Stoned Steaks Menu Prices

The Stoned Steaks menu highlights its heavenly and delicious steaks such as Angus, Wagyu, Dry aged, and Japanese wagyu. The other items on its menu are starters, salads, surf & turf, mains, sandwiches, pasta, sides coffee & dessert, drinks, cocktails, wines, beers, and liquors. These steaks are cooked according to your preference and served on a lava-rock plate. It allows you to grill your own steak and its staff is ready to help in grilling your steaks.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Stoned Steaks menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Soup of the Day130
Oyster Rockefeller420
Truffle Parmesan Fries280
Brioche Onion Rings170
Baked Veal Bone Marrow290
Shrimp Cocktail380


House Salad290
Caesar Salad360
Wild Rocket Salad320

Angus Steak

Tenderloin (Solo 220g)2550
Tenderloin (Share 350g)3780
Ribeye (Solo 220g)2450
Ribeye (Share 350g)3480
N. Y Striploin (Solo 220g)1850
N. Y Striploin (Share 350g)2780
Sirloin (Solo 220g)1150
Sirloin (Share 350g)1480

Wagyu Steak

Ribeye (Solo 220g)3200
Ribeye (Share 350g)4800
N. Y Striploin (Solo 220g)2600
N. Y Striploin (Share 350g)3900
Sirloin (Solo 220g)2300
Sirloin (Share 350g)2800
Ribeye (Solo 220g)3900
Ribeye (Share 350g)5900
Tenderloin (Solo 220g)3860
Tenderloin (Share 350g)5700
Sirloin (Solo 220g)2390
Sirloin (Share 350g)3480

Dry Aged Steak

Wagyu Ribeye Grade 7 (Solo)4350
Wagyu Ribeye Grade 7 (Share)6850
Wagyu Ribeye Grade 4 (Solo)3750
Wagyu Ribeye Grade 4 (Share)5250
Angus Ribeye (Solo)2800
Angus Ribeye (Share)4100

Japanese Wagyu

Wagyu A5 Strips (220g)5300

Surf & Turf

Angus Tenderloin with Shrimp1280
Wagyu Tenderloin with Shrimp1580
Stoner's Fresh Catch1780


Mushroom Risotto620
Braised Beef Short Ribs1265
Lamb Riblets 1299
Wagyu Salpicao450
Fish and Chips420
Seafood Jambalaya425
Grilled Tanigue625
Grilled Salmon625
Seafood Gumbo1200
Herb Roasted Spring Chicken420


Wagyu Rancho Burger560
Wagyu Cheese Burger560
Dry Aged Cheese Burger590
Beef Patty Melt590


Wagyu Lasagna 420
Spaghetti Wagyu Meatballs520
Mushroom Alfredo Pasta510
Truffle Mac and Cheese450
Seafood Arrabbiata 510
Seafood Aglio Olio510


Steak Fried Rice130
Kimchi Fried Rice120
Steamed Rice60
Mac and Cheese185
Steak Fries140
Creamy Corn160
Buttered Vegetables110
Cauliflower Gratin220
Spinach Gratin250
Harricot Verts w/ Almonds180
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato170


Brewed Coffee120
Espresso Shot90


Choco Lava Cake265
Banoffee Moelleux265
Vanilla Gelato195
Dark Chocolate Gelato230


Watermelon Wonder150
Fresh Lemonade150
Stoned Iced Tea (glass)70
Stoned Iced Tea (bottomless)100
Lemon Lush150
Pineapple Juice80


Coke Regular70
Coke Zero70


Watermelon 150
Ripe Mango150
Dark Choco Milkshake190

Red Wine

Ramon Bilbao Gran Reserva (Spain) (Bottle)4100
Ramon Bilbao Reserva (Spain) (Bottle)2550
Jacob's Greek Merlot (Australia) (Bottle)1555
Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon (California) (Bottle)1250
Sutter Home Zinfandel (California) (Bottle)1250
Zonin Merlot (Italy) (Glass)300
Zonin Merlot (Italy) (Bottle)995
Tribu Malbec (Argentina) (Glass)290
Tribu Malbec (Argentina) (Bottle)965
Quiet Life Shiraz (Australia) (Glass)300
Quiet Life Shiraz (Australia) (Bottle)900
Gran Caserio Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) (Glass)250
Gran Caserio Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) (Bottle)830


San Mig Light110
San Miguel Pale Pilsen110
Corona 220


Big Daddy280
Rosemary Lemon Drop190
White Russian280
Black Russian280

White Wine

Jacob's Creek Riesling (Australia) (Bottle)1400
Sutter Home Chardonnay (California) (Bottle)1250
Zonin Moscato (Italy) (Glass)315
Zonin Moscato (Italy) (Bottle)1050
Tribu Chardonnay (Argentina) (Glass)290
Tribu Chardonnay (Argentina) (Bottle)965
Gran Caserio Sauvignon Blanc (Glass)250
Gran Caserio Sauvignon Blanc (Bottle)830

Sparkling Wine

Chandon Brut1600
Chandon Delice1600
Chandon Rose1700

About Stoned Steaks

Stoned steaks are inspired by the dining experience of Dick Baljadia on a cruise ship. Heated stones are used to grill meat because open flames are prohibited on the cruise ship for safety. He wants to provide luxurious yet affordable steaks that are good for sharing. Aside from the steaks, it also offers other delicious dishes to cater different tastes of its customers. 

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Stoned Steaks Menu Best Seller

These best-sellers are the dishes that are always on the list of its customers because of their delectable taste. 

Rib-Eye Angus Steak – Savor a scrumptious and premium-quality steak, cooked to perfection on a blazing 350-degree lava rock, which enhances the flavor and provides a unique culinary experience.

Stoned Steaks menu best-seller is the Rib eye Angus Steak Pin
Photo Credit: Stoned Steaks Official FB Page

Wagyu Ribeye G7 – From the Stoned Steaks menu, you can savor the exquisite Wagyu Steak, served with their renowned stoned sauce and accompanied by a side of flavorful mushrooms, creating a truly delectable dining experience.

Oyster Rockefeller – Treat yourself to a best-selling starter that features delectable baked oysters, prepared with a savory mixture of spinach and a heavenly trio of cheeses. Served on a plate atop small, sizzling lava rocks, this dish is sure to captivate your taste buds and provide a memorable dining experience.

Oyster Rockefeller Pin
Photo Credit: Stoned Steaks Official FB Page

Truffle Parmesan Fries – One of the most beloved and popular starters among customers are the fries, consisting of perfectly crisp and shoestring-cut potatoes, generously topped with delectable truffle paste and savory parmesan cheese. This classic dish is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more with each crispy bite.

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Spaghetti Wagyu Meatballs – Experience a truly unique and delectable twist on traditional spaghetti pasta with Stoned Steaks’ special tomato sauce and succulent wagyu meatballs, perfectly combined and served atop a bed of perfectly cooked pasta. Topped with a generous portion of tangy pecorino cheese.

Stoned Steak's Spaghetti Wagyu Meatballs Pin
Photo Credit: Stoned Steaks Official FB Page

Steak Menu

Stoned Steaks give an exciting dining experience because these are served on a hot lava plate and you can cook them based on your preference. 

Angus Steak – Tenderloin, Ribeye, N.Y. Striploin, and Sirloin are the Angus steaks that it offers. The available sauces are signature stoned sauce, warm cheese fondue, bleu cheese, mustard, peppercorn, mushroom, red wine, and chimichurri. 

Wagyu Steak – Most of the dishes that are served with Wagyu steak are the restaurant’s best sellers. Grade 4 and Grade 7 are the two qualities of Wagyu steaks. The types of Wagyu steaks that you can choose from are Ribeye, N.Y. Striploin, and Sirloin.

Dry Aged Steak – Wagyu Ribeye Grade 7, Wagyu Ribeye Grade 4, and Angus Ribeye are the dry-aged steak that you can choose from. The tenderness of dry-aged steaks makes them more flavorful. 

Japanese Wagyu –  Wagyu A5 Strip is one of the most popular high-grade steaks worldwide. It has a flavorsome and melt-in-your-mouth taste that will satisfy your cravings. 

Surf & Turf – These Stoned Steaks menu are perfect for those who love steaks and seafood. Angus Tenderloin with Shrimp, Wagyu Tenderloin with Shrimp, and Stoner’s Fresh Catch are the combinations that will truly delight your taste buds. Salmon, shrimp, and scallops are the seafood options for Stoner’s Fresh Catch. 

Wagyu Tenderloin with Shrimp will complete your meal like this Surf & Turf of Stoned Steaks Pin
Photo Credit: Stoned Steaks Official FB Page


The Stoned Steaks also offer a meat and seafood menu. The meat dishes include Mushroom Risotto, a creamy risotto with mushrooms served with wagyu striploin. Braised Beef Short Ribs, a fall-off-the-bone Angus short ribs served with steamed rice. Lamb Riblets are served in a lava stone with mixed vegetables, signature sauce, and peppercorn. And Wagyu Salpicao, which is made of mushroom, wagyu sirloin strips, onion, bell pepper is served with savory and sweet sauce. There is also Herb-Roasted Spring Chicken, where half of the spring chicken is marinated in herbs and served with mashed potato. 

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Braised Beef Short Ribs Pin
Photo Credit: Stoned Steaks Official FB Page

For seafood fanatics, there is Seafood Jambalaya where rice, mussels, shrimps, and clams are sauteed in jambalaya sauce. Grilled Tanigue, tanigue is marinated in herbs, pepper, salt, and olive oil and served with mango salsa. Grilled Salmon, where salmon is cooked the same as Grilled Tanigue. Lastly is the Fish and Chips, where Pangasius fillet is cooked in mildly spiced batter and served with Cajun potato chips. 

Seafood Jambalaya consists of rice, mussels, shrimps, and clams sauteed in  jambalaya sauce. Pin
Photo Credit: Stoned Steaks Official FB Page

These main dishes are perfect for everyone as it offers a wide selection of meats and seafood that are cooked using different techniques. 


Oyster Rockefeller and Truffle Parmesan Fries are the best-selling starter menu at Stoned Steaks. There is also a soup of the day that can warm up your taste buds. Having soup before the main meal provides health benefits such as cutting down on calorie intake and aiding in proper digestion. 

Brioche Onion Rings as appetizers Pin
Photo Credit: Stoned Steaks Official FB Page

The other starters that it offers are Brioche Onion Rings made up of deep-fried onion rings garnished in mildly spiced batter; Shrimp Cocktail, a dish where grilled shrimps are served with sriracha mayo and mango salsa; and Baked Veal Bone Marrow Sauce that consists of 2 pieces of baked bone marrow sauce served with signature bone marrow sauce. These starters will kick off your appetite and it is good for sharing. 


The Wagyu Rancho Burger which is made up of a Wagyu patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheddar, and signature sauce served with onion rings is the Steak Stoned’s best-selling sandwich. It also offers Wagyu Cheese Burger, Dry Aged Cheese Burger, and Beef Patty Melt. 

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Wagyu Cheeseburger Pin
Photo Credit: Stoned Steaks Official FB Page

These sandwiches are absolutely delightful and luxurious. These are not ordinary sandwiches as it uses brioche bun and premium steaks so you can easily distinguish their delectable taste. 


Mushroom Alfredo Pasta and Spaghetti Wagyu Meatballs are the crowd-pleaser pasta dishes of Stoned Steaks. It also offers Seafood Aglio Olio, a spaghetti pasta cooked with shrimps, clams, and mussels in olive oil; Seafood Arrabbiata, a linguine pasta cooked with shrimps, clams, and mussels in mildly spiced marinara sauce; Truffle Mac and Cheese, a macaroni pasta sauteed with truffle paste and 5 kinds of cheese; and Wagyu Lasagna, a pasta that consists of ground wagyu, grana Padano, bechamel, and Stoned Steaks signature tomato sauce. 

Seafood Aglio Olio for seafood lovers Pin
Photo Credit: Stoned Steaks Official FB Page

It is one of the Stoned Steaks dishes that you shouldn’t miss because its bursting flavors will tickle your taste buds. These hearty pasta dishes will surely satisfy your cravings and level up your dining experience. 

Stoned Steaks Menu Delivery

Stoned Steaks delivery is only available through self-booking. You can contact them through their official Facebook Page to arrange your orders for delivery. The other way of contacting them is through their official landline and mobile numbers. The number of its Tomas Morato Branch are 88663807 and 0917 – 1321881. The number of its branch at Eastwood are 83738845 and 0917 – 7106511. 

Social Media Pages

Have you decided to dine in Stoned Steak? I suggest you message them or follow their social media accounts for reservations or other concerns. You’re able to stay up-to-date with the latest updates in their restaurant. You can find the links to their pages and contact details below:



Email: [email protected]


Stoned Steaks menu offers delicious, nutritious, and affordable dishes. It will give you a new dining experience because it uses a traditional cooking technique in serving their steaks on a hot lava plate. It is a must-try steakhouse where you will experience grilling your steak based on your preference. They have attentive staffs who will help you in preparing your food. Its grilling sound and aroma will surely make you excited. 

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