Crisostomo Menu Prices

We Filipinos are knowledgeable regarding different cuisines. We are familiar with Italian cuisine, Korean cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and most especially American cuisine. I believe that the reason why we Filipino are knowledgeable about the different cuisine that this world can offer is that, we have been colonized by a lot of countries before. Not only they colonized us, but they also introduced to us their variety of cultures. Since Filipino are very adaptive, we also had an idea of how to cook their dishes up until this time. However, I am not here to talk about the different cuisine that we can find across the globe. I am here to introduce to you the Crisostomo restaurant menu that offers pure Filipino cuisine

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Crisostomo menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Bagumbayan Lechon360
Bolas de Fuego295
Kinilaw Ni Custodio325
Mang Pablo425
Protacio’s Pride380
Sinuglaw Tarsilo380


La Paz Bulalo735
Munggo De Mariano325
Sinigang Burgos605
Sinigang Gomez525
Sinigang Mestizo745
Sinigang ni Kapitan545
Tinolang Matanglawin435

Salad and Vegetables

Crazy Sisa305
Ensaladang Erehe260
Kangkong con Selo315
Noli me Talong325
Pilosopong Pinakbet360
Sinang con Laing305

Entree/Main Dish

Adobo Damaso470
Bella Bandida360
Binagoongan ni Pia470
Bistek Pelaez935
Callos de Aguinaldo545
Don Filipo470
Don Geronimo495
Don Juan415
Don Rafael935
Dona Victorina580
Ka Plaridel435
Kare-kare ng Kura745
Kare-kare ng Mestizo765
Kare-kare ni Simon655
KKK Barbecue415
Manok ng Diablo415
Paella Filipino535
Paella Negra470
Paella Visayas470
San Gabriel415


Bracken Tofu215
Lengua Laruja545
Salome’s Secret385
Saturnina’s Secret435
Seta’s Salpicao270
Sisig Linares325


Arroz Caldo Halo-Halo360
Ginataang Bilo-Bilo325
Ginataang Halo-Halo360




Adobo Rice305
Binagoongan Rice360
Garlic Rice85
Pandan Rice75
Taba ng Talangka Rice405
Tinapa and Salted Egg Rice305


Campeon Turon180
Cospel de Leche95
Halo-halo ni Crisostomo150
Kapitan Tika160
Maria Clara235
Sago’t Gulaman125


Bottled Water95
Lemon Iced Tea98
Soft Drink in Can95

About Crisostomo

Since we are fond of eating samgyupsal, burgers, and pizza; we tend to neglect the food that we used to have in our diners as Filipino. Our diner lacks this Filipino dishes that are indeed tasty and colorful. With that, Crisostomo restaurant made its move and created an eatery that will solely focus on Filipino dishes. 

There is actually a plethora of dishes that Crisostomo’s menu can offer. There are appetizers, soups, entrée – such as Paella Filipino, sizzling, salads, and a lot more. So, if you are craving a Pinoy dish that you long for, then Crisostomo restaurant is just one block away from your location. To know where they are located, you can jump to the “Crisostomo Menu Delivery” section. 

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Crisostomo Menu Best Seller

We all know for a fact that Filipinos loves to eat right? And I can definitely say that we Filipino tend to buy those dishes that are certainly best seller. From the Crisostomo menu list, they cut it down and gave us a list of their best sellers. And to cut this long story short, here are some of Crisostomo’s best-selling dishes.

Bagumbayan Lechon – this is a well-known appetizer in the Philippines. It is basically made up of pork belly which is undeniably crunchy. This Lechon Kawali chip also comes with liver sauce and spicy vinegar dip. 

La Paz Bulalo – This beef soup dish, which is made by simmering beef shanks and bone marrow in a flavorful broth, will set you back approximately 695 pesos for one bowl.

Crazy Sisa – if you love a little bit of craziness on your vegetable salad, then I highly recommend Crazy Sisa. You can enjoy this green salad with crispy Hito flakes. 

Don't miss to add this in your orders, vegetable salad or Crazy Sisa Pin
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Official Instagram Page

Adobo Damaso – our classic Filipino adobo won’t give you any embarrassment, not because it is only healthy, but because it can also bring you back in time as you reminisce about your childhood memories.

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Paella Filipino – here in the Philippines, we’ve also created our own version of the Spanish rice dish. Our Paella Filipino contains grilled pork belly, prawns, chicken, and chorizo.

Best seller dish is Paella Filipino Pin
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Official Instagram Page


We all know that appetizers are small dishes or food items served prior to a meal to stimulate the appetite and prepare the palate for the main course. Here at Crisostomo, they also had a mouth-watering appetizers menu that can seriously boost your appetite. 

Bagumbayan Lechon – The Lechon Kawali chips are a delicious snack that is made from a crispy pork belly. These chips are paired with a rich and flavorful liver sauce, as well as a spicy vinegar dip that adds a tangy kick to every bite.

Bolas de Fuego – This menu from Crisostomo consists of fish and squid balls. It comes with three sauces – garlic vinegar, sweet chili, and fish ball sauce. The taste is really great when you dip it in any of these sauces.

Best-selling appetizer in Crisostomo, Bolas de Fuego Pin
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Official Instagram Page

Caracol – It is an apple snail with coconut milk sided with water spinach. This particular dish can be bought for as low as 325 pesos only.

Photo Credit: Crisostomo Official Instagram Page

Kinilaw Ni Custodio – This ceviche is dipped in coconut milk and topped with tuna flakes that give different textures to this dish. 

Lourdes – If you are allergic to seafood, then this appetizer is not suited for you. These deep-fried baby crabs can only be purchased for 295 pesos only.

Photo Credit: Crisostomo Official Instagram Page

There are other appetizers that can be bought at Crisostomo such as Lucas, Macaraig, Mang Pablo, Protacio’s Pride, and Sinuglaw Tarsilo. 


If there’s an appetizer, then definitely there would be main dishes. These main dishes can certainly cure your hunger because Crisostomo’s main dishes menu are consisting of a wide platter that can be enjoyed by two individuals. 

Adobo Damaso – Not only is our traditional Filipino adobo healthy, but it can also transport you back in time as you recall your childhood memories. You can actually enjoy this meal for 450 pesos only.

A traditional Filipino adobo that will take you to the past, Adobo Damaso Pin
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Official Instagram Page

Anastacio – This fried catfish with mango slices and fermented rice shrimp on mustard-green leaves (mustasa) can be enjoyed at Crisostomo for as low as 385 pesos only. 

Bella Bandida – It is prepared similarly to a beefsteak. The milkfish, however, substitutes for the beef. In Filipino, we usually call it “Bistek na Bangus”.  

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There are really a wide variety of main dishes that can be purchased at Crisostomo. So if you wish to know more about their main dishes then here is a list of remaining dishes that can be bought at Crisostomo: Corregidor, Binagoongan ni Pia, Bistek Pelaez, Callos de Aguinaldo, Don Filipo, Don Geronimo, Don Juan, Don Rafael, Dona Victorina, Emilio, Ka Plaridel, Kare-Kare ng Kura, Kare-Kare ng Mestizo, Kare-Kare ni Simon, KKK Barbecue, Leandro, Liwayway, Manok ng Diablo, Paella Filipino, Paella Negra, Paella Visayas, San Gabriel, and Ventura.

Favorite dish of the customers, the Don Rafael or Crispy Pata Pin
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Official Instagram Page

Crisostomo Sizzling Menu

If you missed the sound of food being cooked on a sizzling plate, then the set of Sizzling dishes that the Crisostomo menu offers is indeed a well-suited meal for you! 

Joaquin – Indulge in a generous serving of melt-in-your-mouth Beef Bulalo, paired with velvety mushroom gravy. This delicious platter is now available for you to savor and enjoy.

Sisig Linares – We Filipinos used to indulge in our classic sizzling pork sisig. In line with that, Sisig Linares is certainly the classic sizzling pork sisig that you long for. 

Photo Credit: Crisostomo Official Instagram Page

Victoria – If you’re mindful of your health but still want to experience the sizzle and flavor of the Crisostomo menu, then the Victoria dish is the ideal choice for you.

There are actually a lot more, so to give you a glimpse on what are the other sizzling menu that Crisostomo offers, then here is a list for you. 

  • Beaterio
  • Salome’s Secret
  • Bracken Tofu
  • Saturnina’s Secret
  • Carriedo
  • Seta’s Salpicao
  • Lengua Laruja
Lengua Laruja served in Crisostomo Pin
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Official Instagram Page


After eating those heavy meals, we usually want that hot soup that will serve as a thruster on the food that we ate. At Crisostomo, there are actually a variety of soups that can be bought for a much cheaper price. You can end your meal now with a large sip of hot soup from their list of soups. So, to give you knowledge of how much this soup is, then here is a breakdown for you. 

  • La Paz Bulalo
  • Munggo De Mariano
  • Sinigang Burgos
  • Sinigang Gomez
  • Sinigang Mestizo
  • Sinigang ni Kapitan
  • Tinolang Matanglawin
Munggo De Mariano Pin
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Official Instagram Page
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If you are not yet satisfied after sipping your hot but delicious soup, then Crisostomo’s restaurant got your back. Here, aside from those delectable soups, there are also “Miryendas” or Filipino delicacies that can surely put an end to your infinite hunger. Crisostomo is serving the famous Arroz Caldo Halo-Halo, Bam-I-Guisado, Cervantes, Escolta, Ginataang Bilo-Bilo, and Ginataang Halo-Halo

You are curious about what they look like right? I may suggest that you should visit the nearest Crisostomo Restaurant in your area so that you can actually take a sneak peek at them and might as well taste them. So, to know the location of different Crisostomo branches, you can now scroll down and read “Crisostomo Menu Delivery”. 

Crisostomo Menu Delivery

As Filipinos, we tend to try these new restaurants that are indeed famous for their low-cost but quality meals. If you are looking for a Crisostomo branch that is near your place, then I can say that this portion of the review is highly suited for your cause. So, without further ado, let me give you a list of where can you find Crisostomo restaurant. 

Crisostomo Alabang Town Center

AddressGround Floor, The Garden, Alabang Town Center, Metro Manila
Operating HoursMON-FRI: 11 AM TO 9 PM
SAT & SUN: 10 AM TO 9 PM
Contact Information02 8869-0988 0917-8371345

Crisostomo Blue Bay Walk

AddressBlue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue Corner EDSA, Libertad, Pasay City, Metro Manila
Operating HoursMON-THURS: 11 AM TO 11 PM
Contact Information02 8832-6592 0917-8262535

Crisostomo Bonifacio Global City

Address7th Avenue corner 30th street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Operating HoursMON-THURS: 11 AM TO 10 PM
FRI & SAT: 11 AM-11 PM
SUN: 11 AM-10 PM
Contact Information02 7621-3276 02 7621-31950917-8178290

Crisostomo Eastwood

Address2nd Floor, Veranda, Eastwood Mall, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Operating HoursMON-THU: 11 AM-10 PM
FRI-SAT: 11 AM-11 PM
SUN: 10 AM-10 PM
Contact Information02 8710-1693 02 8709-2049  0917-8814768

Crisostomo UP Town Center Katipunan

AddressUnit B231 & B232 UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, UP Diliman Campus, Quezon City 1118, Metro Manila
Operating HoursMON-THU: 11 AM-9 PM
FRI-SUN: 10 AM-10 PM
Contact Information02 8990-0287 0917-8371346

Crisostomo Newport Mall

Address2nd Floor. Unit F & B 3A Newport Mall, 100 Andrews Avenue, Brgy. Cybertouris, Newport City, Pasay City, Metro Manila
Operating HoursMON-FRI: 11 AM-12 MN
SAT & SUN: 10 AM-12 MN
Contact Information02 8846-9275 0917-8814868

Crisostomo Nuvali 

AddressSolenad Lakeside Evozone, Nuvali Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
Operating HoursMON-FRI: 11 AM-9 PM
SAT & SUN: 10 AM-10 PM
Contact Information049 8502-8106 0917-8632568

Crisostomo Robinsons Galleria

AddressLevel 2, Robinsons Galleria, EDSA, Corner Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City
Operating HoursDAILY: 10 AM – 10 PM
Contact Information02 8257-1657 0917-1892460

Crisostomo Robinsons Magnolia 

AddressUpper Ground Floor, New Manila, Quezon City
Operating HoursMON-THU: 11 AM-9 PM
FRI-SUN: 10 AM-10 PM
Contact Information02 8961-0339 02 8546-7977 0917-5869895

Crisostomo Ayala Malls Vertis North

AddressLevel 1, Vertis North, Phase 1 & 2, Corner North Avenue, Quezon City
Operating HoursMON- FRI: 11 AM-10 PM
SAT-SUN: 10 AM-10 PM
Contact Information02 8288-3386 0917-1565453

Crisostomo Ayala Malls Manila Bay Area

AddressDiosdado Macapagal Blvd, cor Aseana Ave, Paranaque City, 1701 Metro Manila
Operating HoursMON-THURS: 11 AM-9 PM
FRI-SUN: 10 AM-10 PM
Contact Information02 7752-1535

Social Media Pages

They are actively posting their news on their menu so I highly recommend you follow their pages to get updated. Below, are the links provided for you to redirect to their social media pages and website.





Eating around a happy table with friends and family is undoubtedly widespread in the Philippines. Filipinos are constantly beaming as they eat, regardless of where they go to eat — a fine dining restaurant, an Italian restaurant, or even at a Filipino food kiosk. Those smiles can be a result of the mouthwatering food that was served or the people they are chatting with at that certain table. 

You see, it’s nice to share memories with a lot of people. There are certain everyday dishes on Crisostomo’s menu that can genuinely revive a key memory from your past. And now, I highly encourage you to pay a visit to Crisostomo restaurant because it is indeed worthy of your every penny. 

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