Kenji Tei Menu Prices

Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular foreign cuisines in our country. It has a great presentation and fresh flavors, which is why a lot of people like it. But have you tried authentic Japanese restaurants with affordable prices? Yes, actually, I found a good recommendation for you. Have you heard about Kenji Tei? Kenji Tei is a Japanese restaurant that offers a lot of delicious menu at a very affordable price. Kenji Tei’s menu is packed with awesome foods. Im sure everyone who tries their food will come back for more. Let’s dive deeper into this restaurant and get to know them more. Without further ado, let’s start!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Kenji Tei menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chashu miso295
Gomoku shio330
Mabo tofu295
Negi itame295
Miso butter corn310
Spicy negi320

Cold Ramen

Hiyashi chuka330
Hiyashi special 385
Hiyashi goma miso340

Donburi and rice

Gomoku chahan175

Curry rice

Katsu curry rice425
Beef curry rice440
Chicken curry rice425
Seafood curry rice460

Small plates

Miso soup60
Kani salad225
Special kani salad295
Uni tamago toji195
Agedashi tofu225
Dakimashi tamago260
Crispy salmon skin180
Tofu steak270
Yasai itame280


Yaki gyoza190
Cheese gyoza225

Hot plates

Crispy chicken tepanyaki 280
Saikoro beef teppan 450
Ebi mango mayonnaise 450
Mabo tofu370
Salmon head shioyaki 95
Yakisoba 290


Ebi tempura 295
Uni tempura340
Ika geso karaage 320
Teba karaage 295
Ebi fry320

Makimono rolls

California roll285
Crunchy kani315
Spicy salmon360
Spicy tuna340
Salmon skin345
Kani salad roll 290
Tekka maki270
Tempura maki380


Tuna sashimi 290
Salmon sashimi 310
Uni sashimi 330
Shime saba sashimi 340
Salmon toro sashimi 370
Spicy tuna320
Spicy salmon 345

Sushi (per piece)

Salmon belly aburi90
Shime saba90
Tamago 55

Mixed sushi and sashimi

Mixed sashimi685
Mixed sushi685


Ice cream (green tea/ vanilla/ strawberry)70


Soft drinks in can80
Honey lemon iced tea80
Fresh fruit shake110
Hot coffee 80
Cafe latte 116
Bottled water 60
Local beer 90

About Kenji Tei

Years ago, before ramen became famous in our country, there was a ramen house that served different kinds of ramen and Japanese favorites. This restaurant is based here in our country and is actually established here, unlike the other Japanese restaurants that are mushrooming in our country that are Japanese franchises. In 2008, Kenji Tei was born. This is an original concept of brothers and business partners Kenneth and Richard Kho. Their very first restaurant is located in Paranaque City, in BF Homes.

After the success of their first shop, they opened another branch in Makati City by the year 2011, and then their first location moved to the Alabang town center in 2012. Richard Kho is the one who actually worked in Japan while learning about the food and cuisine. They decided to share what they love, and customers began to acknowledge their delicious food, and the rest is history. While new brands are Japanese franchises, the owner of Kenji Tei is proud of their products, and according to Kenneth, their products can be compared to other Japanese franchised brands or are even better than those since they took into consideration what Filipinos will like, which is the reason for their success and popularity.

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Kenji Tei Menu Best Seller

Gomoku shio – Based on our server that day Gomoku shio is one of their bestsellers. I ordered a Regular and this is really good. This bowl is topped with fish, squid a slice of chashu and some vegetables. The broth is clear and very light a norm for a shio ramen. surprisingly delicious once you take a sip. noodles of their gomoku shio are firm, with toppings, including vegetables and, are perfectly cooked. This is a decent bowl of ramen that is quite fair and affordable. I will order this once again, and it will become my new favorite. Though there are lots of options, I will stick with this one.

Salmon sashimi – Kenji Tei’s version of salmon sashimi has 8 slices of fresh salmon sashimi with radish ribbons as the design of the presentation. Kenji Tei did a great job on this because the salmon sashimi is really fresh. It has a slightly sweet taste because, as I said, it’s fresh. This one is a good choice if you love sashimi, and for sure you won’t be disappointed with this. They serve this with a dipping sauce. I almost finished everything and forgot to share it with my friend. This is refreshing.

Photo Credits: Kenji Tei Facebook Page

Gomoku Shio – Based on our shoppers that day, Gomoku shio is one of their bestsellers. I ordered the regular, and this is really good. This menu of Kenji Tei is topped with fish, squid, a slice of chashu, and some vegetables. The broth is clear and very light, which is normal for a shio ramen. surprisingly delicious once you take a sip. The noodles in their gomoku shio are firm, topped with

California Maki – Kenji Tei’s version of California Maki is also a great choice if you ever visit their restaurant. They serve their California Maki with 8 pieces of standard Maki size. I noticed that their California Maki is compact and well pressed, retaining its shape even if you dip it in soy sauce. The ingredients that they used are fresh. It also has tobiko to add crunch and wonderful flavor to your sushi. The only complaint that I have about this is that I already finished the eight pieces of California Maki and I want more.

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Photo Credits: Kenji Tei Facebook Page

Kenji Tei Menu Ramen 

Kenji Tei’s ramen menu has a lot to offer. Let’s start with chashu miso, which is a noodle topped with chashu pork, leeks, spinach, and egg. It also has miso in the broth, which is truly delicious. Next is their gomoku shio, which is also one of our best sellers. Next is their mabu tofu, which has soy, mabu tofu, and assorted vegetables; this one is hot. They also have negi itame, which has miso, chashu pork, and leeks. Miso butter corn is also available on their ramen menu; this has miso, corn, chashu pork, spinach, leeks, butter, and nori. They also have this curry ramen, which has soy curry and pork, and this is also good. Other options are spicy negi, miso, shoyu, wakame, shio, and tempura ramen.

Photo Credits: Kenji Tei Facebook Page

Cold Ramen 

Keni Tei also serves cold ramen. On their cold ramen menu, they have three options, which are hiyashi chuka. This ramen has crab sticks, an egg, cucumber, and chashu pork. The second option is their Hiyashi special, which has assorted seafood (crabstick, egg, cucumber, and chashu pork). Lats, but definitely not least, is their hiyashi goma miso. This one has sesame miso, crab stick, egg, cucumber, and chashu pork.

Curry Rice 

We all know that in Japanese cuisine they have this curry rice that is quite popular. The great news is that Kenji Tei also includes this on their menu. On their curry rice menu, they have four choices. First is their katsu curry rice, followed by beef curry rice. They also have chicken curry rice if you want something lighter, and seafood curry rice for seafood lovers.

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Photo Credits: Kenji Tei Facebook Page


Gyoza is also included on their menu. They have two gyoza options. First is their yaki gyoza, which has grilled pork and vegetables, and their cheese gyoza, which has cream cheese on the inside and is served fried.

Photo Credits: Kenji Tei Facebook Page

Kenji Tei Menu Delivery

Kenji Tei is now accepting online delivery orders through Food Panda for their Alabang and Lucky Chinatown branches. But aside from that, you can also use any third-party delivery service that is available in your area, as long as it is serviceable by your chosen carriers. Please take note that the availability of food items depends upon the availability of food at the branch itself. Payment methods used in delivery services are e-cash and bank transfer only; there is no cash on delivery.

Social Media Pages

Stay informed about Kenji Tei by visiting their social media pages, where you’ll find details about the restaurant, its menu offerings, special promotions, and the latest updates. These platforms also provide an opportunity for customers to share their experiences, leave reviews, and offer feedback. Check out the links below to connect with Kenji Tei and keep up to date with all their exciting news.





This place is awesome; it has a wide variety of choices, and for sure you’ll find what you love on their menu. Kenji Tei’s menu offers delicious Japanese dishes that are affordable and unique. Also, I like how they present their food. It’s just amazing that you can have Japanese takeout without worrying about the price. Their crews are all knowledgeable and polite, and they will serve your food hot and fast. I highly recommend Kenji Tei to every foodie who loves Japanese foods and to anyone who’s willing to try it.

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