Cafe France Menu Prices

The Cafe France menu features amazing, savory food with a French influence that is both fresh and delicious. Everything on their vast menu is prepared by their talented team of culinary masters using only the best ingredients. Every delectable taste is a testament to how much they focus on having excellent ingredients and their enthusiasm for creating and serving extraordinary food. In addition to satisfying diners’ appetites for delicious meals, they also want them to have a relaxed experience.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Cafe France menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Ham and Egg289
Crispy Bacon and Egg299
Frankfurter and Egg299
Breakfast Deluxe379

Menu Sandwiches

Grilled Ham and Cheese109
Egg Salad119
Tuna Oion139
Chunky Chicken 149
Crabstick Celery169
French Dip Roast Beef219
Chrispy shrimp239
Farmer's Hamn Brie and Raspberry259
Smoked Norwegian Salmon275
Spanish Sardine109
CF Primiere119
California Chicken129
Seafood Deluxe139
Roast Beef139

Create Your Own Meal

Choose your Salad299
Choose your Pasta299
Choose your Sandwich299

Party Trays

Package A3500
Package B3700
Package C3700
Package D3800
Package E4200
Package F4900
Package G5450


Ham and Cheese219
Healthy Spinach and Mushroom219
Country Garden239
Smoked Norwegian Salmon299


Creamy Mushroom99
Seafood Linguine139


Salad Chicken Salad10
Fruits and Nuts10
Oriental Shrimp10
Potato and Bacon75
Shrimp and Ham Macaroni75


Salmon Pasta169
Cheesy Beef Lasagna199
Creamy Truffle Carbonara209
Shrimp Pesto229
Aglio Shrimp Pasta239
Seafood Marinara249

Rice Meal Trays

Parmesan Baked Fish850
Roast chicken 1050
Hickoyry Chops1650
Beefy Mushroom1580
Clubhosue Trays
California Chicken660
Seafood Deluxe710
CF Primiere610
Roast Beef710

Salad Trays

Potato and Bacon Salad390
Chicken and Ham Macaroni Salad390

Pasta Trays

Aglio Shrimp Pasta1059
Salmon Pasta760
Seafood Marinara1110
Shrimp Pesto970
Creamy Truffle Carbonara990
Cheesy Beef Lasagna940

About Cafe France

Located in Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City in Manila, Cafe France is not only easy to find but is also very convenient for those who live in Manila and its surrounding areas. Cafe France aims for guests to be able to refresh their spirits while enjoying the freshly served dishes. And they also try to reinvent the idea of the cafe to make it a place for friendships and families.

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Cafe France Menu Breakfast

Start your day with a French-style breakfast in Cafe France! There is nothing better than waking up to Cafe France’s breakfast menu to start your day and replenish your energy.

Ham and Egg – This menu from Cafe France combines different ways of preparing its two primary ingredients which are ham and egg. It is a main component of an old-fashioned American breakfast that has long been adapted to many countries, just like France.

Crispy Bacon and Egg – Eggs or bacon or bacon or eggs? Whatever the case, it is unquestionably the meal you desire on those leisurely mornings when you have time to unwind at the kitchen table while sipping a few cups of coffee.

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Frankfurter and Egg -The dish is made by slicing hot dogs in half but leaving both of its sides uncut and whisking eggs inside until the hotdog is filled.

Breakfast DeluxeHotcakes, scrambled eggs, sausage patties, hash browns, and biscuits make up Cafe France’s breakfast menu. It is served during breakfast hours.

Photo Credit: Cafe France FB Page


As they say, “If you go to France, leaving without eating sandwiches is the same as not being there at all.” after all, in France, the universal combination of bread and filling takes on a very unique twist.

French Dip Roast Beef – The simplest dinner or party food is french dip roast sandwiches with spices, which are unbelievably delicious!

Crispy Shrimp – On a French baguette, there are many fried, seasoned prawns that are piled high.

Farmer’s Ham, Brie, and Raspberry – Sandwich made with brie cheese, cooked ham, and raspberry jam that is both savory and delicious.

Smoked Norwegian Salmon – This Cafe France menu is extremely aromatic and decadently smooth. It is smoked using centuries-old Norwegian processes to produce a flavor that is heady with fine wood smoke.

Photo Credit: Cafe France FB Page

Create Your Own Meal

Cafe France also provides their diners the experience and joy of combining their own meal! They can combine whatever they want on the salad, pasta, and sandwich menus.

Choose your Salad – In the salad menu, diners can choose between grilled chicken salad, fruit, and nuts salad, and oriental shrimp salad.

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Photo Credit: Cafe France FB Page

Choose your Pasta – In the pasta menu, diners can choose between salmon pasta, shrimp pesto, aglio olio shrimp pasta, and seafood marina.

Choose your Sandwich – In the sandwich menu, diners can choose between grilled ham and cheese, egg salad, tuna onion, chunky chicken delight, and more!

Party Trays Menu

Dining with friends or family? Cafe France also offers party tray menus that are very affordable.

Package A – This party tray consists of a salmon pasta tray, a creamy truffle carbonara tray, a CF Premiere clubhouse tray, a California chicken clubhouse tray, a red velvet bites party tray, and two bottles of large Pepsi.

Package B – This Cafe France menu consists of a parmesan baked fish tray, a beefy mushroom tray, a potato and bacon salad tray, a chicken and ham macaroni tray, a rice tray, a premium tart party tray, and two bottles of large Pepsi.

Package C – It is a party tray consisting of an Aglio E Olio shrimp pasta tray, a cheesy beef lasagna tray, a roast beef clubhouse tray, a creamy puff party tray, and two bottles of Pepsi.

Package D – It consists of a roast chicken tray, a beefy mushroom tray, a potato and bacon salad tray, a chicken and ham macaroni tray, a rice tray, a mini fruit tart party tray, and two bottles of Pepsi.

Package E – This party tray consists of a roast chicken tray, a hickory chops tray, a potato, and bacon salad tray, a chicken and ham macaroni tray, a rice tray, red velvet bites party tray and two bottles of Pepsi.

Party trays menu in Cafe France Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe France FB Page

Cafe France Menu Delivery

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Too busy or lazy to go outside? Don’t fret, as Cafe France now offers menu deliveries.

Salmon Pasta – A straightforward yet spectacular recipe for a romantic evening is this creamy salmon pasta. Pasta with salmon, spinach, capers, and a creamy wine sauce.

Cheesy Beef Lasagna -Exceptionally tasty lasagna recipe is made with lean ground beef, French sausage, and Cheese.

Creamy Truffle Carbonara – A true winner is this creamy tagliatelle pasta that has been coming with bacon, mushroom, and a tiny bit of truffle oil.

Creamy Truffle Carbonara Pasta Cafe France Menu Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe France FB Page

Shrimp Pesto – One of the diners’ favorite evening dinners is this creamy pesto shrimp pasta. The delicious green sauce is known as pesto. It has a flavor best described as vibrant and strong.

Aglio Shrimp Pasta – The reason for this dish’s incredible flavor and healthfulness lies in the few, yet potent and healthy ingredients.

Social Media Pages

Have you thought about contacting the team at Cafe France? You can easily do that by sending them a message on their official social media pages. They are active and usually respond within an hour. We also highly encourage you guys to follow or subscribe to them so you can see their latest posts.





It is undoubtedly one of the best French styled-cafes in the Philippines. The place has a great ambiance, and the soft music in the background adds to the soothing vibe. The Cafe France menu offers a variety of delicious and affordable meals. The staff are very accommodating and keep the place nice and quiet. Cafe France is the ideal setting for catching up with old friends or making new ones. You will be surprised after just a few dinings to discover how regularly you are returning! That’s just how good Cafe France is!

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