Earth Kitchen Menu Prices

The Earth Kitchen menu consists of healthy dishes made from fresh and naturally-grown crops and vegetables. It offers soup, appetizers, salad, pasta, mains, desserts, and drinks. These items on their menu are expertly prepared to highlight the products of the restaurant’s partner communities in the Philippines. The ingredients of their dishes are all organic as they are free of any chemicals and synthetic flavorings. Some of their dishes are seasonal as not all ingredients are available all year round. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Earth Kitchen menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Curried Squash 185
Fresh Mushroom 195
Smoked Tomato 210


Mushroom Spring Rolls 300
Shrimp Spring Rolls 310
Root Vegetable Chips 200
Ceviche 495
Chicken Liver Pate 365
Moules Marinere420
Beef Bulgogi Soft Tacos220
Fish & Roasted Sesame Soft Tacos 210
Fried Chicken 310
Sweet Potato Empanada230
Grilled Vegetable Tartine 310
Smoked Fish Tartine 325


Watermelon & Rocket310
Foraged 310
Grilled Vegetable 300
Pomelo Shrimp 375
Grain 375
Crispy Catfish 410
Smoked Duck Breast 475


Spaghetti Pomodoro220
Roasted Vegetable 310
Spaghetti Meatballs330
Carbonara 350
Mushroom Ravioli 420
Earth Kitchen Ravioli 420
Tahong 450
5-Garlic 320
Watercress Arugula 390
Uni 450
Crab 460
Squid Ink & Aligue475
Shrimp Arugula 490


Beef Kebab420
Chicken Kebab 390
Garden Flatbread 375
Crispy Seafood Pancake 420
Vietnamese-Style Pork 410
Hainan-Style Chicken 370
Grilled Organic Chicken 495
Braised Bacon 550
Tuna Poke Adlai Bowl 595
Grilled Organic Pork Chop 370


Goat's Cheese Ice Cream 275
Tablea Ice Cream 200
Pastillas Ice Cream 100
Tablea Chocolate Cake 150
Ube Velvet Cake 170


Got Heart Mix 1 180
Got Heart Mix 2180
Mango Yoghurt Shake 110
Calamansi Juice 90
Lick Iced Tea 120
Fresh Guyabano Shake 270
Fresh Ripe Mango Juice 260
Fresh Dalandan Juice 250


Coffee Espresso (Single)70
Coffee Espresso (Double)90
Americano 100
Cappucino 120
Café Latte 120
Malunggay Latte 100

Hot Chocolate

Tablea, Muscovado115
Tablea, Muscovado, Milk, Egg Yolk, Cream115
Tablea, Muscovado, Milk, Peanut Butter, Egg Yolk, Cream125


Teacup 60
Teapot 110
Lemongrass Pandan Tea 250

About Earth Kitchen 

Earth Kitchen is a farm-to-table restaurant located in Quezon City that provides healthy, local, sustainable, and mouth-watering dishes. The dishes that it offers are made up of organic ingredients sourced directly from indigenous communities and local farmers. They aim to serve healthy and delicious dishes while supporting the livelihood of farmers and fishermen in the Philippines. 

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Earth Kitchen Menu Best Seller 

These are the crowd’s favorite dishes offered from the Earth Kitchen menu that are healthy, delicious, and satisfying. 

Mushroom Spring Rolls – It is a vegetarian appetizer made with herbs & greens, peanuts, and shiitake. Lime Hoisin Sauce comes with this dish. 

Watermelon & Rocket – A vegetarian salad that consists of lettuce, arugula, pili nuts, Balsamic Vinaigrette, and homemade kesong puti. 

Watermelon and Rocket Salad Pin
Photo Credit: Earth Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Earth Kitchen Ravioli – This is a special vegetarian pasta menu of Earth Kitchen that includes kesong puti, camote tops, tomato sauce, pili nuts, basil, and parmesan. 

Beef Kebab – Beef Kebab is a main dish made with Boneless Beef Ribs, Tzatziki, and Grilled Vegetables. Ifugao rice pilaf, flour tortilla, or mixed greens are the options served with this dish. 

Hainan-Style Chicken – A main dish that consists of Hainan-style rice, poached chicken breast, cilantro, cucumber, ginger scallion, and chili sauce. 

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The appetizers of Earth Kitchen are good for sharing so you can enjoy them with your family and friends. 

Root Vegetable Chips – A healthy dish consisting of various fried root vegetables, garlic yogurt, and fried herbs. 

Fonduta – Assorted homemade pieces of bread are served with a 3-cheese & sweet potato top dip. The texture of the bread complements well with the flavor of its dipping sauce. 

Fish & Roasted Sesame Soft Tacos – It is a delicious taco made with mahi-mahi fillet, salad greens, cucumber, and seaweed dressed with roasted sesame. 

Fish and Roasted Sesame Soft Tacos at Earth Kitchen Pin
Photo Credit: Earth Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Sweet Potato Empanada – This Earth Kitchen menu is a delightful appetizer made with a sweet potato-stuffed tortilla, garlic aioli, mixed greens, and cilantro dressing. 

Grilled Vegetable Tartine – Grilled vegetables, carabao milk ricotta, and homemade sun-dried tomato puree are laid on a piece of homemade multigrain bread. 


Salads are ideal dishes for those who follow healthy eating habit as it consists of fresh and healthy ingredients. 

Foraged – This salad consists of pickled shallots, sweet potato, cashews, a mix of young shoots, grilled leeks, and goat cheese dressing. 

Grilled Vegetable – It is a salad that is ideal for vegetarians as it is made with bell pepper, zucchini, carrots, eggplants, herbs and greens, pickled mushrooms, kesong puti, and Balsamic Vinaigrette. 

Have some taste of Grilled Vegetable Pin
Photo Credit: Earth Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Pomelo Shrimp – A salad dish great for health-conscious customers that contain pomelo, shrimp cracker, green papaya, cucumber, mint, peanuts, nuoc cham, crispy shallots, cilantro, and carrots. 

Grain – This menu from Earth Kitchen is perfect for those who are following a healthy diet as it is made with Adlai, white quinoa, garbanzos, dried mango, hibiscus, herbs, and candied cashew. 

Smoked Duck Breast – House-cured and smoked duck breast with lettuce, candied cashew, tomato, and mango-smoked vinaigrette comes together in this dish. 

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The comforting soups that Earth Kitchen offers are Smoked Tomato, Curried Squash, and Fresh mushrooms. Smoked tomato is made with cream, gremolata, and smoked tomatoes served with a slice of garlic bread

Have some Fresh Mushroom Soup Pin
Photo Credit: Earth Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Fresh mushroom soup consists of four kinds of mushrooms such as shiitake, button, milky, and abalone. Curried squash soup includes pumpkin, mint, and homemade yogurt. Garlic bread can be added to these soups for an additional price. 


Satisfy your cravings and start a healthy eating lifestyle with its unique and delectable pasta menu that Earth Kitchen offers. 

Roasted Vegetable – A vegetarian pasta made with roasted vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, bell pepper, tomato, eggplant, and parmesan. 

Mushroom Ravioli – Three kinds of mushrooms such as shiitake, button, and milky are cooked with kesong puti, pili nuts, and light cream sauce. 

5-Garlic – It is made with garlic 5 ways, white wine sauce, and homemade carabao milk ricotta.

5 Garlic Pasta Pin
Photo Credit: Earth Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Watercress Arugula – Watercress, arugula, homemade carabao milk ricotta, tomatoes, and white wine sauce come together in this delectable and vegetarian pasta dish.  

Shrimp Arugula – This dish consists of shrimp, arugula, chili, sun-dried tomatoes, and white wine sauce. 

Delightful pasta serve in Earth Kitchen, Shrimp Arugula Pasta Pin
Photo Credit: Earth Kitchen Official Facebook Page


The main dishes of Earth Kitchen consist of meals that are rich in nutrients and packed with flavors. 

Chicken Kebab – It is one of the crowd’s favorite menu from the Earth Kitchen. It consists of chicken, grilled vegetables, and tzatziki. Mixed greens, flour tortilla, or Ifugao rice pilaf are the choices of side dishes that you can pair with this dish. 

Garden Flatbread – A vegetarian dish made with mixed salad, grilled vegetables, and mushroom puree. 

Vietnamese-Style Pork – This is a popular Asian dish inspired by Vietnam. It is a dish that always pleases the crowd as the pork has a tender and juicy taste. Pickled carrots & radishes, cilantro, mint, crispy shallots, peanuts, morning glory stem lime vinaigrette, and shrimp crackers are also served together with this dish. 

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Grilled Organic Chicken – The half-organic chicken is grilled until it becomes tender. It is served with green salsa, a puree of carrots, a salad of watercress and pickled shallots, and a vinaigrette flavored with lime.

Grilled Organic Chicken Pin
Photo Credit: Earth Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Tuna Poke Adlai Bowl – Fresh yellowfin tuna, pili nuts, mixed seaweeds, and Adlai are mixed in a bowl. It is dressed in soy ginger and drizzled with sesame seeds. Its visual presentation is enhanced by fried banana chips that are cut into flower shapes. 

Earth Kitchen Menu Delivery 

Earth Kitchen offers a diverse range of dining options, catering to customers who prefer to dine in, pick up, or have their food delivered. Whether you’re in the mood for a night out or a cozy meal at home, Earth Kitchen has got you covered. Their restaurant is open daily from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, ensuring that you can enjoy their delicious farm-to-table cuisine at any time that suits your schedule. And for those who prefer to order delivery, Earth Kitchen has made it easy by partnering with Grabfood and FoodPanda, making it possible to have your favorite dishes delivered straight to your doorstep.

Talk to Eath Kitchen PH Staff

To get more information about the restaurant, products, and services, you may send them a message through their social media pages or email. They have staff that will cater to your inquiries and they are active in posting their updates. To redirect to their pages, click the links below:



Email: [email protected]



Healthy, local, and sustainable are the words that best describe the Earth Kitchen menu. Organic dishes are the specialties of this restaurant as they aim to support those who work in the agricultural and fisheries sector in the Philippines. Ordering dishes here at Earth Kitchen creates a good impact as you will be able to support local farmers, fishermen, and indigenous communities in a simple way. This is an ideal restaurant where you can start a healthy way of living. 

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