Tablo Kitchen Menu Prices

We Filipino love to have gatherings over a huge and even at a small table; we love to celebrate different occasions and we truly treasure the memories we had created over that table. We love to share food with the community, and we Filipino loved the idea of a boodle fight in order for us to tighten the social bond which we had already established. The idea of sharing food over a table became the inspiration for Tablo Kitchen. They establish this unique fine Tablo Kitchen Menu that aims to foster and tauten the relationship amongst Filipino families.

Tablo Kitchen offers a variety of food variations which varies from modern Filipino comfort food to fine dining quality food. Dining at Tablo Kitchen will surely give you that satisfying feeling that you will find comfortable. If you wish to see the list of food menus that can be purchased and enjoyed at Tablo Kitchen, then below is a list of Tablo Kitchen’s Menus.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tablo Kitchen menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Beverages: Ice Blended

Fresh Mango Smoothie180
Frozen Dark Hot Chocolate190
Frozen Dark Mocha180
Frozen Signature Ice Tea150
Frozen Ube Cream180
Frozen White Chocolate Caramel Mocha230
Grape Slush180
Lychee Slush180
Lychee Strawberry Smoothie195
Strawberry Cream190
Triple Java Chocolate Mocha210

Beverages: Ice Shaken

Caramel Rootbeer Float170
Fresh Orange Lemonade165
Lychee Lemonade175
Old Fashioned Lemonade155
Signature Iced Tea120
Strawberry Lemonade175

Beverages: Others

Aqua Panna Still Water (750ml)260
Bottled Water70
Juices (Orange/Pink Guava/Mango)140
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (750ml)260
Soda/Tonic Water/Ginger Ale95

By the Glass

Black Coke190
Kurantn Sprite160
Tablo Sangria (Red & White)285
Tanqueray + Tonic300


Belale Blonde Ale160
Cerveza Negra130
Crazo Carabao160 - 190
Encanto Craft Beer170 - 190
Heineken Beer110
San Miguel Premium Malt130
San Miguel Super Dry120
Stella Artois170


Caramel Banana Cake ala Mode180
Fresh Strawberry Nutella Tostada295
Homemade Cakes (Moist Chocolate Caramel, Blueberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Ferrero Cake, Salted Caramel Cake, Cashew Sansirval)230

Flame Grilled Platters

Bourbon BBQ Pork Belly420
Grilled Peri-peri Chicken385
Grilled Peri-peri Pork Chop395 - 485
Herb Butter Pork Chop395
Herb Lemon Chicken Steak385
Salt + Pepper Pork Steak420
Texas BBQ Pork Steak475

Handcrafted Cocktails


Handcrafted Coffee (Hot)

Capuccino160 - 180
Caramel Latte175 - 195
Classic Latte160 - 180
Crème Brulee190 - 210
Dark Mocha175 - 195
Dulce De Leche190 - 210
French Press Single Origin180
Hand Poured Single Origin175 - 195
Long Black140 - 155
Roasted Hazelnut Latte175 - 195
Tablo Dark Chocolate160 - 180
White Chocolate Caramel Mocha190 - 210
Yogi Organic Tea125

House Highlights

Beef Pot Roast Ranchero455
Roast Beef Ala Pobre595
Seafood Gambas595
Signature Salmon Salpicao595
Sinigang Beef Roast495
Spicy Butter Adobo490
Texas BBQ Baby Back Ribs Platter1690

House Made Pasta Platter

Chicken Pesto Alfredo480
Roast Beef Marinara410
Salted Egg Carbonara395
Shrimp + Sundried Tomato580
Signature Chicken Parmigiana480

Liquor + Spirits

Absolut Kurant120 - 2000
Bailey's Irish Cream120 - 2000
Beefeater Gin120 - 2000
Captain Morgan110 - 1600
Hendrick's Gin300 - 5000
Jack Daniel's Whiskey150 - 2750
Jameson Irish Whiskey150 - 2750
Jim Beam Whiskey (1L)150 - 2800
Johnie Walker Black Label (1L)150 - 2950
Johnie Walker Red Label (1L)1800
Maker's Mark Buorbon150 - 3000
Olmeca Tequila120 - 2000
Singleton 12 Single Malt280 - 4800
Smirnoff Vodka110 - 1600
Tanqueray London Dry Gin120 - 1950
Tanqueray No. 10 Gin180 - 3500
The Glenlivet 12 Single Malt290 - 4990

Pica Pica

Cajun Chicken + Chips295
Cream Cheese Wedges395
Parmeson Pesto Potato Chips260
Tablo Nacho Grande380

Salad and Greens

Bacon Tomato Chowder280
California Chicken425
Smoked Salmon Salad390
Summer Salad390

Signature Sandwiches + Paninis + Toasts

BBQ Chicken + Mozzarella Panini275
Cream Cheese French Toast290
Grilled Herb Chicken Sandwich340
Grilled Three Cheese and Ham285
Spicy Honey Fried Chicken Sandwich320
Tablo Cheesesteak Sandwich340

Signature Shared Meals

Tofu + Lechon Kawali370
Bangus Belly Ala Pobre395
Buttered Corn60
Cajun Rice | Garlic Rice70
Cucumber Ensalada75
Garlic Butter Vegetable75
Pan Fried Chicken + Chips Platter720 - 1090
Roast Beef Adobo Cream495
Roasted Potatoes95
Signature Coleslaw75
Stir Fried Tofu + Veggies280
White Rice60


Buffalo Cream Cheese Wings285
Chili Cheese Chicken Fingers296
Salt + Pepper Calamari380
Soy Caramel Chicken Pops325

Tablo Originals

Creamy Beef Salpicado455
Honey Garlic Chicken Chops295
Pork Steak Ranchero410
Spicy Chicken Salpicao360
Tablo Pan Fried Chicken340


Delas Cotes Du Rhone French Red Wine1790
Gato Negro Chardonnay890
Grand Verano Merlot890
Grand Verano Sauvignon Blanc890
Yellow Tail Chardonnay990
Yellow Tail Merlot990
Yellow Tail Moscato990
Yellow Tail Pink Moscato990

About Tablo Kitchen

As per my research, the word Tablo based on their official website came from the word “table”. We all know for a fact that a table is commonly known as one of the kitchen necessities because I believe that table has a huge impact on promoting family relationships. There are a lot of memories that we can share over a dining table, there are indeed memorable memories that we can treasure that happened in our kitchen dining.

YouTube video

Tablo Kitchen today had rebranded its name and changed it into Tablo Kitchen x Café, the idea of rebranding its name is hidden from the public; nevertheless, the dining experience is still the same. The extra miles that have been accomplished by Tablo Kitchen x Café are indeed worth it, so if you wish to visit Tablo Kitchen then skip the other part of this food review and go directly to “Tablo Kitchen Menu Delivery” I’ll encode the different branches which you can visit to experience Tablo Kitchen x Café menu.

Tablo Kitchen Menu Best Seller

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Living with food restrictions can literally decrease your appetite, however, due to the flexible and wide food variations at Tablo Kitchen x Café, you will never lose food choices to pick. If you are a vegan then this restaurant can still give you that one-of-a-kind experience as they offer salads and other vegetables that can boost your appetite. So if you are eager to know what is the best seller that Tablo Kitchen x Café offers, then below is your best guide!

Photo Credit: Tablo Kitchen South Triangle Q.C

Herb Lemon Chicken Steak – This savory steak is composed of the fresh marinated chicken leg quarter, roasted potatoes, topped with pepper gravy, side veggies, and a cup of garlic rice. This meal is literally amazing as Tablo Kitchen x Café offers this meal for 320 pesos only!

Smoked Salmon Salad – If you love salad with a twist, then this Tablo Kitchen menu is your best meal! This meal includes: Chilled BBQ Chicken Slices, cucumber slices, fresh tomatoes, and red onions plus purple cabbage, olives, and mixed green veggies and is crowned with BBQ mayo dressing with shaved cheddar cheese.

Shrimp + Sundried Tomato Cream – For those who love seafood and find themselves ordering seafood meals wherever they are, then this is literally your paramount food! To give you an idea what are the things that you can taste in this meal, it is composed of the following: of course shrimp, zucchini plus mushrooms, sundried tomato, pasta, with some garlic bread as a side dish, basil, and creamy house-made tomato cream sauce with parmesan cheese on top.

Sinigang Menu

One of the best viand that our mothers and parents present to us is the most famous and comfortable Filipino food – Sinigang. You cannot argue with me because sinigang is literally my favorite meal! It gives me that huge satisfaction because of its sour flavor that can linger on my taste buds!

Of course, Tablo Kitchen won’t miss this opportunity and made their own concept of sinigang. Meet Tablo Kitchen x Café Sinigang Beef Roast! This meal belongs to the house highlight meals which you can only experience at Tablo Kitchen x Café. This meal is composed of signature sinigang gravy, roast beef slices, French beans, and veggies just like eggplant. Sinigang Beef Roast can be bought in a single platter which only costs you about 495 pesos only! This meal is surely best for families who love to try Filipino comfort meals.

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Tablo Kitchen Creamy Beef Salpicado

You will never get tired of the set of meals that Tablo Kitchen x Café offers, however, if you are the type of person who loves to try new beefy things then I suggest that you should taste the Tablo Kitchen x Café Creamy Beef Salpicado.

Photo Credit: TABLO kitchen x cafe FB Page

This menu is made from young and fresh beef meat put into a bowl, and seasoned with different herbs and spices which can surely satisfy your palate. This 380 pesos menu is composed of tender beef, mushrooms, buttered veggies, pepper sauce, and lastly a cup of plain rice. If you love garlic that much then you can change your plain rice into garlic rice, expect that there would be changes in the price the moment you convert your plain rice to garlic rice. But no worries because they don’t cost that much!

Cake Menu

 After those appetizers and main dishes of course we love to have that little sweetness to alleviate the lingering taste of the main dishes. At Tablo Kitchen x Café they offer a wide variety of desserts that you will truly enjoy. You can choose between cakes, shakes, tostada, and many more that can seriously give you the best dining feeling. So without further ado let me introduce to you the cakes which you can purchase at Tablo Kitchen x Café.

Caramel Banana Cake Ala Mode – This Tablo Kitchen banana cake menu is drizzled with sweet caramel and vanilla ice cream with candied walnuts on top. A slice of this cake will only cost you 295 pesos only!

Homemade Cakes – Homemade cakes come in different flavors, and each slice of this homemade cake will only cost you 180-230 pesos only. Note that some cakes won’t be available when you visit their stores. To give you an idea what are the flavors that they offer, then it is a pleasure on my end to state them for you. They offer the following flavors: Moist Chocolate Caramel Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Ferrero cake, Salted Caramel cake, and Cashew Sansirval cake.

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Tablo Kitchen Menu Delivery

Due to the rise of popularity of Tablo Kitchen, x Café people are curious about where they can visit the store. I am pretty sure that you hop into this section of the article just to know the nearest Tablo Kitchen x Café branch from your place. So to cut this introduction short, let me give you the details prior to the branches of Tablo Kitchen x Café.

Tablo Kitchen x Cafe Timog QC

Address14a Scout Borromeo St, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Operating Hours10AM – 12AM
Contact Details0270015646

Tablo Kitchen x Cafe | BF Homes Parañaque

Address224 A Aguirre Ave, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila
Operating Hours10AM – 11PM
Contact DetailsN/A

Tablo Kitchen x Cafe South | Las Piñas

AddressC2P6+3FX, Liderato Hernandez Ave, Almanza Uno, Las Piñas, 1747 Metro Manila
Operating Hours12PM – 10PM
Contact Details0282884160

Tablo Kitchen x Café BF Resort

Address1 Abel Nosce cor BF Resort Drive, BF Resort Village, Las Piñas, Metro Manila
Operating Hours11AM – 10PM
Contact DetailsN/A

Social Media Account :

Tablo Kitchen Website:

Tablo Kitchen Facebook:

Tablo Kitchen Instagram:


Going through the fine dining experience at Tablo Kitchen x Café can be your most memorable dining memory. Tablo Kitchen x Café can seriously tighten the bond between families, their tables are really comforting and add value to the memory that you are about to treasure.

The set menu at Tablo Kitchen x Café is flexible and extravagant and what can I say? I believe they really put great effort into creating their menu because they considered different aspects that the world of dining. They considered those who are vegan, those who only eat chicken, and the possible allergies that a customer may experience if they won’t recite the ingredients that they’ve put in their meal.

What I love about them is the idea of putting the ingredients on their menu plate/card. That idea is indeed conventional because you will instantly consider the food to avoid due to allergies.

So if you want to experience the set of menus that Tablo Kitchen x Café offers then I suggest that you should visit the nearest branch from your place of residence! Good luck with your journey folks!

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