Sinangag Express Menu Prices

Sinangag Express menu highlights traditional Filipino “silog meals”. Sinangag and fried egg are paired with well-loved cuisines like bangus, chicken, porkchop, liempo, and many more. It provides authentic dishes such as Longganisa from Quezon and Bagnet from Ilocos. It also offers “extra ulam”, and side orders for those who have a big appetite. Desserts such as yema, pastillas, and soya are also provided to make meals more satisfying. These dishes are made with fresh and authentic ingredients. The beverages that it offers consist of iced tea, soft drinks, and brewed coffee. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Sinangag Express menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

All Time Favorite Meals

Tapsilog 120
Hotsilog 110
Chosilog 110
Bangsilog 120
Adsilog 110
Porkchopsilog 110
BBQ Porksilog 110
Sisig 120
Special Pares135
Chicksilog 155
Lucban Solo 160
Vigan Solo 160
Ilocos Bagnet Meal 155
Spamsilog 155
Cornedbeefsilog 155

Extra Ulam

Extra Bagnet 120
Extra Lucban 120
Extra Vigan 120
Extra Chicken 120
Extra Spam120
Extra Corned Beef 120
Extra Atsara 17
Extra Hotdog 75
Extra Adobo 75
Extra Chorizo 75
Extra Tapa75
Extra Tocino 85
Extra Liempo 85
Extra Bangus 85
Extra BBQ Pork 75
Extra Sisig 75


Chilled Taho 10
Brownies 15
Yema 10
Pastillas 10
Sabanana Chips (Big) 75
Sabanana Chips (Small) 30
Soya 30
Crinckles 175
Mais Con Yelo 99

Side Orders

Tokwa't Baboy 60
Egg 25
Plain Rice 22
Fried Rice 28


Special Iced Tea 40
Nestea Iced Tea 35
C2 Apple 35
C2 Lemon 35
Coke Regular 55
Coke Light 55
Coke Zero 55
Mirinda 55
Pepsi 55
Mountain Dew 55
Mug 55
Sprite 55
Royal 55
Bottled Water 30
Brewed Coffee50

About Sinangag Express

The BF Sinangag Express Corporation was founded by Raymond Andrew Tongson, Joey Del Rosario, and three other partners. It opened on May 11, 2004, in Paranaque, to serve diners of all ages traditional, authentic, and delicious Filipino meals. Rice is the staple food of Filipinos, so they created their own tapsilog recipe, and soon comes other classic Filipino meals. 

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Sinangag Express Menu All Time Favorites

The All-Time Favorite Meals of Sinangag Express consist of popular and traditional Filipino “silog meals”. 

Bangsilog – It is a classic breakfast meal that consists of Bangus (milkfish), Sinangag, (fried rice), and Itlog (egg). 

ChicksilogChicksilog is a short term for chicken, sinangag, and itlog. This is a delectable dish that kids will surely love. The crunchy skin and tender meat of chicken complement well with rice and a sunny-side-up egg. 

Chicksilog of Sinangag Express Pin
Photo Credit: Sinangag Express Official FB Page

Lucbansilog (Solo) – This Sinangag Express menu features savory and authentic longganisa that originates in Lucban, Quezon. The paprika, oregano, and its other special ingredients make its taste distinctive. 

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Corn Beef Silog – Fresh corned beef is sauteed with onions making it aromatic and appetizing. It is served with fried rice and egg. 

Tapsilog – It is the most classic and famous silog meal that consists of thinly sliced and marinated meat, fried rice, and egg. This is the first meal that was offered by Sinangag Express to its customers. It is made with the restaurant’s special recipe which makes its flavor distinctive. 

All-time favorite is the Tapsilog Pin
Photo Credit: Sinangag Express Official FB Page

Liemsilog – The pork belly is grilled and cut into small pieces to make it more convenient to eat. This grilled pork belly is locally known as liempo and is served with fried egg and rice.

Ilocos Bagnet Meal – Savor the delicious taste of bagnet that originates from Ilocos. It comes with fried rice and atchara. 

Spamsilog – This meal includes slices of spam luncheon meat, fried rice, and egg. Spam luncheon meat is one of the favorite viands of Filipinos because of its salty and delectable taste. 

Tocilog – Tender slices of cured meat are served with a sunny-side-up egg and fried rice. Atsara can also be added to this dish to make it more delightful. 

Sinangag Express best seller item is the Tocilog Pin
Photo Credit: Sinangag Express Official FB Page

Side Orders

These are the side orders of Sinangag Express that you can add to your favorite meal to make your dining experience more satisfying. 

Tokwa – This menu of Sinangag Express is a tofu dish that is locally known as tokwa. Aside from its delicious taste, it also provides a lot of health benefits. The flavor and texture of this dish match perfectly with other dishes making it a versatile food. 

Tokwa as your side dish once dine in Sinangag Express Pin

Tokwa’t Baboy – A classic Filipino appetizer made with fried tofu and pork. The combination of these two dishes always delights the taste buds of the crowd, making it one of the most-sought dishes in this restaurant. 

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Egg – A fried egg is one of the components that complete a breakfast meal but can also be eaten at any time of the day. The robust flavor of sunny-side-up eggs enhances the taste of the dishes that are paired with it. 

Plain Rice – This is an ideal choice for those who prefer plain rice over fried rice. 

Fried Rice – Rice is stir-fried with other ingredients to make it savory and delicious. It can be paired with egg and tokwa’t baboy. 

Fried Rice Pin


These are the desserts menu of Sinangag Express that will complete your meal and boost your appetite. 

Chilled Taho – It is different from the typical taho sold on the streets as it has a refreshing twist. The smooth texture and delicious flavor of this dish make it unique. 

BrowniesBrownies are one of the classic and all-time favorite snacks that are loved for their soft, chewy, and gooey texture and rich chocolate flavor. 

Brownies Pin

Sabanana Chips – This dessert is made up of deep-fried banana slices. “Saba” is the kind of banana that was used in creating this crispy, chewy, and delicious dessert. Every bite of these banana chips produces a satisfying crunch and will delight your taste buds which will make you crave more. 

Crinkles – These irresistible crinkles are popular desserts or snacks that can be consumed at any time of the day. It is a fudge-like cookie made with unsweetened cocoa powder, vegetable oil, and other special ingredients. Its confectioners’ sugar coating makes this dish extra delightful. 

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Have some Crinkles as your dessert in Sinangag Express Pin

Mais Con Yelo – A refreshing and sweet dessert made with crushed ice, milk, and corn. This is a perfect afternoon dessert, especially during hot weather. 


The drinks that Sinangag Express offers are Iced Tea, Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, and Brewed Coffee. It provides Special, Nestea, C2 Apple, and C2 Lemon for those who love tea. Coke, Mirinda, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Royal, and Sarsi are the soft drinks that you can pair with your meal. There is also bottled water for those who are not fans of soft drinks and iced teas. For coffee lovers, it provides a brewed coffee that is best consumed in the morning with your favorite silog meal to wake up your senses. 

Sinangag Express Menu Delivery 

Enjoy your favorite meals from Sinangag Express in the comfort of your home through delivery. You can place your orders through the app or website of GrabFood. With this app, you can safely and easily order with just a few taps. 

Sinangag Express Social Media Pages

Experience the flavors of the Philippines at Sinangag Express restaurant. Follow their social media pages to stay updated on their latest menu items, promotions, and events. By liking and following their pages, you’ll never miss out on the chance to indulge in their delicious Filipino dishes. So why wait? Follow Sinangag Express today and enjoy the taste of the Philippines at your fingertips!






Sinangag Express menu is available for dine-in around the clock so you can enjoy your favorite meals at any time of the day. It is an ideal place for those who love silog meals as it offers a wide array of sinangag and egg choices paired with traditional Filipino breakfast viands. The cuisines that it offers are budget-friendly and ideal for people from different walks of life. 

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