Giligan’s Menu Prices

Giligan’s menu features delicious and affordable dishes that are perennial favorites. Don’t miss the chance to try their fantastic meals, especially the budget-friendly “Groupies (Family Meals)” for groups, offering freebies and significant discounts! On the other hand, a theme restaurant is a place with a specific theme in its design, name, and menu. Found worldwide, these restaurants cater to tourists looking for unique and creative dining experiences in various themes like the medieval era or jungles. Despite concerns about food quality, theme restaurants stand out by maintaining consistent theme decorations throughout the entire establishment, from the exterior to the restrooms. They attract people with their elaborate theme portrayal, and owners invest significant capital, anticipating large crowds drawn to the chosen concept.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Giligan’s menu prices.









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Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

All-Time Favorite

Crunchy Pork Sisig230
Kare-kareng Gulay225
Shrimp Oriental445
Fried Garlic Chicken (half)290
Fried Garlic Chicken (whole)520
Boneless Chicken Teriyaki205
Fish Fillet Oriental235
Roast Beef with Gravy300
Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso250
Sweet and Spicy Squid245
Pancit Canton Guisado200
Sisig Rice Platter205

Chicken, Beef & Seafood

Roasted Chicken (half)270
Roasted Chicken (whole)490
Sweet and Spicy Chicken (half)290
Sweet an Spicy Chicken (whole)520
2pc Fried Chicken120
Kare-kare beef400
Beef Caldereta300
Bangus Salpicao250
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet235
Salt & Pepper Squid245
Grilled Pusit330
Grilled Bangus245


Port BBQ111
Crispy Pata (regular)625
Crispy Pata (large)690
Inihaw na Liempo215
Lechon Kawali (half)180
Lechon Kawali (whole)300
Sweet & Sour Pork240

Abot Kaya Rice Meals

Crunchy Pork Sisig120
Chicken Teriyaki115
Fish Fillet Oriental120
Port BBQ120
2pc Fried Chicken145
Sweet & Spicy Squid115
Inihaw na Liempo115
Roast Beef145
Beef Caldereta145
Roasted Chicken131
Salt & Pepper Squid115
Sweet & Sour Fish115
Sweet & Sour Pork120
Lechon Kawali140

Family Meals

Family Meal A745
Family Meal B1000
Family Meal C1050

About Giligan’s

In January 1997, Giligan’s Island Restaurant & Bar opened. The name Giligan’s was derived from the venerable television program Gilligan’s Island and the abbreviated form of their father’s name, Guillermo. All of their satisfied customers helped persuade them to open a restaurant where everyone can indulge in their exceptional cuisine whenever they wish. They soon registered the Alquiros Food Corporation with the SEC in order to run and run their firm. The restaurant’s initial endeavor along Katipunan Avenue in Blue Ridge, Quezon City, was a huge success. It prepared the door for them to launch their upcoming branches. Today, Giligan’s Restaurant operates more than 100 outlets around the country and is still growing.

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Giligan’s makes significant investments in its interior decoration and design with a nautical motif. Most pieces of art are truly hand-selected collections from international travel, however, others are ancient collections. Examples of maritime decor include ropes hanging from the ceiling, an actual ship’s wheel by the entry, vintage lanterns by the bar, framed old maps hung up beside miniature sailing ships, lighthouses, pirates, and captains, ancient antique ships, and enclosed nautical navigational devices. When you visit Giligan’s, it nearly feels like you’re in a maritime or nautical museum. True originality and curiosity!

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In order to satisfy even the most demanding customers, Gilligan’s takes pride in serving excellent food at a fair price. When paired with excellent service, the meal is a must-try! It is a restaurant that welcomes children and turns into a gathering place in the evening. has more than 100 branches at their disposal to assist. You can find them in a number of places, so hop on board Giligan’s restaurant for an adventure.

Giligan’s Menu Best Seller

A variety of food is offered on Giligan’s menu, here are some of its all-time favorites:

Crunchy Pork Sisig – Crunchy pork dish made from pig head and chicken liver a must-have variation of the regional Filipino cuisine, offered with a special sauce and more crunch in each bite.

Sinigang na Bangus – The wet season is ideal for sinigang na bangus. You might feel cozy and toasty as a result. The simplest possible recipe, but it is made sure to add enough vegetables for extra nutrients. Serve it hot and lovingly.

Fried Garlic Chicken –  This Fried Chicken version employs a significant amount of garlic powder to enhance flavor and aroma.

Giligan’s Menu Group Meal

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Giligan’s menu offers family meals, it comes in three variations such as:

Fried Garlic Chicken (1/2), Kare-Kareng Gulay, Sisig – Taste the good garlic chicken with a tasty Kare-kare and a crunchy pork dish

Roasted Chicken (1/2), Sinigang na Baboy, Sweet & Sour Fish – Get a taste of these foods from Giligan’s best-selling menu and share it with your family.

Roast Beef, Fish Oriental, Roasted Chicken (1/2), Salt and Pepper Squid – another group package from their best-selling menu

Giligan’s Unli Rice

Offering unlimited rice in a restaurant has been common in the Philippines. Giligan’s restaurant offers various meals for only ninety-nine pesos with unlimited rice and free iced tea.

Social Media Pages

To subscribe to the latest news, updates, and status of the Giligan’s, you might want to visit their social media account at the following sites:





A theme restaurant aims to offer a memorable experience beyond just a meal, recognizing that the atmosphere is as crucial as the cuisine. While some believe the theme is secondary, the food plays a starring role. The theme distinguishes the place, transforming it from an ordinary spot to a must-visit in any city, provided the food is excellent. Giligan’s restaurant provides a premium-themed ambiance at affordable prices, making it accessible for the average Filipino without breaking the bank.

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