Halal Guys Menu Prices

The Halal Guys’ menu offers American platters and sandwiches that were specially made to be halal. Their most popular dishes include falafel, rice, chicken, and gyro meat. It has been said that the flavor is a complicated mash-up of tastes from the Mediterranean and Middle East. 

Additionally, they offer a white sauce condiment that is very popular with all their customers. Their white sauce, which has a lot of similarities to tzatziki, has been the subject of numerous recreations based on components in to-go packets. All of their carts spread around New York.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Halal Guys menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Beef Gyro
Chicken and Beef Gyro


Beef Gyro
Chicken and Beef Gyro


Green Peppers


Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Brownies


Baba Ghanoush


Fountain Drinks
Boottled Drinks
Bottled Water

White Sauce

Hot Sauce
Tahini Sauce
White Sauce Pouch

About Halal Guys

In 1990, when the founders built a food cart on West 53rd and 6th Avenue in New York, they saw a significant demand among Muslim cab drivers who wanted to eat halal food. They switched their cart out right away and started serving halal dishes, which was a big success!

They concentrated on improving their products to make them unique and pleasant. The Halal Guys has distinguished itself by leading innovations and developing delectable items, including the consihstently popular White Sauce for customers, and has experienced positive growth for over 24 years in a row.

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Halal Guys Menu Platters

Overall, these three platters give those who are looking for Mediterranean-style food a good variety of choices. The falafel platter is a great choice for people looking for a vegetarian or vegan meal, while the chicken and beef gyro platters are both flavorful and filling.

Halal Guys Platter menu dish is the Savory Herb Beef Platter topped with hot sauce Pin
Photo Credit: Halal Guys Facebook Page

The platter’s quality will vary depending on which branch you are in, but overall, it can be a great option for a quick and filling meal. It’s important to pay attention to the available options and identify your favorites because the sauces and toppings that come with the platters frequently make them stand out.

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Halal Guys Sandwiches Menu

This sandwich menu provides a good selection of flavors and protein choices to suit various dietary preferences. The beef gyro and falafel sandwiches are more distinctive and flavorful, while the chicken sandwich is a traditional and straightforward choice. A vegetarian option is always welcome for those who favor plant-based diets. The taste of the sandwiches is also improved by the use of crisp, fresh vegetables and sauces.

Spicy Chicken sandwich in Halal Guys sandwiches menu Pin
Photo Credit: Halal Guys Facebook Page

For improvements, it would be great if customers could select from a wider variety of toppings and sauces. Furthermore, adding some side dishes like fries or salad would round out the menu. In general, those who are looking for savory options and a variety of options will find this sandwich menu to be a good choice.


To suit a range of palates, this toppings menu of Halal Guys provides a good selection of flavors and textures. Each topping offers a distinct flavor and can improve the flavor of a dish in a different way. It is simple to incorporate them into many dishes because they are all frequently used in various cuisines.

For those who prefer a more decadent option, it would be great to have some extra toppings like cheese or bacon. Additionally, it would be great to have a few more vegan and vegetarian topping options, like mushrooms or tofu.

Overall, those looking to enhance their meals with additional flavor and texture should consider this toppings menu. Each topping can be used in a variety of dishes and can satisfy various dietary requirements.

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In general, there is a good selection of flavors and textures on this dessert menu, satisfying a range of palates. Each dessert offers a distinctive flavor and can, in its own way, improve the flavor of a meal. It is simple to incorporate them into many meals because they are all frequently used in various dishes.

Baklava Cheesecake Pin
Photo Credit: Halal Guys Facebook Page

Desserts that are gluten-free or vegan would be wonderful additions for people with dietary restrictions. More options for lighter desserts, like fruit salads or desserts made with yogurt, would also be great. Overall, those looking to indulge in a sweet treat will find this dessert menu to be a great choice. Each dessert is delectable and can attract a wide range of customers.


With a good selection of flavors and textures, this Halal Guys side dish menu can satisfy a range of palates. Each side dish offers a distinct flavor that can, in its own way, improve a meal. They are all frequently used in various cuisines, making it simple to incorporate them into a variety of dishes.

Roasted red pepper hummus sides Pin
Photo Credit: Halal Guys Facebook Page

Overall, those who are looking to indulge in some delectable and distinctive side dishes will find this side dish menu to be a great choice. Each dish is delicious and can satisfy a lot of people


This beverage menu provides a good selection of options to choose from, accommodating various dietary needs and taste preferences. Each choice offers a distinct flavor and can improve a meal’s flavor in a different way. Those looking to complement their meal with a cold drink should consider this beverage menu. Each beverage option offers a distinctive flavor.

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Pomegranate Lemonade on selected branches only Pin
Photo Credit: Halal Guys Facebook Page


Halal Guys’ sauce menu consists of three different sauces: Hot Sauce, Tahini Sauce, and White Sauce. Overall, this sauce menu provides a good variety of options for different taste preferences and types of dishes. The hot sauce provides a creamy and nutty taste, and the white sauce offers a refreshing tanginess. These sauces are a wonderful addition to any meal and can be used to improve a variety of dishes.

Halal Guys Menu Delivery

Halal Guys offers a convenient online ordering system where customers can browse their entire food list and place orders directly through their website. In addition, customers can visit their social media pages to learn more about their menu offerings and delivery options. With these convenient online ordering methods, customers can easily satisfy their cravings for Halal Guys’ delicious dishes without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

Social Media Pages

Craving Mediterranean dishes? Halal Guys got you covered. Find them through social media platforms to get their menu and locations of their branches. They are frequently posting updates that will surely crave you more. Click the links below to get you redirected to their pages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHalalGuys

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehalalguys/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HalalGuys

Website: https://thehalalguys.com/contact-us/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@thehalalguysNY


The menu at Halal Guys has won praise for its flavorful and generous portions, reasonable prices, and convenient service. A lot of customers love the tender and well-seasoned chicken and beef gyro sandwiches that come with warm pita bread and are topped with tangy white sauce or hot sauce. They have fast and efficient service, and the food is usually prepared quickly and accurately. Overall, Halal Guys is a fantastic choice for delicious and filling Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes.

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