Acacia Steakhouse Menu Prices

Through a new menu of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook dishes, the Acacia Steakhouse, which is renowned for its charming, homey, and casual atmosphere in the neighborhood of Capitol Hills, now offers all these similar sentiments to each customer’s home kitchen via delivery. Acacia Steakhouse has a menu of favorites that are pre-marinated, sauced, and simple to prepare to one’s preferences. Their 14-day aged and ready-to-grill steaks are one of the famous items on their menu.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Acacia Steakhouse menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Butcher's Steak450
Black Pepper Steak495
Flat Iron Steak495
Steak and Marrow595
Salisbury Steak350
Australian Grassfed Ribeye1350
Choice Ribeye1450
Wagyu Striploin1490


Pumpkin Soup85
French Onion Soup120
Portobello Mushroom Soup195
Greenvalley Salad175
Caesar Salad230


Prawn Gambas265
Chorizo Squid275
Miso Glazed Salmon395
Bolognese Pasta295
Seafood Aglio Olio320
Chicken Tartufo265
Pork Schnitzel265
Acacia Burger350
Angus Salpicao320

Red Wine

Fat Bastard950
Fat Bastard950
Prime Cuts Red Blend950
Ramon Roqueta Reserva990
Montepulclano d' Abruzzo850

Whie Wine

Pionero Chardonay790
Pinot Grigio Veneto790

About Acacia Steakhouse

Acacia Steakhouse is a Filipino-style restaurant located at Acacia St, Capitol, Cebu City, that offers great-tasting steaks! Visitors at this restaurant can plunge into delectable fare and superb samples of pepper steaks, pumpkin soup, and prawns. If you are famished, you just have to come to Acacia Steakhouse for their delicious creme brulee and a great wine to start up your dinner. It is a casual steakhouse good for gatherings with family and friends.

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Acacia Steakhouse Menu Best Seller

These are the list of the most popular and most ordered dishes from Acacia Steakhouse’s menu.

Steak and Marrow – Bone marrow is flavorful and a wonderful addition to a good steak. It has a slightly sweet, savory, and full-bodied flavor when cooked properly. Bone marrow also has collagen and glucosamine, which help strengthen and maintain the health of bones and skin.

Wagyu Striploin – The Wagyu striploin is renowned for its intense marbling. It is one of the best cuts of Wagyu beef because of its rich marbling. Striploin’s powerful flavor and well-balanced texture are a result of the substantial amount of intramuscular fat present in the meat. Anyone seeking to taste a great steak should get this Acacia Steakhouse menu.

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Steak and Marrow is a best seller menu at Acacia Steakhouse Pin
Photo Credit: Acacia Steakhouse Official FB Page

Salisbury Steak – An American-style hamburg steak variation that is made with ground beef and additional seasonings.

Salisbury steak ready to cooked dish in Acacia Steakhouse Pin
Photo Credit: Acacia Steakhouse Official FB Page

Prawn Gambas – In addition to being a full meal with rice, pasta, or bread this classic dish is often offered as an appetizer at bars. Acacia Steakhouse’s prawn gambas are modified to suit the local ingredients available and are traditionally cooked with prawns, olive oil, and different varieties of spices.


These menus are what make Acacia Steakhouse the way it is right now. Aside from their best sellers, these dishes are the reason why customers visit Acacia Steakhouse.

Butcher’s Steak – It is a piece of beef steak renowned for its flavor. This portion of the animal’s top belly, known as the plate, is where this cut is made. It was once one of the numerous beef steaks that were referred to as “hanging steak.”

Butcher's Steak Pin
Photo Credit: Acacia Steakhouse Official FB Page

Black Pepper SteakBlack Pepper Beef is a quick and simple stir-fry made with beef, onions, and peppers that have been heavily spiced with black pepper and oyster sauce. Big, juicy steak chunks are used in this variety of Chinese classics, giving it a greater body, and a robust, meaty flavor.

Mouth-watering Black Pepper Steak Pin
Photo Credit: Acacia Steakhouse Official FB Page

Australian Grass-Fed Ribeye – This menu of Acacia Steakhouse uses ribeye from a grass-fed animal that is leaner, and the meat has real muscular integrity when compared to meat from other animals that were bred conventionally, which receive little to no exercise. It is juicy and tender when gently cooked.


The dishes that are part of this menu are supposed to prepare the diners’ palates as they wait for their main course.

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Pumpkin Soup – Pumpkin puree is used to make pumpkin soup, which is typically a variety of bound soups. It is frequently consumed by locals and is available either hot or cold.

French Onion Soup – Typically made with meat stock and onions, this type of soup is frequently grated and topped with croutons or a larger piece of bread with cheese.

Bruschetta – It is a variety of antipasto that is created with the use of grilled bread that is mixed with different seasonings. Additionally, a variety of different toppings such as vegetables, pork, and cheese are included in this dish.


This Acacia Steakhouse menu is made of delectable dishes that are served before the main course arrives. Here are some of the best entrees that I highly recommend trying.

Angus Salpicao – Every bite of the delicate black Angus cubes is very satisfying and fulfilling. Angus beef’s tenderness and luscious flavor are ideal for this type of cooking method. This dish works well for potlucks as well as packed lunches.

Miso Glazed Salmon – Salmon filets are marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, miso, sake, and other seasonings before being baked until they are tender and golden. The ease and satisfaction of this dish will delight you and your family, especially when it is served with rice and vegetables.

Not a meat lover? Then try this Miso Glazed Salmon. Pin
Photo Credit: Acacia Steakhouse Official FB Page

Pork Schnitzel – To help the meat be cooked more uniformly until it becomes soft, the cutlet, which is often boneless, is pounded into a thin slice. Pork chops are crushed into thin, soft cutlets that are then breaded, sauteed, and served with a juicily crisp exterior and interior.

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Acacia Steakhouse is not only famous for its delectable dishes; they also serve finely aged wine for its customers to enjoy.

Rook’s Lane – Rook’s Lane is a fruity, easy-to-drink ladies’ variety of Murray Darling wine. These wines are styled with an eye toward the laid-back nature of the Australian way of life and display all the warm and generous qualities for which Australian wine is recognized.

Altozano – This wine became easy to drink because of the sweet tannins that it contained. Altozano is a juicy wine with light tannins and strong aromas that are well-balanced.

Pinot Grigio Veneto – It is a delicious wine that was created from Pinot Grigio grapes. Pinot Grigio Veneto is light and flavorful and makes a mouthwatering accompaniment to seafood and salads.

Acacia Steakhouse Menu Delivery

You may enjoy your favorite steak dishes in the comfort of your own home by placing an order from Acacia Steakhouse’s online store using the FoodPanda or GrabFood applications. For more information about their delivery services, you can get in touch with them through their social media pages.

Chat with Acacia Steakhouse PH Staff

Planning to go to Cebu or discover delicious restaurants around Cebu? Then why not try Acacia Steakhouse? Chat through their social media pages to get information about their opening schedule, promotions, reservations, and many more. Visit their social media pages by clicking the links provided below:





Acacia Steakhouse’s menu is made up of fantastic food! Each of them is visibly well-prepared, and after taking a single bite, you would taste how fresh the ingredients of their dishes are. They have a great and accommodating staff, coupled with a relaxing interior. Acacia Steakhouse is definitely a must-visit place whenever you are in Cebu.

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