Isaw Haus Menu Prices

The Isaw Haus menu consists of grilled dishes, pancit, and other traditional Filipino cuisines. It offers rice meals, rice toppings, appetizers, short orders, soup, pulutan, beverages, and local beers. It also serves bundles and packages that are good for sharing and can be prepared for different occasions. The pancit that it serves is available in short order as well as small, medium, and large bilao servings. Aside from these delectable dishes, it has also an amazing and relaxing view that will make your dining experience pleasurable. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Isaw Haus menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Rice & Rice Toppings

Plain Rice (per cup)35
Fried Rice (per cup)45
Garlic Rice (per cup)48
Bagoong Rice (good for 2-3 pax)250
Yangchow Rice (good for 2-3 pax)270
Chicken BBQ With Rice 250
Chicken Inasal With Rice 250
Pork BBQ With Rice 170
Liempo With Rice 270
Shanghai Budbod170
Mixed Budbod170
Pork Budbod170
Adobo Rice 170
Beef w/ Ampalaya 170
Beef w/ Tokwa170
Bistek Tagalog (pork)170
Chopsuey Rice 170
Fish w/ Ampalaya 170
Fish w/ Tokwa170
Sweet & Sour Fish 170
Lechon Rice 170
Sisig Rice 170

Appetizer & Inihaw

Siomai (10 pcs)115
French Fries (250g)165
Dynamite (7 pcs)230
Baked Scallops 250
Ensaladang Mangga 180
Isaw Manok 45
Bitukang Baboy 50
Isaw Baboy 50
Inihaw na Bulaklak55
Tenga ng Baboy50
Pork BBQ 55
Liempo on Stick 55
Chicken Tail 55
Chorizo De Cebu 55
Chicken BBQ 230
Chicken Inasal 230
Inihaw na Liempo 250
Inihaw na Tilapia 270
Pinaputok na Tilapia 300
Inihaw na Bangus 300
Inihaw na Pusit 370

On The Grill Bundle

On The Grill Set 1 (20 pcs. Pork BBQ)1080
On The Grill Set 2 (20 pcs. Isaw Manok)880
On The Grill Set 3 (10 pcs. Pork BBQ and 10 pcs. Isaw Manok)980
On The Grill Set 4 (5 pcs. Pork BBQ, 5 pcs. Isaw Manok, 5 pcs. Tenga, and 5 pcs. Isaw Baboy)980

Best Seller Fiesta Package

Fiesta A (Pancit Bihon, 15 pcs. Pork Shanghai, Fried Chicken)695
Fiesta B (Pancit Canton, 15 pcs. Pork Shanghai, 12 pcs Pork BBQ)760
Fiesta C (Pancit Bihon, 15 pcs. Pork Shanghai, 12 pcs Pork BBQ)700
Fiesta C (Pancit Bihon-Canton, 15 pcs. Pork Shanghai, 12 pcs Pork BBQ)775

Bilao Special

Boodle Feast Bilao (good for 5-6 pax)745
Busugba Bilao (good for 5-6 pax)785
Dessert (Halo-Halo Bingzu)160

Pancit Short Order

Pancit Bihon 240
Pancit Canton260
Pancit Bam (Bihon-Canton)270
Miki-Bihon 230
Sotanghon 320
Chami 220
Lomi 250

Pancit Bilao

Pancit Bilao (Small) (8-10 pax)582
Pancit Bilao (Medium) (13-15 pax)682
Pancit Bilao (Large) (18-20 pax)782
Pancit Canton (Small) (8-10 pax)587
Pancit Canton (Medium) (13-15 pax)687
Pancit Canton (Large) (18-20 pax)787
Pancit Bam (Small) (8-10 pax)600
Pancit Bam (Medium) (13-15 pax)700
Pancit Bam (Large) (18-20 pax)800
Miki-Bihon (Small) (8-10 pax)537
Miki-Bihon (Medium) (13-15 pax)637
Miki-Bihon (Large) (18-20 pax)762
Sotanghon (Small) (8-10 pax)660
Sotanghon (Medium) (13-15 pax)760
Sotanghon (Large) (18-20 pax)860
Chami (Small) (8-10 pax)557
Chami (Medium) (13-15 pax)637
Chami (Large) (18-20 pax)737

Short Order Menu

Beef Brocolli 330
Beef w/ Ampalaya 330
Beef w/ Tokwa330
Kare-Kare (beef/oxtripe)480
Bistek Tagalog (pork)280
Crispy Kare-Kare380
Crispy Pata Medium 680
Crispy Pata Large780
Lechon Kawali 360
Lumpiang Shanghai 320
Fish w/ Ampalaya 340
Fish w/ Tokwa340
Sweet & Sour Fish 345
Fried Bangus 320
Fried Chicken260
Chopsuey 330
Pinakbet w/ Liempo 330

Family Bundles

Family Bundle Set 1 (2 Bagoong Rice, Crispy Kare-Kare, Buffalo Wings, 7 pcs. Pork BBQ, Pancit Bihon SO, Chicken Inasal, 1 Btl Coke 1.5L)2120
Family Bundle Set 2 (Bone Marrow (2 pcs.), Crispy Pata Medium, Fried Chicken, Pancit Canton SO, Yangchow Rice, Sisig SO, 1 Btl Coke 1.5L)2050
Family Bundle Set 3 (Fried Chicken, Chicken Inasal, 8 pcs. Pork BBQ, Yangchow Rice, Bagoong Rice, Chopsuey SO, Crispy Kare-Kare, 1 Btl Coke 1.5L)2225


Molo Soup 230
Sinigang na Baboy 350
Sinigang na Baka 420
Sinigang na Hipon 420
Sinigang na Salmon 400
Crab & Egg 220


Buffalo Wings (500g)320
Calamares 300
Tonio's Greaseless Chicharon (50g)100
Tonio's Greaseless Chicharon (100g)150
Chicharon Bulaklak 270
Crispy Tenga 260
Crispy Tokwa 160
Fried Bituka 160
Pinabukang Tilapia 260
Pork Sisig 320
Tokwa't Baboy 180
Tokwa 120
Fried Isaw Manok 200
Kinilaw na Bangus 300
Bone Marrow 200
Dinakdakan 320


House Blend Coffee30
Bottled Water 30
Coke Regular (In Can)55
Coke Zero (In Can)55
Sprite (In Can)55
Royal (In Can)55
Pepsi Regular (In Can)55
Rootbeer (In Can)55
Mountain Dew (In Can)55
ManGo Juice (In Can)60
Four Season (In Can)60
Pineapple Sweetened (In Can)60
Pineapple Unsweetened (In Can)60

Local Beers

San Mig Light Bottle 75
San Mig Light Bucket 400
San Mig Pilsen Bottle 70
San Mig Pilsen Bucket 390
San Miguel Apple Bottle 70
San Miguel Apple Bucket 390
Red Horse Bottle 70
Red Horse Bucket 400

About Isaw Haus

Isaw Haus is a Filipino restaurant in Taytay that specializes in grilled dishes such as Isaw and Barbecue. It has a relaxing atmosphere and delectable cuisines that makes diners feel relaxed and satisfied. This restaurant has an ideal location making it a good place where passersby can have a stopover. It has a stunning view of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Laguna de Bay, and the Pililla Windmills. 

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Isaw Haus Menu Best Seller

These are best sellers of Isaw Haus that are well-loved for their classic and authentic taste. 

Isaw Manok – It is made with barbecued chicken intestines. This is one of the grilled dishes that is typically offered by street food vendors. The crowd loves this dish as it is affordable, has a unique taste, and goes well with beer. It comes with a special vinegar-based dipping sauce that enhances its flavor. 

Isaw Hause Menu Best Seller is the Isaw Manok Pin
Photo Credit: Isaw Haus Taytay Branch FB Page

Isaw Baboy – The pork intestine is cleaned thoroughly and boiled until it becomes tender and flavorful. It is marinated in a special blend of seasonings and spices, skewered, and grilled to perfection. It is served with a dipping sauce made with vinegar, chili, and onions. 

Pork BBQ – Thin slices of pork are marinated in a special blend of seasonings and spices, skewered, and grilled. Its sweet and nostalgic flavor as well as its tender and juicy texture always delight the crowd. 

Pork BBQ in best seller menu of Isaw Haus Pin
Photo Credit: Isaw Haus Taytay Branch FB Page

Inihaw na Liempo – A delectable cuisine made with marinated and grilled pork belly. It is a dish that is commonly prepared during Filipino celebrations. Its versatility makes it one of the favorite and famous dishes in the Philippines as its flavor and textures go well with most of the food and beverages. 

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Inihaw na Liempo Pin
Photo Credit: Isaw Haus Taytay Branch FB Page

Pancit Miki-Bihon – It is a combination of egg and rice noodles stir-fried with meat and mixed vegetables. This is one of the variants of pancit guisado that are commonly prepared during birthday celebrations as it symbolizes long life. 

Rice & Rice Toppings 

These are some of the rice meals menu, rice with grilled dishes, and rice toppings served by Isaw Haus that will make your meals satisfying. 

Bagoong Rice – Rice is cooked with bagoong or shrimp paste and topped with grilled pork and minced tomatoes and onions. This dish is good for sharing as it is good for 2-3 people. It is one of the must-try rice variants as it has an appetizing aroma and a strong umami taste. 

Yangchow Rice – This dish is made with rice that is stir-fried with eggs, meats, vegetables, and other special ingredients. It is packed with flavors and has a visually appealing presentation that makes it a delightful dish. 

Chicken BBQ w/ Rice – Fried rice is served with flavorful and tender chicken barbeque and atchara. Its mouthwatering goodness stimulates the appetite of diners which makes it one of the most-sought dishes in this restaurant. 

Sisig Rice – A delectable dish where plain rice is topped with flavorful sisig. It is an excellent dinner dish perfectly paired with beer. This Kapampangan-inspired cuisine is loved for its savory, creamy, and crispy features. 

Sizzling Pork Sisig Pin
Photo Credit: Isaw Haus Taytay Branch FB Page

Beef w/ Ampalaya – This dish is made with plain rice topped with beef slices, ampalaya, and other vegetables. It is a great dish for health-conscious diners as it is packed with nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, and iron. 

Appetizer & Inihaw Menu

The appetizer and inihaw dishes of this restaurant consist of traditional Filipino favorites that have a unique aroma and flavor that satisfies the cravings. 

Siomai – This Isaw Haus menu is a delicious appetizer where 10 pieces of siomai are served with calamansi and soy dipping sauce. It is a dish that can be enjoyed at any time of the day and paired with it other meals. 

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Dynamite – It is a spicy and crunchy dish where long green chilis are wrapped in spring roll wrappers and deep-fried. This dynamite lumpia will delight chili lovers as provides a lot of health benefits such as improving digestion and boosting the immune system.  

Inihaw na Bangus – Milkfish is filled with special ingredients and grilled expertly. It is served with soy sauce and chili. The fillings of this grilled milkfish make this flavorful and delightful. 

Inihaw na Bangus Pin
Photo Credit: Isaw Haus Taytay Branch FB Page

Inihaw na Bulaklak – This dish is made with marinated, skewered, and grilled putok batok chicharon bulaklak. Its flavor is enhanced by the special blend of soy-based dip that is served with it. 

Pinaputok na Tilapia – Tilapia is stuffed with ginger, tomatoes, butter, and chopped onions wrapped in aluminum foil. This dish has a crispy texture and is packed with a delicious flavor that will satisfy your cravings.  

On The Grill Bundle 

The Isaw Haus menu offers four sets of on-the-grill bundles that are good for celebrations. Each bundle consists of 20 pieces of grill dishes. 

Set 1 consists of 20 pieces of Pork BBQ and Set 2 includes 20 pieces of Isaw Manok. Set 3 is composed of 10 pieces of Pork BBQ and Isaw Manok, and Set 4 is an ideal bundle for those who want assorted grilled dishes as it consists of 5 pieces of Isaw Manok, Pork BBQ, Tenga, and Isaw Baboy. These grill bundles will make your celebrations with your loved ones more fun and vibrant. 

Best Seller Fiesta Packs 

Isaw Haus offers four sets of Fiesta packages that are good for sharing of 5 to 6 people. Fiesta A consists of pancit bihon, 15 pieces of pork shanghai, and fried chicken. Fiesta B includes pancit canton, 15 pieces of pork shanghai, and 12 pieces of pork BBQ.

Christmas Bundle Fiesta B Pin
Photo Credit: Isaw Haus Taytay Branch FB Page

Fiesta C is composed of pancit bihon, 15 pieces of pork shanghai, and 12 pieces pork barbecue; and Fiesta D consists of pancit bihon-canton, 15 pieces pork shanghai, and 12 pieces pork barbecue. All these packages are served with two dipping sauces. These fiesta packs are ideal for different gatherings as they are affordable and consist of assorted delectable dishes that everyone in the group will love. 

Isaw Haus Bilao Special Menu

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These bilao special bundles consist of boodle feast bilao, busugba bilao, and dessert. The boodle feast bilao includes garlic rice with 5 dishes of your choice. The set meal options that it offers are pork adobo, beef w/ amapalaya, beef w/ tokwa, bistek tagalog, chopsuey, fish w/ ampalaya, fish w/ tokwa, lechon, sisig, bulgogi, tapa, dinakdakan, kare-kare, and sweet & sour fish. It is a good choice for those who want classic and delicious Filipino dishes. 

Bilao Special Christmas Edition Pin
Photo Credit: Isaw Haus Taytay Branch FB Page

The busuga bilao is good for sharing bilao special as it consists of garlic rice, salted egg, and grilled dishes such as 6 pieces of isaw manok, 1 order of chicken inasal, 3 sticks of chorizo de Cebu, and 3 sticks of chicken tail. This is a great option for those who prefer traditional Filipino grilled dishes. It also offers a delectable halo-halo dessert that will complete your meal. 

Isaw Haus Menu Delivery 

Isaw Haus is a restaurant that serves yummy Filipino food. You can order their food easily from FoodPanda, GrabFood, or their website,

Their food is perfect if you want something delicious and comforting. They have grilled meat and traditional Filipino food like adobo, sinigang, and kare-kare.

Ordering from their website is easy. You can browse their menu and order with just a few clicks. You can enjoy their food at home, which is really convenient.

So if you want to try their delicious Filipino food, order now!

Social Media Pages

Looking for the inside scoop on everything happening at Isaw Haus? Well, you’re in luck because their social media accounts are the place to be! From scrumptious new dishes and exclusive sales to exciting grand openings, they’re constantly posting updates you won’t want to miss. And the best part? They’re always on top of their game when it comes to keeping their followers informed. If you need more details, just send them a quick message and they’ll be happy to assist you. Click the links below to get started.






The Isaw Haus menu is commendable for its delicious, juicy, and flavorful grilled dishes. The dishes that it offers are appetizing and reasonably priced. It is a place that will make you feel relaxed as it has great dishes that complement its stunning view. This is also a good spot if you want to hang out, chill, and unwind with your loved ones.

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