Buddy’s Menu Prices

Buddy’s restaurant in the Philippines has a diverse menu that includes both traditional Filipino dishes and some international options. Buddy’s menu, in general, offers a good mix of traditional Filipino favorites and innovative dishes. The restaurant also caters to diners with a variety of dietary preferences, including vegetarian and seafood dishes. Buddy’s also serves a selection of desserts. Overall, Buddy’s restaurant has something for everyone, and it is popular among locals and tourists alike.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Buddy’s menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Sizzlers and Steaks with Rice

Sisig w Egg Pork/Pusit173
Sizzling w Egg Bangus/Ampalaya218
Sizzlig Steak225
Sizzling Steak265
Sizzling Mixed Seafood and Vegetables265
Sizzling Ampalaya con Carne243

All Day Breakfast

Longsilog Lucban187
Grilled Longsilog187
Daing na Bangus225
Cooked Lucbhan Longganisa270
Frozen Lucban Longganisa220

Lunch and Dinner

Crispy Buntot ng Tanigue495
Crispy Pata625
Fried Pork Chop255
Fried Chicken w Rice230
Fried Chicken w Crispy Noodles545
Karekare Beef515
Lechon Kawali w Rice255
Lumpiang Shanghai w Rice185
Paksiw na Lechon w Rice205

BBQ and Grills w Rice

Baby Back Ribs258
Chicken BBQ248
Pork BBQ 258
Pork BBQ Jr188
Pork BBQ Jr 1 stick w/o rice69
Pork BBQ Jr 1 dozen w/o rice798
Pork Chop BBQ188
Pork Chop Ihaw235

Buddy Pizza

Buddy Pizza Regular150
Buddy Pizza Supreme165
Classic Supreme165
Vegetarian Supreme165
Bacon and Pepperoni Supreme165
Buddy Pizza Super Supreme183
Classic Super Supreme183
Longganing Lucban and Kesong Puti Super Supreme203

Combo Meals

COMBO 1230
COMBO 2220


Fried Lumpia145
Fresh Lumpia123


Beef Bulalo320
Pork Molo218
Sinigang sa Miso298
Sinigang na Salmon398

Pasta and Noodles

Pancit Lucban273
Pancit Lucban chicken w pesto sauce283
Pancit Lucban Seafood w pesto sauce320
Miki Bihon273
Sotanghon con Canton318

Fiesta n a Box


Buddy's Bundles


Fiesta Salo Salo


Family Feast

Small Bilao Palabok865
Lumpiang Shanghai 615
Pork BBQ Jr1140
Lucban Longganisa735
Small Bilao Pancit Lucban755
Pork BBQ1140
Chicken BBQ875
Fried Lumpiang Gulay615
Small Bilao Spaghetti695

About Buddy’s

Buddy’s is a popular Filipino restaurant chain that began as a small eatery in Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines. Mr. Buddy Trinidad founded it in 1985, and it has since expanded to several locations throughout the Philippines, including Manila and Batangas. Buddy’s is well-liked by both locals and tourists due to its reasonable prices, generous serving sizes, and flavorful dishes. During peak hours, the restaurant has a casual, family-friendly atmosphere and is frequently packed with diners.

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Buddy’s Menu Best Seller

Buddy’s best-sellers foods are well-loved by customers for their classic Filipino flavors, quality ingredients, and delicious taste. Here are the most frequently ordered menus from their restaurant.

Crispy PataCrispy Pata is a deep-fried crispy pork leg that is tender and juicy on the inside. It’s a well-liked dish in the Philippines, and Buddy’s rendition is renowned for its tasty meat and crispy texture.

Crispy Pata is a best-seller menu dish in Buddy's Pin
Photo Credit: Buddy’s Official Facebook Page

Fried Chicken – Another popular dish at Buddy’s is fried chicken, which has a crispy and flavorful batter that encases the juicy and tender chicken meat. It is a classic Filipino dish that can be served at any given time.

Paksiw na LechonPaksiw na Lechon is a dish made with leftover roasted pork, vinegar, garlic, and different spices, which results in a tangy and flavorful dish that goes really well with steamed rice. I highly recommend this delicious and tasty Buddy’s menu.

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Pork BBQ – It is a grilled pork dish that has been marinated in a sweet and savory sauce before grilling it to perfection. Buddy’s has elevated classic Filipino street food to a restaurant-quality dish.

Pork BBQ of Buddy's Pin
Photo Credit: Buddy’s Official Facebook Page

Fried Vegetable Lumpia – A spring roll made Filipino style that is stuffed with veggies that is ideal for diners who want to include some healthy dishes in their meal.

Buddy’s Sizzlers and Steaks Menu

Sizzlers and Steaks with Rice menu are sizzling hot dishes with various meat and seafood options served on a sizzling plate with a side of rice.

Sisig w Egg and Pork or Pusit – Sisig is a popular Filipino dish that consists of chopped pig’s head and liver on a sizzling plate with an egg on top. Buddy’s restaurant serves this dish in two variations, with either pork or squid (pusit) as the main protein. The sisig is flavorful and well-seasoned, and the crispy bits of meat and cartilage adds a nice texture. The egg adds a nice richness to the dish and works well with the savory flavors.

Pork Sisig menu in Buddy's Pin
Photo Credit: Buddy’s Official Facebook Page

Sizzling Mixed Seafood and Vegetables – This dish combines seafood and vegetables, such as shrimp, squid, and mixed vegetables, and is served on a sizzling plate with rice. The vegetables have a pleasant and crispy texture, and the fish is tasty and fresh. The seasoning is well-balanced and works well with the seafood and vegetables.

Sizzling with Egg and Bangus or Ampalaya – This dish includes a choice of two main proteins: Bangus (milkfish) or ampalaya (bitter melon). The protein of choice is stir-fried with vegetables and served on a sizzling plate, topped with an egg and rice on the side. The dish has a nice flavor, and the egg adds a nice richness to it. The sizzling plate keeps the dish warm while also adding a nice sizzle and aroma.

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Buddy’s All Day Breakfast Menu

This menu is made up of different varieties of Filipino breakfast dishes that Buddy’s restaurant offers.

Longsilog Lucban – This dish consists of grilled Lucban longganisa sausage served with garlic rice and a fried egg. The slightly sweet and garlicky flavor of the sausage complements the savory rice and egg.

Longganisaang Lucban breakfast Pin
Photo Credit: Buddy’s Official Facebook Page

Grilled Longsilog – It is a grilled version of the Lucban longganisa served with the same garlic rice and fried egg accompaniments. The grilling imparts a smoky, slightly charred flavor to the sausage, which enhances its flavor.

TapsilogTapsilog is a traditional Filipino breakfast dish that consists of thinly sliced beef known as tapa served with garlic rice and a fried egg. The beef is typically marinated in a combination of soy sauce, calamansi juice, garlic, and sugar to create a sweet and savory flavor.

Tapsilog of All Day Breakfast menu in Buddy's Pin
Photo Credit: Buddy’s Official Facebook Page

Lunch and Dinner

Buddy’s Lunch and Dinner menu features a wide range of dishes that highlight the rich and delectable flavors of Filipino cuisine.

Fried Pork Chop – Buddy’s Fried Pork Chop is a crispy and juicy meal that is good for lunch or dinner. The porkchop is covered in a delicious batter and then deep fried till it is golden brown. It is then served with rice and dipping sauce that greatly enhances its flavor.

Kare-Kare Beef – This is a traditional Filipino dish with a rich and savory flavor. It is served with bagoong and rice on the side. This is a substantial and hearty supper because of the tender meat and vegetables that are added to this dish.

Kare-Kare Beef in Buddy's Pin
Photo Credit: Buddy’s Official Facebook Page

Lumpiang Shanghai – Buddy’s Lumpiang Shanghai is a traditional Filipino dish that works well as an appetizer or side dish. This dish is deep-fried until golden brown and served with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce. The filling is flavorful, and the crunch from the fried wrapper gives the dish a nice texture.

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Pizza Menu

Buddy’s Pizza menu in the Philippines offers a variety of delicious and satisfying pizza options that are an excellent choice for those looking for a quick and tasty meal. Each of them is very affordable and well worth the money you spend on them.

Longganisa Lucban at Kesong Outi Super Supreme under pizza menu in Buddy's Pin
Photo Credit: Buddy’s Official Facebook Page

Bilao Feast and Fiesta Packages

Buddy’s Philippines Bilao Feast and Fiesta Packages are ideal for entertaining family and friends. The variety of dishes included in the Bilao Feast makes it an excellent value, while the Fiesta Bilao Package and Fiesta Platter are suitable for those seeking a simpler option. It is a great option for gatherings and celebrations because the food is generally tasty an

Buddy’s Menu Delivery

Ordering your favorite Filipino meals and dishes is made easier by the use of mobile applications. You can now order your favorite Buddy’s foods and beverages through the GrabFood and FoodPanda applications. Just download one of the applications mentioned and search for Buddy’s online store to browse their menu and order.

Social Media Pages

If you’re interested in staying updated on Buddy’s newest events and taking advantage of their discounts and promos, you can check out their official social media pages! Just click the link and you’ll be redirected there in no time.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BuddysPH

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buddysph

Website: https://www.buddys.com.ph/


Buddy’s menu provides a satisfying dining experience with delicious Filipino dishes, pizza, and fiesta packages that are reasonably priced, and their servings are generous, making it an excellent choice for those looking for affordable dining options. The restaurant has a casual and cozy atmosphere as well as friendly service, making it an excellent choice for a casual and simple meal with family and friends.

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