Balinsasayaw Menu Prices

Are you a food lover who looking for a restaurant that serves traditional Filipino dishes? Balinsasayaw menu has a variety of Filipino favorites that their customers should try. They are a casual dining type of restaurant that serves excellent quality foods. Have you tried going to Balinsasayaw? If not take time to read this article and let us get to know the food that they offer their prices per food and a little bit more about this restaurant. Let’s start, shall we?

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Balinsasayaw menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Balinsasayaw soup505
Cream of corn soup245
Crab and corn soup245
Cream of mushroom245
Chicken binakol295
Chicken tinola275
Half bulalo325
Sinigang na baboy295
Sinigang na lapu lapu295
Sinigang na maya maya295
Sinigang na hipon295
Sinigang na bulalo680
Sinigang na tanigue325
Sinagang na bangus295


Pork Lumpiang shanghai195
Lumpiang shanghai veggie195
Nilasing na hipon275
Ensaladang manga175
Chicharong bulaklak245
Fish fillet225
Potato fries85
Camote fries85


Balinsasayaw chicken295
Mango salad295
Mixed green salad295


Clubhouse sandwich165
BLT sandwich109


Fresh lumpia95
Adobong kangkong155
Spicy ginataang kangkong175
Crispy kangkong145
Tuna con laing225
Pork laing225
Beef ampalaya255
Ginataang pinakbet275
Ensaladang talong165
Spicy ginataang talong175
Tortang talong175
Beef broccoli265


Balinsasayaw pancit bilao500
Bihon guisado225
Canton guisado225
Seafood bam-i245
Pancit palabok225


Grilled squid395
Fried tilapia215
Fried boneless bangus395
Grilled boneless bangus395
Boneless bangus with cheese425
Grilled tuna belly345
Garlic crab545
Sweet chili crab545
Garlic squid295
Camaron rebosado365
Squid palawan express325
Ginataang tilapya245
Garlic shrimp395
Sweet and sour fish fillet255
Adobong pusit265
Seafood karekare525

Sizzling sisig

Chicken sisig275
Pork sisig275
Tuna sisig275
Squid sisig275
Bangus sisig275
Tahong sisig275


Balinsasayaw chicken525
Crispy whole chicken kare kare525
Whole fried chicken475
Half fried chicken325
Chili chicken wings325
Buffalo chicken wings325
Spicy fried chicken wings325
Chicken adobo275


Beef kare kare495
Beef kaldereta395


Balinsasayaw crispy patatim625
Crispy pata595
Crispy pata karekare625
Crispy pata lechon paksiw625
Lechon kawali265
Grilled liempo325
Grilled pork ribs365
Pork bbq (6pcs)325
Pork adobo275
Pork lechon belly650
Pork lechon belly half350


Balinsasayaw rice225
Pineapple rice225
Shanghai rice225
Binagoongan rice215
Garlic rice40
Plain rice35

Set menu with Rice

Chicken barbecue legs110
Chicken barbecue breast110
Fried chicken leg110
Fried chicken breast110
Grilled pork ribs135
Grilled pork liempo135
Tanigue ala pobre145
Grilled tuna135
Pork bbq 2 sticks135


Palawan danggit155
Beefsteak tagalog205
Boneless bangus185
Pork steak185

Meat lovers

Bilao no.11680
Bilao no.22520
Bilao no.33360
Package A7000
Package B10000
Package C13000


Balinsasayaw dessert135
Halo halo special175
Mango mambo crepe105
Turon ala mode95
Banana split185
Blueberry cheesecake125
Mango cheesecake125
Pandan fruit salad89
Mango sago89
Leche flan85
Mais con yelo95
Ice cream scoop75
Turon de leche ala mode105
Mixed fruits195

About Balinsasayaw

Started in 2001 Balinsasayaw restaurant was founded by a local family in Puerto Princessa. The restaurant’s name Balinsasayaw is from a specie of a bird living in palawan where Rose Pe the owner is a native. Their original concept is to create a garden view place with a cozy nipa hut with nets to prevent insects from bugging their customers where customers can enjoy good foods which are Filipino foods, great conversations, and a variety of souvenir items from their shop.

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After years of innovation, research, and product development they have what they have nowadays. As of today, they have an estimated 10,000 customers a week. They have two restaurants in Silang, Cavite, and one on the Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway. No need to worry about insects bugging you and your meal since the restaurant is protected with nets for their customer’s convenience and safety. 

Balinsasayaw Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Balinsasayaw menu best-sellers that you should try if you are planning to visit their restaurant. 

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Pork Sisig – Not like the authentic sisig of Pampanga but their version of sisig is a bomb. Crispy and not too oily, the taste of their sisig is just right and not too overpowering, also their sisig is soft, great with rice also perfect as an appetizer. I actually ordered one for takeaways since it is also great with beer but I don’t want to drink it that time. Also, Balinsasayaw has beers on its menu so if you’re in the mood for a couple of drinks their sisig is the best match.


Photo Credit: Balinsasayaw Alfresco Dining & Cafe FB Page

Bulalo – One of the most famous items especially if you are going to Tagaytay is Bulalo. Balinsasayaw version of Bulalo is very rich and flavorful. The beef is really tender the vegetables are fresh and not overcooked the broth is also good. I like how tasty their broth is, the tenderness of the beef really amazed me since I can cut it with just my spoon. A bowl of their bulalo is perfect for the cold weather of Tagaytay. Their bulalo version is a must-try. 

Inihaw na Pusit – This Balinsasayaw menu is one of their most popular and best sellers is their version of inihaw na pusit or grilled squid. Great choice if you’re looking for a lighter alternative to meat. Their grilled squid is cooked just right and not rubbery. It is also served big enough and good for sharing. For their seafood lover customer, this one is the perfect item for you to order. 

Crispy Kare Kare – Another Filipino favorite is kare kare and Balinsasayaw has a twist on their kare kare. Instead of cooking the meat together with other vegetables, they made it crispy by boiling it first and then cooking the meat deep-fried style to make the pork skin crispy but soft. Their kare kare has a balanced flavor of salty, sweet, and crunchy. Also, the vegetables that they use in their kare kare are fresh. 

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Chicken Mango Salad – Their Chicken mango salad is perfect for those who are trying to eat lighter and healthier or for those who are craving salad. It has the right balance of taste, the tenderness of the chicken the sweetness of the mango, and their salad sauce making their chicken mango salad a healthy and delicious treat to be enjoyed by everyone. Other vegetables are also fresh and picked on the same day. 

Balinsasayaw Menu Packages

Balinsasayaw offers menu packages that are highly recommended for a group of customers that will visit their restaurant. Menu packages are good for family gatherings or group eating out.

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They have Package A which is good for 10-12 persons, package A includes bulalo, nilasing na hipon, lechon paksiw, fried bangus, pancit canton, pinakbet, sizzling bangus, whole fried chicken, garlic rice, mixed fruits, and 2 pitchers of iced tea. Package A price is 7000php only. 

Package B is good for 16-18 persons, package B includes bulalo, nilasing na hipon, crispy pata, kare kare, canton guisado, adobong kangkong, fried bangus, whole fried chicken, sizzling tuna sisig, garlic rice, mixed fruits and 3 pitchers of ice tea. Package B cost 10,000php only. 

Package C is good for 20-24 persons. Package C includes bulalo, nilasing na hipon, whole fried chicken, Balinsasayaw pata tim, Balinsasayaw pansit sa bilao, fried bone less bangus, chop suey, garlic rice, mixed fruits, and 4 pitchers of iced tea. Package C’s price is 13,000php only. 

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Balinsasayaw Menu Delivery

Upon checking on all of their 3 branches as I checked they only offer to dine in and take out but no worries if you are craving their food items in Balinsasayaw you can try using third-party delivery services that are available in your area like Food panda, Lalafoods and grab foods. Delivery services are available depending on your location and product availability. 

Social Media Pages

If you ever want to ask the Balinsasayaw team for their current menus, and promos, you can contact and ask them directly via their social media accounts. They have Facebook, and Instagram that you can visit anytime. While browsing their social media pages, we also encourage you to start following and liking their posts so you can show your support. Below, you can see their official pages.




Balinsasayaw is a Filipino restaurant that serves delicious and healthy local favorites. Balinsasayaw menu has a lot to choose from, all of the food that they serve is good the food is tasty and reasonably priced also good for sharing since they serve large portions, their crews are accommodating and nice they are actually helpful and attentive, and customer friendly as well, the place is comfortable and very clean, I like how they can still maintain the cleanliness of the place despite the busy days at the restaurant. The place is very pleasant, their powder rooms are clean as well, and they also have a good parking space for those who will visit by car. I highly recommend this place for groups if you are looking for a unique dining experience Balinsasayaw is the place to go. 

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