Katsu House Menu Prices

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants mushrooming in our country nowadays but a lot of people are hesitant to try them because they are considering the price. What if I told you that I found a place where you could get the cheapest and best Japanese food? Sounds interesting right? Have you heard about katsu house? Katsu House menu has a lot of Japanese cuisine-inspired dishes, their items are delicious and at the same time affordable. Stay with me in this article and together we are going to get to know katsu house even more, what food items are they serving, their prices per item, and everything that you need to know. Im already excited about this one so ill stop this long introduction and let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Katsu House menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Best seller

Vegan gyoza 138
Tempura style onion rings127
Vegan mushroom miso76
Teriyaki burger 186
Katsu burger 164
Chicken nori burger 164
Wagyu KY176
Japanese sausage KY30

Must try

Vegetarian 4 cheese tamago522
B4 beef gyudon bento467
B3 vegan katsu bento358
Appetizer platter 285
Vegan tantanmen248
Miso ramen248
Soboro don197
XXX chocolate chia pudding 193
Vegan gyoza 138
Appetizer platter285
Ebi kani popcorn248
Sugar free peach mango87
Imo taro crispy mochi balls76

Japanese love box

KH Vegan love box1350
KH Classic love box1350
KH Lowcarb love box 1250


Chizu katsu219
Karaage 165
Vegan gyoza 138
Pork & chives gyoza138
Tofu nori bites127
Appetizer platter 285
Ebi kani popcorn248
Japanese fries127
Tempura style onion rings 127

Soups and Salad

Kani salad175
Chuka wakame83
Vegan mushroom miso soup76
Classic miso soup65
Summer salad248

Maki Rolls

Cream cheese ebi maki rolls303
Ebi furai maki rolls274
Breakfast spam maki rolls209
Spicy cucumber cream cheese maki rolls208
Teriyaki maki rolls204
Spicy shitake katsu maki rolls204
Katsu maki rolls 182
California maki rolls182
Dynamite maki rolls182
Wake maki rolls 193


Ebi furai sushi rolls 171
Teriyaki sushi rolls149
Tamago sushi rolls132
Katsu sushi rolls132
Spam sushi rolls132
Kani sushi rolls 132
Cucumber sushi rolls109
Wakame sushi rolls143


Dynamite chizu kani-tamago550
Chizu kani-tamago523
Vegetarian chizu dynamite 523
Vegetarian 4 cheese tamago522
Vegan dynamite 468


Togarashi chizu Ramen 259
Vegan tantanmen248
Vegan tonkatsu ramen248
Yakisoba katsu special 248
Katsu curry ramen248
Teriyaki ramen 248
Katsu curry udon219
Yakisoba 175


Saikoro wagyu don281
Gyudon 197
Saboro don197
Chicken nori duo don197
Katsu and hip don186
Teriyaki don186
Katsu curry don186
Hamburg curry don175
Seafood special don275
Breakfast sausage teriyaki don218
Vegan nuggets don193


Teriyaki burger 186
Katsu burger 164
Chicken nori burger 164
Kani pita pockets 186
Teriyaki pita pockets 186
Katsu pita pockets 164
Japanese quesadilla 94

Kushi (Skewers)

Wagyu KY176
Ebi katsu KK99
Shiitake katsu KK75
Shiitake KY75
Tofu nori katsu KK65
SSF butabara KY65
Ton katsu KK65
Tori katsu KK60
Sweet potato katsu KK50
Butabara KY50
Tofuyaki KY40
Chicken nori KY40
Chicken skin KY40
KH eggplant katsu KK40
Kani katsu KK35
Vegan sausage KY85
Brats KY85
SFF yakitori KY60
Vegan chik'un skin KY35

Healthy Desserts

XXX chocolate chia pudding 193
Genki dark cocoa cake138
Genki cocoa berry cake 138
Matchaberry chia pudding 193
Coconut mango chia pudding 193
Imo taro crispy mochi balls76

Sushi Samplers

Vegan sushi platter 30pcs633
Katsu house sushi platter 30pcs633
Katsu house maki platter 30pcs633
Classic maki sampler 20pcs413
Vegan maki sampler 20pcs413
Classic sushi sampler 14pcs329
Vegan sushi sampler 14pcs329

Bento Boxes

B4 beef gyudon bento467
B1 chicken teriyaki bento358
B2 katsu bento358
B3 vegan katsu bento358

Barkada Sets

BM2 vegan kushi set1485
BM1 kushi (skewers) set1375
BM3 ramen set1099


KK luscious lychee kombucha 350ml215
KK pink guava kombucha 350ml215
KK sublime strawberry kombucha 350ml215
KK ginger glow kombucha 350ml182
KK wondermelon kombucha 350ml182
KK captivating cranapple kombucha 350ml182
Magners original irish cider - apple 330ml170
Suntory 196C whole grapefruit 350ml170
Kirin chardon spark 350ml170
Kirin grape 350ml170
Magners pearl cider 330ml165
Matcha espresso latte - hot coffee 127
Mocha iced coffee110
Iced cafe latte 105
Mocha hot coffee 105
Milo dinosaur iced105
Cafe latte hot coffee 99
Americano (black coffee) - iced coffee 94
Matcha latte hot coffee 88
Americano (black coffee) - hot coffee 88
Espresso shot hot coffee 88
Sugar free strawberry kiwi 87
Sugar free raspberry lemonade 87
Sugar free peach mango 87
Mango juice83
Strawberry fruit tea87
Mango 83
Lychee 72
Coke zero 500ml72
Peach 72
Wintermelon 72
Green apple fruit tea72
Blueberry 72
Matcha hot coffee 72
Coke regular 500ml60
Light water 1.2L 60
Black tea iced coffee 60
Lotte peach can 240ml45
Black tea hot44
Cucumbers lemonade 44
Lightwater 650ml43

About Katsu House

Katsu House is a small casual dining small restaurant that offers a variety of Japanese foods like Totijatsu, Tonkatsu, Torikatsu, Chicken Teriyaki, and other delicious Japanese foods. Their goal is to infuse and introduce Japanese flavors into a familiar dish. And of course, satisfy the cravings of their customers.

Everybody is welcome in their shop. Katsu house Japanese fusion restaurant is located inside a subdivision. But despite their location, they got regular customers most of those from different parts of their location and neighboring cities. Ms. Laura is the owner and founder of Katsu house.

YouTube video

She is a seasoned entrepreneur that concentrates on food-related business. You’ll get the chance of tasting their delicious Japanese food at an affordable price, though it’s not that authentic they only use high-quality ingredients from japan. Their location is in Antipolo Rizal at Beverly hills drive to be exact and opens from 11 am until 9 pm. 

Katsu House Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of katsu house best-selling items that we gather upon research. These items are must-try and already popular among their customers. 

Vegan Gyoza – This classic appetizer is a Katsu House take on a vegan dish. This includes 4 steamed or fried gyoza. You can actually choose from 4 of their great flavors like classic shiitake, you can have this steamed or fried. Shiitake kimchi and sweet potato curry which is fried only and roasted eggplant miso that you can enjoy steamed or fried as well. It also comes with kewpie mayonnaise for dipping sauce. 

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Teriyaki Burger – The teriyaki burger of katsu house is made with your choice of teriyaki which are tori, shiitake, and vegan hamburgers. They assemble it on a but with caramelized onions, cucumber, coleslaw, and teriyaki sauce where you can choose the regular or the spicy one. This delicious burger is one of their best-selling items and is surely good. 

Photo Credit: Katsu House FB Page

Vegan Mushroom Miso Soup – This delicious soup menu from Katsu House is made with shiitake and kombu-based soup with leeks, wakame, shiitake mushrooms, and soft tofu on the center top. This good soup is perfect with any fried item on their menu. 

Katsu Burger – Katsu burger of katsu house is made with your choice of katsu which are ton or pork, tori or chicken, tofu, shiitake, and ebi which is shrimp. Assembled in a bun with white coleslaw, onion wasabi mayo, and katsu sauce. This amazingly delicious burger is affordable and delicious at the same time just like their teriyaki burger. 

Photo Credit: Katsu House FB Page

Chicken Nori Burger – Katsu house chicken nori burger is also one of their Best selling items. Their chicken nori burger is made with a grilled chicken patty and you can customize it like single, double, or triple, with white onion, coleslaw, roasted nori, teriyaki sauce regular or spicy assemble in a bun. 


Katsu house starters have 9 menus to choose from. First on the list is their chizu katsu which is a deep-fried mozzarella cheese coated in breading. They serve it with honey mustard sauce as well.

Next is their karaage, which is actually fried boneless chicken served with wasabi mayo and coleslaw. Another item is their vegan gyoza which is also included in our list of best sellers. Next is their pork chives and gyoza, this is their version of pork and chives gyoza.

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Tofu Nori Bites are another option on their starter’s menu, this is deep-fried tofu coated in nori. Next is their appetizer platter this one has all the favorites on their appetizer list.

Photo Credit: Katsu House FB Page

Ebi kani popcorn is next on our list, this is deep-fried shrimp and Kani serve with your choice of sauce. Japanese fries are also included on their starter menu. last but not least is their tempura-style onion rings, this has a unique twist that the usual onion ring and serve with katsu sauce. 

Soups & Salads

The Katsu House boasts an extensive selection of refreshing salads and comforting soups on their menu, catering to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. Some of their delicious salad offerings include the Kani Salad, featuring crab meat, and the vibrant Summer Salad, brimming with seasonal produce. Additionally, they offer the Chuka Wakame, a delightful seaweed salad that showcases the best of Japanese flavors.

Photo Credit: Katsu House FB Page

For soup lovers, Katsu House has you covered with both traditional and vegan options. Warm your soul with their Classic Miso Soup, an iconic Japanese staple, or opt for the Vegan Mushroom Miso Soup, a flavorful and hearty choice that caters to plant-based diets. At Katsu House, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy.

Japanese Love Box

The Japanese love box is a bento box first option is their KH vegan love box. The Bento box includes gyoza, a sushi tray, brewed fruit tea, and rio and bento box. Next is their KH classic love box which includes a bento box, 4pcs pork and cheese gyoza, chahan, sushi tray, and brewed fruit tea and Rio. Last but not least is their KH low-carb love box which has a bento box, genki dark choco, cream cheese ebi, and sugar-free brewed fruit tea and shochu. 


Katsu House is a Japanese restaurant and it won’t be completed without sushi menu. First is their ebi furai sushi rolls this is 12 pcs shrimp rolls drizzled with wasabi mayo. Next is their teriyaki sushi rolls which are 12 pcs teriyaki rolls drizzled with teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayo. Tamago sushi rolls are 12pcs Japanese omelets drizzled with wasabi mayo.

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Photo Credit: Katsu House FB Page

Next on their options is katsu sushi rolls, these 12pcs katsu sushi rolls are drizzled with wasabi mayo and katsu sauce. Spam sushi rolls are a great option if you love spam, this 12-pcs roll is drizzled with teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayo. Next on their sushi list is kani sushi rolls, this is made with crabmeat in a roll drizzled with wasabi mayo.

Another one is their cucumber sushi rolls, this cucumber sushi roll is drizzled with wasabi mayo as well. Last but not least is their wakame sushi rolls, wakame sushi rolls are 12pcs seasoned seaweed sushi rolls served with wasabi mayo. 

Katsu House Menu Delivery

Craving the delectable dishes from Katsu House? Great news! Ordering your favorite Japanese foods online has never been simpler. Katsu House offers a user-friendly online platform where you can effortlessly browse and select your preferred meals. To indulge in these culinary delights, simply visit their delivery page at https://www.katsuhouse.beepit.com/ and start exploring their delicious menus.

Social Media Pages

To stay informed and never miss a beat from their latest updates, be sure to subscribe to their social media accounts. By doing so, you’ll receive timely notifications about new posts, and perhaps even exclusive promotions that could provide you with valuable savings. Check out the links below for their official social media profiles, and join the community to stay in the loop:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katsuhouseph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katsuhouseph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/katsuhouse


Great place to go if you love Japanese-inspired dishes. Good food and service as well. Katsu House menu has loads of choices from ramen, nigiri, sushi, rice meals, skewers, desserts, and so on. Surely a nice place to go to any time. Their price is very reasonable actually affordable and their place is really clean cozy and customer friendly. Their staff is approachable and professional but friendly. I highly recommend this place if you want to enjoy delicious Japanese inspired dishes without spending too much. 

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