Sodam the Kimchi Menu Prices

The concept of Sodam the Kimchi menu is inspired by Korean cuisine. It offers two options of samgyupsal meals that are affordable and satisfying. Some of the other Korean dishes that it offers are meat mandu, ramyeon, kimbap, and cheese topoki. The ingredients of these dishes are stored securely to keep them fresh and delectable. Aside from its delectable cuisine and unlimited time, it also has a beautiful ambiance that will make your dining experience more vibrant and exciting. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Sodam the Kimchi menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


SODAM Option A (Unlimited Samgyupsal & Korean Fried Chicken) (per head) 399
SODAM Option A (Unlimited Samgyupsal & Korean Fried Chicken) (regular/solo) 499
SODAM Option B (Unlimited Samgyupsal & Korean Fried Chicken + Angus Beef) (per head) 499
SODAM Option B (Unlimited Samgyupsal & Korean Fried Chicken + Angus Beef) (regular/solo) 599


Meat Mandu159
Corn Cheese179
Steamed Egg179
Tuna Kimbap179
Bulgogi Kimbap 189
Combi Kimbap 199
Korean Cheese Egg Roll 199
Cheese Topoki299
Doenjang Jjigae299
Kimchi Fried Rice 299
Bibimbap 339
Kimchi Jjigae379
Budae Jjigae (Arm Stew)449
Ossam Bulgogi 549
Japchae (Half)199
Japchae (Whole)389
Korean Fried Chicken (Honey Soy)399
Korean Fried Chicken (Yangnyeom)399


Korean Fried Chicken Rice Meal (Honey Soy)129
Korean Fried Chicken Rice Meal (Yangnyeom)129
Samgyupsal Box-To-Go 599
Kimchi 199
Radish Kimchi 75
Ssamu 90
Ssamjang 90


Coke Regular 59
Coke Zero 59
Pepsi Regular59
Pepsi Max59
Coke Litro 99
Royal Litro 99
Sprite Litro99
Pepsi Litro 99
Mt. Dew Litro 99
Nestea Pitcher99
Aloe Vera280
Mandarin 280
San Miguel Light65
San Miguel Pilsen 65
Kirin 129
Soju 220

About Sodam the Kimchi 

Sodam the Kimchi is a branch of Sodam Korean Restaurant. It is located at The Shophouse Heritage at Bacolod and in KCC Veranza Mall at General Santos City. This restaurant is known for its unlimited samgyupsal meals that can be enjoyed without a time limit and come with a lot of side dishes. It has a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing ambiance making it an instagrammable place. 

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Sodam the Kimchi Samgyupsal Menu

Sodam the Kimchi offers two options of Samgyupsal meals. These meals are good for solo and in groups. Special rates are only available for a minimum of 2 people, which means that the discount does not apply to solo diners. 

The restaurant is also committed to providing safe and high-quality dishes by ensuring that all meats are stored securely and prepared in the best way possible. The grill that this restaurant provides has a good design as it allows the grease of meats to go down to its chamber making dishes less greasy and oily. All meats are thinly sliced making them easier to cook. 

A wide array of unlimited side dishes menu from Sodam the Kimchi also comes with these meals as it consists of kimchi, sammu, kamote delight, luncheon meat, spicy radish, spring onions, japchae, marble potatoes, sausage, dilis, cheese, and spicy cucumber. 

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Ultimate Cheese Dunk Pin
Photo Credit: Sodam the Kimchi FB Page



MEAT CHOICES (for grilling at the table)

  • Pork Bacon Cut
  • Pork Samgupsal Cut
  • Pork Maksal
  • Spicy Pork 
  • Chicken Bulgogi 
  • Spicy Chicken 

Korean Fried Chicken Choices:

Sodam Option A consists of Unlimited Samgyupsal & Korean Fried Chicken. This option is great for those who want a simple samgyupsal experience and are not fanatics of beef dishes. 



Meat Choices (for grilling at the table)

  • Pork Bacon Cut 
  • Pork Samgyupsal Cut
  • Pork Moksal
  • Spicy Pork 
  • Chicken Bulgogi 
  • Spicy Chicken 
  • Beef Bulgogi
  • Spicy Korean Beef
  • US Angus Beef

Korean Fried Chicken Choices: 

  • Classic 
  • Honey Soy
  • Yangnyeom
Sodam Samgyupsal Option B Pin
Photo Credit: Sodam the Kimchi FB Page

Sodam Option B is a choice for those who have a big appetite. The only difference between Option B and Option A is the addition of beef slices such as Beef Bulgogi, Spicy Korean Beef, and US Angus Beef. The scrumptious slices of beef will boost your appetite and give you a pleasurable dining experience. 

Menu List

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These are the dishes that you can add to your samgyupsal meals. It is also ideal for those who are not fanatics of samgyupsal dishes yet love Korean cuisine. 

Japchae – A Korean noodle menu from Sodam the Kimchi that is known for its savory flavor. The mixed vegetables stir-fried with glass noodles make this dish scrumptious and appealing to the senses as its color, flavor, and texture complement well. It is available in half and whole servings. 

Japchae in Sodam the Kimchi menu Pin
Photo Credit: Sodam the Kimchi FB Page

Kimchi Jjigae – It is a traditional Korean hot pot dish perfect for cold weather. The spicy and savory flavor of this dish is the special feature that makes it a well-loved cuisine. 

BibimbapBibimbap is a famous rice bowl dish in Korea made with an egg and mixed vegetables. Its festive color makes it visually appealing and delectable. 

Bibimbap Pin
Photo Credit: Sodam the Kimchi FB Page

Korean Fried Chicken – This Korean fried chicken is an ideal dish that every family member will surely love. The distinctive taste of this chicken dish makes it a delightful dish. It is available in Honey Soy and Yangnyeom flavors. 

Osam Bulgogi – An awesome dish that will spice up your meal. Squid and pork belly are marinated and deep-fried in the restaurant’s special Korean marinade. 

Osam Bulgogi in Sodam the Kimchi menu Pin
Photo Credit: Sodam the Kimchi FB Page

Take out

Sodam the Kimchi offers a menu that you can take out so you can enjoy a Korean dining experience in the comfort of your home with your loved ones. It offers Korean Fried Chicken Rice Meal in Honey Soy and Yangnyeom flavors, Kimchi, Radish Kimchi, Sammu, and Ssamjang. These dishes allow you to create a food combination that will satisfy your cravings. 

It also provides a box-to-go that consists of 200 grams of premium angus beef, 200 grams of pork, japchae, lettuce, and rice. The side dishes that come with it are sammu, spicy radish, kamote delight, spicy cucumber, sausage, and kimchi. This box is a great package as it consists of delectable Korean dishes that you can enjoy anywhere with your family and friends. It can also be a perfect companion while watching Korean dramas. You can also give this as a gift to your loved ones who are fanatics of Korean cuisine. 

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Box-to-go is the best option if you're craving samgyupsal but doesn't want to go outside. Pin
Photo Credit: Sodam the Kimchi FB Page


Sodam the Kimchi offers soft drinks such as Coke, Pepsi, RoyaL, Mountain Dew, and Sprite. It also provides Nestea in pitcher and Mandarin drinks that are good for sharing. There is also an Aloe Vera Drink that provides a lot of health benefits. 

Beers are one of the popular drinks that are paired with meals, especially by men. The beers of Sodam the Kimchi are San Miguel Light, San Miguel Pilsen, and Kirin. There is also Soju, a well-known Korean drink that is loved by Filipinos. The popularity of Soju is influenced by Korean artists and shows. These beers are perfectly paired with Korean Fried Chicken. 

Sodam the Kimchi Menu Delivery 

The dishes of Sodam the Kimchi are available on FoodPanda and GrabFood. Just search for Sodam Korean Restaurant and check if it is available in your location. If not, you can just drop by and have takeout. 

Social Media Pages

Looking for authentic Korean flavors? Follow Sodam the Kimchi’s social media pages for the latest updates on their mouth-watering dishes and promotions. You can also join their online community and connect with other fans of Korean cuisine. From traditional dishes to modern twists, Sodam the Kimchi has something for everyone. So why wait? Follow their social media pages today and discover the flavors of Korea in every bite!



Email: [email protected]


Sodam the Kimchi menu consists of various Korean dishes that are well-loved by Filipinos. It is a place where you can have a good time with yourself as you can dine solo. Take your time enjoying a Korean dining experience with yourself or with your family as it doesn’t have a time limit. Go beyond the usual and feel the vibes of Korea with its savory dishes and unlimited meals. 

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