24 Chicken Menu Prices

Korean Fried Chicken is the specialty of the 24 Chicken menu. It offers different flavors of boneless chicken like Jack Daniels, Yangnyeom, and Lemon Glaze, and is available in half and whole servings. Rice meals are also provided and it comes with two or three pieces of chicken. It also offers Half & Half and Party Package that consists of mixed flavors. There are also additional items such as cajun fries, kimchi rice, and extra sauce. All of these dishes are expertly fried and tossed in special sauces to serve authentic and delicious fried chicken. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of 24 Chicken menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Boneless Chicken

Original (Half) 250
Original (Whole)485
Lemon Glazed (Half)255
Lemon Glazed (Whole)495
Garlic (Half)255
Garlic (Whole)495
Jack Daniels (Half)255
Jack Daniels (Whole)495
Yangnyeom (Half)255
Yangnyeom (Whole)495
Yangnyeom x2 (Half)255
Yangnyeom x2 (Whole)495
Yangnyeom with Garlic (Half)260
Yangnyeom with Garlic (Whole)515
Spicy BBQ (Half)255
Spicy BBQ (Whole)495
Snow Cheese (Half)260
Snow Cheese (Whole)515
24 Cheddar (Half)260
24 Cheddar (Whole)515

Rice Meals

Original (2 pcs)95
Original (3 pcs)130
Garlic (2 pcs)100
Garlic (3 pcs)135
Jack Daniels (2 pcs) 100
Jack Daniels (3 pcs) 135
Yangnyeom (2 pcs)100
Yangnyeom (3 pcs)135
Yangnyeom x2 (2 pcs)100
Yangnyeom x2 (3 pcs)135
Spicy BBQ (2 pcs)100
Spicy BBQ (3 pcs)135
Lemon Glazed (2 pcs) 100
Lemon Glazed (3 pcs) 135
Yangnyeom w/ Garlic (2 pcs)105
Yangnyeom w/ Garlic (3 pcs)140
24 Cheddar (2 pcs)105
24 Cheddar (3 pcs)140
Snow Cheese (2 pcs)105
Snow Cheese (3 pcs)140
Yangnyeom x2 w/ Garlic (2 pcs) 105
Yangnyeom x2 w/ Garlic (3 pcs) 140
**Upgrade to Kimchi Rice 40

Half & Half

Half & Half (Choose any 2 flavors)495

Party Package

Party Package (2 Whole Chicken (Maximum of 4 flavors) 1.5L Coke)1070

Add Ons

Cajun Fries 75
Extra Rice 20
Extra Sauce (Jack Daniels, Yangnyeom, Yangnyeom x2, Spicy BBQ, Lemon Glazed)45
Sodftdrinks in Can 50
Mineral Water 25
Garlic 20
Caramelized Onions 45
Kimchi 45
Kimchi Rice 65
Coke 1.5L98

About 24 Chicken 

24 Chicken is founded by Mark Gerald Ong, Jefferson Uy, and Jeff Sy. Their holiday visit to South Korea inspired them to build this restaurant. They aim to be part of the lives of their customers and communities by providing quality products and services. The restaurant’s great-tasting Korean fried chicken, affordable prices, and influence of Korean dramas make this restaurant a hit. 

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24 Chicken Menu Best Seller 

These are the best sellers of 24 Chicken restaurants that are loved for their crispy skin, juiciness on the inside, and packed with goodness. 

Jack Daniels – It is made up of Boneless deep-fried chicken that is tossed in the restaurant’s special Jack Daniels sauce. The savory and distinct depth flavor of this dish will satisfy your cravings. This is one of the flavors that always pleases the crowd making it a best seller. 

Jack Daniels flavored-boneless chicken is a best seller menu at 24 Chicken Pin
Photo Credit: 24 Chicken Official FB Page

Yangnyeom – A sweet and spicy boneless chicken with Yangnyeom sauce. This is one of the most popular Korean chicken menu from 24 Chicken that delights the crowd. It is one of the most well-known flavors of fried chicken in South Korea. 

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Yangnyeom with Garlic – This dish has a sweet, spicy, and garlicky flavor. It is garnished with garlic and a special blend of spices. 

Snow Cheese –  It is a perfect flavor for cheese lovers. This boneless fried chicken is tossed in special cheese powder making it too good to resist. 

24 Chicken's Snow Cheese flavor is perfect for cheese lovers! Pin
Photo Credit: 24 Chicken Official FB Page

24 Cheddar – This is made with a special Korean blend of cheddar cheese. It can also be paired with Snow Cheese flavor when you order a Half & Half menu to satisfy your cheese and chicken cravings. 

Rice Meals 

The rice meals offered by 24 Chicken consist of delicious Boneless Chicken and a choice of plain or kimchi rice. Here are some of the best menus that you should try.

Jack Daniels – This 24 Chicken menu consists of rice and boneless chicken flavored with Jack Daniel’s sauce. 

Yangnyeom – It is composed of yangnyeom-flavored deep-fried boneless chicken and rice of your choice. This yangnyeom chicken is perfectly paired with Kimchi Rice. 

Don't miss this Yangnyeom rice meal offered at 24 Chicken Pin
Photo Credit: 24 Chicken Official FB Page

Snow Cheese – A rice meal that consists of delectable chicken that is garnished with cheese powder. The powdery and cheesy coating of this dish makes it unique and enticing. 

Spicy BBQ – It is made with deep-fried boneless chicken and coated with special BBQ sauce. 

Yangnyeom x2 – Spice up your meal with this sweet and extra-spicy boneless chicken. This is made with fried boneless chicken glazed in the restaurant’s special yangnyeom sauce. 

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Original boneless chicken Pin
Photo Credit: 24 Chicken Official FB Page

The original fried chicken flavor is made with deep-fried boneless chicken coated in a restaurant’s special batter mix. It has a perfect balance of crispiness and juiciness. It is an ideal choice for those who prefer the classic boneless chicken flavor. This flavor is available in half and whole servings. It can be paired with plain rice, kimchi rice, and cajun fries. Its taste never fails to satisfy the cravings of people from different walks of life. The simplicity and authenticity of this flavor are truly unbeatable. 

Lemon Glazed 

Boneless Chicken is deep-fried and glazed with lemon. Its citrusy flavor, crispy skin, and tender meat make it delightful. This lemon glazed chicken goes well as a snack when combined with cajun fries and main dish when you pair it with kimchi rice or plain rice. The refreshing goodness of this lemon-glazed chicken will make your meal more satisfying. 


It is made with deep-fried boneless chicken garnished with garlic bits and a special blend of spices. The garlicky and delicious taste of this dish makes it one of the most-sought dishes. This is a must-try menu from the 24 Chicken as it has an amazing flavor and aroma that will satiate your palate. You can also glaze it with other special sauces to make its taste more unique.  

Level up chicken with garlic flavor Pin
Photo Credit: 24 Chicken Official FB Page

Party Package

Make your party or bonding with your loved ones more fun and memorable with this party package of 24 Chicken that is ideal for different occasions or events. It consists of 2 whole chickens and a bottle of 1.5 Liter Coke. It allows customers to choose up to four flavors. With this package, you will be able to enjoy different flavors of Korean fried chicken. There is an additional charge if you choose yangnyeom garlic, yangnyeom x2 garlic, snow cheese, and 24 cheddar flavors. 

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Party package deal! Pin
Photo Credit: 24 Chicken Official FB Page

This is a perfect food that you can prepare for your visitors when you have a party. It is also an ideal gift that you can give to your loved ones when they celebrate any kind of event. You can also enjoy this package with your loved ones while watching your favorite Korean dramas. 

24 Chicken Menu Delivery 

Enjoy your favorite flavors of Korean Fried Chicken through online delivery. The menu of 24 Chicken is available in GrabFood and FoodPanda. The contact information of its branches can be accessed on their social media accounts so you can directly call the nearest branch to your location. The management packed all the food carefully to make sure that crunchy and delicious food will be delivered to their customers. 

Social Media Pages

Are you interested in viewing the most recent updates, franchising, and promotions for the 24 Chicken? If so, we strongly recommend subscribing to their social media pages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/24chickenph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/24chickenph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/24chickenph

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@24chickenph


24 Chicken menu offers delectable Korean fried chicken. It is one of the most loved and recommended restaurants of students as its dishes are satisfying and budget-friendly. Each box is filled with goodness that will make your meals more satisfying. Its great-tasting fried chicken always impresses its customers of all ages and makes them come back for more. It offers ten different flavors so there’s always something to look forward to. You can mix the boneless chicken and rice meal with the additional items that it offers for a more fulfilling experience.

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