Purple Beetle Menu Prices

Planning to go on a vacation in Tagaytay? If you’re looking for a great cafe I found one for you. The Purple Beetle menu offers a variety of food choices for you. Their coffee, pasta, and fries are actually delicious based on my experience. Their cafe has a nice ambiance, if you love arts you’ll love this cafe for sure. Interested already? Let us get to know them more, their food items, prices, and things about them. Let’s start now, shall we? 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Purple Beetle menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Rice Meal

Crispy fried chicken165.00
Buffalo chicken wings193.00
Teriyaki chicken wings195.00
Barbecue flavored chicken wings192.00
Honey garlic chicken wings193.00
Honey Parmesan chicken wings201.00
Sriracha chicken wings203.00
Crispy pork liempo225.00
Crispy dory fish220.00
Dory fish In oysters and garlic sauce 220.00
Cheesy baked salmon293.00

All Day Breakfast Silog

Pork tapsilog 254.00


Java rice55.00
Garlic rice54.00

Light Bites (for sharing)

Crispy fries125.00
Cheese flavored fries140.00
Barbecue flavored fries139.00
Sour cream flavored fries138.00
Cheesy bacon fries 197.00
Crispy wedges150.00
Beef cheese wedges196.00
Pizza dip195.00
Fish and chips252.00
Crispy chicken wings with fries 244.00


Cheese burger190.00
Cheese burger with bacon and egg252.00
Cheesy bacon burger292.00
Spam lover burger314.00


Lasagna rolls 236.00
Carbonara 198.00
Spaghetti 196.00
Tuna pasta198.00
Baked macaroni 195.00
Pesto pasta197.00

Salad Soup Sandwiches

Caesar salad235.00
Cream of mushroom soup 108.00
Cream of corn soup110.00
Clubhouse 251.00
Ham and cheese 153.00
Bacon and cheese151.00
Tuna and cheese154.00

Toast and Pancakes

Classic french toast165.00
Cinnamon french toast160.00
Cream cheese and banana French toast195.00
Nutella cinnamon french toast193.00
Classic pancake 165.00
Caramel pancake 171.00
Chocolate and banana pancake191.00

Oh Frappe

Hazelnut 223.00
Mocha 223.00
Salted caramel 224.00
Java chip223.00
Chocolate chip 225.00
Cookies and cream 224.00
Strawberry 223.00
Green tea225.00
Mango graham 220.00

Oh Sundae

Chocolate sundae213.00
Cookies and cream 215.00
Mango graham 215.00
Strawberry 213.00
Banana split 211.00


Blueberry cheesecake 142.00
Cookies and cream 140.00
Salted caramel 142.00
Matcha green tea141.00
Chocolate cheesecake 140.00


Bottled water43.00
Iced tea75.00
Mango juice 73.00
Pineapple juice 70.00
Classic lemonade 83.00
Purple lemonade 84.00
Green lemonade 82.00
Cucumber lemonade 84.00
Lychee lemonade 81.00
Blue lemonade 80.00
Red lemonade 81.00
Soda in can63.00

Hot Beverages

Espresso 98.00
Cafe latte 125.00
Cappuccino 130.00
Hot choco149.00
Hot mocha 145.00
Caramel macchiato 150.00
Hazelnut flavored coffee 145.00
Salted caramel flavored coffee 145.00
Hot green tea latte 146.00
Hot tea70.00
Kapeng barako 100.00

Cold Beverages

Iced americano 116.00
Iced latte 146.00
Iced cappuccino 145.00
Iced mocha 170.00
Iced choco169.00
Iced green tea latte 165.00
Iced caramel macchiato 169.00
Iced hazelnut flavored coffee 170.00
Iced salted caramel flavored coffee 169.00


Banana 175.00
Banana strawberry 188.00
Strawberry 170.00
Mango 185.00
Choco banana 196.00

About Purple Beetle

Purple Beetle is owned by Kiko and Elsie Blanco. Purple beetle is not your ordinary over-price cafe. They provide only the best for their customers, they really set standards for their customers to only get the better. Their cafe became the outlet for Kiko and Elsie’s love of food, arts and crafts, and cooking. The owners worked as IT in Singapore, and though they are paid high overseas there’s something still missing and that is they can’t do what they really love and cannot pursue their passion.

YouTube video

The secret of their success aside from delicious coffee and food is they have everything, they have hot drinks, frappe, pasta, burgers, desserts, or rice meal they have it. While in the cafe customers will get to play Jenga with their friends, or start coloring Their mandala themed coloring sheet, Kiko and Elsie make sure that they are hands-on with their business. 

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Purple Beetle Menu Best Seller

I have listed all the Purple Beetle best sellers menu according to their staff. Here in the list are their most ordered items that are quite popular among their customers. Best sellers are a great choice if you can’t decide which item to order on their menu.

Photo Credit: Purple Beetle Café FB Page

Cream Cheese and Banana French Toast – Their cream chees and banana french toast are served with bacon and scrambled eggs. The sweetness of the banana on the toast combined with cinnamon flavored toast drizzled with maple syrup tasted really good. You can pair this dish with something like beef cheese wedges for a great and heavy breakfast galore. 

Beef Cheese Wedges – Ordinary fries are already old so replace them with wedges, right? Beefy and cheese at the same time, the wedges are cooked perfectly in this Purple Beetle menu. The flavors of their beef cheese wedges are a bomb.

Fish and Chips – Made with dory fish covered in a well-seasoned batter with some spices to make the dory very delicious then deep fried. Partnered with golden deep-fried fries and their special sauce. Their fish and chips are simple yet very tasty. 

Cheeseburger with Bacon and Egg – This will surely give you a great treat. Made with pure beef patty, egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and cheese with their special sauce and served with fries and mayo ketchup dip. Their beef patty is free of extender and you’re sure that the burger is pure beefy goodness in every bite.

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Buffalo Chicken Wings – Served with buttered veggies as a side, their Buffalo chicken wings are not too spicy they can be enjoyed by anybody. They also serve this with rice. 

Lasagna Rolls – I don’t want to be biased but their lasagna rolls are one of the best lasagnas I tasted. I highly recommend this menu from the Purple Beetle. It’s delicious and affordable and can make you full. Their lasagna is the owner’s recipe (Elsie). Thus you can guarantee homestyle cooking. They also serve this with garlic bread. 

Purple Beetle Burgers

Purple Beetle has four burgers to choose from, they have a cheeseburger, a cheeseburger with bacon and egg, a cheesy bacon burger, and lastly their spam-lover burger. All of their burger items are delicious and the serving is quite big so you will never end up not full. 

Purple Beetle Toast and Pancakes

Toast and pancakes are quite popular in purple beetle. They have a variety to choose from, they have classic french toast, cinnamon french toast, cream cheese, and banana French toast, Nutella cinnamon french toast, classic pancake, caramel pancake, and their chocolate and banana pancake. Their toast and pancakes are soft and delicious. I highly recommend the Nutella french toast and their caramel pancake if you have a sweet tooth.

Purple Beetle Pasta

When it comes to pasta dishes, the Purple Beetle has it. They have 6 different kinds of pasta to choose from, they have lasagna rolls which are the best lasagna rolls that I tried so far, they have their creamy carbonara, spaghetti that is so lovely and delightful, tuna pasta if you love tuna and looking for lighter pasta, baked macaroni, and pesto pasta. 

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Purple Beetle Menu Delivery

You can call 0916-6864675 if you want to order purple beetle food items and if you are near the Bauan location. You can also message them on their Facebook page and they usually respond during regular working hours. Also, you can also check and see which delivery services are available at your location and try ordering from those third-party delivery services. 

Photo Credit: Purple Beetle Café FB Page

Social Media Pages

Here are Purple Beetle’s social media pages that you should like or follow to be updated on their latest promotions and updates and discounts.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/purplebeetleph05/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purplebeetlecafe/


A great place to go if you are looking for a good cup of coffee. The Purple Beetle menu has a lot it’s actually a one-stop shop for all of your cravings. The food items in this cafe are good, affordable, and delicious. There are some activities in the cafe that you can do with your friends and that’s one of the reasons why purple beetle is popular among their customers, they will give you a homey vibe upon entering their cafe. Affordable for the quality of their products, their crews are good, they are friendly and fast they will never make you wait for a long time. A good place to go especially if you have a sweet tooth since they have many sweet items on their menu. Their Place is very well-maintained and comfortable. I highly recommend this place if you want a great cup of coffee with great light meals to enjoy with your barkada and family. 

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