Gloria Maris Menu Prices

A restaurant that prides itself on its Chinese cuisine, Gloria Maris’ menu is full of many Chinese dishes. Their menu ranges from vegetables to seafood and pork. Having the brand of a Chinese restaurant, their dishes aren’t limited to Chinese cuisine. They also serve American, Japanese, and even Filipino dishes that they’ve made themselves.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Gloria Maris menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Party Package

Package 1, Good for 20-30 pax, 5 Viands Menu14,999
Package 2, Good for 31-40 pax, 6Viands Menu19,999
Package 3, Good for 41-50 pax, 6 Viands Menu24,999
Package 4, Good for 51-60 pax, 6Viands Menu29,999
Package 5, Good for 61-10 pax, 6Viands Menu34,999
Package 6, Good for 71-80 pax. 6Viands Menu39,999


Sauteed Australian Scallop 1800
Taro Basket with Australian Scallop1800
Local Scallop550
Scallop Sze Chuan Style550
Fried Squid450
Fried Oyster400
Oyster Cake400
Salad Seafood Roll400
Seafood Mango Salad400
Fried Prawns750
Prawns with Salted Egg750
Steamed Prawns with Garlic750
Hot Prawns Salad750
Shrimp Broccoli750
Fried Shrimp Ball500
Shrimp with Asaparagus650
Shrim Fuyong350
Shrimp Sze Chuan Style750
Steamed Fish Fillet with Soy Sauce and Garlic350
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet350
Fish Fillet Hotpot with Beancurd400
Fish Fillet with Broccoli450
Fish Fillet with Beancurd400
Fish Fillet with Corn Sauce400
Fish Fillet Curry in Hot Pot450
Steamed Fish Fillet with Tausi Sauce350
Fookien Chopsuey350
Lohanchay Hotpot350
Mixed Vegetables with Sotanghon350
Broccoli with Garlic360
Runner Beans with Minced Pork350
Asparagus with Garlic360
Taiwan Pechay with Garlic350
Polochay with Garlic400
Chinese Kangkong with Garlic350
Chinese Kangkong with Bagoong350
Four Seasons Vegetable with Oyster Sauce400
Spinach with 2 kinds of egg400
Broccoli with Black Mushroom480
Broccoli with Scallop650
Japanese Mushcroom With Vegetables in Abalone Sauce600
Stuffed Eggplant with Teriyaki Sauce650
Runner Beans with Local Scallop and Squid Sauce380
Seafood Chopsuey400
Mushroom with Vegetables in Oyster Sauce350
Letttuce with Minced Pork400
Braised Beancurd with Mushroom400

Pork Menu

Patatim with Mantao800
Tong po Pork with Cuapao550
Sweet and Sour Pork380
Minced Pork with Eggplant380
Braised Knuckle Tai Shan Style480
Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper450
Spareribs with Special Sauce550
Spareribis with Beancurd Sauce550
Spareribs with Cherry Sauce550
Shanghai Roll550

Rice Menu

Gloria Maris Fried Rice450
Yangchow Fried Rice380
Shanghai Fried Rice450
Fookien Fried Rice380
Salted Fish Fried Rice450
Dried Scallop Egg White Fried Rice450
Garlic Rice300
Richman's Fried Rice380
Pineapple Fried Rice450
Glutinous Rice 450
Sate Fried Rice380
Jasmine Rice50

Dimsum Menu

Hakaw Sharksfin Siomai150
Sharksfin Dumpling150
Siao Long Pao150
Japanese Siomai150
Beancurd Roll150
Chicken Feet150
Seafood roll150
Jumbo pao180
Asado pao150
Vegetable Dumpling150
Beef Ball150
Bird's Eye Dumpling150
Qual Egg Siomai150
Beef Siomai150
Polonchay Dumpling150
Steamed Spareribs with Tausi150
Crispy Mango Shrimp Roll150
Fried Shrimp Dumpling150
Radish Cake150
Fried Spring Roll150
Taro Puff150
Friend Wanton150
Fried Siopao150


Braised Australian Abalone in Brown Sauce2500
Braised Abalone with Local Sea Cucmber2000
Abalone Sea Cucmber and Black Mushroom2000


Nraised Sharksfin in Superior Sauce1700
Braised Sharskfin with Crabroe Soup2200
Briased Sharksfin with Shredded Chicken Soup2200
Braised Sharksfin with Assorted Seafood Soup2200
Braised Sharksfin with Crabmeat Soup2200


Roasted Pecking Duck1500
Soy Chicken600
White Chicken600
Suckling Pig with Seaweeds1500
Shredded Cuck Fruits650
Roasting combination650
Pork Asado400
Lechon Macau500
Asado Soy chicken Roasting Combination400
Lechon Macau and Asado Roasting Combination400
Fried Pigeon600


Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin450
Beef with Ampalaya450
Beef with Broccoli450
Braised Beef Brisket with Tendon Ho pot650
Beef Brisket Curry Hot Pot550
Black Pepper Beef450


Gloaria Maris Fried Chicken480
Conatonese Roast Chicken480
Chicken Lemon Sauce450
Hot chicken Salad450
Chicken Beancurd Sauce450
Curry Chicken in Hot Pot450
Steamed Chicken with Black Mushroom and Chirizo380


Special Congee250
Lean Meat Congee with Century Egg250
Fish Fillet congee250
Seafood Congee250
Sliced Beef Congee250
Chicken Congee250
Plain Congee150

Crispy Noodles

Assorted Meat380
Beef Brisket with Tendon450
Spareribs Crispy Noodle400
Mixed Vegetables400


Birthday Noodles380
Fookien Misue380
Efu Noodles380
Fujian Noodles380
Pancit canton380
Sauteed Seafood380
Local Scallop with Sotanghon380
Sate Seafood with Sotanghon400

About Gloria Maris

Gloria Maris has established itself as a reputable name in authentic Chinese cuisine through the many years of its operation. They provide a unique gourmet experience to their diners and also showcase the best in Chinese cuisine, with delicious seafood delights and a wide variety of Chinese specialties.

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Gloria Maris Menu Best Seller

Live Crab Steamed with Garlic – The live crab is cooked by heating water in a large pot. Over high heat, until the water starts to boil. The live crab is then added and steamed for about 10 to 15 minutes until the meat and the shells turn dark orange. This dish is served with a soy-garlic dip.

Photo Credit: Gloria Maris Alabang FB Page

Sweet and Sour Live Lapu-Lapu – A traditional Chinese meal that features a crispy deep-fried lapu-lapu coated in batter with pickled vegetables and sweet and sour sauce. This dish is best served hot and is best paired with rice.

Fried Live Suahe that is Salted and Peppered – Crunchy, salty, peppery, and slightly spicy. These are the flavors that you can taste in this Gloria Maris menu. A live suahe is delicately marinated in a specially made sauce, deeply fried, and sauteed in herbs and spices that result in its crispy texture.

Steamed Live Lobster with Superior SauceChinese-style live lobster that is steamed with garlic, ginger, scallions, and superior soy sauce. The highlight of this dish is the live, extremely fresh lobster that has been steam-cooked, a really straightforward, attractive entree that would impress everyone.

Live Sea Mantis that is Steamed with Egg White – This tasty seafood sauce that is made from steamed egg white is very compatible with the live sea mantis and makes for a very delicious meal.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is mostly referred to as “Southern fried chicken” and was made by Gloria Maris as one of their areas of expertise. It is a dish consisting of seasoned, flour-dusted chicken pieces that have been deep-fried. The breading provides the surface of the chicken with a crunchy texture while preserving the tenderness of the meat.

Gloria Maris Menu Seafoods

Sauteed Australian Scallop – There’s something luxurious and indulgent about this dish. Sauteed Australian Scallop tastes fantastic when paired with a pot of rice. It is also topped with freshly chopped parsley, which gives the food additional flavor and color.

Scallop Sze Chuan Style – This dish is stir-fried scallops in Szechuan sauce that results in a juicy and delicious taste. This delicious seafood dish is best paired with rice.

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Fried Squid – This menu gained popularity in the 1980s and became a common appetizer offered at the majority of American dining establishments. Gloria Maria made this recipe with their own twist, and it has now become one of the many seafood dishes that are served in their restaurant.

Photo Credit: Gloria Maris Dagupan FB Page

Fried Oyster – In this menu, the oysters are simply seasoned with salt and pepper and then breaded into Gloria Maris’ cooking method of mixed ingredients to create a crispy and tasty fried oyster dish.

Oyster Cake – Oysters, bean sprouts, and green onions are combined with tapioca starch and then cooked with eggs to make this dish. The end result is an omelet-like dish that is golden brown and sticky, and it is a wonderful dish.

Salad Seafood Roll – Is made up of many seafood ingredients, like crab meat, shrimp, or scallops. Many condiments are tossed inside the bowl to make a very delicious and tasty salad seafood roll.

Photo Credit: Gloria Maris Gateway FB Page

Seafood Mango Salad – This Gloria Maris special seafood mango salad has distinct aromas and textures that work well together to create a tasty and refreshing drink.

Fried Prawns – Prawns are coated with specially made breading. Deep fried until they became golden brown. This dish is best served while it is still hot and crispy.

Prawns with Salted Egg – The prawns on this menu are seasoned with Gloria Maris’ special seasoning powder. Deep fried with the egg over medium heat until they are golden brown.

Steamed Prawns with Garlic – The oil in a saucepan is heated over medium to high heat. Shrimp are added after the garlic and finely chopped spring onions to make them more aromatic and savory.

Gloria Maris Menu Vegetable

Fookien Chopsuey – This is a stir-fried Filipino Chinese meal made up of meats, fish, and veggies. It resembles chop suey almost exactly, except this dish’s method of cooking results in crisp, not overdone, vegetables.

Lohanchay Hotpot – On the customer’s dining table, a pot of soup stock is simmering, and a variety of treats and ingredients are set near the pot for the customers to choose from and add to the hot Stock.

Mixed Vegetables with Sotanghon – It is a recipe for bean thread noodles in a stir-fry with vegetables and fried tofu. It is a delicious vegan menu that’s ideal for many customers who want to experience healthy dining once in a while.

Chinese Kangkong with Garlic – This is a dish that is made of sauteed water spinach and is served with an oyster sauce flavored with rice wine and garlic. Chinese kangkong with garlic is a great dish to serve with fried, grilled or steamed meats and seafood that is easy to prepare and healthy.

Chinese Kangkong with Bagoong – One of the most affordable menus at Gloria Maris, water spinach is simply blanched water served with specially made fermented shrimp that blends perfectly together to produce a wonderful aroma and delicious taste.

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Stuffed Eggplant with Teriyaki Sauce – This simple Gloria Maris menu is made special by the eggplants being brushed with sesame oil, and cooked in a frying pan for 3 to 5 minutes. Spoon marinade over the cut sides until it seeps into the incisions.

Lettuce with Minced Pork – Lettuce wraps with pork, stuffed with a ton of hidden crunchy vegetables and flavorful savory brown sauce. This dish is also known as San Choy Bow and is possibly the best cuisine in the entire world that is also healthy.

Braised Beancurd with Mushroom – Beancurd sticks are a great vegetarian dinner. It is a simple dish that makes the most of the beancurd and mushroom flavors that are blended together to create a harmony of aroma and delicious taste.

Pork Menu

Patatim with Mantao – One of the many traditional Filipino dishes is Patatim, which also has influences from Chinese cuisine. It is brimming with a pig stew flavored with fragrant peppercorns, sesame oil, and soy sauce. It is a more sophisticated rendition of Chinese red braised pork.

Sweet and Sour Pork – This Gloria Maris menu is a stir-fried meal from China that is composed of succulent pork tenderloin, bell peppers, onions, and pineapple. A sweet and sour sauce is then drizzled over the crispy, battered pork.

Minced Pork with Eggplant – A traditional Chinese stir-fry dish from the northern Sichuan province includes minced pork with eggplant. This dish is made more special by Gloria Maris.

Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper – This is a simple fried spareribs dish that is just made more tender and has richer flavors due to the salt and pepper that were added during the cooking process.

Shanghai Roll – Filipino egg rolls also known as Lumpiang Shanghai or Shanghai rolls use ground pork as their primary ingredient. Finely chopped spring onions, carrots, and seasoning are also mixed inside the roll.

Rice Menu

Gloria Maris Fried Rice – A very simple dish made special by Gloria Mari’s recipe. It is a dish in which the rice is stir-fried till it turns golden brown.

Shanghai Fried Rice – It is a type of Chinese fried rice that includes sauces, pork, and vegetables. This menu from the Gloria Maris is bound to be one of the favorites among its diners. It can be consumed by itself without any sides or soup.

Salted Fish Fried Rice – It is a fish dish that has been salted and preserved and is served with rice. This is the most common dish that Gloria Maris’ diners order for its simplicity and exquisite taste.

Garlic Rice – Steamed rice that has been cooked with a lot of garlic. This rice dish is regarded as a staple diet in most of Asia, mostly in the Philippines.

Yang Chow Fried Rice – It is prepared with rice that has been stir-fried with meat and vegetables, and it frequently includes components like ham, shrimp, peas, carrots, and eggs.

Jasmine Rice – An ordinary steamed rice recipe that uses jasmine rice.

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Dimsum Menu

Sharksfin Dumpling – Gloria Maris’ menu includes shark fin dumplings. It is a type of dumpling found in a gelatinous broth. Shark fin, shrimp, crab, and shiitake mushrooms are among the ingredients used in making a shark fin dumpling.

Japanese Siomai – Instead of the conventional dim sum wrapper, this dish is served with prawns and is essentially a type of minced pork dish.

Photo Credit: Gloria Maris Greenhills FB Page

Chicken Feet – One of the most famous appetizers in Asia is chicken feet. It is packed with collagen, which prevents joint pain and is also good for the skin.

Asado Pao – An ideal Asian snack or appetizer is the Asado pao. These hefty steamed buns have soft, fluffy bread with aromas that are sweet and savory.

Beef Siomai – Famous Filipino-style dumplings, also known as beef siomai, include stuffing of ground beef, mushrooms, and vegetables. It is regarded as one of the most well-liked food snacks on Gloria Maris’ menu.

Party Package

Package 1 – Good for 20 to 30 people and has 5 food menu items.

Package 2 – Good for 31 to 40 people and has 6 food menu items.

Package 3 – Good for 41 to 50 people and has 6 food menu items.

Package 4 – Good for 51 to 60 people and has 6 food menu items.

Package 5 – Good for 61 to 70 people and has 6 food menu items.

Package 6 – Good for 71 to 80 people and has 6 food menu items.

Gloria Maris Menu Delivery

Taro Basket with Australian Scallop – This popular delicacy from Gloria Maris is a little deep fried Taro basket with fresh scallops wrapped inside each ring that the customers will surely enjoy because it is done to perfection!

Photo Credit: Gloria Maris Greenhills FB Page

Spareribs with Special Sauce – Certain to become a family favorite are these Spareribs with special sauce. This Gloria Maris menu is aromatic and tasty perfectly matched with steamed meat. Pairing it with steamed rice makes it more filling, and the sweet and tangy sauce blends perfectly with it.

Local Scallop – A basic scallop dish that is made by searing them and cooked on the stovetop. The scallops are painted with butter or oil to make them nice and crispy, with a golden brown exterior that provides a delicate balance of savory and tender taste.

Hot Prawns with Garlic – After being marinated, the prawns are heated for a few minutes until they start to get somewhat crispy. Steamed rice is the ideal side dish for this menu, which is served with a fiery sauce.

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Gloria Maris’ menu is not just composed of Chinese cuisine but has a very wide range of cuisines. They created all of the dishes they served, including those from non-Chinese cuisines. Gloria Maris is the place you want to go to if you want to have a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine.

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