Crepe Central Menu Prices

The Crepe Central menu consists of classic crepes with a modern twist. It also offers salad, pasta, burger, all-day breakfast, appetizers, and desserts. The beverages that you can pair with these delicious foods are coffee, iced coffee, ice blended, homemade soda, soda, fresh juice, cocktails, beers, and wines. These eye-catching, mouthwatering, and picture-perfect foods and drinks will give you a one-of-a-kind dining experience. It also provides different event venues that are suited for any kind of event. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Crepe Central menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

House Specialty

Mosman 385
Balmain 380
Albury 350
La-Perouse 345
Kensngton 300
Pyrmont 365
Sans-Souci 275
Brighton Le-Sands 280
Thornleigh 385
Beverly 385
Calvert 365

Crepe Add Ons

Buckwheat Crepe 30
Sauce or Syrup 30
Hungarian Sausage (6 pcs) 75
Veal Bratwurst (6 pcs) 75
Patty Regular (Meat) 75
Cherry Tomato (3 pcs)30
Onion Mushroom30
Asparagus 30
Mozarella Cheese 50
Cheddar 50
Gruyere 50
Burger Cheese Slice (1 pc)50


Blairmont 380
Cremorne 160
Flemington 345
Alexandria 330
Glen Alpine 365
Rozelle 315
Canterbury 315
Normandy 185
Darlinghurst 315
Paddington 225
Mon Cheri 365
Sunbury 330
Fried Ice Cream 315
Penshurst 150
Holsworthy 255
Newington 320
Annandale 225

Crepe Add Ons

Buckwheat Crepe 30
Sauce or Syrup 30
Whip Cream 50
ICE Cream (1 Scoop)95
Mango 75
Strawberry Preserve 75
Bluberry Preserve 75


Chicken & Apple Salad 350
Mango & Papaya Salad 350
Bacon Salad 350


Italian Pasta & Meatballs 378
Organic Egg Carbonara 378
Pesto Pasta & Grilled Lemon Chicken 378
Seafood Aglio Olio 486


Monsieur Burger 395

All Day Breakfast

Salmon Eggs Benedict 420
Fried Beef Steak 305
Chorizo Hash 305
Tocino Steak 305


French Fries 280
Butter Garlic Prawns 500
Spicy Gambas 550
Crepe Nachos Chicken Salt 160
Crispy Crepe Cheddar 225
Crispy Crepe Ranch 225
Crisp Crepe Nachos 225


Americano (8 oz)130
Americano (12 oz)150
Café Au Lait (8 oz)150
Café Au Lait (12 oz)170
Latte (8 oz) 150
Latte (12 oz) 170
Cappuccino (8 oz)145
Cappuccino (12 oz)165
Mocha (8 oz)160
Mocha (12 oz)180
Spanish Latte (8 oz)150
Spanish Latte (12 oz)170
White Mocha (8 oz)150
White Mocha (12 oz)170
Caramel Macchiato (8 oz)150
Caramel Macchiato (12 oz)180
Expresso (Single Shot)155
Expresso (Double Shot)165

Other Drinks

Hot Choco (8 oz)130
Hot Choco (12 oz)150
Chamomile Hot Tea 130
Peppermint Hot Tea 130
English Breakfast Hot Tea130

Iced Coffee

Iced Americano 165
Iced Café Au Lait 185
Iced Latte 185
Iced Cappucino 190
Iced Mocha 185
Iced Spanish Latte 185
Iced White Mocha 185
Iced Caramel Macchiato 185

Ice Blended

Iced Blended Mocha 195
Iced Blended Caramel 195
Iced Blended White Mocha 195
Iced Blended Chocolate Chips 195
Iced Blended Cookies & Cream (Coffee Based)195
Iced Blended Vanilla 195
Iced Blended Strawberry 195
Iced Blended Chocolate 195
Iced Blended Matcha Green Tea 195

Homemade Soda

Blood Orange Soda (Glass)145
Blood Orange Soda (Carafe)395
Blue Raspberry Soda (Glass)145
Blue Raspberry Soda (Carafe)395
Passion Fruit Soda (Glass)145
Passion Fruit Soda (Carafe)395
Ginger Lemongrass Soda (Glass)145
Ginger Lemongrass Soda (Carafe)395
Strawberry Soda (Glass)145
Strawberry Soda (Carafe)395


Coke 125
Royal 125
Sprite 125

French Juice

Fresh Orange Juice 195
Fresh Lemonade 195
Fresh Apple Juice 195
House Blended Iced Tea 195


Californication 225
Cosmopolitan 225
Margarita 225
Frozen Margarita 245
Gin & Tonic 185
Jack Coke 210
Long Island Iced Tea 335
Martini 285
Mojito 225
Sangria 295
Screwdriver 245
Tequila Sunrise 205


San Miguel Pale Pilsen 125
San Miguel Light 125


Red Wine (Glass)295
Red Wine (Wine)1400
White Wine (Glass) 295
White Wine (Wine) 1400

Crepe Central Cocktails

Black Hole 285
Strawberry Daiquiri 215
Maleficent 225
Lady Kiss245
Blue Beach 245
Tequilada 245
Kaldi 225
La Trope 245
Le Roux 205
Purle Eyes245

About Crepe Central 

Crepe Central specializes in serving classic, unique, and delicious crepes. It opened last May 2022 at the heart of Quezon City. This restaurant has a cozy and relaxing ambiance that makes people feel comfortable. It also holds different special events to make holidays more fun and memorable. There are live performances from different bands at night making your dinner exciting. 

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Crepe Central Menu Best Seller

Crepes are the best sellers and most-sought dish in this restaurant. The classic and innovative taste of these crepes makes people come back for more. 

Mosman – A crepe made up of buckwheat crepe and topped with Hungarian sausage, egg, and asparagus. This is a satisfying meal for those who want a light, satisfying, and flavorful dish. 

Mosman, a Crepe Central menu best seller item Pin
Photo Credit: Crepe Central PH FB Page

Balmain – It is a delicious main dish that is perfect for any kind of event as it is made with crab meat, shrimp, and spinach topped on a buckwheat crepe. 

Macquarie – This enticing and gluten-free crepe is made with buckwheat crepe topped with cheese and Hungarian sausage. A side salad also comes with this dish. 

Macquarie crepe is a best seller menu of Crepe Central Pin
Photo Credit: Crepe Central PH FB Page

Blairmont – It is a dessert crepe topped with banana, ice cream, Nutella, and Liquor Flambee. The flavors of these satisfying toppings complement well together making it perfect for a snack. 

Cremorne – A classic snack that is simple, light, and sweet as it is made with crepe, sugar, butter, and lemon. 

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House Specialty Menu

These are the specialty dishes of Crepe Central which are known for their unique and delicious taste. 

Sans Souci – If you’re looking for a unique crepe, you might want to try one made with buckwheat, chili garlic oil, ham, and cheese. It’s a specialty dish that’s sure to be tasty!

Bellevue – This menu from Crepe Central is a visually appealing and surprisingly good crepe that will satisfy your cravings as it is made with Buckwheat crepe topped with Bacon strips, cheese, and egg. 

Bellevue crepe Pin
Photo Credit: Crepe Central PH FB Page

Pyrmont – Treat yourself to this Pyrmont, a vegetarian and delectable crepe that is made from buckwheat crepe topped with cheese, asparagus, and spinach. 

Brighton – Le – Sands – This menu features a layer of cheese sauce on top of buckwheat bread, with chicken breast and asparagus placed on top. It’s a delicious combination of flavors that’s definitely worth a try!

Kensington – It is made with a buckwheat crepe and is filled with delicious ingredients such as cheese, ham, and egg. Give it a try and enjoy the flavors!

La-Perouse – What makes this dish really special is the way it brings together a variety of flavors and textures. The crepe, cheese, veggies, and homemade burger patty from this Crepe Central menu are all combine to create a delicious and satisfying meal that’s sure to please.

La-Perouse crepe Pin
Photo Credit: Crepe Central PH FB Page

Albury – This meal may be simple, but it’s definitely satisfying. It consists of a buckwheat crepe filled with flavorful chorizo and cheese. Give it a try and savor the delicious combination of ingredients!

Thornleigh – This Thornleigh crepe is a unique crepe that will delight your taste buds. It is made with buckwheat crepe, veal sausage, chili garlic oil, and mushroom. The savory veal sausage is the special topping that sets this dish apart from others.  

Archer – It features a buckwheat crepe topped with savory ingredients such as mushrooms, cheese, and veal sausage. The flavors come together in a delicious way, making this menu from Crepe Central both satisfying and enjoyable.

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Beverly – This crepe is a perfect entrée that will fill your day with goodness. It is made with bacon strips, egg, cheese, and a side salad. 

Dessert Crepe

These irresistible dessert crepes are packed with flavors making them a perfect snack that can boost your mood. 

Flemington – A dessert crepe that is packed with flavors as it is made up of delicious toppings and fillings such as crunchy banana chips, Nutella, and mango. 

Alexandria – This crepe is topped with mango and Nutella. It is also garnished with chocolate syrup that enhances its appearance. 

Glen Alpine – The colors of its toppings are well-combined making it a pleasurable dish. It is topped with mango, banana, ice cream, and special cream sauce. 

Normandy – A highly recommended and must-try menu from Crepe Central that is filled with goodness. The perfect blend of crepe, banana, and sweetened milk makes this dish truly delectable. 

Normandy crepe Pin
Photo Credit: Crepe Central PH FB Page

Canterbury – The Canterbury crepe is a dessert that’s sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. It’s topped with a scoop of ice cream, a special cream sauce, and juicy blueberries.

Paddington – This crepe is filled with fresh apples and then topped with a mixture of crushed graham crackers and slices of dried apple. The combination of soft crepe, tender apples, and crunchy toppings creates a satisfying flavor.

Fried Ice Cream – This delicious and extraordinary crepe is filled with fried vanilla ice cream, topped with shredded coconut and slices of strawberry, and garnished with caramel sauce. 

Fried Ice Cream Pin
Photo Credit: Crepe Central PH FB Page


These healthy and great-tasting salad dishes come with a choice of dressings such as Creamy Mustard, Thousand Island, or Vinaigrette. 

Chicken & Apple – A special Crepe Central menu that is made with sweet and fresh apples, savory chicken strips, and crunchy mixed greens. The flavor and texture of this salad are simply unbeatable. 

Mango & Papaya – Experience eating a nutritious and delicious dish without feeling guilty with this Mango and Papaya salad. The color and taste of mixed greens, mango balls, papaya balls, and shrimp make it enticing and delicious. 

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Mango and Papaya Salad Pin
Photo Credit: Crepe Central PH FB Page

Bacon Salad – This healthy salad consists of lollo rosso lettuce, toasted almonds, cherry tomato, grapes, bacon strips, and a choice of dressing. 

All-Day Breakfast

The all-day breakfast meals that Crepe Central offers are Salmon Eggs Benedict, which includes smoked salmon, avocado, poached egg, holland sauce, and capers; Fried Beef Steak, which is made with beef sirloin steak in white gravy, scrambled eggs, rice, and side salad; Chorizo Hash, which is made of chorizo, scrambled eggs, baby potato, micro arugula, and rice; and Tocino Steak, which consists of pork belly, scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, micro green, Hollandaise, and rice. 

Salmon Eggs Benedict Pin
Photo Credit: Crepe Central PH FB Page

These breakfast dishes will power up your day as each plate includes delicious and savory food items. With these meals, you can enjoy your favorite breakfast at any time of the day. 

Crepe Central Menu Delivery 

The menu of crepe central is available on the app and website of FoodPanda. If you don’t have an account or if FoodPanda is not available in your location, you can call them at 0968-034-6369 to arrange your orders. 

Talk to Crepe Central PH Staff

If you have any inquiries or suggestions for the Crepe Central staff, you can easily communicate with them through their social media channels. By doing so, you can stay updated on the latest news, promotions, and events that they offer. To get started, simply click on the links provided below, which will redirect you to their official social media accounts or website.






The Crepe Central menu is famous for its delicious and satisfying crepes. Its scrumptious food and beverages as well as its aesthetic ambiance make this restaurant a great place to chill with your loved ones. Most of its customers are looking forward to their next visit to try the other dishes that it offers. Customers also commend the friendly and accommodating service of the staff as they make their dining experience more enjoyable. 

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