Boy Zugba Menu Prices

Got a hankering for some Filipino goodness, especially the grilled stuff? Well, buckle up because Boy Zugba is where it’s at! They’ve got a menu packed with Filipino delights, but with that special Visayan twist. Trust me, it’s a flavor explosion you won’t want to miss. We’re diving into the nitty-gritty in this article – checking out what they’ve got cooking, the star dishes, what it’ll cost you, and a little something extra you need to know. Ready to embark on this tasty journey? Let’s roll!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Boy Zugba menu prices. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Pork Liempo229
Pancit Sa Pulis255
Lumpiang Kagubkob195
Pinakbet Dala Tanan245
Crispy Pata King585

Paborito Ni Boy Zugba

Lumpiang Kagubkob195
Tsuper Sisig239
Bandihadong Krispy349
Pancit Sa Pulis255
Crispy Pata King585
Lechon Kawali Gi Ulanan329
The Pride Chicken 269
Chezzy Chorizo259
Bandihadong Karne535
Pork Liempo229


Gidagat Na Calamares239
Kinilaw Sinagulan Ug Lato230
Oppa Gambas Style287
Camaron Abusado299
Sizzling Bangus317
Tuma Belly310

Snack Attack

Presko Na Lumpia Ubod159
Pancit Palabok Bisaya199

Buzog Meal

Bm Chicken Inasal 259
Bm Chicken Bbq259
Bm Pork Bbq259
Bm Fried Chicken 259

Gikan Sa Secret Garden Ni Zuggy

Pinakbet Dala Tanan245
Sakay Na Sa Bisaya Express 285

Wow Sabaw

Sinigang Ulo Sa Salmon Sa Miso329

Fried Rice

Bagoong Rice225
Garlic Rice155

Boodle Attack

Karne-Vorous Boodle1210

Budotz Bilao

Zugba Karne Bilao1329
Palabok Bilao 1059
Pancit Bilao1289

Bagetz Meal

Chicken Bbq Paa With Rice145
Chicken Inasal Paa With Rice145
Spicy Chicken Paa With Rice145
Pork Bbq With Rice145
Spicy Pork Bbq With Rice145

Hi Miss. Gusto Ka Ug Hinam-Is

Cassava Cake125
Kiping Dala Atik185
Halo Halo150
Mais Con Hielo150

Extra Extra

Steamed White Rice 50
Extra Sauce50

Party Pakals

Chopchuy Tray899
Pancit Sa Pulis Tray1259
Lumpiang Kagubkob Tray699
The Pride Chicken Tray859
Presko Na Lumpia Ubod Tray810
Bandihadong Karne Tray1759

About Boy Zugba 

Owned by Mr. Henrik Yu Boy Zugba is a restaurant with Visayan-inspired dishes. Not only Visayan but also some of our country’s favorites. They gave an innovative twist on the dishes and modernized it to create a new and exciting dining experience. Their name Zugba comes from the word sugba which literally means grill and that’s what this restaurant is all about since they have a lot of grilled dishes to offer.

Since 2015, Boy Zugba has been the go-to place in Cagayan de Oro for those craving Filipino specialties and grilled dishes after years they expanded and now have some branches in other parts of Visayas. Upon entering their place you’ll get the Karenderia feel where home-cooked meals and grilled foods are being served with an innovative twist. Another interesting about this place is the way they give names to their dishes, actually find it catchy and funny at the same time, and will make you want to order a lot on their menu. 

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Boy Zugba Menu Best Sellers 

Here are some samples of Boy Zugba best selling products that everyone should try when visiting their restaurant. 

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Tsuper Sisig

Tsuper sisig version of Boy Zugba is actually a lechon sisig. If you’re a fan of lechon and you are looking for a twist on your favorite then their Tsuper sisig is the perfect item for you. I really enjoyed this one and I consider this as my personal favorite. This dish is very meaty with savory flavors all together creating the perfect balance and combinations of texture and flavors in one dish. Best paired with rice or as an appetizer or pulutan maybe, tsuper sisig is very versatile it can go whichever you prefer. One of the best items that I tried on their menu, try it for yourself this is so good. 


Sinuglaw de Cagayan

Sinuglaw de Cagayan of Bou Zugba is sinuglaw or grilled and kinilaw which means raw ceviche and grilled pork, which is what made this dish delicious. The combination of these two flavors gives interesting textures and flavors to this dish. And though I’m not a fan of this dish and to be honest I don’t want to try it at first after tasting it I have confirmed that their sinuglaw de Cagayan tastes better than those I tried before. This amazing dish is great with anything that you can think of with this dish. Great as pulutan too. 

sinuglaw de cagayan Pin
Photo Credits: Boy Zugba Official Facebook Page

Cheezy Chorizo

Cheesy chorizo is one of the best items that I tried at Boy Zugba. One serving is not enough for me this tastes so good and it actually changed my life hahaha. Cheesy chorizo is one of the most delicious dishes on their menu and is also included in their best sellers which is not surprising at all. 

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cheesy chorizo Pin
Photo Credits: Boy Zugba – Ayala Cebu Foodpanda Page

Gikan sa Secret Garden ni Zuggy

On this menu, you will find 3 delicious dishes that for sure will leave a mark on you. These items on their Gikan sa Secret Garden ni Zuggy are truly satisfying and delicious. Started with their Pinakbet dala Tanan, this fresh dish is one of their freshest items, it has meat and lots of different vegetables just like the pinakbet in Luzon, and this one is good.

pinakbet dala tanan Pin
Photo Credits: Boy Zugba Official Facebook Page

You can also find chopchuy on this menu which is also one of their best sellers. Lastly their Sakay na sa Bisaya Express, this one is just like the Bicol Express also good with rice or as an appetizer. 

I Seafoods

I Seafood menu of Boy Zugba has 7 delicious seafood items to choose from. The first on the list is their gidagat na calamares this one is their version of the usual calamares. They also have Kinilaw Sinagulan ug Lato, this one tastes amazing and though I’m not a fan of Kinilaw I truly enjoyed it.

They also have Oppa Gambas Style and Camaron Rebusado this one is for those who love gambas or shrimp. Sizzling Bangus for the bangus lovers out there and Nucos for those who love squid. They also have tuna belly. 

oppa gambas style Pin
Photo Credits: Boy Zugba Official Facebook Page

Boy Zugba Menu Delivery 

Ordering your favorite Boy Zugba dishes is made easier simply by calling them directly on their branch phone number or giving them a message on their Facebook messenger. Aside from that you can also use other platforms such as your favorite food delivery couriers that are available in the market these days. 

Social Media Pages

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Don’t miss out on their exciting promotions, special offers, and lively events. When you follow Boy Zugba, you’re always in the know about its latest happenings.





What are Boy Zugba’s business hours and what days are they operating?

Boy Zugba is open from Monday to Sunday and starts operation at 10:00 in the morning until 12:00 midnight. 

Does Boy Zugba have a social media page or any website to visit? 

Yes Boy Zugba has a social media page like Facebook and their website.

Boy Zugba. Is this a halal-certified restaurant?

No. Boy Zugba is a nonhalal-certified restaurant since it serves alcoholic beverages and uses ingredients made of pork. 

What is the payment method accepted at Boy Zugba?

Boy Zugba accepts cash and major credit cards for your convenience and cashless transactions. 

What type of food does Boy Zugba serve?

Boy Zugba serves native Filipino dishes that originate in Visayas or Filipino favorites with a Visayan twist. 


If you want to taste the best Visayan dishes Boy Zugba is the place that you should go. Boy Zugba menu has everything that you are craving especially on grilled foods. The place has a very light atmosphere its always good vibes inside their place because of their friendly and nice crew. It’s infectious you’ll find yourself smiling too since everyone is jolly and very happy to serve, they even dance while serving guests. The restaurant also is clean and well-maintained which I really love, it’s comfortable and has a big space for all the diners. Foods are amazing and I love the Tsuper sisig and cheesy chorizo. A place I can definitely recommend to anyone who loves the gastronomic experience. 

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