Cafe Adriatico Menu Prices

There are many different items on the menu at Cafe Adriatico, including seafood, pasta, meat, and vegetarian options. Chicken Relleno, Beef Salpicao, and Seafood Paella are some of its most popular dishes. In this cafe, there is also a bar with a variety of cocktails, wines, and other drinks. It is a popular hangout for both locals and tourists looking to unwind and enjoy a drink or two.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Cafe Adriatico menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Good Morning

Fisherman's Breakfast325
Farmer's Breakfast325
Landlord's Breakfast325
Paksiw na Pla Pla475
Daing na Bangus325
Tocino Pampanga250
Tapang Baka290
Vigan Longganisa335
Tamis Ang Hang Longganisa295
American Dream295
Corned Beef265
Spiced Sardines290


Mushroom and Tomato255
Emmenthal Cheese285
Plain Omelette175

Light & Easy

Cereal and Fresh Milk175
Breakfast Rolls, Butter and Jam145
Kesong Puti with Pan de Sal195
Breakfast U.S. Top Blade Steak385
Bacon & Egg285
Ham & Egg285
French Toast195


Sopa de Marisco220
Spanish Corn Soup145
Cream of Two Mushrooms145
French Onion Soup185


Caesar Salad285
Chef's Salad285
Salad Premiere299
Nacho Salad299

All Time Cafe Favorites

Akuw'a (Yemeni Oxtail)625
Tenderloin Tips Saute485
Beef Spareribs Ninja455
Lengua Estufada485
Spareribs Adobo Rice465
Salpicao Rice545
Spanish Callos with Garlic Bread395
Lola Ising's Adobo Rice465
Pollo A La Pobre395
Knockout Knuckles695
Chicken Stroganoff395
Beef Stroganoff595
Chicken A La Kiev395
Arroz A La Cubano355
Lola Ising's Adobo Flakes275


U.S. Black Angus Rib Eye925
U.S. Tenderloin Steak Specials625


Lapu-Lapu Meuniere625
Prawns in Garlic675
Norwegian Salmon525
Blue Marlin Provencale475
Grilled Tanguingue with Onions455
Prawns Thermidor675


Seafood Linguini295
Spaghetti ala Bolognese295
Spaghetti ala Carbonara295
Penne ala Putanesca285
Penne al 'Arrabiata265
Polpetta Spaghetti295
Baby Squid Pasta295

Afternoon Delights

Our Famous Pancit Palabok255
Special Ensaymada195
Baked Macaroni205
Arroz Caldo with Tokwa't Baboy225
Dinuguan at Puto225
Suman sa Lihiya with Salabat145
Kesong Puti with Pan de Sal and Chocolate Eh!195
Chocolate Eh! Fondue295
Pork Empanadas225
Special Bibingka245


Classic Burger345
Adriatico Club Sandwich265
Adobo on Pan de Sal195
Tuna with Grilled Emmenthal Cheese245
Shredded Corned Beef and Pan de Sal195
Chicken Salad Pan de Sal195
Mushrooms And Mozzarella Melt295
Quesong Puti Tostado315

Tapas & Pica-Picas

Hummus with Pita Bread195
Gambas al Ajillo285
Schublig Smothered with Onions275
Crunchy Calamari195
Mushrooms in Garlic195
Chorizo with Garlic265
Squid Tactics285
Jamon Serrano and Chicken Croquetas250

About Cafe Adriatico

Café Adriatico is a well-known restaurant in Manila, Philippines. Larry J. Cruz, who also founded the Larry J. Cruz restaurant, founded it in 1979. Café Adriatico is known for its cozy and vintage interior design, as well as its menu, which includes Filipino and Spanish dishes. Since then, the restaurant has become a landmark in Manila’s Malate district, attracting both locals and tourists. Café Adriatico is still a popular restaurant in Manila and a must-see for anyone looking to sample traditional Filipino-Spanish cuisine in a unique and charming setting.

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Cafe Adriatico Menu Best Seller

The dishes that are part of this list are those that are mostly ordered by visiting customers. If you have no idea which menu to choose from Cafe Adriatico, you can’t go wrong with the following.

Daing na Bangus – Another option for a great breakfast meal is this Daing na Bangus. Due to its reasonable price, it is also considered as a traditional breakfast item in the Philippines. Pair it with rice and you will surely have a filling meal!

Cafe Adriatico's best seller menu is the Daing na Bangus breakfast meal. Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Adriatico Facebook Page

Tocino Pampanga – Tocino Pampanga is a sweet and savory cured pork dish that is a traditional Filipino breakfast. Not only are the ingredients used in this dish the best in Pampanga, but they are also considered the best in the Philippines. There is no better place to eat a tocino breakfast than at Cafe Adriatico.

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Tapang Baka – This one is also a popular breakfast item that is made of sweet and salty dried beef. This is a hearty breakfast menu of Cafe Adriatico that is good for those who love slightly crispy and a little bit stretchy pieces of beef jerky.

Start a fulfilling day with Cafe Adriatico's Tapang Baka as your breakfast meal Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Adriatico Facebook Page

Vigan Longganisa – If the Tocino Pampanga is the best tocino in the whole Philippines, this Vigan Longganisa is the best longganisa there is in the country. Anyone who tries this breakfast dish will no longer be satisfied with a standard longganisa.

Good Morning Menu

The Good Morning menu features a delectable selection of hearty and satisfying Filipino breakfast dishes. Although it is usually for breakfast, you can still order these Cafe Adriatico menus at any time.

Fisherman’s Breakfast – Two eggs, fried rice, and your choice of boneless bangus or smoked fish are included in the Fisherman’s Breakfast. This breakfast meal will provide you with the energy you need to begin your day.

Farmer’s Breakfast – Like the first breakfast meal, Farmer’s Breakfast also includes two eggs and fried rice that will surely keep your day going. The only difference is this meal’s extra choice of dish, which is pork tocino or beef tapa.

Landlord’s Breakfast – The Landlord’s Breakfast includes two eggs, fried rice, and either Vigan longganisa or tapang baka. It is the most hearty and filling breakfast meal that Cafe Adriatico offers.

Paksiw na Pla Pla – This is a classic Philippine seafood stew that uses Pla Pla as its main ingredient. It is a staple breakfast dish in the Philippines that has a distinct sweet and sour flavor.

Paksiw na Pla Pla Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Adriatico Facebook Page
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Omelettes Menu

This menu features a wide range of omelette dishes. Some of them have their own twist that Cafe Adriatico added.

Plain Omelette – This dish is a plain omelette that is ideal for those looking for a simple and inexpensive side dish.

Mushroom and Tomato – This Cafe Adriatico menu are healthier and more filling because it is an omelette stuffed with sliced mushrooms and diced tomatoes. Even though this dish is almost like a luxury dish, it is also reasonably priced.

Mushromm and Tomato Omelette Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Adriatico Facebook Page

Emmenthal Cheese – A luxurious omelette dish topped with Emmenthal cheese, which enhances the flavor of the omelette itself. This is a one-of-a-kind omelette that you won’t find in any other restaurant.

Shrimp – This is a seafood-inspired omelette dish that is filled with sauteed shrimp. It is the ideal breakfast choice for seafood lovers or those who want to have a healthy but filling breakfast.

Champignons – This omelette is one of the healthier options on this menu, it is filled with champignon mushrooms. It may not be as filling as the other omelettes on this menu, but the toast that comes with it more than compensates.

Light and Easy

This menu provides light and easy meals that are simple yet satisfying breakfast options for a variety of tastes.

Cereal and Fresh Milk – This is the ideal item from Cafe Adriatico’s menu for those who prefer a quick breakfast. Not only is this delight, but it is also a healthy option which is why many customers prefer Cereal and Fresh Milk

Breakfast Rolls, Butter, and Jam – Breakfast Rolls with Butter and Jam are a traditional and filling breakfast option for those who enjoy bread in the morning. It is light and easy to eat, and it is enough to give you the energy that you need to start your day.

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Kesong Puti with Pan de Sal – This is a flavorful and light take on a traditional Filipino breakfast that is good. Kesong Puti with Pan De Sal is considered a staple breakfast dish in the Philippines. Many locals love it for its creamy and tasty flavor.

Kesong Puti with Pan de Sal and Hot Chocolate Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Adriatico Facebook Page


The soup menu at Cafe Adriatico features a variety of flavorful options. All of the flavor options that they provide are delicious and satisfying. This is a menu that should be ordered whenever you visit Cafe Adriatico.

Cafe Adriatico's French Onion soup Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Adriatico Facebook Page

All-time Cafe Favorites

The “All Time Cafe Favorites” menu at Cafe Adriatico features a variety of delectable dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving. Overall, Cafe Adriatico’s All Time Cafe Favorites menu offers a variety of classic Filipino and international dishes that are sure to please any palate.

Cafe Adriatico Menu Delivery

Filling your cravings without going out of your own home is made easier by Cafe Adriatico’s delivery services. You can now order your favorite Filipino-Spanish dishes in the comfort of your own home through delivery applications like FoodPanda and GrabFood.

Talk to Cafe Adriatico PH Staff

Looking to share your feedback or suggestions with the Cafe Adriatico team? It’s super easy to get in touch with them through their social media pages! Here are the links you can use to reach their staff:



Email: [email protected]

Contact No.: 0917 808 5184


The menu at Cafe Adriatico consists of Filipino-Spanish dishes that will absolutely blow any customer’s mind because of their taste and affordability. Every dish they serve is carefully prepared and served beautifully, making it a must-try for anyone looking to try a new rendition of Filipino-Spanish dishes in a unique and captivating setting.

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