Neil’s Kitchen Menu Prices

Neil’s Kitchen offers a unique Filipino food menu that is different from what people would typically find in other restaurants. They have been reimagining Filipino cuisine by giving it their own spin and incorporating other tasty ingredients. In addition to food, their eccentric interiors and the humorous food quotations that are painted on the walls of their restaurant made them the talk of the town. They have a distinctive concept of how to highlight Filipino cuisine in a more creative way while preserving its authenticity and familiar flavors.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Neil’s Kitchen menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Tokwa't Baboy250
Tokwa and Chicken250
Tokwa and Seafood450
Beach House Nachos Solo185
Beach House Nachos Grande350
Calamers with Saffron Aioli350
Bumblee Bee Shrimp450


Pasta Carbonara350
Spaghetti with Meatballs395


Ayala Alabang Batchoy350
Sinigang Noodles Soup395
Crab Fat Palabok395
Black Palabok395
Pancit Bam-i395
Shrimp Pad Thai Noodles395
Arroz Caldo with Tokwa't Baboy395


Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly395
Bagoong Paella with Kare Kare395
Paella Negra with Calamares395
Paella Valencia with Spanish Tempura450
Chorizo Rice with Callos395
Chicken of the south395
Alabang Fried Chicken with Gravy Rice395
Alabang Porkchop with Gravy Rice395
Boneless Chicken Barbeque with Java Rice395
Boneless Chicken Inasal with Hainanese Rice395
BBQ Pork Belly with Java Rice395
Menudo Mania395
Pinakbet Salad350
Escargot de Gata350
Triple T395
Grilled Chicken and Pork dinugoan Fondue395
Southern Bulalo450
Baked C-Sig395
Papaitan Pie495
Homemade Sirloin Tri-yip425
Corned Beef with Garlic rice425
Beef and Lamb Caldereta450
Adobo Project550
Adobo Project 2495
Wagyu Beef Sinigang495
Grilled Barbeque Squid with Kimchi Fried Rice495
Crab Cake Torta with Aligue Pasta595
Spanish Tempura with Safron Aioli695
Concer King's Salmon Sinigang695
Grilled Salmon in Miso Soup695
Poached Salmon in Vinegar and Garlic695
US Angus Rib Eye Steak4595


Bagoong Paella2095
Sinigang Paella2095
Paella Valenciana2295
Paella Negra2295
Paella Marinara2495

Noodles and Rice

Pad Thai1495
Chap Che1495
Crab Fat Palabok1495
Chicken Inasal Sotanghon1295
Sotanghon Guisado1195
Pancit Bam-i1195
Dirty Rice1195
Java Rice995
Gravy Rice995
Kimchi Rice995
Hainanese Rice995
Thai Bagoong Rice1195
Steamed White Rice600


Roast Turkey895
US Black Angus Ribeye Roast Beef2995
Roast Leg of Lamb1500

Salads and Vegetables

Caesar Salad1195
Fresh Green Salad995
Mediterranean Pasta Salad1195
Thai Papaya Salad995
Thai Green mango Salad995
Ensaladang Filipino1195
Mango Bagoong Salad995
Fresh Lumpia995
Chicken Macaroni Salad995
Potato Salad1195
Grilled Chicken and Potato Salad1295
Poached pear Salad2295
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy995


Thai Fish Cakes1195
Thai Spring Rolls1295
Lumpiang Shanghai1195
Croqueta de Patata995
Assorted Canapes895
Assorted Cold Cuts1495
Mexican Dumpling995
Fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich995
Pulled Adobot with kesong Puti Sandwich1295
Pork Belly Wrapped in Tortilla1295
California Roll1195
Tokwat Baboy1195
Tokwat Seafood1495


Chicken Marsala#coslpan#
Chicken Teriyaki1495
Chicken Pandan1295
Ground Chicken with Eggplant1295
Chicken Curry1295
Southern Fried Chicken1295
Boneless Chicken Barbeque with Java Rice1295
Boneless Chicken Inasal1295
chicken Salpicao1295
Chicken Casserole1495
Chicken Pastel1595
Chicken Galantina1595


Inihaw na Liempo1495
Bicol Express1295
Pork Binagoongan1295
Pork Belly Barbeque1495
Pork Dinugoan1295


Beef in Mushroom Sauce1595
Lengua in Mushroom Sauce1995
Kare Kare1495
Thai Beef Green Curry1595
Beef Salpicao1495
Beef Bourguignon2495
Beef Teriyaki1495
Korean Beef Stew2495
Sheperd's Pie1495


Fish Fillet with tomato Ball1195
Fish Filelt with Lime and Chili1495
Boneless Daing1495
Grilled Tuna Belly2495
Baked Salmon2995
Grilled Salmon in Miso Soup2995
Poached Salmon Grilled Squid 2995
Concert King's Salmon Sinigang2495
Prawn Thermidor2995
Prawn with Pesto2995


Three Mushroom Pasta2995
Pasta Puttanesca1295
Pasta Carbonara1295
Pasta w Pesto and Garlic1495
Seafood Paella Pasta1495
Cheesy Baked Mac1295
Children's Party Spaghetti1195
Spaghetti Bolognese1295
Spaghetti w Meatballs1495
pasta with Kesong Puti1495
Penne with Chorizo1495
Seafood Aglio Olio1495

About Neil’s Kitchen

Neil’s Kitchen is a Filipino restaurant located at 704 Westgate, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, owned by Chef Neil Ramos, a chef who has been well-known in the catering industry for more than ten years. When the restaurant first opened, it served only as an event space and a tasting location for its clientele in keeping with the company’s primary product, the well-known catering services called The Hills. They made the decision to open a restaurant at this time in order to satisfy the increasing number of demands from both old and new customers, hence Neil’s Kitchen was born.

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Neil’s Kitchen Menu Best Seller

These dishes can also be considered their signature dish as they are what made Neil’s Kitchen the way it is in the present. These are the most ordered dishes by customers who visit Neil’s Kitchen.

Tokwa’t Baboy – This dish is made out of fried tofu and boiled pork. This dish’s liveliness came from the vinegar and soy sauce that was infused in it. This dish is typically regarded as an appetizer or a side dish by Filipinos.

Tokwa't Baboy (Left)is best paired with Arroz Caldo (Right). Pin
Photo Credit: Neil’s Kitchen Official Facebook Page
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Adobo – This dish is considered the most popular Filipino dish. It is composed of meat that is marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and bay leaves before it is cooked. It is oftentimes regarded as the Philippines’ unofficial national dish.

Another dish added in the best-selling menu at Neil's Kitchen is the Wagyu Beef Sinigang Pin
Photo Credit: Neil’s Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Wagyu Beef Sinigang – Sinigang is a traditional Filipino sour soup that is known for its unique taste. By utilizing Wagyu Beef, which is regarded as the best meat in Japan, they elevate it into a more delectable and luxurious dish.


This Neil’s Kitchen menu is composed of dishes that can be considered the restaurant’s pride. These are the dishes that best reflect what Neil’s Kitchen is. Traditional Filipino foods that had been given a unique twist!

Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly – They serve this food in such a way that even reading this from the menu will already make you hungry. It isn’t the typical Filipino pork belly that you can find in other places. It is a typical one but with a unique twist!

A new upgrade of Filipino's Sinigang is the Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly Pin
Photo Credit: Neil’s Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Menudo Mania – A Filipino stew that is made of pork, potatoes, and carrots. This dish tastes best when paired with rice and is cooked in a tomato-based paste.

Menudo Mania Pin
Photo Credit: Neil’s Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Beef and Lamb Calderta – It is a Filipino equivalent of a lamb stew. This recipe uses simple ingredients aside from beef and lamb. This dish is cooked slowly.


These are the dishes that are delivered before the main entree. In order to have something on your table while you wait for the main course to arrive, you can order from Neil’s Kitchen starters menu.

Calamares -The Mediterranean delicacy of fried, breaded squid that is known as calamares in the Philippines has a mild and slightly sweet taste.

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Bumble Bee Shrimp -This is a deep-fried dish that uses bumble bee shrimp as its main ingredient. It is served with gravy and sauce for a tasty dip!

Bumble Bee Shrimp Pin
Photo Credit: Neil’s Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Tokwa and Chicken – It is a dish that is made up of fried tofu and chicken. These two ingredients pair well to create a delectable and tasty dish.


The dishes on this menu are composed of foods that enhance the diner’s palate. These dishes help prepare guests’ stomachs for when their main course arrives.

Lumpiang Shanghai – Filipino egg rolls or commonly known as lumpiang Shanghai in the Philippines uses ground pork, finely chopped onions, carrots, and seasonings as their main ingredients.

California Roll – This Neil’s Kitchen menu uses crab, avocado, and cucumber as its main ingredients while toasted sesame seeds are sprinkled on top of the outer layer of the rice.

California roll if your craving for Japanese dishes Pin

Mexican Dumpling – Also known as Chochoyones, it is a traditional Mexican dish that is made with masa dough and different varieties of cooking herbs.

Salad and Vegetables

These dishes are offered with consideration for guests who have already grown tired of meat dishes. Although, these can also serve as an appetizer. One thing is for sure, no table at Neil’s Kitchen that doesn’t have salad and vegetables on them.

Fresh Green Salad with prawns and mango vinaigrette Pin
Photo Credit: Neil’s Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Fresh Green Salad – This salad is composed of different varieties and greens and is often drizzled with mayonnaise.

Chicken Macaroni Salad – It is a dish that bursts with a flavor and different textures that are sweeter than other salads and can also work as a standalone dish on any table.

Ensaladang Filipino – This is a type of Filipino salad that is made up of eggplant, onions, and tomatoes. It is a simple menu from Neil’s Kitchen that is both tasty and affordable.

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Healthy Pinakbet Salad dish to add in your table. Pin
Photo Credit: Neil’s Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Noodles and Rice

The locals who live close to Neil’s Kitchen are its primary patrons. They provide noodles and rice because, as we all know, Filipinos don’t shy away from a hearty meal. These recipes are made up of high-carb dishes that will undoubtedly fill you up!


Filipinos always consume chicken and pork meat. Consideration, Neil’s Kitchen also provides luxurious seafood dishes that would make your mouth water and dispel the feeling of getting tired of trying the same variety of foods over and over again.

Poached Salmon in seafood menu at Neil's Kitchen Pin
Photo Credit: Neil’s Kitchen Official Facebook Page

Neil’s Kitchen Menu Delivery

In order to make it easier for their regular customers to satisfy their needs, they offer a menu delivery service. Ordering your favorite Filipino meals is made simpler and easier, just download delivery applications like FoodPanda and GrabFood to your mobile devices to quickly browse the menu from their online shop. For more information and questions about Neil’s Kitchen menu delivery, you can send them a message through their social media applications.

Neil’s Kitchen Social Media Pages

They are very engaged on its social media channels and regularly posts updates on the latest happenings at its restaurant. To avoid missing out on these, be sure to follow Neil’s Kitchen on their social media pages, which are listed below.




Neil’s Kitchen’s menu can be your go-to when you need a delicious meal. It is one of the most popular local eating establishments in the Philippines. Once inside, you’ll be enthralled by the entertaining stories of their restaurant, the menu that is written next to the door, and the picture-perfect wall designs. Every corner of this place is picturesque. So if you want a place with good food and love taking pictures with a camera, Neil’s Kitchen is your best option.

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