Pepper Lunch Menu Prices

Are you craving some steak but considering the price? Looking for a place to go without breaking the bank? Great news! I got you. I found the perfect place for you to go where you can find the most affordable steak that has good quality and is delicious, this restaurant is also a quick-serve restaurant which is actually good for people on the go. Not a fan of steak? No worries because aside from steak they also have other delicious options on their menus like pasta, combo meals with rice, omelet, and many more. Have you heard about Pepper Lunch? If not please take time to read this article. Let’s get to know about the Pepper Lunch menu a little bit more and see if after this you’ll consider trying their restaurant soon. So much for the long introduction let’s start, shall we? 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Pepper Lunch menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Fresh Salad

Kani salad135
Sesame chicken salad135

premium steak

The giant732
Tokusen ribeye steak680
Shimofuri pepper steak640
Chicken steak and pepper steak732

Teriyaki and yakiniku

Teriyaki beef with egg375
Italian lamb steak370
Beef yakiniku350
Pepper chicken steak with egg and teriyaki sauce375
Pepper chicken steak with egg and brown sauce375
Teriyaki double salmon420

pepper rice

Beef pepper rice260
Chicken pepper rice260
Salmon pepper rice305
Curry beef pepper rice with cheese275
Curry chicken pepper rice with cheese275
Teriyaki beef pepper rice with egg290
Garlic beef pepper rice270

Combo specials

Meat trio deluxe390
BBQ beef and sausage355
BBQ beef & chicken steak390
Salmon & chicken steak390
BBQ chicken steak & sausage355

Cheesy Omelette

Cheesy omelette with beef & curry sauce465
Cheesy omelette with beef & creamy brown sauce465
Cheesy omelette with chicken steak & curry sauce465
Cheesy omelette with chicken steak & creamy brown sauce465

Cheesy sizzling rice

Cheesy sizzling rice with beef450
Cheesy sizzling rice with beef and sausage450
Cheesy sizzling rice with chicken steak450

Tepan pasta

Salmon Aglio olio320
Beef Aglio olio315
Chicken aglio olio315
Chicken tomato pasta355
Salmon cream pasta424

Chicken karaage

Chicken karaage original104
Chicken karaage seaweed104
Chicken karaage sweet chili104
Chicken karaage garlic Parmesan104

Side dishes

Mashed potato70
Miso soup70
Mushroom soup70

Flavored fries

Sour cream and onion fries75
Spicy bbq fries75
Cheese fries75
Seaweed fries75


Molten chocolate cake155


Pepsi 16oz50
Pepsi 22oz70
7up 16oz50
7up 22oz70
Mountain dew 16oz50
Mountain dew 22oz70
Mug root beer 16oz50
Mug root beer 22oz70
Cucumber lemonade55
Iced tea 16oz55
Iced tea 22oz75

About Pepper Lunch

This restaurant was established in 1994 by its founder Kunio Ichinose he made this restaurant and became the chef as well. He uses a method where he will put the meat on a hot metal plate cooking the food in the process while being served to the customers, the reason why his customers will be the ones to decide whether they would like to eat their food rare or well done. Meat is served with mixed choice sauce, honey brown sauce, or garlic soy sauce.

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Their headquarters is in Tokyo Japan and now has 600 restaurants in different locations and countries in South East Asia, East Asia, North America, and Australia. They are popular for their steak, and chicken and the process of how they serve their dishes. Their branches are in Japan followed by Indonesia and The Philippines. This affordable steakhouse is a place to be if you’re craving for a steak without breaking the bank. 

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Pepper Lunch Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of their best sellers that you must try and for sure you’ll enjoy. This list can also be a guide for you if you’re just new to their menu or it is your first time trying their food. 

Photo Credit: Ayala Center Cebu FB Page

Beef Pepper Rice – To be completely honest this dish is so good and I can’t get enough of this masterpiece so I ordered one more for takeaway. The taste is delicious the more you mix this dish on your sizzling plate the more it becomes delicious. I really enjoy this dish so much that I forgot that I’m on a diet. Highly recommended for those who are new to their menu and actually this is the safest option for you, I love how this dish comes to my mind whenever I saw their restaurant. Believe me, it’s amazingly good. 

Double Hamburger Steak with Egg – The best way to describe their hamburger steak is flavorful. One bite and a burst of flavors in your mouth right away. Paired with sweet onion sauce and it’s a masterpiece. This Pepper Lunch menu is really juicy and definitely made with beef. The taste is amazingly good but of course, I still love my beef pepper rice. Also a safe choice on their menu and also one of their most popular and best seller dish. 

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Curry Beef Pepper Rice – Not everyone appreciates the goodness and flavors of curry but this one is a bomb. Curry isn’t overpowering the taste of meat. The beef was soft and tasty. Strong taste because of the curry but I still enjoyed it (i love curry btw) could be next to beef pepper rice, to be honest. Also one of their best-sellers and most popular dishes. 

Pepper Lunch Bundles and Combos

Pepper lunch has this combo specials menu for those who can’t decide what to order or for some that want to try two best-tasting dishes in a single order. 

Meat Trio Deluxe – Comes with beef, chicken, and hamburger steak. I recommend this for meat lovers out there like me. 

Barbecue Beef and Chicken Steak – Chicken steak and BBQ wagyu are recommended for those who want to taste two of their best in a single order. Comes with mashed potatoes, corn, and string beans. 

Photo Credit: Pepper Lunch Philippines FB Page

Barbecue Beef and Sausage – Comes with beef slices, and sausages with veggies like cabbage, corn, and string beans. 

Salmon and Chicken Steak – Made with their famous chicken steak and Norwegian salmon. This Pepper Lunch menu is a great combination when served with corn, string beans, and sauteed bean sprouts. A healthier way to enjoy eating while counting calories. 

Barbecue Chicken Steak and Sausage – Also served with sautéed bean sprouts, corn, and string beans. Chicken steak is great partnered with their juicy sausage. 

Pepper Lunch Menu Delivery

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Since they don’t have a delivery website here in the Philippines no worries you can use those third-party delivery services that are available in the market like Food Panda and Grab Foods. For those who live in Subic you can try please take note that delivery services are not free and only available depending upon your location and product availability. 


Is the Pepper Lunch menu healthy?

For as long as I love this restaurant pepper lunch serves great food that is high in calories so this is not recommended for those on a diet. Their average serving will give you 720 calories and 84 grams of carbohydrates. 

Is Pepper Lunch Korean?

Pepper lunch was established in Japan therefore it is Japanese and not Korean.

Why is Pepper Lunch so popular?

They are popular because of their delicious steaks that are affordable and because of their unique serving of dishes where you can choose whether you like your meat rare or well done. 

Who owns Pepper Lunch in the Philippines?

Chef Jeroen is the owner of Pepper Lunch Philippines. He is also a chef who created new creations thru other local franchises. 


A very nice place, cozy and customer friendly. The place is clean and that’s one of the reasons why I love going to their restaurant. The food is also good and the service is also okay though sometimes you have to wait because of many customers the wait is worth it. Respectful and knowledgeable crews as well. Highly recommended for those who crave steak but looking for a cheaper place to go. 

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