Lido Cocina Tsina Menu Prices

The Lido Cocina Tsina menu aims to take Filipinos back to the late 1930s when calesas were still roaming the busy streets and eskinitas of Binondo. Lido Cocina Tsina was the first known eatery that serves authentic Chinese food and immediately became famous for its specialty, the succulent and savory Pugon Roasted Asado, which was made by the founder of the restaurant, Mr. Lido himself. The original recipes for their dishes are still followed by Lido Cocina Tsina, even though it has been decades since their first diner was opened.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Lido Cocina Tsina menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Filipino Breakfast Longganisa314
Filipino Breakfast Laig na Bangus314
Filipino Breakfast Beef Tapa314
Filipino Breakfast Corned Beef314
Classic Breakfast Medley325
Chinese Breakfast Medley341
Breakfast Primera325
Scrambles Breakfast314
Asado Smoked Sausage325
SChinese Chorizo303
Omelette Breakfast292
Shrimp and Mushroom314


Pugon Roasted Asado462
Asado with Plum Sauce501
Drunken Lechon Macau479
Lechon Macau and Mushrooms in Plum Sauce501
Hong Ma with Cuapao561
Shantung Prk424
Sweet and Sour Pork424
Sparribs Salt and Pepper435
Lumpiang Shanghai314


Manchurian Wings424
Buttered Chicken391
Chinese Fried Chicken 391
3 cups chicken435


Sweet and Sour fish369
Steam fish Fillet with House Soy380
Braised Fish Filelt with Beancurd369


Shrimp Foo Yong534
Camaron REbosado523
House Sichuan Shrimp534
Shrimp Balls446


Sauteed Squid in Seafood Sauce479
Squid Chili Taosi479
Squid in Salt and Pepper402


Beef Brisket171
Beef Brisket Wanton171
Chicken Mami171
Asado Mami204


Broccoli Garlic270
Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetables314
Braised Tofu with Mushrooms314
Sichuan Eggplant 314

Dimsum and Sides

Mini Asadopao242
pork Siomai138
Stemaed Pork Ribs138
Chicken Feet121

About Lido Cocina Tsina

There stood a modest eatery called Panciteria Lido on one of the narrow alleys of Binondo that was owned by a Cantonese chef known as Mr. Lido. It was the first known eatery that serves authentic Chinese food and immediately became famous for its specialty, the succulent and savory Pugon Roasted Asado which was made by Mr. Lido itself. Even now, the Lido legacy still continues. Lido Cocina Tsina has been serving outstanding dishes made with fine ingredients for more than 80 years now.

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Lido Cocina Tsina Menu Best Seller

The best and most popular items on Lido Cocina Tsina’s menu. These are the most common orders that regular diners want every time they visit.

Drunken Lechon Macau – Lido Cocina Tsina’s most popular dish and is already considered their legendary dish that diners must try whenever they get a chance to visit the said restaurant. It is a premium pork belly, also known as “Liempo” in Filipino, that is cured in wine and spices for more than 60 hours before being fried to perfection! It is served on a sizzling plate with a savory sauce added.

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A popular dish in Lido Cocina Tsina restaurant is the Drunken Lechon Macau Pin
Photo Credit: Lido Cocina Tsina Official FB Page

Pugon Roasted Asado – A very well-known and one of the all-time favorite dishes of Manileños. Pugon Roasted Asado is one of those classic dishes from the Lido Cocina Tsina menu that has consistently survived the test of time. It is an old cured pork loin that has been around for about 80 years or more. This recipe from Lido is freshly roasted until the pork loin becomes tender over firewood in a brick oven.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet – For those who want to eat fish without the little fish bones, this dish is a wonderful one that was made for you! Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet is made with carrots, onions, and bell peppers that are added to the sweet and sour sauce with the fried fish fillet.

Have a taste of Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet. Pin
Photo Credit: Lido Cocina Tsina Official FB Page

Manchurian Wings – A common Indonesian-Chinese meal, chicken Manchurian Wings are deep fried with batter after being dipped in a sweet and sour sauce for marinating. A gingery, sweet, and hot oriental sauce is applied to these crispy chicken wings.

Sweet and sour taste of Manchuruan Wings available at Lido Cocino Tsina restaurant Pin
Photo Credit: Lido Cocina Tsina Official FB Page

Chami Special – Guest’s favorite dish in Lido Cocina; is thick Chinese noodles sauteed with veggies, shrimp, and pork. The native dish of China consists of thick noodles, chicken, pork, or shrimp—or maybe all three of them combined—and a wide variety of veggies. Vegetables that have been stir-fried go incredibly well with these tasty components.

Breakfast Menu

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the breakfast menu at Lido Cocina Tsina and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! The menu is packed with delicious choices that are sure to energize your day. From their mouthwatering breakfast specials to their satisfying start-up options, there’s something for everyone.

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Filipino Breakfast Longganisa – Longganisa, a sunny-side-up egg, plain or garlic rice, and a free Lido Siphon coffee make up this breakfast in the Filipino style. Longganisa is usually fresh or smoked sausages, commonly produced with varied ratios of lean meat and fat.

Filipino Breakfast Daing na Bangus – A hearty breakfast meal that is prepared in Filipino style. This breakfast meal is made up of fried daing na bangus, sunny-side-up egg, your choice of plain or garlic rice, and a free cup of Lido Siphon brewed coffee. Daing na bangus is fried milkfish that is marinated in a vinegar mixture before being fried until it becomes crispy and brown.

Photo Credit: Lido Cocina Tsina Official FB Page

Filipino Breakfast Beef Tapa – A filling breakfast meal that was prepared in the traditional way of Filipino style cooking. In addition to a free cup of Lido Siphon brewed coffee, this breakfast meal comes with a sunny-side-up egg, beef tapa, and the customer’s choice of plain or garlic rice. Tapa is a Filipino dish that is made of thinly sliced beef. As a preservation method, the meat is first cured with salt and spices before it is dried or smoked.

Chinese Breakfast Medley – This breakfast dish offers a selection of South-East Asian, Western, and American foods in addition to traditional Chinese and international favorites such as meatball congee, four pieces of pork siomai, and crispy tofu in a Chinese vinegar sauce that is prepared in the Chinese manner.

Breakfast like a King by Lido's Chinese Breakfast Medley. Pin
Photo Credit: Lido Cocina Tsina Official FB Page

Breakfast Primera – Lido Cocina Tsina’s roasted asado is served over a bed of scrambled eggs, rice, and a unique Macau sauce. A free cup of Lido Siphon brewed coffee goes excellently with this particular breakfast meal.

Chicken Menu

All Filipinos love chicken, and Lido Cocina Tsina knows that. They offer tasty and delicious Chinese-style, Western-style, and American-style chicken recipes. Their chicken menu includes Manchurian Wings, Buttered Chicken, Chinese Fried Chicken, and 3 Cups of Chicken.

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Authentic Chinese Fried Chicken Pin
Photo Credit: Lido Cocina Tsina Official FB Page

Pork Menu

Western, Chinese, or Filipino, we all love pork. That is why pork is one of the most popular dishes on the menu at Lido Cocina Tsina! Their pork menu includes dishes like Pugon-Roasted Asado, Asado with Plum Sauce, Drunken Lechon Macau, Lechon Macau and Mushrooms in Plum Sauce, Hong Ma with Cuapao, Shantung Pork, Sweet and Sour Pork, Spareribs Salt and Pepper, and Lumpiang Shanghai.

The signature dish of Lido Cocina Tsina, Pugon-Roasted Asado. Pin
Photo Credit: Lido Cocina Tsina Official FB Page

Lido Cocina Tsina Menu Delivery

All of the items on Lido Cocina Tsina’s menu are available for delivery. However, all customers who are within 1.5 kilometers of the store, can expect their delivery to arrive in 45 minutes, and the minimum order would be at least 300 pesos. The delivery time and minimum amount of purchase may change depending on the distance of the customer from the store. Customers can order through the FoodPanda and GrabFood applications on their mobile phones. Or they could visit Lido Cocina Tsina’s official website. Please click the link below.


Social Media Pages

They have several social media pages that you can choose from to boost and support their restaurant. I highly recommend you follow their pages to get updated. The links to their social media pages are provided below.





Lido Cocina Tsina has a lot of different dishes on its menu. This allows diners to have a lot of options to choose from during their visit to their restaurant. Their menu does not only have a variety of dishes, but every item on it is very tasty and filling! The service crew is friendly, and the restaurant is clean and cozy. The cuisine is not simply good, but also very affordable.

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