with cuapao (good for 5-6 pax)1200
Braised pork knuckle in oyster sauce with cuapao400
Crispy fried pork knuckle360
Sweet and sour pork420
Fried spareribs with salt and pepper510
Fried spareribs with ok sauce510
Lumpia Shanghai330
Hap chan crispy fried chicken520
Fried chicken fillet with lemon370
Sweet and sour chicken feet325
Fried buttered chicken340
Beef steak Chinese style499
Sauteed beef with broccoli flower375
Sliced beef steak with mango395
Beef steak in black pepper sauce490
Beef steak with ginger onion495
Lo hon chay vegetable280
Chop suey guisado330
Steamed fish fillet with garlic560
Sweet and sour fish fillet460
Fried fish fillet with salt and pepper465
Fried shrimp (camaron rebusado)485
Shrimp with broccoli flower525
Shrimp with scrambled egg495
Fried squid with salt and pepper350

About Hap Chan

Hap chan is a restaurant that offers authentic Hong Kong cuisine at an affordable price. The ambiance of this restaurant is very Chinese serving delicious and quality Chinese meals for its customers. The shareholder and crews of this restaurant continue to study and improve their food items that are why their customers love this restaurant.

YouTube video

They are offering Filipino Chinese-style dishes and have already expanded their restaurant thru various locations in our country as far as General Santos City in the land of Mindanao southern part of the Philippines. As of today they have more than a hundred locations and still continuing to grow.

They started their first restaurant back in 1997 in a small location in Manila. They are also open for a franchise and they started it in the year 1999. This restaurant is a popular stop for different occasions like gatherings they are also very popular with officials of the country that’s why you’re sure of the quality of the services that they offer.

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Hap Chan Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Hap Chan best-seller menu items that you could find in their restaurant. Their best seller deal is also good for sharing with your friends and family. This might also serve as a guide if you ate unfamiliar with their menu.

Photo Credit: Hap Chan FB Page

Set A – This one is good for 4 people. Consists of one order of Lumpiang Shanghai, one order of sliced beef hofan, one order of shrimp siomai, four plain rice, and four Nestea iced tea.

Photo Credit: Hap Chan FB Page

Set B – This one is also good for 4 people. Set b includes one order of Lumpiang Shanghai, one order of chop suey, guisado, one order of shrimp siomai, four plain rice, and four Nestea iced tea.

Set C – This Hap Chan menu is good for four people. Set C includes one order of fried buttered chicken, one order of sliced beef hofan, one order of shrimp siomai, four plain rice, and four Nestea iced tea.

Set D – Good for four persons. The menu includes one order of fried buttered chicken, one order of chop suey guisado, one order of shrimp siomai, four plain rice, and four Nestea iced tea.

Set E – Also good for four persons, this Hap Chan menu includes one order of crispy fried chicken, one order of broccoli flower with garlic, one order of sliced beef hofan, one order of shrimp siomai, four plain rice, and four Nestea iced tea.

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Hap Chan Buffet

When you think of Hap Chan maybe you’ll be craving dimsum, noodles, and other delicious items on their menu. Thinking about ordering everything and with the saying nothing good is cheap it will break a bank for sure but no worries Hap chan also offers buffet and shabu-shabu for only 899 you can enjoy everything and its sulit right?

Photo Credit: Hap Chan FB Page

But if you’re not into shabu-shabu you may try the buffet only for 599 pesos only or the other offer which is the shabu-shabu only for 599 pesos as well. If you’ll ask me about this ill go for the buffet and shabu-shabu so you can enjoy everything. Just thinking about their delicious food it’s already sulit for that 899 PHP. Their buffet is also a great choice if you are a heavy eater and want to save some while having everything that you crave.

Hap Chan Birthday Promo Menu

If it is your birthday or birth month you’re lucky since hap chan is giving away a free buffet for the Birthday celebrants. Good thing that Hap Chan is generous enough to offer this promo so birthday celebrants can actually avail themselves of this the whole month.

To avail of a birthday promo, you must be accompanied by three paying adults without any discounts. This promo can’t be used with their current promo and discounts also special gift certificates are not honored for this promo. Birthday celebrants should present a government-issued identification card with the date of birth printed on the I.D. Both local and foreign issued ids are accepted.

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Hap Chan Delivery

If you want to order your favorite Hap Chan food menu but you don’t have the time to go outside because of your busy schedule or you are just avoiding the long queues or traffic you can just order online thru their website. All you have to do is to go to www.hapchan.com.ph at the top right of their website simply select the 3 lines and the delivery service is already visible for you. or you can use third-party delivery services like Food Panda, Grab Foods, and other third party delivery services that are available in your place. Please take note that deliveries are only available depending on your location.

Social Media Pages

In order to get the latest promos, and food updates, you can follow them on their social media pages:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hapchanofficial/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hapchanofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hapchanofficial/


If you are craving Chinese food You will never go wrong with Hap Chan, they are one of the best that you can find in the market these days. Service is fast without affecting the food quality and taste. The price is actually reasonable enough so it’s okay, the place is a little tight but tolerable. Their staffs are respectful and know everything on the Hap Chan menu. The ambiance is very good, customer-friendly place and cozy. Highly recommended for customers who love Chinese food and for people who wanted to try something not so Filipino. Thumbs up to this great restaurant.

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