Cafe Lidia Menu Prices

The Cafe Lidia menu is known for its scrumptious dishes inspired by Filipino, American, and Italian cuisine. It consists of appetizers, salads, all-day breakfast, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, entrees, cakes, ice cream desserts, and beverages. Pasta and pizzas are the most popular cuisines of this restaurant. These dishes are served generously which makes them affordable and good for sharing.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Cafe Lidia menu prices. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Buffalo Wings 245
Calamari 330
Mozza Cheese Sticks 200
Cheesy Fries 260
Chicken Fingers 230
Dad's Special 410
Fish & Chips 225
French Fries 150
Nachos 250
Salmon Tartar 305
Spicy Fish Fillet 240


Caesar Salad 205
House Salad215
Ludy's Salad 330
Mediterranean Salad 270
Waldorf Salad 260

All Day Breakfast

Longganisa 215
Tapa 240
Tocino 210

Add Ons

Barbeque Sauce 30
Salad Dressing 20
Garlic Ranch 20
Parmesan Cheese 25
Pepper Sauce30
Tartar Sauce 20


BLT 180
Cheese Burger 205
Chicken Sandwich 175
Clubhouse 275
Ham & Cheese 170
Hamburger 190


Buffalo Pizza 345
Creamy Spinach 365
Garlic Trio 315
Ham & Cheese 300
Hawaiian 300
House Special 340
Pizza Papa330
Pepperoni 320
Pizza Henric 320
Pizza Lidia 325
Quattro Formaggi 365
Roast Beef 365
Shrimp & Garlic360
Sicilian Pizza360
Trio Formaggi 320
Truffle Pizza 395
Bacon Mushroom & Roasted Garlic 355

Add Ons

Java Rice 50
Garlic Rice 50
Plain Rice 40
Garlic Bread 15
Egg 20
Mashed Potato 50

Baked Pasta

Baked Penne 225
Lasagna 230
Mac & Cheese225
Spaghetti Meatballs 240

In Cream Sauce

Beef Stroganoff 270
Carbonara 215
Chicken Pesto 250
Chicken Primavera260
Creamy Mushroom 225
Fettucine Salmone260
Frutti De Mare 260
Truffle Mushroom 275

In Olive Oil

Ala Lidia230
Ala Maria 235
Gamberi 240
Pasta w/ Salmon 285
Pesto 205
Spicy Red Pesto w/ Grilled Chicken295

In Tomato Sauce

Bolognese 230
Chicken Chipotle360
Kid's Spaghetti230
Marinara 245
Pasta Janica 285
Shrimp Arrabiata250


Braised Beef 295
Beef Kebab315
Beef Salpicao 320
Lengua 320
Pastel De Lengua310
Roast Beef310
Rib-Eye Steak 485
Salisbury Steak 365
Tenderloin Steak 495


Boneless Chicken 285
Chicken Angelito 290
Chicken Kebab280
Chicken Marsala 325
Cordon Bleu305


Fried Pork Belly 285
Grilled Pork Belly 290
Porchetta 310
Pork Souvlaki370
Roast Porkloin 310


Crusted Fish Fillet 285
Grilled Blue Marlin 375
Grilled Salmon 420
Grilled Tuna 350
Panseared Cream Dory 280
Seafood Rice 285
Tuna Salpicao265


Caramel (Small)115
Caramel (Large)125
Cappucino (Small)120
Cappucino (Large)130
Chocolate (Small)115
Chocolate (Large)130
Coffee Caramel (Small)120
Coffee Caramel (Large)135
Mocha (Small)115
Mocha (Large)130
Mocha Cookie (Small)120
Mocha Cookie (Large)135
Strawberry (Small)125
Strawberry (Large)145
Vanilla (Small)105
Vanilla (Large)120
White Mocha (Small)120
White Mocha (Large)135
Cheesecake (Large)135
Matcha (Large)180
Matcha OREO (Large)190

Iced Drinks

Americano (Small)105
Americano (Large)115
Caramel (Small)115
Caramel (Large)125
Cappuccino (Small)115
Cappuccino (Large)125
Chocolate (Small)115
Chocolate (Large)130
Coffee Caramel (Small)120
Coffee Caramel (Large)130
Latte (Small)115
Latte (Large)130
Mocha (Small)120
Mocha (Large)135
White Mocha (Small)125
White Mocha (Large)140

Add Ons

Milk 25
Sliced Lemon 30

Hot Drinks

Americano 90
Cappuccino 125
Coffee Caramel 135
Chocolate 120
Latte 125
Mocha 130
Green Tea (Lemon/Mint/Jasmine)70


Coke Regular65
Coke Zero 65
Royal 65
Sarsi 65
Del Monte Four Seasons 70
Del Monte Orange (Sweetened)70
Del Monte Pineapple (Unsweetened)70
Del Monte Pineapple (Sweetened)70
Bottled Water 40
Iced Tea (Pitcher)130

New Shakes

Choco Banana140
Mango Graham 190
Melon 120
Ripe Mango 130
Strawberry Banana150
Watermelon 120

Ice Cream Desserts

Banana Split 160
Fruit Fluff130
Kitkat Choco Attack 150
Mudpie Madness 130
Simply Strawberry 140


Brazo De Mercedes90
Blueberry Cheesecake175
Carrot Cake 160
Classic Sansrival 155
Choco Moist 145
Red Velvet 130
Ube Cake 110

About Café Lidia

Café Lidia is one of the popular restaurants in Marikina that was founded on September 8, 2009. The friends, schoolmates, and relatives of the owner are the first customers who help this restaurant grow through word of mouth. It uses wooden furniture that makes its interior design classic yet with a touch of elegance. 

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Cafe Lidia Menu Best Seller

These are the best-selling and mouthwatering dishes of Café Lidia that continuously impresses its customers. 

Buffalo Wings – Chicken wings are marinated in the restaurant’s special barbecue sauce and cooked until tender. Tartar sauce is served with it to make this dish more delectable.

buffalo wings with ranch dipping Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Lidia Official FB Page

Pasta ala Lidia – This is the house specialty of Café Lidia. It is an olive oil-based pasta dish with fresh tomatoes, capers, tuna, olives, and anchovies. 

Blueberry Cheesecake – It is the most-sought cake that people love. This cheesecake has a rich and delicious taste and is best paired with coffee

House Special Pizza – It is a special pizza made up of ham, bacon, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and pineapples. This pizza has generous toppings that will delight your taste buds in every bite. 

Cafe Lidia's House Special Pizza Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Lidia Official FB Page

Beef SalpicaoBeef Salpicao is one of the popular dishes in the Philippines as it is easy to cook and has a delicious taste. Beef cubes are cooked with the restaurant’s special blend of ingredients. It comes with mesclun salad and mashed potato. 

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Cafe Lidia offers various menu entrees such as beef, chicken, pork, and seafood that are truly delectable. 

Lengua – The tenderness of Lengua and the creaminess of its gravy create a great dish. It comes with vegetables and your choice of mashed potato or rice. 

Lengua dish under Entree menu Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Lidia Official FB Page

Salisbury Steak – Ground beef is expertly cooked with mushroom sauce and mozzarella cheese. The gravy that comes with it is well-seasoned and it complements the flavor of vegetables and mashed potato. 

Chicken Marsala – Thin slices of chicken breast are cooked with special marsala wine sauce, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms and served with mixed vegetables and mashed potato. It is a wonderful dish that will boost your appetite. 

Grilled Pork Belly – Pork Belly is marinated in a special sauce and grilled to perfection. Its taste is similar to barbeque as it is flavored with homemade barbeque sauce. A special sauce, java rice, and mixed vegetables also come with this dish. 

Seafood Rice – This is a perfect dish for seafood lovers as it consists of mixed seafood such as squid rings, shrimp, and shells cooked with rice, eggs in marinara sauce, bell pepper, and green peas. 

Cafe Lidia Appetizer Menu

These are crowd-pleasing appetizers that will stimulate your appetite. It consists of light and bite-sized snacks that are good for sharing. 

Chicken Fingers – Chicken is marinated in a special sauce that makes it tender. This Cafe Lidia menu is lightly coated with a breading and deep-fried until golden brown. Honey mustard is the sauce served with it. 

French Fries – It is a popular snack or appetizer because it is highly palatable. People love French fries because it is convenient to eat and it makes them feel good as it releases the dopamine chemical in the brain. 

Level up your french fries and dig in to these Cheesy Baked Fries Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Lidia Official FB Page

Fish and Chips – Fish is buttered, deep-fried, and served with tartar sauce and potato wedges. Fish and chips are well-known snacks as their flavor and texture go well together.  

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British appetizer is the Fish and Chips Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Lidia Official FB Page

Nachos – Nachos are topped with Mexican ground beef sauce, cheese sauce, and fresh salsa. It is a comfort dish that can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a light and quick snack.  

Calamari – This is a famous street food loved by passersby. The calamari that Café Lidia offers is breaded with their special breading mix and deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. 


The coffee menu that Cafe Lidia offers are available in hot and iced. These coffees are perfectly paired with the cake offered by this restaurant. 

Americano – It is a drink that is strong as brewed coffee but has a different taste. This is made up of espresso diluted in hot water. It’s a simple coffee drink that will wake up your senses. 

Have some Americano while your in Cafe Lidia Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Lidia Official FB Page

Cappuccino – Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink made up of espresso with milk foam on its top. People love its fuller texture and flavor and the designs that the barista creates on its top using steamed milk. 

Coffee Caramel – A rich coffee drink made from brewed coffee, milk, and whipped cream infused with caramel flavoring. It can be paired with cakes or appetizers that this restaurant offers. 

A balance taste of strong coffee and caramel syrup. Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Lidia Official FB Page

Latte – The espresso is made creamier by adding steamed milk on top of it. This coffee has only a little sweetness as it doesn’t contain additional sweeteners. 

Mocha – This drink is made up of espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk. This is a sweet coffee drink as it contains milk and chocolate. 


Pizza is one of the snacks that can satisfy your cravings as it is topped with delectable toppings that are perfectly mixed. Below are the top flavors of the Cafe Lidia Pizza menu.

Ham and Cheese – A classic and popular pizza topped with ham and cheese. This is a delicious pizza that people from different walks of life will enjoy.

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Hawaiian – It is a Canadian pizza known for its pineapple toppings. This pizza has a perfect combination of appetizing flavors that makes it a crowd-pleasing dish. 

Pepperoni – This pizza is made up of delicious thinly sliced pepperoni sausage. Its perfect balance of crispiness and saltiness makes it one of the most popular pizzas. 

Quattro Formaggi – It is an Italian pizza made from four kinds of cheese melted together. Cream cheese sauce, parmesan, mozzarella, and cheddar are its main ingredients. The rich cheesy flavor of this pizza makes it an ideal snack for cheese lovers

Truffle Pizza – Truffle oil is the special ingredient that makes it delicious and satisfying. Its earthy flavor complements well with cheese and its other special toppings. 


The Cafe Lidia menu offers ice cream desserts that can cool you down, especially in hot weather. It consists of Banana Split, Mudpie Madness, Simply Strawberry, Fruit Fluff, and Kitkat Choco Attack. These ice creams can alleviate your mood. The creamy texture of ice cream and its special flavors will make you reminisce about your childhood days. 

Cafe Lidia Menu Delivery

You can opt for delivery through either GrabFood or FoodPanda, as they are available on both platforms. Alternatively, you can visit their official website or social media pages by clicking on this link to find their contact details and place your order.

Social Media Pages

To gain further insight into their offerings, browse through their social media pages. You’ll find that they frequently share updates on food menus, special discounts, and promos. Below are the links to their social media pages for easy access.





Cafe Lidia’s Menu consists of a wide array of dishes that are good for sharing. It is reasonably priced as each dish is served generously and cooked to perfection. You will definitely come back or order again in this restaurant to try other food and beverage items that it provides. It has a good ambiance that is ideal for date nights or any special occasion. It is the best place where you can share food and stories with your loved ones. 

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