Panchic Menu Prices

If you’re always eating out with family and friends and you want to change the eating place for a change would you consider going to a restaurant that serves Filipino foods specifically meriendas? I have a great recommendation here. Have you heard about a restaurant named Panchic? If not and you’re interested in this one you should stay with me on this topic. Panchic menu offers a variety of dishes that is quite popular in the country and at the same time great for those who love to explore our country’s cuisine. Let’s get to know Panchic more, about their best sellers, their prices per item, and of course something about them. So, I don’t want to delay things here and I’m quite excited about this one so let’s go. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Panchic menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Buttered Chicken349
Saucy Pancit Canton279
Crispy Lumpia349
White Chicken Sotanghon295
Stirfried Pancit Canton279

Let's Partypid na

Buttered Chicken1045
Sweet n' Sour Pork1045
Crispy Lumpia1045
White Sotanghon835
Beef with Broccoli1195
Stir-fried Pancit Canton795
Sweet n' Sour Fish Fillet1045
Classic Pancit Guisado795
Sate Mee835
Lemon Chicken1045
Fried Chicken999
Quekiam Meat Roll1045
Salt & Pepper Chicken1045
Bokchoy With Garlic625
Sweet Beef With Onion1185
Kangkong With Bagoong625
Steamed White Rice560
Beef Fried Rice835
Shanghai Fried Rice835
Spicy Chicken835


White Chicken Sotanghon1045
Stirfried Pancit Canton295
Saucy Pancit Canton279
Classic Pancit Guisado279
Sate Mee279


Buttered Chicken295
Fried Chicken349
Lemon Chicken349
Salt & Pepper Chicken365

Other dishes

Crispy Lumpia365
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet349
Sweet & Sour Pork365
Sweet Beef with Onion415
Beef with Broccoli415
Quekiam Meat Roll415


Bokchoy with Garlic349
Kang-kong with Bagoong335


Steamed White Rice Share225
Shanghai Fried Rice155
Beef Fried Rice225
Steamed White Rice Solo225


Four Seasons Juice35
Soft Drink Solo85
Mineral Water90
Cold Beer45
Pineapple Juice125


Sliced Pineapple85


Clear soup50
Disposable plate4
Disposable spoon & fork set6
Disposable cup4
Paper food box15

About Panchic 

Panchic which literally means pancit and chicken is a place in Cagayan de Oro that serves Filipino dishes most of their menu are Filipino meryenda items but they are also serving rice so yeah since Filipino cuisine is so flexible it could be meryenda or lunch/dinner at the same time. Owned by Geleng Arcade this place is quite popular already and continues to grow by having other locations in the country. Pan-chic could be your newest go-to place since they are offering affordable and delicious meals at the same time so it’s sulit trying their place. Quality and delicious meals that are great for sharing are what Panchic offers plus great customer support. 

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Panchic Menu Best Seller

Here are samples of the best-selling and popular items of Panchic. 

Saucy Pancit CantonPancit canton is quite popular in the country since this is one of pancit varieties and when we say pancit that’s widely known already. Their saucy Pancit canton as its name suggests is saucy and delicious, the canton noodles are not overcooked plus the vegetables on it are still crispy. This very savory saucy and delicious pancit canton is perfect with anything whether it’s chicken, bread, or simply anything even rice if you’re the carbs over carbs person which is me sometimes. Saucy pancit canton of Panchic is one of the best items that you could get on their menu. 

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Saucy pancit canton Pin
Photo Credits: Pan Chic – Divisoria Foodpanda Page

Crispy Lumpia – If were going to talk about Filipino gatherings it is impossible not to find lumpia right? Since lumpia is one of the most popular items in Filipino gatherings Panchic offers crispy lumpia menu and when we say crispy they are not playing around, their lumpia is still crispy even after hours. Lumpia itself is delicious and really flavorful inside. The meat and stuffings inside made their lumpia best tasting and not your ordinary lumpia. This one is great with pancit to be honest and ill be specific saucy pancit canton is the best partner for this one. 

White Chicken SotanghonChicken sotanghon is one of the Filipino comfort food growing up, I like this one on a rainy day as I remember my childhood simply by just the aroma of this chicken sotanghon. The broth is very tasty and their chicken is quite all over the sotanghon so it is really meaty, the sotanghon noodles are not overcooked their version of white chicken sotanghon is really delicious and comforting.

White chicken sotanghonPin
Photo Credits: Pan Chic – Divisoria Foodpanda Page

Chopsuey Chopsuey is one of the most common vegetable dishes that you can find in any household in the Philippines. This is a mix of varieties of vegetables with any meat, stir-fried but not overcooked. Panchic’s version of chop suey is really good with a crunchy texture because of the vegetables. This one is great with any chicken with rice or in my case I like this with crispy lumpia. 

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Panchic Pancit Menu

Panchic has 6 different items on its pancit menu. The first item is their White Chicken Sotanghon, this one is soupy and delicious. Another item is their Stir-fried Pancit Canton. This one is for those who love their pancit canton not saucy. They also have a Saucy Pancit Canton which is the counterpart of the not-so-saucy stir-fried pancit canton. They also have Classic Pansit Guisado on this menu, this is for those who don’t like the use of canton in pancit. Sate Mee is also present on this menu this one is obviously not a Pinoy dish but this one is good as well. They also have Spaghettamis, this one is Filipino-style spaghetti that is sweet but very savory. 

Panchic Chicken Menu

On their chicken menu, they offer 4 kinds of chicken dishes. If you’re looking for a savory dish you should try their Butter chicken or if you want it plain and simple their fried chicken is the best choice. They also have lemon chicken and salt and pepper chicken. 

Fried chicken Pin
Photo Credits: Pan Chic – Divisoria Foodpanda Page

Other Dishes

Other dishes consist of Pinoy favorites. Crispy Lumpia is on top of this menu. They also have Sweet & sour fish fillet and sweet and sour pork. Their pork humba is amazingly good I also recommend this one. They also have sweet beef with onion and their delicious beef with broccoli. If you are looking for something seafood they also have Calamares in this menu or you can also try their Quekiam meat rolls.

Photo Credits: Pan Chic – Divisoria Foodpanda Page

Panchic Menu Delivery

You can order your favorite Panchic dishes using third-party food delivery services that are available at your location. Samples are Grabfood, Foodpanda, and Lalamove. Or you can message them on their Facebook page at you can also call +639063481000.

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Social Media Pages

Be a part of the Panchic online community – where Filipino flavors and culture are celebrated. Follow their social media pages to embark on a delectable adventure and be the first to discover our mouthwatering menu, exciting promotions, and special events.




What kind of cuisine does Panchic Philippines serve?

Panchic serves Filipino cuisine most of the food items on their menu are Filipino favorites. 

How can I order from Panchic Philippines?

You can try visiting their social media page like Facebook to order or you may call them directly. You can also use other platforms like food delivery services. 

Can I make special requests or customize my order from Panchic Philippines?

Yes, you can customize your order at Panchic all you have to do is to ask about it and inform their crews that you like to customize your order. 

Are there any promotions or discounts available at Panchic Philippines?

Yes, actually panic is very generous about discounts and promotions. However, they only have promotions for a specific time so you better like or subscribe to their social channels to get updates. 


Panchic menu has a lot of options most items on their menu are really good that’s why you’ll have a hard time choosing what to order. The place is not too wide and spacious however the design is okay and the ambiance is really good. This place is a go place if you’re on a budget since their food items are really affordable but at the same time delicious. A highly recommendable place for your eat outs with family or friends. Nice service as well and overall a great experience. 

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