Hungry Hippo Menu Prices

Hungry Hippo menu offers great tasting burgers and other snacks at a very reasonable and affordable price. Along the way, they have also started to offer other sandwiches and even rice meals to cater to their diners’ tastes. Hungry Hippo is a must visit place if you are craving tasty snacks and a hearty meal!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Hungry Hippo menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Burger & Egg150
Steak & Cheese180
Double Cheese Burger250
Junior Cheese Burger80
Junior Crossover110

Gourmet Sandwiches

Chunky Chicken165
Tuna Charlie165
Sausage Bun100

Rice Meals

Big Breakfast 1260
Big Breakfast 2180
Salisbury Steak 150
Sausage & Egg140


1 PC. Fried Chicken125
2 PCS. Fried Chicken185
4 PCS. Flavored Wings170
6 PCS. Flavored Wings220


Chicken Salad150
Tuna Salad150
Hippo Fries105
Onion Rings85
Spaghetti Platter299
Spaghetti w/ Meatballs150

Beverages & Desserts

Chocolate Milkshake99
Vanilla Milkshake99
Soda in Can75
Iced Tea50/75
Hippo Scoops99
Kapeng Barako90
Bottled Water25

About Hungry Hippo

In 1995, Hungry Hippo had a modest beginning as an unknown eatery operating out of a small area at the Shell station next to the South Luzon Expressway. A burger recipe created by Albert Castillo was influenced by his knack for good taste. His burger became popular as more and more drivers and vacationers flocked to his establishment, resulting in hour-long queues. This resulted in his family incorporating the modest business.

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Hungry Hippo Menu Best Seller

Hamburger – A classic burger menu that consists of fillings like patties of ground meat which is commonly beef and placed inside a sliced bun.

Cheeseburger – This is a regular Hungry Hippo burger menu that was made special by their recipe. It consists of a beef patty and cheese placed inside a sliced bun.

Photo Credit: Hungry Hippo FB Page

Fried Chicken – The dish consists of chunks of chicken that have been deep-fried after being sprinkled with seasoned flour or batter. While maintaining the chicken meat’s juices, the breading gives the chicken’s surface a crispy texture.

Fries – Also known by the name “chips” or “French fries,” this side dish or snack is made from sliced, deep-fried potatoes. It is served with condiments like ketchup or mayonnaise in addition to it being salted.

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Spaghetti with Meatballs – An Italian-American dish that consists of pasta that is topped with tomato sauce and meatballs.

Hungry Hippo Hamburgers Menu

Burger and Egg – Also known as “Humpty Dumpty”. This follows the recipe of the classic Hungry Hippo hamburger and comes with an additional fried egg.

Crossover Burger – This Hungry Hippo menu is composed of a special beef patty, bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and veggies. A truly overloaded crossover hamburger!

Steak and Cheese – A typical steak and cheese made special by Hungry Hippo’s original recipe. It is a fried steak that is overloaded with cheese on top.

Double Cheese Burger – If you thought that the Hungry Hippos cheese burger was already delicious, you must try this double cheese burger to double your cheesy burger experience!

hungry hippo double cheeseburger menu Pin
Photo Credit: Hungry Hippo FB Page

Junior Cheese Burger – Thinking that the cheeseburger’s size is too much? You can enjoy this junior cheeseburger! It is a bit smaller in size, but the taste and experience are exactly the same.


Chunky Chicken – A finely chopped ham salad and a traditional chunky chicken salad serve as the base ingredients for Hungry Hippo’s Chunky Chicken sandwich spread.

Tuna Charlie – This sandwich takes advantage of the exquisite combination of tuna and a little, light mayonnaise. The main ingredients are sandwiched between the bread for a tasty snack! As a tuna lover myself, I love this Hungry Hippo menu.

Clubhouse – It is a toasted sandwich with fried bacon, sliced cooked chicken meat, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Cocktail sticks are also used to hold the quarters or halves of the sandwich together.

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BLTC – A crowd favorite sandwich that is made up of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. On a toast, it is frequently offered as a triple-decker sandwich.

Sausage Bun – Or famously known as a “hotdog sandwich,” is made up of steamed or fried hotdogs that are put in between a sliced bun.

Rice Meals

Big Breakfast 1 – This menu from Hungry Hippo consists of a patty, steamed rice, and a sunny-side up egg that make up a light breakfast meal.

Big Breakfast 2 – This rice meal consists of a Hungry Hippo patty, steamed rice, a sunny-side up egg, a hotdog, and a few slices of bacon and tomatoes that will surely make you full to start your day.

Photo Credit: Hungry Hippo FB Page

Tapa – A warm, steaming rice meal that is paired with beef tapa. This rice meal also comes with calamansi, which can be used to add a hint of tangy flavor to your tapa.

Salisbury Steak – It is a seasoned beef patty from minced or ground beef and mushroom gravy is the two main ingredients that are used in a Salisbury steak. This item comes with steamed rice to complete your meal.

Sausage and Egg – This meal consists of fried sausage, a sunny side-up egg, and steamed rice.

Hungry Hippo Menu Delivery

Want to order delicious food from the Hungry Hippo but you can’t get outside since you are busy, tired, or just lazy going outside? Don’t worry because you can order Hungry Hippo food even when you are at home, the office, or school. All you need to do is to go to FoodPanda, or GrabFood and then search for Hungry Hippo.

Please take note that it is limited to selected areas only. In case you are wondering which food should you order, you can refer to the following Hungry Hippo menu since these are what most people order from them.

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Photo Credit: Hungry Hippo FB Page

Nachos – A serving of cheese topped tortilla chips that frequently have additional salty ingredients. This is a great dish to have for a snack while watching movies or TV shows.

Chicken Salad – It is a salad that contains chicken as its primary ingredient. Mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, celery, onions, pepper, pickles, and a variety of mustards are some of the many ingredients that are used in this dish.

Spaghetti Platter – A cheesy and meaty special menu that is sweet and tasty. Noodles that have been topped with grated cheese, hotdog bits, and a meaty spaghetti sauce make up this special dish.

Milkshake – It is made of milk, ice cream, and a variety of flavors that the customer can choose from depending on their taste and preference. The ingredients are blended or whipped together until they become foamy.

Onion Rings – The ingredients for onion rings include flour, baking powder, garlic, cayenne, salt, and pepper. To make the batter, these dry ingredients are combined with ice cold water. The onion rings are then dredged in cornstarch before being battered to help the batter stick.

Social Media Pages

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Even though Hungry Hippo became famous because of its specialty, the hamburger, they have gradually expanded its menu over time. They now serve many varieties of snacks, and even rice meals! This place is a must visit so you can have the experience of tasting their hamburger recipe, which has been traditionally kept for over two decades.

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