Shawarma Snack Center Menu Prices

The Shawarma Snack Center menu consists of authentic Middle Eastern cuisines. It offers Arabian breakfast meals, appetizers, salad, soup, family meals, sandwiches, grilled dishes, solo orders, barbecue, rice meals, seafood, shawarma, value meal, and desserts. The sauces served with its dishes are savory and delicious, making dishes more flavorful. The cuisine and ambiance of this restaurant will make you feel the culture of the Middle East. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Shawarma Snack Center menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Arabian Breakfast Meal>/h2>

Breakfast A: Mixed Appetizers 385
Breakfast B: Liver Goat/Chk385
Fried Egg 165
Boiled Egg 165
Shashoka Egg165
Omelette 165
Egg w/ Beef 250
White Lamb Cheese 275
Cheese Salad 275
Jam & Cheese 175


Appetizer Sampler 275
Foul Mudammas 150
Falafel 150
Motabal 150
Labaneh 150
Hommous 150
Hom w/ Foul 185
Hom w/ Beef 275
Shaw w/ Hom 275
Mixed Pickles 75
French Fries 150


Fattoush 185
Tabouleh 225
Green Salad 150
Tahini Salad 150
Yoghurt Salad 150


Lahem (Mutton Soup)480
Chicken & Vegetable 150
Addas (Lentils)95

Family Meal

Baked Chicken (8 pcs) (4 pax)650
Roasted Chicken (comes with 2 breads) (4 pax)595
Kofta Dawood Basha (500g) (2 pax)595
Kofta Tahini (500g) (2 pax)595
Sizzling Mutton (500g) (2 pax)595

Famous Sandwiches

Falafel (w/ Hommuous or Fries)125
White Cheese (100g)175
Kabbab Beef / Chicken (w/ Hommuos or Fries)135
Chicken Tikka (w/ Hommuos or Fries)150
Beef Tikka (w/ Hommuos or Fries)150

Grilled Dishes

1K Mixed Grill w/ 6 Appetizers & Choice of 4 Rice or Bread)1650
1/2K Mixed Grill w/ 3 Appetizers & Choice of 2 Rice or Bread)850

Solo Order

Beef Kebab325
Chicken Kebab 300
Mixed Grill 325
Tenderloin Tikka 375
Chicken Tikka 300


Half Chicken w/ Fries375
Mixed Major Grill495
Lamb Chops (comes with 1 rice or bread)650
*Choices: Mixed Grill / Chicken Tikka / Kabbab395

Rice Meal

Biryani Chicken (Indian Cuisine; comes with Biryani Rice) 395
Biryani Lahem (Indian Cuisine; comes with Biryani Rice) 395
Biryani Fish (Indian Cuisine; comes with Biryani Rice) 395
Biryani Shrimp (Indian Cuisine; comes with Biryani Rice) 395
Kabsah Chicken (Saudi Arabian Cuisine; comes with Kabsah Rice)425
Kabsah Lahem (Saudi Arabian Cuisine; comes with Kabsah Rice)480
Kabsah Fish (Saudi Arabian Cuisine; comes with Kabsah Rice)480
Kabsah Shrimp (Saudi Arabian Cuisine; comes with Kabsah Rice)480
Maqloubah Chicken (Palestinian Cuisine; comes with Stir Fried Vegetables and Rice) 425
Maqloubah Lahem (Palestinian Cuisine; comes with Stir Fried Vegetables and Rice) 480
Mansaf Chicken (Jordanian Cuisine; comes with Dried Yoghurt w/ Rice & Bread)425
Mansaf Lahem 500g (Jordanian Cuisine; comes with Dried Yoghurt w/ Rice & Bread)650


Grilled 1 Kilo Mixed Seafood 1750
Grilled Half Kilo Mixed Seafood 900
Shrimp 375
Fish Tikka 375
Squid 375
Brocolli & Shrimp 425
Brocolli 325
Tempura 395
Calamares 395
Fish Curry 395
Steamed Fish 395
Fish & Chips 395
Spicy Shrimp 425
Sizzling Mixed Seafood 425
Mixed Seafood w/ Biryani Rice 495


Sizzling Shawarma 275
Shawarma w/ Rice 200
Shawarma w/ Biryani Rice 225
Shawarma Sandwich (Regular) (7.5'')70
Shawarma Sandwich (Special) (9'')95
Shawarma Sandwich (Extra Special) (9'')125

Value Meal

SSC Value Meal (comes with rice, addas soup, and 1 bread)250

Extra Order

Biryani Rice 100
Kabsa Rice 100
Basmati Rice 70
Garlic Rice 100
Arabian Bread (Small Bread) (7.5'') 1 pack (10 pcs)65
Arabian Bread (Small Bread) (7.5'') 1 pc8
Arabian Bread (Big Bread) (9'') 1 pack (5 pcs)50
Arabian Bread (Big Bread) (9'') 1 pc12


Caramel Crème 95
Custard 95
Mouhalabieh 95
Cheese Cake 150
Halawa 125
Fruit Platter (Big)365
Fruit Platter (Small)325
Basbousa 125
Banana Split 165
Kunafa (per slice)175
Kunafa (1 Tray, 12 pcs) (Special order one day before)2000

About Shawarma Snack Center 

Shawarma Snack Center is a restaurant that has been offering authentic Mediterranean dishes since the 1980s. It is owned by Filipina and Jordanian couples who are committed to providing quality, authentic, and delectable Middle-Eastern food to its customers. This is known for its 100% halal cuisine and delicious shawarma. It has a good ambiance and provides an al-fresco area that will make your dining experience more pleasurable. 

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Shawarma Snack Center Menu Best Seller 

These are the best-selling Mediterranean cuisines of Shawarma Shack Center that are loved for their delicious taste and nutritional value. 

Shawarma w/ Biryani Rice – This meal comes with a choice of chicken or beef shawarma and biryani rice. The aroma, flavor, and texture of biryani rice complements shawarma well. Its luxurious and appetizing look always delights the senses. 

Shawarma with Chicken Biryani Rice is one of the Shawarma Snack Center best seller menu Pin
Photo Credit: Shawarma Snack Center Malate Branch

Kabbab Beef / Chicken – The savory, tender, and juicy features of these kabab dishes make them a best seller. Beef and chicken are the two variants of these kababs. It is also a popular sandwich that comes with a choice of fries or hummus. 

Chicken Tikka – A great-tasting dish where boneless chicken is chopped into small pieces, marinated in a rich special sauce, threaded in skewers, and grilled to perfection. It is served with 1 piece of bread & a stick of onions and tomatoes. 

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Mixed Grill – It consists of three kinds of grilled dishes served with bread and other sides. These dishes are grilled to perfection and have an aroma that will tickle your taste buds. 

Falafel – A shawarma where falafel and other ingredients are wrapped in grilled pita bread. This Shawarma Snack Center menu is one of the most-sought and most recommended dishes of its customers because it has a distinctive taste that will make you crave more. This is also one of the scrumptious dishes that make people come back. 

Falafel sandwich Pin


Start your meal with these flavorful appetizers from Shawarma Snack Center, they will tantalize your taste buds. 

Motabal – A creamy and delicious appetizer made up of mashed eggplant with tahini, lemon, Greek yogurt, garlic, and salt. 

Labaneh – This is a plain yet delicious yogurt menu from Shawarma Snack Center that goes well with pita bread. Its rich, tangy, and creamy flavor makes it an irresistible dish. It is also good for health as it contains a lot of nutritional value such as protein, probiotics, and calcium. 

Hom w/ Foul – It consists of hummus and foul mudammas. Hummus is one of the crowd’s favorite spreads or dips for wraps. Foul mudammas is a stew that consists of fava beans and other special ingredients. The flavor, texture, and color of these dishes go together perfectly. 

Hom w/ Beef – A flavorful and famous Middle-Eastern meal made with hummus and beef. The creamy hummus and delectable beef create an amazing taste that will stimulate the taste buds. 

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Hom with Beef - Hummus and Beef Pin
Photo Credit: Shawarma Snack Center Malate Branch

Shaw w/ Hom – This dish is made up of shawarma with hummus and other special ingredients. Each bite of this delectable cuisine will delight your taste buds. 

Shawarma Snack Center Family Meal Menu

These are the family meals offered by Shawarma Snack Center that will make your dining experience with your loved ones more enjoyable. 

Baked Chicken – This meal is good for 4 people as it consists of 8 pieces of baked chicken and 2 pieces of bread. It is better to contact the restaurant first before you order this meal as its preparation takes up to 45 minutes. The restaurant has stimulating appetizers that you can enjoy while waiting for this dish.

Roasted ChickenRoasted chicken is one of the dishes that is well-loved by people of all ages because of its delicious seasonings, mouthwatering aroma, and gleaming appearance. 

Roasted Chicken Pin

Kofta Dawood Basha – It is a famous and wonderful Egyptian stew made with meatballs seasoned with Eastern spices and cooked in a flavorful sauce. 

Kofta Tahini – A Middle Eastern dish where ground beef is mixed with other ingredients poured into tahini sauce and cooked to perfection. 

Photo Credit: Shawarma Snack Center Malate Branch

Sizzling Mutton – This sizzling mutton is a delicious dish served on a sizzling plate. It is a must-try dish for those who want to try a new sizzling dish. 

Arabian Breakfast Meal

Make your meals more satisfying with this scrumptious Arabian breakfast menu offered by Shawarma Snack Center. It offers two sets of breakfast meals. The first set consists of mixed appetizers while the second set includes liver goat or chicken. It also offers bread with a choice of fried egg or boiled egg. Shakshuka, omelette, and egg with beef. There are also cheese dishes such as White Lamb Cheese, Jam & Cheese, and Cheese Salad. 

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Shawarma Snack Center offers different salad dishes like Fattoush, Tabouleh, Tahini, Yoghurt, and Green Salad. These nutritious and delicious dishes are ideal for those who want light and healthy dishes. All these dishes are inspired by Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. 

Tabouleh Salad with Arabic Bread in Salad menu of Shawarma Snack Center Pin
Photo Credit: Shawarma Snack Center Malate Branch

Solo Order 

The solo order consists of kebab, grill, and tikka dishes. These dishes are served with 1 piece of bread & a stick of tomatoes & onions. Kebab dishes include beef and chicken. These kebabs are well-loved for their tender meat, juicy texture, and appetizing presentation. Mix grills are perfect for those who want to try multiple grilled dishes. Tenderloin and chicken are two savory tikka dishes that are marinated in a special blend of spices and yogurt. 

Shawarma Snack Center Menu Delivery 

This menu is available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. For deliveries, call them at 8521-2121 or message them on their official social media pages to arrange your orders. You can also visit its branch if you want to order in advance for delivery. 

Social Media Pages

Looking for the best shawarma in town? Follow Shawarma Snack Center’s social media pages to stay updated on their latest menu items, offers, and promotions. With a wide range of delicious options to choose from, you won’t want to miss out. Follow Shawarma Snack Center today and take your taste buds on a flavor-packed journey!


Email: [email protected]


The Shawarma Snack Center menu is well-loved for its excellent dishes with authentic flavors. It is an ideal place where you can satisfy your shawarma cravings. The price of its dishes is reasonable as it has a generous serving size and delicious taste. This is one of the restaurants that will give you the best Shawarma experience. 

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