Coco Ichibanya Menu Prices

Japanese-style curry rice is the highlight of the CoCo Ichibanya menu. Its menu consists of salad, gratin, naan bread, basket, curry udon, dessert, and drinks. It also offers curry rice and omelet curry rice that can be combined with a choice of topping. You can choose from standard, multigrain, and turmeric that are available in various serving sizes. The curry sauce levels of spiciness are mild, standard, and fiery hot. Its delectable and authentic Japanese curry rice dishes make it the No. 1 Japanese Curry House worldwide. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Coco Ichibanya menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Fried Shrimp Salad310
Mixed Salad260
Fried Chicken Salad300
Sausage Salad300
Fried Squid Salad 280
Corn Salad160
Tuna Salad180
Egg Salad160


Chicken Nuggets220
French Fries190
Seafood Basket290


Shrimp Curry Rice Gratin360
Spinach & Eggplant Curry Rice Gratin300
Chicken Curry Rice Gratin340
Multigrain Rice30
Turmeric Rice30

Naan Bread

Naan Bread230
Curry Naan Bread Set290

Omelette Curry

Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry420
Clam & Tomato Omelette Curry420
Beef Omelette Curry490
Fried Chicken Omelette Curry420
Vegetable Omelette Curry330
Okra Tofu Omelette Curry300
Stewed Shrimp Omelette Curry370
Cream Mushroom Omelette Curry390
Creamed Chicken Omelette Curry390

Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry290
Kimchi Curry260
Eggplant Curry260
Okra Tofu Curry260
Spinach Curry260

Seafood Curry

Shrimp Cutlet Curry390
Seafood Curry380
Stewed Shrimp Curry330
Fried Shrimp Curry390
Fried Fish Curry360
Fried Squid Curry360
Clam Curry330

Meat Curry

Pork / Chicken Cutlet Curry380
Fried Chicken Curry380
Stewed Chicken Curry330
Grilled Pork with Kimchi Curry330
Hamburg Steak with Cheese Curry390
Hamburg Steak Curry360
Beef Curry450
Meatballs Curry380
Sausage Curry380
Sliced Beef Curry330
Sliced Pork Curry300


Natto Curry290
Cheese Curry300
Scrambled Egg Curry260
Mushroom Curry330
Creamed Croquette Curry330

Mixed Curry

Pork Cutlet & Vegetable Curry470
Fried Fish, Spinach & Stewed Shrimp Curry550
Choice of 2 items120
Pork Cutlet & Cheese Curry480
Beef Vegetable Curry540
Fried Fish & Vegetable Curry450
Hamburg Steak, Spinach & Tomato Curry470
Eggplant, Vegetable & Spinach Curry410
Clam, Spincach & Tomato Curry440
Hamburg Steak & Tomato Curry410
Vegetable & Spinach Curry350
Fried Fish & Spinach Curry420
Scrambled Egg & Creamed Croquette Curry390
Creamed Croquette & Cheese Curry430


Rice (150g)20
Multigrain Rice (150 g)10
Turmeric Rice (150g)10
Rice (250g)20
Multigrain Rice (250 g)30
Turmeric Rice (250g)30
Rice (350g)40
Multigrain Rice (350g)70
Turmeric Rice (350g)70
Rice (450g)80
Multigrain Rice (450g)110
Turmeric Rice (450g)110
Rice (550g)120
Multigrain Rice (550g)150
Turmeric Rice (550g)150


Corn 40
Boiled Egg40
Half Boiled Egg50
Tuna 60
Kimchi 60
Scrambled Egg60
Okra Tofu60
Natto 90
Mixed Cheese100
Sliced Pork 100
Creamed Croquette130
Grilled Pork with Kimchi 130
Sliced Beef 130
Stewed Chicken 130
Stewed Shrimp130
Mushroom 130
Fried Fish160
Hamburg Steak160
Fried Squid160
Meatballs 180
Fried Chicken180
Pork Cutlet180
Chicken Cutlet180
Japanese Sausage180
Cheese Hamburg Steak190
Shrimp Cutlet 190
Fried Shrimp190

Set Menu

Choice of 2 items120
Choice of 3 items140
Choice of 4 items160

Cocoichi Curry Udon

Curry Udon340
Rice Bowl (125 g)50
15-Grain Rice30
Onsen Egg50


Shrimp Cutlet190
Pork Cutlet180
Chicken Cutlet180
Fried Chicken180
Creamed Croquette130
Fried Fish160
Fried Squid160
Cheese 100


Coffee Jelly100
Ice Cream - 2 Flavors100
Ice Cream - 3 Flavors150


Bottled Water 40
Coke / Coke Light80
Sparkling Water100
Orange Juice100
Calamansi Iced Tea100
Calamansi Juice100
Calamansi Soda100
Apple Juice100
Coffee 100
Lemon Tea100
Milk Tea100

About CoCo Ichibanya 

The first restaurant of CoCo Ichibanya was opened on January 1978. Ten years later, it reached its 100th restaurant in Japan. Its key to fast expansion is the authenticity of its Japanese curry rice. In January 2013, Guinness World Records™ certifies it as the largest curry restaurant in the world. Today, it has more than 1400 branches worldwide. 

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CoCo Ichibanya Menu Best Seller

Japanese curry rice is the specialty of CoCo Ichibanya. These best-sellers are the most recommended and the ones that are always on the customers’ list. 

Hamburg Steak with Cheese Curry. This dish includes rice, curry sauce, and hamburg steak topped with melted cheese. The softness, juiciness, and cheesy goodness of Hamburg perfectly complemented the taste of curry sauce. 

Pork Cutlet Curry. A curry rice menu from CoCo Ichibanya that consists of rice, curry sauce, and pork cutlet. It is one of the simple dishes that first-time customers try. 

Photo Credit: CoCo Ichibanya Official FB Page

Fried Chicken Curry. Fried chicken is the most popular and classic dish that people love. It consists of bite-sized breaded and deep-fried chicken, rice, and curry sauce. 

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Chicken Cutlet Omelette Curry. It is made up of breaded and deep-fried chicken cutlet, curry sauce, and rice. The visual presentation and aroma of this dish make it one of the restaurant’s best sellers. 

Vegetable Omelette Curry. Various fresh vegetables, omelette, rice, and curry sauce are included in this dish. A perfect dish for those who want a balance of healthy and delicious meals. 

CoCo Ichibanya Mixed Curry Menu

Mixed Curry is perfect for those who want flavorful curry dishes. It allows you to create and mix your favorite dishes. Pork Cutlet & Vegetable Curry and Fried Fish, Spinach, & Stewed Shrimp Curry are the must-try mixed curry dishes. CoCo Ichibanya also offers a set menu where you can add two to four items of your choice. The additional set menus that it offers are a soup of the day, a mini salad, ice cream, and a drink. This combination of toppings will make you enjoy curry better. 

Vegetable and Pork combined in a meal added with curry sauce Pin
Photo Credit: CoCo Ichibanya Official FB Page

Curry Rice

Vegetable Curry, Seafood Curry, Meat Curry, and Mixed Curry are the categories of curry rice that CoCo Ichibanya offers. 

Vegetable Curry is made up of fresh vegetables so you can enjoy their natural sweetness and taste. You can choose multigrain rice or turmeric rice if you want a healthier meal. Some of the vegetable curry dishes that it offers are vegetables, kimchi, okra tofu, eggplant, and spinach. For seafood lovers, there are Shrimp Cutlet Curry, Seafood Curry, Stewed Shrimp Curry, Fried Squid Curry, Fried Shrimp Curry, Fried Fish Curry, and Clam Curry


These curry rice menus are perfect for any time of the day. It offers various types of rice, spice level, and a wide selection of toppings so you will be able to try different combinations each time you dine in or order via delivery. 

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Omelette Curry Rice

Soft and fluffy omelet is topped on a bed of curry sauce and rice and paired with your choice of toppings. 

Clam & Tomato Omelette Curry and Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry are the must-try dishes. The other omelet curry rice that it offers are beef, fried chicken, vegetable, okra tofu, stewed shrimp, cream mushroom, and creamed chicken. You can also create your own combination to level up your dining experience. The texture of the omelet and the flavor of curry sauce makes this dish truly delectable and satisfying. 

Photo Credit: CoCo Ichibanya Official FB Page

Choice of Toppings

CoCo Ichibanya offers a wide selection of menu toppings so you can create a perfect combination that suits your taste. 

Some of the chicken toppings that it offers are fried chicken, steamed chicken, and chicken cutlets. For vegetarians, there are eggplant, mixed vegetables, spinach, and okra tofu. There are also pork, beef, seafood, and egg toppings that you can pair with your chosen rice and curry sauce. 

The texture and taste of each topping are perfectly paired with the rice and curry sauce. With lots of toppings to choose from, you will always have something new to try. Fresh and premium toppings are used and cooked to perfection to provide you with satisfying dishes that will make you come back for more. 

Meat Curry

Meat curry from the CoCo Ichibanya menu consists of pork, chicken, and beef dishes. Premium meat and savory curry sauce are expertly cooked to make it aromatic and delicious. The meat toppings that you can pair with curry sauce and rice are fried chicken, stewed chicken, grilled pork with kimchi curry, and Hamburg steak with cheese curry. You can also customize your meal with your preferred rice, spice level, and toppings. Its meaty goodness and savory flavor will make you crave more. 

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Salad is a perfect dish if you are on a diet or if you want a healthier dish. Salads are made up of cucumber, tomatoes, corn, and other green vegetables, paired with topping, and garnished in your choice of dressing. Japanese and sesame dressing are the two types of salad dressings that it offers. These sesame dressings are full of flavor which makes salad healthy and delicious. Some of the toppings that are paired with salad are fried shrimp, fried chicken, corn, sausage, tuna, fried squid, egg, and a mixture of tuna, egg, and corn. 

Different varieties of salads: Egg, Tuna and Fried Chicken Salad
Photo Credit: CoCo Ichibanya Official FB Page

It is perfect if you want a light, healthy, and delicious meal. It has a festive color that enhances its visual presentation. It has lots of health benefits so adding this to your diet can improve your health. This is also good for sharing so you can enjoy this meal with your family and friends. 

CoCo Ichibanya Menu Delivery 

Their menu delivery is available through Grabfood, Pick a Roo, & Booky. If these platforms are not available in your area, you can order directly through text or Viber & have your food picked up by your chosen courier. You can check their store directory on their official Instagram account to arrange your orders. 

Social Media Pages

You can get updates about their new food releases or promotions if you follow their social media pages. You can also message them to order and they will redirect you to their website. Please refer to the links below:




The CoCo Ichibanya menu is known for its customization feature and authentic dishes. It allows you to choose your preferred variation and size of rice, curry sauce level of spiciness, and topping. It offers various toppings so you can explore and try new dishes every time you visit the restaurant. This is a great place for all ages because it offers a wide variety of food combinations that everyone will surely love. 

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