Blackbird Menu Prices

The different cuisines that complemented the airport motif were the inspiration for the Blackbird menu. The iconic Nielson Tower in the Ayala Triangle, the beating center of Makati, now has a thrilling destination thanks to Blackbird. The location, which was formerly the nation’s first commercial airport, has undergone a spectacular renovation while preserving the integrity of the original art deco architecture. Blackbird offers a setting and way of doing business that emphasizes friendly Filipino hospitality. The inside of Blackbird has undergone a magnificent renovation while preserving the authenticity of the original Art Deco style.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Blackbird menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Fresh Frozen

Beef Ground Kabab430
Lamb Ground Kabab520
Chicken Ground Kabab380
Motabal (regular)300
Motabal (large)400
Chicken Barbecue300
Lamb Chop720
Hommus (regular)270
Hommus (large)370
Samosa veg. w/ keema200
Samosa Spinach230
Pita Bread100
Beef Patty350
Cchicken Patty250


Eggplant with egg200
Spinach with egg220
Eggplant with whey sauce220
Zucchine with yoghurt230
Appetizer Platter550


Purred Jute Soup100
Thick Lentil Soup150
Chunky Tarragon Infused Vegetable Soup170




Chicken Chelo Kabab200
Chicken Special Chelo Kabab210
Beef Chelo Kabab210
Beef Special Chelo Kabab250
Lamb Chelo Kabab220
Lamb Special Kabab350
Mixed Special Choice240
Chicken Ground130
Beef Ground140
Lamb Ground160
Chicken Shish140
Beef Shish200
Lamb Shish240


Chicken Ground150
Beef Ground160
Lamb Ground180
Chicken Shish155
Beef Shish220
Lamb Shish250


Vegetable Korma250
Chicken Korma260
Fish Korma270
Beef Korma280
Shrimp Korma290
Lamb Korma380


Stuffed Bellpepper220
Spinach with Yoghurt220


Sizzling Kangkong with Beans165
Chicken burger200
Beef Burger215
Lamb Burger235
Sizzling Keema with Eggplant230
Sizzling Chicken Fillet240
Sizzling Keema240
Sizzling T-Bone360
Tenderloin Tips320
Sizzling Lamb Chop480

From the Grill

Grilled Tomato and Onion60
Chicken Liver110
Grilled Fish Fillet210
Chicken Barbecue240


Potato Cutlet125
Keema with Eggplant155
Chicken Liver Dish180
MK Fried Chicken190
Spicy Spinach with Egg205
Fried Boneless Bangus210
Shawarma Plate235
Pan Fried Saffron Fish230
Pan Fried Saffron Chicken250
Shrimp and Mushroom250
Beef Abgousht270
Classic Cheese Pizza300
Spicy Vegetable Keema Pizza320
Beef Salami Pizza350


Pita Bread25
Fried Egg20
French Fries70
Plain Yoghurt80
Korma Sauce90


Bottled Water35
Iced Tea50
Softdrink in Can50
Pineapple Juice50
Fresh Coconut Water50
Yoghurt Shake70
Cucumber Shake70
Cucumber Yoghurt Shake90
Fresh Fruit Shake80
Fresh Fruit Shake with Yoghurt90
Brewed Coffee50
Pot of Tea60


Plain Rice (solo)50
Plain Rice (sharing)120
Basmati Rice (solo)80
Basmati Rice (sharing)210
Biryani Rice (solo)60
Biryani Rice (sharing)160
Upside Down180

About Blackbird

Blackbird, a dining and entertainment destination in Makati, is making a successful landing at The Nielson Tower in Ayala Triangle. Chef Colin Mackay, the brains behind the well-known Sala along Makati Avenue and the People’s Palace in Greenbelt 3, is in charge of this aviation-themed eatery. It was once the site of Manila International Airport, the nation’s first commercial airport.

YouTube video

The first commercial airport in the nation was located at Nielson Tower. It was constructed by Laurie Reuben Nielson, a British citizen who was born in New Zealand and had immigrated to Manila in the 1930s in search of employment. Nielson, a fervent supporter of aviation, suggested constructing an airport to foster trade and tourism and link the Philippines to the rest of the globe. He developed what was then regarded as the largest and finest equipped airport in Asia by leasing 42 hectares of the Hacienda San Pedro de Makati from Ayala and Cia. Blackbird, a dining and entertainment establishment, is now located in the Nielson Tower.

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Blackbird Menu Best Seller

Buffalo Mozzarella – A crisp, thin pizza made in a brick oven that is brimming with flavor from the acidic tomato sauce and herbs. For the salty prosciutto, a plus.

Photo Credit: Blackbird FB Page

The Blackbird Burger – A flavorful wagyu beef burger from Mayura Station with pickles, tomatoes, chili jam, twice-cooked potato chips, and scamorza on the side. It was such a wonderful main dish, truly outstanding. The chips on the side were crunchy and the meat was delicious.

Branzino Fillet and Roast Fennel – This iconic Blackbird menu is a pescetarian’s paradise. The fish is served with roasted fennel, potatoes, tomato, and lemon-dressed rocket. It has a flawlessly crispy surface and succulent inside. A light, energizing meal.

Dry Rubbed Wagyu Hanger Steak – A carnivore’s pleasure, this magnificent, melt-in-your-mouthpiece of beef is served with mustard butter and twice-cooked potato chips.

Roast Pumpkin Agnolotti Pasta – A sweet onion-sage soubise, a creamy mascarpone, and an onion Bechamel sauce are combined with a pumpkin sauce.

Photo Credit: Blackbird FB Page

Bang Bang Chicken – With green tea noodles, vegetables, and a sesame-peanut sauce on top, the sweet-spicy bang bang chicken is the star of this Asian-inspired bowl.

Prawn Scotch Eggs – This Thai appetizer has a really lovely presentation. This small snack was so flavorful and had flavors that were all once sweet, bitter, spicy, and fantastic that we ate it all at once. The Prawn Scotch Egg is best consumed when wrapped in Betel leaves and then eaten.

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Baked Alaska – Try the dessert before you depart. You shouldn’t pass up trying their Baked Alaska. The meringue layer that had burned and the ice cream within were done properly.

Blackbird Main Dish Menu

Kerala Fish Curry – This curry’s flavorful mixture of spices includes, among other things, cinnamon, cardamom, and the strong, smokey flavors of cumin and fenugreek. In addition to being great with veggies and lentils, this Blackbird menu pairs particularly well with chicken and fish.

Soft Shell Crab Laksa – The blue crab’s well-known, sweet flavor is unaffected by the molting process; you no longer have to split open the shell to eat it. The delicate, lobster-like intensity of their hard-shelled cousins may also be found in soft shells. Lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves give it a bright, chile-rich flavor, and there is enough coconut milk to tame the heat. It turns into a one-bowl supper in this variation with crab.

Blackbird Menu Delivery

In fine dining restaurants, it is always better to eat the food at their store rather than in the comfort of your home. Especially in a restaurant like Blackbird, for it offers you a historical experience, that is why it is best to immerse yourself in the experience. However, if your means do not permit you to do so, you can always order via delivery. Here are the delivery details:

Please call 8828 4888 / 8828 1937 / 0917889 2782 to place your order.

Payment options: GCash, Paypal, credit card, or via bank transfer through BPI or Unionbank

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Social Media Pages

For more information, you can also visit their social media pages. Here you get to see different updates about the restaurant. It gives you an idea of the experience at Blackbird menu dish.





Who owns Blackbird Makati?

Chef Colin Mackay of Sala and People’s Palace renown has a contemporary European and Asian restaurant called Blackbird with an aviation motif.

Are pets allowed in Blackbird?

Sadly, dogs are not permitted at Blackbird, but you may still enjoy the area’s animals. Don’t worry, they won’t tell your dog that you made friends with other animals there—they even have a cockatoo.

How to book at Blackbird?

On rare occasions, Blackbird can be reserved exclusively for a meal or function. You may make reservations via their website, call them at 8828 1937, or send them an email at [email protected].

What’s the dress code of Blackbird?

When dining at Blackbird, business casual attire is required. A smart casual dress code calls for a combination of professional, well-fitting work clothes and informal components.


In any case, the Blackbird menu has done a fantastic job of fusing history with a wonderful dining experience. Everything is close to the restaurant. You can tell as soon as you go to the restaurant that it’s going to be fantastic. The cuisine was excellent. The beverages were fantastic! If you visit Manila, you should put this restaurant on your list.  Try this new restaurant in Ayala Triangle just for the ambiance, the cuisine presentation, and the location’s history.

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