Classic Savory Menu Prices

Are you looking for a casual dining restaurant that serves mouthwatering meals to satisfy your cravings? Or are you looking for a place to dine in with your family and friends in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere? Look no more since I found a place where you can get your savory meals at the most affordable prices. They actually serve one of the most delicious roasted chickens that you can find in the market nowadays. Ever heard about Classic Savory? If not let me introduce them to you. This restaurant is a casual dining restaurant that offers a great food selection like Filipino and Chinese-inspired dishes, you can easily find them since they have a lot of locations nationwide plus the meals that they offer are truly satisfying and gives value for your money. Here in this article, we are going to get to know the Classic Savory menu so you guys will have an idea of what to choose if ever you try dining at their restaurant. Let’s see if after this article you’ll be interested enough to try their foods. Excited? Let us not delay this any further and start discussing this wonderful restaurant.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Classic Savory menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Whole Classic chicken635
Half Classic chicken325
Buttered chicken375
General's garlic chicken375


Seafoods treasure soup295
Hot and sour soup295
Wanton soup235
Hototai soup295
Spinach and seafood soup265
Nido soup with quail egg235
Cream corn and crab soup235

Rice and Noodles

Seafood mushroom stir fry noodles345
Seafood fried rice295
Wanton mami225
Beef wanton mami255
Beef mami255
Miki bihon binondo305
Steamed Rice49
Pansit bihon guisado295
Long life pancit canton325
Savory classic lomi soup315
Yang chow fried rice265
Savory fried rice265


Spicy pepper beef steak395
Beef in mushroom gravy395
Chinese beef steak395
Beef with broccoli415


Sweet and spicy spare ribs375
Patatim special595
Savory shanghai rolls305
Sweet and sour pork345
Salt and pepper spareribs375
Fried pork and shrimp dumplings305
Lechon macau415


Spicy squid285
Shrimp with broccoli335
Sweet and sour shrimp335
Sweet and sour fish fillet285
Fish fillet tofu chili garlic315
Wawi's crab foo yong335
Mixed seafood with broccoli335
Creamy mushroom fish fillet295
Fish fillet tofu in tausi sauce345
Salt and pepper squid285
Spicy shrimp in chili garlic sauce335


Chopsuey with crispy pork belly365
Four Seasons string beans275
Broccoli in oyster sauce285
Lo han chai275
Garlic spinach265


Ube sago80
Fried banana80
Coffee and cream delight80
Mango pudding80
Pandan fiesta salad80


Black & white jelly125
Mango fruit tea135
Iced coffee jelly145
Hot tea50
Pepsi products in can70
Bottled water50
Pineapple juice70
Savory tropical cooler55
Savory blend iced tea55

Combo Meals

General's chicken combo b325
Buttered chicken combo b325
General's chicken combo c595
Buttered chicken combo c595
Combo A525
Combo B1305
Combo B2305
Combo B3325
Combo B4325
Combo C1555
Combo C2555
Combo C3595
Combo C4595

Classic Incredi-Bowls

Lechon macau & chopsuey with plain rice385
Salt & pepper squid. Sweet & sour fillet, and tofu in tausi sauce With vegetable rice 385
Porkchop kikiam and shanghain rolls with vegetable rice385
Fish fillet tofu chili garlic and fried pork and shrimp dumplings With vegetable rice385

Classic Affordable Group Meals

Chef's choice set meal1295
Classic set meal menu 11095
Classic set meal menu 21095
Classic set meal menu 31095
Classic set meal menu 41095
Super set meal menu 11525
Super set meal menu 21525
Super set meal menu 31525
Super set meal menu 41525
Supreme set meal menu 11965
Supreme set meal menu 21965

Classic Fiesta Meals

GR8 set menu 13695
GR8 set menu 23695
GR8 set menu 33695
GR8 set menu 43695

Pansit sa Bilao

Pancit bihon guisado bilao small765
Pancit bihon guisado bilao big1655
Miki bihon binondo bilao small765
Miki bihon binondo bilao big1655
Long life pancit canton bilao small765
Long life pancit canton bilao big1655

Salo Salo sa Bilao

Generals chicken regular salo salo sa bilao1500
General's chicken large sao salo sa bilao2180
Regular salo salo sa bilao1425
Large salo salo sa bilao2085

Affordable E-meals

E-meal 1265
E-meal 2265
E-meal 3265
E-meal 4265
E-meal 5265
E-meal 6265

About Classic Savory Restaurant

Classic savory started as a small food joint that serves chicken and lomi in 1950, they only started as a small business after the war, a small panciteria to be exact. Their first location is in Escolta somewhere in manila. They are serving classic Filipino-Chinese dishes, from noodle dishes to beef seafood, and vegetables they have.

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If you are looking for a place to satisfy your craving or celebrate a special occasion they are one of the best choices that you can find. This casual dining restaurant looks expensive but actually not. The founders of this casual dining restaurant are the Ting brothers. As of today, they have a total of more than 100 branches nationwide and 700 plus employees. They are continuing the legacy of the founders and keep on improving the food and services that they offer.

About the Classic Savory Food Menu

Since the 50s Classic Savory is offering different mouthwatering dishes for its customers, they have been the favorite stop for flavorful and savory food. From beef to chicken and pork and vegetable name it, and they’ll have it. They also offer combo meals and group meals.

General Combo B on Classic Savory Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Classic Savory FB Page

Aside from the goodness of the food on their menu that they offer affordability is one of the main reasons why customers keep on coming back. Aside from affordability, it is their best-tasting variety of food that made their customers come back for more.

Classic Savory Menu Combo Meals

The Classic Savory menu offers combo meals if you are too engrossed in choosing meals and don’t know what to get anymore. Here is the list of their combo meals that you can choose from.

Buttered Chicken Combo B – This Classic Savory menu mainly consists of 5 pcs of buttered chicken that is in all fairness delicious, a cup of white rice, fried plantains for sides, sweet and sour fish fillet, and a glass of Pepsi.

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Generals Chicken Combo C – 10 pcs generals garlic chicken, to be fair the servings are really fulfilling, 4 pcs of their mouthwatering shanghai, savory pancit canton, 2 fried plantains for sides, two cups of steamed white rice, and 2 drinks.

Buttered Chicken Combo C – This menu consists of pancit canton, 10 pcs buttered chicken, fish fillet tofu in tausi sauce and this is a must try as well, 2 fried plantains for sides, 2 steamed white rice, and 2 drinks.

General Garlic Chicken on Classic Savory Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Classic Savory FB Page

Combo A – 2 cups of steamed white rice, shanghai rolls, pancit canton, and half chicken.

Combo B1 – Creamy fish fillet, quarter chicken, a cup of white rice, fried plantains, and drinks.

Combo B2 – It has salt and pepper squid, quarter chicken, a cup of white rice, fried plantains, and drinks.

Combo B3 – A menu consists of salt and pepper spareribs, a quarter chicken, a cup of white rice, fried plantains, and drinks.

Combo B4 – Sweet and sour pork, a quarter chicken, a cup of white rice, fried plantains, and drinks.

General Combo C on Classic Savory Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Classic Savory FB Page

Combo C1 – This Classic Savory menu has a pancit canton, creamy fish fillet, half chicken, 2 steamed white rice, fried plantains, and drinks.

Combo C2 – Pancit canton, salt and pepper squid, half chicken, 2 steamed white rice, fried plantains, and drinks.

Combo C3 – This menu is comprised of a pancit canton, salt and pepper spareribs, half chicken, 2 steamed white rice, fried plantains, and drinks.

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Combo C4 – Pancit canton, sweet and sour pork, half chicken, 2 steamed white rice, fried plantains, and drinks.

Classic Savory Menu Delivery

If you choose your favorite food to be delivered next to you, you have nothing to worry about because most of the food items in their restaurant are also on their delivery menu.

To check the items that are available all you have to do is to go to their website and you will see the option at the top right corner of the screen and just choose delivery. There will be an option saying chat with them at the lower part of the screen.

This chat option would be thru Facebook messenger. Please take note that the delivery option is only available depending on your location and is not available nationwide. You can also use third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods and other delivery services existing now in the market.

Talk to the Staff

For any suggestions, comments, and feedback you can reach them at

They also entertain questions and queries if you start sending them a message via their Facebook page here.


Great food, that’s what we expect from them and they deliver it gracefully. Many of us wanted affordable and delicious food, Classic Savory is one of the best options for us consumers who looking for casual dining. The best thing here is their food quality is always improving, good customer service as well based on my own experience, crews are polite and that’s a huge plus. The restaurant itself is clean with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Highly recommended for family eat-outs and get together. Thumbs up.

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