Choi Garden Menu Prices

Choi Garden is a Chinese restaurant that stands out for its delicious food prepared by a skilled Hong Kong Chef and its distinctive interior design. The first floor offers Shabu Shabu, while the second floor provides an elegant dining experience. For special occasions, you can reserve private rooms on the second level, while the first level is perfect for casual gatherings or romantic dates. To ensure you get the best seats, it’s advisable to make a reservation in advance.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Gong Cha menu prices.










Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Rice Topping

BBQ Pork Asado Rice Topping200
Soy Chicken Rice Topping200
Roast Duck Rice Topping260
Asado Soy Chicken Rice Topping260
Asado Roast Duck Rice Topping280

Hotpot Rice

Spareribs Hotpot Rice280
Chicken Feet w/Spareribs280
Sausage w/Spareribs280
Sausage w/Fried Duck280
Salted Fish w/Minced Pork280
Minced Beef w/Egg Drop280
BBQ Pork Asado Chicken300
Sliced Chicken Abalone320

Fried Rice

Yang Chow Fried Rice320
Fookien Fried Rice320
Two Tone320
Salted Fish320


Shrimp and Pork Siomai130
Japanese Siomai130
Abalone Siomai240
Malay Cake150
Asado Pao130
Xiao Long Pao130
Pan Fried Spring Onion Cake200
Kuchay Dumpling130
Chicken Feet130
Steamed Tausi Spareribs130
Radish Cake130
Beancurd Roll150
Fried Taro Puff130
Pan-Fried Taro Cake130
Ham Sui Kok130
Glutinous Rice with Chicken170
Lapu-lapu Crispy Spring Roll150
Egg Yolk Buchi150
Salted Eggyolk Pao130
Vegetable Dumpling130
Fried Dough Stick65
Crispy Fried Wanton130
Dong Bei Dumpling (4pcs)150
Crispy Shrimp Puff160
Asado Rice Roll180
Shrmp Rice Roll200
Minced Beef Rice Roll190
Dried Shrimp Rice Roll190
Mushroom Chicken Rice Roll180
Mushroom Fish Fillet Rice Roll180
Fried Dough Stick Rice Roll180
Taro Dumpling130
Soya Milk120
Thai Pao180
Asado Taro Puff190


Sliced Beef180
Fish Fillet Lettuce180
Century Egg Lean Meat180
Sliced Chicken Mushroom Congee180
Abalone Chicken Congee280
Halo-Halo Congee380
Fresh Egg40
Century Egg60


Crab Corn500
Shark's Fin Sea Cucumber Soup250
Hot and Sour380
Chicken Corn380
Spinach Seafood400
Pumpkin Seafood400
Seafood Beancurd400
Sliced Chicken Black Mushroom Tofu420
Tofu with HK Fishball380


Noodle Soup120
Wanton Noodle Soup200
Luncheon Meat Noodle Soup200
Pork Asado Noodle Soup200
Soy Chicken Noodle Soup200
Roast Duck Noodle Soup260
Roast Duck Chicken Noodle Soup280
Xiao Long Bao Noodle Soup280
Beef Brisket Noodle Soup300
Wanton Beef Noodle Soup320
Satay Beef Hofan Soup320
Satay Beef Noodle Soup320
Pork Knuckles Misua680
Sotanghon Guisado380
Crispy Seafood Noodle400
Sliced Beef Noodle w/Satay Sauce420
Fookien Misua380
Birthday Noodle380
Beef Hofan380
Asado or Spareribs Hofan380
Seafood Hofan400
Noodle Aballone Sauce440
Stir fry Noodle with Three Sheds330


Curry Fishball Siomai280
Salt and Pepper Squid380
Steamed Fish Fillet w/Garlic480
Steamed Fish Fillet with Taosi480
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet480
Braised Fish Fillet w/Beancurd Hotpot580
Hot Prawn Salad680
Salted Eggyolk Prawn680
Szechuan Prawn680
Sauteed Crystal PrawnSeasonal
Steamed SuaheSeasonal
Salt and Pepper SuaheSeasonal
Steamed Lapu-LapuSeasonal
Steamed Sea BassSeasonal
Braised Lapu-Lapu in HotpotSeasonal
Crab w/Rice Noodle SoupSeasonal
Salt and Pepper Crab w/GarlicSeasonal
Salted Egg Yolk CrabSeasonal
Crab Sotanghon in Hotpot1380
Braised Seafood Beancurd Hotpot680
Shrimp with Radish in XO Sauce860
Scramble Egg with Assorted Seafood420


Sweet and Sour380
Taiwan Style Layered380
Salt and Pepper Sparibs380
King Dao Spareribs380
Mapo Tofu340
Szechuan Pork380
Crispy Fried Spareribs w/Salad Sauce380
Seafood Lechon Beancurd680
Japanese Style Pig Knuckle480


Satay Beef w/Golden Mushroom420
Sliced Beef w/Black Pepper Sauce4204
Beef Belly w/Radish in Hotpot420
Beef w/Broccoli450
Sizzling Beef Ribs680
Beef Ribs w/ Black Pepper Sauce680
Beef Brisket in Pot420
Beef Belly Oyster Suace in Pot420
Slice Beef Black Pepper Sauce420
Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style680


BBQ Pork Asado w/Honey Sauce380
Roast Chicken (Half)400
Roast Chicken (Whole)800
Soy Chicken380
Roast Duck500
Lechon Macau650
3 kinds Roast Meat Combo500
5 kinds Roast Meat Combo800


Sauteed Broccoli w/Garlic350
Sauteed Squid w/Kangkong380
Minced Pork w/Green Beans320
Minced Pork Eggplant Hotpot380
Spinach w/2 kinds of Egg380
Sauteed Spinach with Garlic320
Sauteed Taiwan Pechay with Garlic320
Salt and Pepper Beancurd320
Stir Fry Radish Cake in XO Sauce380
Braised Bean Curd w/Black Mushroom Hotpot420
Golden Mushroom Tofu Hotpot in Satay Sauce420
Sauteed Lettuce in Garlic320


Okiam Chicken380
Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce420
Lemon Chicken420
Szechuan Spicy Chicken420
Sweet and Sour Chicken420
Crispy Chicken Cutlet420
Steam Three Kinds of Egg330
Fried Pigeon680
Chicken Feet in Abalone Sauce420


Egg Yolk Buchi (3pcs)150
Mango Pudding100/cup
Taro Sago100/cup
Chilled Mango Sago100/cup
Black Gulaman100/cup
Black Gulaman with Lychee120/cup
Almond Jelly with Lychee120/cup
Almond Jelly with Black Gulaman120/cup
Coffee Jelly with Sago100/cup
Jacob's Dessert120/cup
Malay Cake150
Fresh Fruit Platter600


Hongkong Lemon Iced Tea120
Hongkong Milk Tea120
Special Blend HK Milk Tea170
Black Jelly w/Sago120
Frozen Yakult100
Frozen Lemonade130
Fresh Lemonade120
Fresh Pinapple Juice120
Fresh Mango Shake120
Fresh Green Mango Shake120
Fresh Watermelon Shake120
Four Season Shake140
Chocolate/Vanilla Milkshake150
Strawberry Milkshake150
Fresh Buko Juice120
Buko Shake130
Bottled Water70
San Miguel Beer70
San Miguel Premium120
Tsing Tao Beer120
Caffe Americano100
Caffe Latte130
Yin Yang Coffee130
Caramel Macchiato130
Iced Mocha130
Hot Chocolate130

About Choi Garden

Choi Garden’s early beginnings may be traced back to Mr. Choi TakPui, a Hong Kong culinary specialist who was passionate about introducing the flavor of genuine Cantonese cuisine to the Philippines. Choi Garden Greenhills is unquestionably a big success for the local Filipino and Chinese communities. As the Choi family’s branches continued to grow, this passion of Mr. Choi extended across the nation.

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Hong Kong chefs with years of experience honing their trade make up the Cantonese Culinary Team behind Choi Garden. The crew is pleased to provide its top-tier cuisine, which will undoubtedly delight their clients’ palates. With the introduction of their casual dining setup that embodies the superior flavor of the Authentic Cantonese Cuisine represented by the Choi Garden Brand, Choi Garden is designed to appeal to a larger audience.

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Choi Garden Menu Best Sellers

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns – The prawns had a crispy exterior and were plump. They were cooked in a decadent salted egg yolk sauce. the height of sinful delight. They are deep-fried till crisp, then a creamy yolk sauce is used to cover them. They’re here to wow with more flavor and added crunch in a lovely golden crust. In reality, salted egg yolks are duck egg yolks that have been kept in brine for months.

Rich Man’s Fried Rice – It is recommended to combine the salted egg yolk prawns with Choi Garden famous Rich Man’s Fried Rice menu, which is made with egg whites and dried scallops. Fried rice tastes best when it is seasoned with a few different ingredients. All three give the rice a distinctive flavor, but it’s possible to go overboard.

Stir-Fried Vegetables – Choose dishes like carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, and cabbage for a healthier option. Additionally, because stir-frying uses little oil, it has a minimal fat level.

West Lake Minced Beef Soup – Because it uses relatively common ingredients, West Lake Beef Soup is a modest starting soup that is well-liked by Chinese people. This soup is delicious but also very sneaky. is a typical Southern Chinese home soup. Every home has its own variation, just like many other common recipes. A subtle savory flavor permeates the soup. Being so light and energizing, it’s excellent as an appetizer. The soup is also really simple and adaptable.

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Roast Layer Pork – This is a specialty of Choi Garden’s roasting house. It has a perfect amount of fat between the meat’s tenderness and its crunchiness. The flesh’s predominant flavor will probably be fatty, gamey, salty, and savory, with a hint of sweetness. Pork tastes more like white veal, goat, and lamb than it does like pork. However, you might expect the pig to taste bland if it isn’t seasoned.

Black Pepper Beef Ribs – Really beefy and soft. In contrast to pig ribs, beef ribs, like all good beef cuts, have a strong, distinctive flavor that doesn’t require much further seasoning aside from salt, pepper, and occasionally garlic. Many claims that beef has an umami flavor. 

Choi Garden Best Seafoods

3-way Lapu Lapu – It looks like Lapu Lapu sinigang and has a smoother flavor similar to Japanese miso soup. First, miso soup is used to serve the lapu-lapu. The second method involves steaming the broccoli and lapu-lapu. The flavor of lapu-lapu is distinctively delicate and fresh. Seasoning is not required. The remaining lapu-lapu is then cooked in a hot pot with tofu in an adobo style. Because it was combined with meat and the adobo sauce was so thick, this one received mixed reviews.

Steamed Garlic Prawns – This seafood menu is a must-try to prepare at home. The aroma of the garlic, the sweetness of the prawns, and the combination of sauces give it a pleasant, savory flavor that will leave you craving more. They contain a lot of selenium, one of the most useful antioxidants for keeping healthy cells.

Dried Scallops – Scallops that have been dried out have a sweet, natural flavor, as opposed to wet scallops, which may have a washed-out, soapy, or even slightly bitter flavor. With dry scallops, you are not paying for additional water. She uses dried scallops and dried shrimp as a one-two flavor punch. The umami flavor of the scallops makes a meal taste less fishy. Personally, it is one of my favorite menus.

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Fried Crabs – The shell of the crab provides a little crunch, has a texture similar to fried rice paper, and has a more earthy flavor. The texture of the flesh is buttery, sweet, and salty. The soft shells have an orange-red hue, the body meat is white, and the claw meat is beige.

Choi Garden Promo

The Choi Garden restaurant offers a very generous promo. It offers a fifty percent discount on its menu. However, it is subject to a minimum order of 5,000 pesos and the discount has a limit of 5,000 pesos. This is available if you use credit cards from banks like BDO, Metrobank, Chinabank, and Security Bank.

How to Order Food Online at Choi Garden?

To taste the delicious Choi Garden foods, you don’t always need to go to their physical store. You could always order via Grabfood or through the following:

Telephone: (02)-8-247-6117

Mobile: 0927- 828 – 8803, 0995 – 748 – 1452, 0922- 662 – 0305

Social Media Pages

To get answers to your queries, you can also contact them on the following social media sites:




Choi Garden offers a simple yet cozy and romantic dining experience with a Chinese minimalist vibe. The spacious and contemporary setup, along with a play of simple colors, provides a glimpse of their specialties before they reach your table. With eight private rooms, including a presidential suite for special occasions, it’s a comfortable place to enjoy affordable Chinese flavors with generous servings. Reservations are recommended for a great dining experience at Choi Garden.

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