Noodle King Menu Prices

The Noodle King menu, from its name, features its specialty, its noodles. They are known for their delectable and very affordable noodle dishes. However, their menu doesn’t revolve around noodles. They have a wide variety of dishes that their diners can choose from. Aside from their noodles, they also have side dishes, mami, silog meals, rice meals, and soups, all of which are Manilenos’ favorites because of how high the quality of these dishes is. Noodle King ensures that they only serve the best dishes by procuring the freshest and good quality ingredients.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Noodle King menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Bulalo Batangas150
Siomai Soup65
Wanton Soup65

Rice Meals

Beef Steak Rice100
Pork Ampalaya Rice90
Chicken BBQ100
NK Chicken Rice100
Chopsuey Rice85
Daing na Bangus Rice85
Asado Plain Rice90
Adobo Rice w Egg90

Rice Toppings

Asado Toppings100
Fish Fillet Toppings100
Lechon Toppings100

Short Orders

Beef Kalderta110
Buttered Chicken120
Sweet n Sour Fish95
Fish Tausi w tofu95
Shanghai Roll90
Lechon Kawali85
Sliced Beef100
Garlic Wings95
Chopsuey Plain100
Pork Ampalaya Rice100


Sizzling Beef Tapa Rips75
Sizzling Tocino Tips70
Sizzling Liempo70
Sizzling Porkchop65
Sizzling Sisig Topping80


Asado Mami85
Chicken Mami75
Wanton Mami75
Siomai Mami75
Beef Mami80
Beef Wanton Mami95
Special Mami105
Super Mami110


Bihon Guisado85
Miki Bihon85
Pancit Canton85

Silog Meals

Pork tocino70

Side Orders

Tokwa Plain45
Tokwa't Baboy60
Fried Rice25
Steamed Rice20
Fried Egg20

Food tray

Buttered Chicken sa Bilao595
Shanghai sa Bilao455
Garlic Wings sa Bilao670
Lauriat meals140



About Noodle King

Noodle King is a Filipino-style pares and mami house located in Metro Manila. They have three branches in total that are spread strategically in Manila. Each of these is strategically placed to provide convenience to their loyal customers, the people living in Metro Manila and the nearby areas. Noodle King strives to provide not just Manilanos but also people from outside Manila and even foreigners with high-quality Filipino dishes that are also budget-friendly.

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Noodle King Menu best seller

These dishes are the ones that are ordered the most by people who visit Noodle King because of their familiarity in terms of taste.

Lechon Kawali – This dish is a deep-fried pork dish whose exterior is quite salty and extra crispy. While its exterior is crisp, the interior of this dish is juicy and tender because of its fat. This dish goes perfectly when paired with rice and dipped in an extra-hot vinegar-based sauce.

Sweet and Sour Fish – The sweet and sour fish recipe originally came from Asia, mostly of Chinese origin. It is composed of bite-sized fish that are fried to perfection until they are golden in color. After deep frying, it is then tossed in a sweet and sticky sauce that is colored by bell peppers to further enhance the dish’s flavors.

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Sweet and Sour Fish worth for sharing Pin
Photo Credit: Noodle King Official FB Page

Beef Mami – This Noodle King menu is a sort of beef noodle soup with Filipino-Chinese roots. It is made with noodles and soft beef brisket as its main ingredients. Boiled eggs and other kinds of toppings are also thrown in the hot and aromatic beef stock to make it more hearty.

Tapsilog – Tapsilog is made of three different varieties of food thrown on one plate, tapa, sinangag, and itlog, hence the name. Tapa is beef meat that has been dried and preserved, sinangag is a variety of garlic rice; and itlog is literally an English term for an egg.

Tapsilog Pin
Photo Credit: Noodle King Official FB Page

Rice Meals

We Filipinos won’t be fully content with our meals without rice. Hence, on this menu, Noodle King offers staple Filipino dishes that customers can order for their meals.

Beef Steak Rice – This is a beef steak meal that has a Filipino twist of its own. This Filipino-style beef steak consists of thin slices of beef and a lot of onions. These are simmered in a blend of soy sauce and lemon juice until the meat is completely tender. It is best enjoyed with warm rice on the side.

Pork Ampalaya Rice – This recipe calls for bell peppers and ground pork thrown in sauteed ampalaya. Compared to the typical ampalaya with eggs, it is a great variation and is more creative. The tastes of two main ingredients, which are ampalaya and pork, blend really well, creating a unique taste that goes well with rice.

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Pork Ampalaya Rice Pin
Photo Credit: Noodle King Official FB Page

Chicken BBQ – Also known as chicken inasal, it is a Filipino-style chicken barbecue that uses chicken meat as its main ingredient, skewered and grilled over charcoal. And when done right, this dish oozes the perfect aroma and overflowing juices that will make customers drool. This juicy and delicious dish is best paired with rice.

Noodle King Short Orders Menu

This menu is composed of dishes that are easily prepared and quickly served. Perfect for customers who are gunning for just a quick meal.

Beef Kaldereta – The staple dish in every Filipino kitchen is this beef kaldereta. It is a particular variety of beef stew that is made using the liver spread and tomato sauce. When preparing this dish, additional ingredients, including potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, and olives, are used.

Buttered Chicken – The sauce is crucial when making authentic butter chicken. You will be astounded to discover that with just some spices such as onion, garlic, a can of crushed tomatoes, ginger, and other easily found spices, you can preserve the sauce’s excellent aroma.

Buttered Chicken Pin
Photo Credit: Noodle King Official FB Page

Shanghai Rolls – Filipino spring rolls, known as Lumpiang Shanghai, are cooked with ground beef, chicken, or hog filling and are encased in thin crepes known as lumpia wrappers. The meat-filled wrappers from this Noodle King menu are formed into thin, cylinder forms, sliced into bite-size pieces, and deep-fried until perfectly golden.

Shanghai Rolls of Noodle King Pin
Photo Credit: Noodle King Official FB Page

Rice Toppings

This menu is composed of dishes that enhance the flavor of your rice meals. It is composed of lechon toppings, asado toppings, and fish filet toppings, which are very popular among Filipinos. These dishes are served on top of a box or a plate of rice.

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Have some sizzling tocino Pin
Photo Credit: Noodle King Official FB Page

The dishes that are part of this menu are prepared and served on a hot metal plate that is set on a wooden base. The sizzling dishes are grilled on a very hot metal griddle to keep their interiors wet and their exteriors crisp.


A common Filipino noodle dish called mami is made with wheat flour noodles, broth, and either meat or wonton dumplings. It belongs to the pancit family of noodles, and the noodles themselves are occasionally referred to as mami.

Chicken Mami in Noodle King menu Pin
Photo Credit: Noodle King Official FB Page

Noodle King Menu Delivery

All of Noodle King’s delectable and filling dishes are offered for delivery. Their menu delivery makes satisfying your cravings for daily Filipino meals more convenient. For additional information about their delivery services and menu, you can send them a message through their social media pages.

Noodle King Social Media Pages

If you’re keen to explore the world of Noodle King and stay abreast of its products, promotions, and discounts, then look no further than its social media channels. To begin, simply click on the links below and follow their social media accounts. This way, you’ll stay up-to-date with all of their latest products and never miss a beat.




Contrary to its name, the Noodle King menu is composed of not just noodle dishes but a variety of traditional Filipino dishes. They are the best restaurant to find both a relaxing place and delicious food. Customers would feel at ease and calm while dining because of the restaurant’s casual atmosphere. Another thing to note is their friendly staff, who are very accommodating and quick to meet the customer’s demands.

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