Cafe Mediterranean Menu Prices

Cafe Mediterranean’s menu specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. The highlights of their menu are their grilled dishes, gyro plate, and salads for their vegetarian guests. In addition to their main dishes, they also offer a variety of appetizers, dips, and desserts that are perfect for sharing with friends and family. Cafe Mediterranean is really perfect for anyone looking for delicious Mediterranean food in the Philippines.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Cafe Meditteranean menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Hummus with Regular Pita205
Moutabal with Regular Pita205
Foule with Regular Pita205
Tzatziki with Regular Pita205
Tzatziki with Pocket Pita250
Falafel with Whole Wheat Pita215
Marinated Olives with Regular Pita205
Marinated Olives with Pocket Pita250
Kofta with Whole Wheat Pita215
Tabbouleh with Whole Wheat Pita215
Labneh with Regular Pita205
Labneh with Pocket Pita250
Foule with Pocket Pita215
Eggplant Salad with Whole Wheat Pita215
Seven Layer Dip with Regular Pita415
Falafel Gyro Plate with Couscous485
Hummus with Whole Wheat Pita215
Tabbouleh with Regular Pita205
Hummus with Pocket Pita250
Moutabal with Pocket Pita250
Tzatziki with Whole Wheat Pita215
Falafel with Regular Pita205
Falafel with Pocket Pita250
Marinated Olives with Whole Wheat Pita215
Kofta with Regular Pita205
Kofta with Pocket Pita250
Labneh with Whole Wheat Pita215
Foule with Whole Wheat Pita215
Eggplant Salad with Regular Pita205
Eggplant Salad with Pocket Pita250
Seven Layer Dip with Whole Wheat Pita425
Fish Kebab with Whole Wheat Pita570

Soup and Salad

Greek Salad435
Shepherd's Salad with Whole Wheat Pita175
Shepherd's Salad with Pocket Pita195
Greenbeans Provencal with Whole Wheat Pita175
Lentil Soup Cup235
Roasted Vegetables Soup Cup240
Roasted Vegetables Soup Bowl425
Shepherd's Salad with Regular Pita165
Greenbeans Provencal with Regular Pita165
Greenbeans Provencal with Pocket Pita195
Lentil Soup Bowl400


Lentil Burger380
Kofta Burger400

Pasta and Pizza

Mediterranea Vegan415
Gyro Pizza Tuna535
Gyro Pizza Beef545
Kebab Pizza Fish620
Kebab Pizza BeefBeef meat with housemade pickled chillies620
Kebab Pizza Lamb665
Prosciutto E Pomodoro Secchi470
New York565
Gyro Pizza Chicken500
Gyro Pizza Lamb605
Kebab Pizza Chicken555
Kebab Pizza Kofta525


Grilled Beef Gyros Regular Pita230
Falafel Gyros Regular Pita230
Grilled Chicken Gyros Whole Wheat Pita220
Grilled Lamb Gyros Whole Wheat Pita290
Kofta Gyros Whole Wheat Pita255
Grilled Veggies Gyros with Hummus Regular Pita275
Grilled Veggies Gyros with Moutabal Regular Pita275
Grilled Tuna Gyros Regular Pita320
Grilled Lamb Gyros Regular Pita280
Grilled Chicken Gyros Regular Pita210
Grilled Beef Gyros Whole Wheat Pita240
Kofta Gyros Regular Pita240
Falafel Gyros Whole Wheat Pita240
Grilled Veggies with Hummus Whole Wheat pita285
Grilled Veggies with Moutabal Whole Wheat pita285
Grilled Tuna Gyros Whole Wheat Pita330
Doner Kebabs
Beef Doner Kebabs455
Lamb Doner kebabs455
Chicken Doner Kebabs390
Falafel Doner Kebabs390

Large Plates

Moroccan Lamb Stew with Regular Pita645
Moroccan Fish Filet with Regular Pita480
Moroccan Fish Filet with Buttered Rice530
Moroccan Fish Filet with Biryani550
Moroccan Fish Fillet With Cauliflower Rice615
Pollo Al Rosmarino with Whole Wheat Pita530
Pollo Al Rosmarino with Basmati540
Pollo Al Rosmarino with Biryani550
Pollo Al Rosmarino With Cauliflower Rice615
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean Style Whole Wheat Pita530
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean Style with Basmati540
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean Style with Biryani550
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean Style With Cauliflower Rice615
Shish Taouk with Whole Wheat Pita560
Shish Taouk with Basmati570
Shish Taouk with Biryani585
Shish Taouk With Cauliflower Rice650
Moussakawith Buttered Rice495
Moussaka with Moroccan Rice Pilaf515
Moussaka with Cous Cous550
Moroccan Lamb Stew with Whole Wheat Pita690
Moroccan Lamb Stew with Basmati700
Moroccan Lamb Stew with Biryani710
Moroccan Lambstew With Cauliflower Rice770
Moussaka with Regular Pita445
Moroccan Fish Filet with Whole Wheat Pita530
Moroccan Fish Filet with Moroccan Rice Pilaf550
Moroccan Fish Filet with Cous Cous585
Pollo Al Rosmarino with Regular Pita480
Pollo Al Rosmarino with Buttered Rice530
Pollo Al Rosmarino with Moroccan Rice Pilaf550
Pollo Al Rosmarino with Cous Cous585


Beef Kebab with Buttered Rice640
Kofta Kebab With Regular Pita415
Beef Kebab With Regular Pita590
Kofta Kebab With Cauliflower Rice550
Beef Kebab With Cauliflower Rice725
Fish Kebab with Buttered Rice570
Fish Kebab with Moroccan Rice Pilaf590
Fish Kebab with Biryani Rice595
Kofta Kebab with Whole Wheat Pita460
Kofta Kebab with Basmati Rice475
Kofta Kebab with Biryani Rice485
Chicken Kebab with Whole Wheat Pita550
Chicken Kebab with Basmati Rice560
Chicken Kebab with Biryani Rice570
Beef Kebab with Whole Wheat Pita640
Beef Kebab with Basmati Rice650

Kebab Platers

Kebab Platter with Biryani1360
Kebab Platter with Whole Wheat Pita1295
Kebab Platter with Basmati1325
Kebab Platter with Cous Cous1470
Kebab Platter with Regular Pita1215
Kebab Platter with Buttered Rice1295

Side Orders

French Fries110
Whole Wheat50
Moroccan Rice Pilaf85
Xtra Grilled Tomatoes145
Regular Pita55
Pita Pocket45
Cauliflower Rice120


Hummus with Beef390
Hummus with Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions375
Hummus with Lamb425
Hummus with Falafel390
Hummus with Grilled Veggies275
Hummus with Griilled Chicken350
Hummus with Kofta370

About Cafe Mediterranean

Cafe Mediterranean is a Filipino restaurant chain that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. They serve dishes from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Morocco, including grilled meats, seafood, and vegetarian options. The restaurant has several locations in Metro Manila and other major cities throughout the Philippines. Guests can dine in this cafe, have their orders taken out, or simply have their orders delivered by a third-party delivery service. Restaurants typically have a casual and relaxed atmosphere, making them ideal for catching up with friends over a delicious meal.

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Cafe Mediterranean Menu Best Seller

This menu is made up of Cafe Mediterranean’s best dishes which are mostly ordered by guests that visit their place.

Beef Doner Kebabs – The beef in this dish is tender and juicy, with a flavorful combination of different herbs and spices.  This dish is filling and flavorful, making it ideal for anyone seeking a satisfying meal. This dish is a must-try for any meat lover.

Doner Kebabs available in Cafe Mediterranean menu Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Mediterranean Official FB Page

Moroccan Fish Fillet with Biryani – The Moroccan Fish Fillet with Biryani menu at Cafe Mediterranean is a delicious and unique dish. The fish is tender and flaky, with a blend of Moroccan spices that provide a great depth of flavor. The biryani is a perfect complement to the fish, with aromatic spices and fluffy basmati rice.

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Chicken Kebab with Basmati Rice – The Chicken Kebab with Basmati Rice at Cafe Mediterranean is a delicious and hearty meal. The chicken is tender and flavorful, with a perfect blend of herbs and spices. It is served with basmati rice and is served with fresh vegetables and a yogurt sauce.

Appetizers and Little Plates

This menu consists of dishes that guests can order as a small snack while they wait for their main course to arrive.

Hummus with Regular Pita – This is a classic Mediterranean appetizer that did not disappoint. The hummus is smooth and creamy, with a great balance of flavors between the tahini, garlic, and lemon while the regular pita is soft and fresh, making it a great accompaniment to the hummus. 

Moutabal with Regular Pita – This Moutabal with Regular Pita is a delicious and flavorful appetizer menu of Cafe Mediterranean. The eggplant in it is roasted to perfection, giving the dip a smoky and rich flavor. The dip has a nice, creamy texture and was well-seasoned with garlic and lemon making it a great option for vegetarians and those looking for a healthy appetizer.

Anatomy of Moutabal Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Mediterranean Official FB Page

Tabbouleh with Whole Wheat Pita – Cafe Mediterranean’s Tabbouleh with Whole Wheat Pita is a refreshing and healthy appetizer. The salad is made with fresh parsley, tomatoes, onions, and bulgur, all dressed with a tangy lemon dressing. This dish is ideal for those seeking a light and healthy appetizer.

Soups and Salads

This menu is made up of salads and soups that perfectly complement Cafe Mediterranean’s main dishes.

Lentil Soup Cup – This Lentil Soup Cup was a hearty and flavorful dish. The soup has a great depth of flavor and is very filling. It’s a great option for a light lunch or an appetizer.

Lentil Soup Cup menu in Cafe Mediterranean Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Mediterranean Official FB Page

Roasted Vegetables Soup Cup – The Roasted Vegetables Soup Cup at Cafe Mediterranean is a delicious and comforting soup. The vegetables are roasted which results in a rich and smoky flavor while the soup is well-seasoned and has a creamy texture, making it a great option for a meal or as a starter.

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Roasted Vegetables Soup Bowl – This Cafe Mediterranean menu is a satisfying and delicious meal. The soup is rich and flavorful, with a medley of roasted vegetables that provided a nice mix of textures and flavors. The soup is served with warm pita bread, which is perfect for dipping.


This menu consists of salad dishes that can be consumed as an appetizer or as a dessert.

Greek Salad – Cafe Mediterranean’s Greek Salad is a delightful mix of fresh, crisp greens, juicy tomatoes, creamy feta cheese, and Kalamata olives. This salad is ideal for those looking for a nutritious and flavorful meal.

Greek Salad Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Mediterranean Official FB Page

Shepherd’s Salad with Whole Wheat Pita – This is a fantastic combination of fresh vegetables and savory pita bread. The salad included diced tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and onions, all tossed together in a light and tangy dressing. This dish is ideal as a light lunch or as a side dish.

Shepherd’s Salad with Pocket Pita – It is a delicious and filling meal. The salad is made up of fresh vegetables and a tangy dressing and is served inside a pocket pita bread. The warm pita bread contrasts nicely with the crisp vegetables. 


The pasta dishes on this menu are made with fresh ingredients, are cooked to perfection, and are served with a variety of sauces. Whether you prefer meat or vegetarian options, Cafe Mediterranean’s pasta menu has something for everyone. These dishes are an excellent choice for those looking to branch out from traditional Mediterranean fare.


Veggies Gyro Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Mediterranean Official FB Page

This menu’s dishes are made with tender and juicy meat that’s seasoned with aromatic Mediterranean spices. Cafe Mediterranean’s gyros dishes are served on warm pita bread with vegetables and sauce on the side. The gyros are filling and flavorful and are a great option for lunch or dinner. Whether you prefer beef, chicken, or lamb, Cafe Mediterranean’s gyros menu has something for everyone.

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Cafe Mediterranean Kebabs Menu

This menu is ideal for those guests who are looking forward to a flavorful and nutritious meal. The kebabs are made with tender and juicy meat that’s marinated in aromatic Mediterranean spices. The kebabs that are offered at Cafe Mediterranean are a must-try for any Mediterranean food lover because of their deliciousness and affordability.

Kebabs for all Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Mediterranean Official FB Page

Cafe Mediterranean Menu Delivery

Cafe Mediterranean’s menu delivery service is a great option for those who want to enjoy their delicious Mediterranean cuisine in the comfort of their own homes. The ordering process is simple and easy. Customers can place their orders online through the Cafe Mediterranean website or through third-party delivery applications like GrabFood or FoodPanda. Their menu delivery service is prompt and reliable, and the food is well-packaged and arrives hot and fresh. 

Social Media Pages

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest menu and promos from Cafe Mediterranean? Just subscribe to their social media pages! And if you’ve got any questions, no problem, just shoot them a message. Here are the links to their official social media pages:





Cafe Mediterranean’s menu offers a diverse selection of Mediterranean dishes, from appetizers to entrees and desserts. Cafe Mediterranean’s service is also outstanding, with attentive and friendly staff who are competent and always ready to offer recommendations. Thai cafe is recommended for anyone looking for a delicious and authentic Mediterranean dining experience in the Philippines. Overall, they have excellent food, their service is outstanding, and the ambiance of their restaurant is charming – making for an unforgettable dining experience.

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