Congo Grille Menu Prices

Hello buddy! Are you in a puzzled and jungled life lately? If so, then visit Congo Grille as they can serve ultimate meals that can bring you a natural feeling! You’ll be enticed by the list of food that can be purchased only at Congo Grille! To give you a little background about the ambiance at Congo Grille; Congo Grille has this animalistic and nature-type interior and exterior that is indeed a head-turner. You can literally spot Congo Grille anywhere! Just look for a huge monkey with beer at hand then you’re at the right place! Want to know what are enticing meals on the Congo Grille menu? Then continue reading buddy!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Congo Grille menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chicharon Bulaklak325
Chicken Wings325
Crispy Dinakdakan435
Crispy Kang Kong185
Crunchy Calamares305
Ensaladang Talong215
Green Mango140
Lumpiang Shanghai245
Tokwa't Lechon Kawali325


Balbacua De Cebu405
Beef Kaldereta435
Beef Kare Kare545
Bistek Tagalong305
Sizzling Shortplate435


Adobong Dilaw270
Buttered Chicken285
Chicken Afritada305
Chicken Patis Wings305
Congo Fried Chicken435

Congo Bilao Fiesta

Set B - Good For 12 Pax5495


Canton Sotanghon Guisado260
Pancit Canton Guisado270


Bicol Express295
Congo Sisig295
Congo Sisig with Egg310
Congo Tofu Ribs350
Crispy Pata950
Crispy Pork Kare Kare545
Inihaw Na Liempo360
Pork BBQ185
Pork Binagoongan385
Pork Slab Adobo415
Salt & Pepper Spareribs435


Adobo Rice260
Binagoongan Rice250
Garlic Fried Rice55
Garlic Rice Platter215
Pinakbet Rice325
Plain Rice Platter150
Steamed Rice40

Royal Feast

Royal Feast Set A2245
Royal Feast Set B2685
Royal Feast Set D3345


Pepper Shrimp435
Super Duper Bangus655


Beef Nilaga435
Monggo Guisado215
Sinampalukang Manok325
Sinigang na Baboy385
Sinigang Na Bangus430
Sinigang na Hipon470

Tribal Feast

Tribal Feast Set A600
Tribal Feast Set B820
Tribal Feast Set C1040
Tribal Feast Set D1150
Tribal Feast Set E1480


Ampalaya Con Carne270
Gising Gising285
Pinakbet with Lechon Kawali325
Tortang Talong305

About Congo Grille

Congo Grille, one of the greatest restaurants, established its firm in 1999. The man behind the success of Congo Grille is a graduate with a Master’s in Business Administration, and the name would be Kenneth Sytin.

YouTube video

Kenneth Sytin and his brothers established Congo Grille which was visited by 13,000 customers per month, with the said number of customers, Congo Grille was entitled as “the fastest growing grill in town.” In addition to this success, Congo Grille also hold the title of the “Sisig King” as they won the annual sisig competition which was held in Angeles, Pampanga.

The concept of Congo Grille is beyond what humans can imagine. Can you imagine a barbecue house with fully functional air-conditioned? An ape holding a beer in hand as their mascot? A meal without monosodium glutamate (msg)? Nothing right? Only Congo Grille serves us the best and one-of-a-kind experience that not all restaurants can provide!

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So if you wish to taste the best seller and the fine servings at Congo Grille, then book your reservations now!

Congo Grille Menu Best Seller

My visitation at Congo Grille is at a different level from other restaurants that I have visited so far. Congo Grille’s best-selling menu is literally mouthwatering and a delightful meal that anyone would probably love. If you wish to know the best-selling meal that I have tasted at Congo Grille, then below is your best guide!

Photo Credit: Congo Grille FB Page

Tribal Feast – Congo Grille is indeed the best place to celebrate together with your family! If you are with your family, then this Tribal Feast suits your occasion. There are various Filipino dishes that you can choose from, so grab the menu list now and order Tribal Feast!

Congo Fried Chicken – enjoy the crispy and juicy chicken joy that can be the savior at the platter of Congo Grille! This meal can only cost you 435 pesos in exchange for the happiness which you can receive in every bite of their crispy chicken!

Congo Sisig – I cannot agree anymore that they have the title of Sisig King! I personally enjoy the sisig cuts because their flavor can give you a thousand feelings. You can feel the fresh taste of onion, the juicy pork, and the flavorful sisig juice that can be paired with a bowl of rice.

Congo Grille BBQ

Will barbecue be left on the menu list of Congo Grille? Of course not! The word “Grille” in Congo Grille literally came from the word grill. And what food is best when grilled? A barbecue indeed! So if you like meat cooked under a charcoal fire, then Congo barbecue is your best partner.

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If you like to have a Congo Barbecue meal then you can just literally buy it over the counter. This single barbecue will only cost you 185 pesos! How cheap right? So what are you waiting for? Go on and taste the best barbecue that Congo Grille can offer!

Congo Grille Beef Menu

Fresh from the farm, feed with pure organic grass; that is the main reason why Congo Grille beef is in the ultimate realm! The beef crafted from cattle meat is the best meat that every company aimed to achieve. However, in the case of Congo Grille, they’ve already harbored this secret ingredient.

Photo Credit: Congo Grille FB Page

As Congo Grille develop its menu, they’ve witnessed the power that beef can emit. So without further ado, below is a list of beef menus that you can certainly enjoy at Congo Grille. 

Beef MenuPrice
Balbacua De Cebu405
Beef Kaldereta435
Beef Kare Kare545
Bistek Tagalog305
Sizzling Shortplate435

Congo Grille Menu Delivery

In the Philippines, food panda and grab food are one of the top food delivery apps that Filipinos are used to deliver food. So as per Congo Grille, you can enjoy their best menu at the convenience of your own fine dining, so if you love to stay at home and have a takeout instead, then you must go online and order your personal meal now! 

There are instances that grab food and food panda may require you to access some fields related to your ordered purchase. Some fields include the address of Congo Grille, their phone numbers, and such. So to give you aid in looking for this information, I’ll give you a list of the addresses, the business hours, and other contact details and opening hours that you can use.

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Social Media Pages

If you want to follow them to get the latest news about the Congo Grille menu, prices, and promo, we highly recommend that you start following them. This way, you can’t miss any important news they have. They might also post some promos that you might want to get so it’s better to follow them. Below, you can find the list of their official social media pages:




Congo Grille: SM Mall of Asia

AddressGround floor, South wing, SM Mall of Asia Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number(02) 750-9312
Opening Hours9 am to 9 pm

Congo Grille: Alabang

AddressWest Gate Center Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number(02) 771-0085
Opening Hours8 am to 9 pm

Congo Grille: Makati

Address802 Pasay Rd. cor. Amorsolo St. Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number(02) 750-9312
Opening Hours7 am to 9 pm

Congo Grille: Pasig

AddressEl Pueblo Real de Manila, Julia Vargas cor. ADB Ave. Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number(02) 925-3896
Opening Hours9 am to 9 pm

Congo Grille: Quezon

AddressUG/F SM City Fairview Annex, Quirino Ave. cor. Regalado St., Greater Lagro Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number(02) 930-8874
Opening Hours9 am to 9 pm

Congo Grille: Quezon (Albano)

Address40 Sct. Albano Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number(02) 925-3896
Opening Hours9 am to 9 pm


To sum up this review, I can clearly say that Congo Grille is indeed at a different level. This restaurant has that diverse meal that everyone would love to taste. I believe Congo Grille is ready to take aboard and land in different parts of the world to serve a global meal that can cure global hunger.

Congo Grille menu and best-sellers are literally my best meal, they have cheap prices but they can give you the satisfaction that you aim to achieve. So if you would like to taste the sets of meals that Congo Grille offers, then you should pay a visit to them personally and enjoy your happy moments!

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